It’s a Bling Bling at Jimmy’s….

… where everyone knows Mike’s name :]

I headed over to Katy’s and even though it was storming I was determined to see my bestie and her hubby.  Mike’s good friend Matt was in town so we chilled and watched a scary movie while we waited for the storm to die down a bit.  We headed over to Jimmy’s and chitchatted for a bit while we waited for a table.  Stormy and rainy, yes, but still busy busy busy!

It all started out with the drink special from the chalkboard.. a BLING BLING… it had some prosecco, vodka and framboise.. YUM!!! And I got a cute little bottle of prosecco to go along with it.  It was on the sweet side so extra prosecco please!

We all got a nice salad.  Only I got feta on mine, but it was the first time I  was offered feta.. LOVE feta. YUM!

Matt got this.

Katy got this.

And then Mike and I both got the special Argentinian steak with Chimichurri sauce.

Mike got it cut.

I got mine whole and rare. YUM

The steak actually wasn’t as thin as I thought it’d be and my steak was a bit overcooked, but still tender and well flavored…. the veggies were fresh and the chimichurri sauce was good. YUM.

But then I got two knives and no fork :[ POUT

After demolishing our food.. obviously DESSERT!!!

Mississipi Mud pie for me and Katy to share…

DEEEEEELICIOUS!!!!!  It was so good and the crust was SOOO thick and buttery and delicious. YUM

… and Strawberry Cheesecake for the boys.

I love a good Bromance.

Another wonderful night. <3 I love my extended family.

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