First Full Day in Detroit

It’s Saturday and W has to work so I slept in… and woke up to these.

What a surprise <3  Absolutely gorgeous and smelled amazing. W is such a sweetie. I’m a lucky little lady :D

Morning view from the room….
See that bridge? It’s the bridge to Canada! No worries, I’ll write about our trip to Canada later on :]

See that gorgeous building? We visited it the next day.. so up close pictures of this old Train station will be in the next post :D

I got a last minute appoitment to the spa for a massage… they sent me up a robe and slippers… I asked for a small robe… hahahahah this thing was falling off of me and bits and bittys were wiggling out.

After a lovely relaxing Calm Massage at the Immerse Spa I headed