I miss you…

What do you do when you miss your best friend and don’t know how to make the first move? It’s not that I don’t want to, but I don’t know what to say, in fear of how they feel towards me…

Is is a mutual thing? Not sure how to talk to the other first?

…………I miss you

Birthday, Life sometimes sucks, Stay positive!!!

And for all those who knows me, I literally celebrate all freaking month!  I’d say it all started with going to me buying myself Yankees vs Red Sox tickets, 3rd row VIP 5 Seconds of Summer tickets and amazing One Direction tickets.  Hey if I can’t get a guy to take care of me, I can do it myself.

SO the original plan was Napa Valley.  But a few things came up (family stuff) so I’ll have to celebrate here in Massachusetts.  Hey, I’m not getting any younger so might as well do it up the fun way. Dave & Buster’s in Woburn.  So anytime after 3pm please feel free to come by… it’ll probably for awhile….thinking of a place for dinner, but it may be intimate or just not necessary :]

Dave & Buster’s
271 Mishawum Road, Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 496-4900

Anytime after 3PM – May post about brunch or watch twitter or FB about earlier…..

Recently I have been letting a lot of negativity go in my life and focusing of the positive… I’ve been having  relaxing days at work, thought things through, meditated a bit and all the negativity in me just rushed out. I am at peace and one with myself.  Emptied. (Or wait maybe I’m just literally empty and hungry right now) So in light of that some happy things.

– For example, my bestie, my sister, Kate’s dad, which is like my second dad, has been very ill and in and out of the hospital – she created the cutest CUTEST website for him Papa’s Mickey.  Although not the happiest thing and I wish he wasn’t so sick but we are gonna stay as positive as possible!!!!!

Modern Dauphine is now… sort of running now… we just need to get all the podcasting and store up.  And go from not just blogging to a full blown interactive social website.  But we do have an instagram now as well.  Check out my 20 Questions.

– I am also doing that for my own personal website as well.  So look forward to that.  That are a lot of old posts that the photos are all messed up and stuff so I’ll be keeping some good ones, fixing them or just leaving them on here as an “archive” for people to check out, I kind of want to start fresh and new. I have a great team helping me out with this project. I finally have my “image” created – I drew me, in vector, instead of just regular photography – for now – to not “sex it up” too much – for now, I have a few wanting to do me but it seems sketchy or just money grubbing. Haha.  Plus I do really good photo editing so what’s the point?  But don’t worry, this blog will still be open.

– Not so positive, but still better than before: I need to get my health better… my vitamin D deficiency is out of control but at least I’m controlling the anemia well.  The doctors are also concerned about the weight loss but I am at a loss for words (no pun intended) for why I just have less appetite and why I can’t seem to keep my nutrients in.  I’m thinking of getting tested for celiac. So after 14 vials of blood… they still got nothing… except my vitamin D level is…. 8!  Normal is 30-100. I have 8. So now I’m on a high dosage of it.  Like 50,000 MG or something.  Why is my body not absorbing it?

– And what is going on is so ridiculous you can’t even imagine.  I’m supposed to be halfway to sleepy never never land and yet I get THIS happening to me. OH WAIT! If I post it, he’ll say, yup HE WILL SAY, that I just want attention – but wait, I get attention without doing anything. Probably what he wants. SO. I will just say a guy I was interested in was, once again, not who he claimed or posed to be.  Getting insulting emails in the middle of the night was not what I signed up for.  Neither were insecure guys I had to sugar mama to. YES. That was just said. Hey maybe I do just want “attention with guys”  He promises to reply to me but doesn’t.  Apparently “our relationship” keeps getting in the way of his workouts and his “work”. HA! You’re just lucky I’m not bitchy enough yet to say who you are.

– Went to a 5th Red Sox game. So far for me, 2 out of 5 losses.  But it was a good game.  FU Chicago, I love you but you beat us 10 – 8 Monday. It’s cuz I didn’t eat my hot dog, right?!  Or I didn’t wear my Red Sox undies.

Stay Positive

Lastly, before I forget, I’m gonna start doing pre-taped AND live broadcasts of my podcast.  So let me know your thought.  Live will be mainly night ones or surprise ones.  I’ll have pre-taped topics that will be posted weekly.  Also I will be going back to youtube vlogging and social camming again.  And if you haven’t added me on the app Periscope yet, you should, I’m starting to go on it once every day or two :]

And I leave you with 5 Seconds of Summer‘s newest song “She’s Kinda Hot” – Concert countdown – 35 Days <3 Woot

And last, but not least: Life, love, energy is never black and white… or shades of gray – it’s colors of all spectrum, and in my case, the freaking neon bright rainbow.  Enjoy what you get and cherish it – It won’t be around forever.

I feel like I need to post a food post soon….

It’s a Bling Bling at Jimmy’s….

… where everyone knows Mike’s name :]

I headed over to Katy’s and even though it was storming I was determined to see my bestie and her hubby.  Mike’s good friend Matt was in town so we chilled and watched a scary movie while we waited for the storm to die down a bit.  We headed over to Jimmy’s and chitchatted for a bit while we waited for a table.  Stormy and rainy, yes, but still busy busy busy!

It all started out with the drink special from the chalkboard.. a BLING BLING… it had some prosecco, vodka and framboise.. YUM!!! And I got a cute little bottle of prosecco to go along with it.  It was on the sweet side so extra prosecco please!

We all got a nice salad.  Only I got feta on mine, but it was the first time I  was offered feta.. LOVE feta. YUM!

Matt got this.

Katy got this.

And then Mike and I both got the special Argentinian steak with Chimichurri sauce.

Mike got it cut.

I got mine whole and rare. YUM

The steak actually wasn’t as thin as I thought it’d be and my steak was a bit overcooked, but still tender and well flavored…. the veggies were fresh and the chimichurri sauce was good. YUM.

But then I got two knives and no fork :[ POUT

After demolishing our food.. obviously DESSERT!!!

Mississipi Mud pie for me and Katy to share…

DEEEEEELICIOUS!!!!!  It was so good and the crust was SOOO thick and buttery and delicious. YUM

… and Strawberry Cheesecake for the boys.

I love a good Bromance.

Another wonderful night. <3 I love my extended family.

Tony + Ashley’s Wedding @ The Sheraton Flushing

The other weekend, Saturday September 24 to be exact was my best guy friend’s wedding.  What this means?! Road trip to Asiatown :] There is nothing like an amazing chinese wedding/banquet!  It’s always a fun time, lots of booze and delicious food.  Yes, us Chinese are closet alcoholics, fatsos and pervs :] Not only did I have such a fun time roadtripping with my lifesize teddybear – oh I went there – we spent the whole rainy weekend indoors watching movies, tv, Jersey Shore marathon hahahahaha… getting room service and making mimosas… no seriously.

Right before heading downstairs to the ballroom…

The beautiful couple

Table #5 = RPI peeps

Their first dance was Howie Day’s Collide.. which is so cute cuz it ended up being T and I’s first ever dance.. and he LOVES Howie Day – those who follow my fb/twitter will know that we’ve been to 2 Howie Day concerts already in the past two months hehe…

KISS KISS KISS “more tongue more tongue” hahaha I loved the pervy dj

Crispy skin pork and jellyfish!!!

OHHHH YES.. I got him to eat crab claws and jellyfish :] He even seemed to like it.. not just a nibble but a couple bites each.. might partially be because we’ve been drinking since the day before ;]

MAYO SHRIMPPPPPPPPPPPP… I’m not a mayo person, you guys know.. but I do have to admit that asian mayo – aka KEWPIE – is sooooo much tastier.. I DO like mayo shrimp tho.. so mayo used well is good.. :] It’s just abused a lot hahahaha…

— side note.. Taiwanese mayo shrimp comes with rainbow sprinkles.. so FREAKING delicious.. DERRICIOUS!!!  my Aunt, dad’s side, makes it sooo good.. that’s the only time I really get to eat it nowanddays… I never order stuff with mayo so I only eat it when presented.. —


— end side note —

Seafood Soup – I think mainly crab.. pre-red vinegar YUM!!!!…. hehehe even got T to try it… with and without the vinegar.. he took 3 sips and I was down with my bowl – OH MAN… I’ve become such a soup fiend this past year :]


T took this pic :] I forgot what I was doing but he took the pic for me AND danced, congo lined, played games etc… argh.. I was MIA… missed out :[ But he saved me food!!!

Me nomming on lobster, lobster and more lobster….


He loved the fish head but was scared of actually trying the fish.. haha silly

Not shown: Noodles.. Fried Rice…

I was very upset when they took all my food away to make way for desserts – red bean mochi soup and of course CAKE and fruits!!!

Watch the amazing video – it’s hilarious – here.

Beautiful Cake!

Btw, I caught the bouquet woowoo, guess I’m next?!

Yay some of the old RPI gang :]

BTW aside from getting to see the beautiful couple start their life together and get my chinese food fix – mm lobster – seeing this again on tv may have been one of the biggest highlights of the weekend.

Oh I went there :] BEST!

Happy Marriage Tony + Ashley – I love you both!!!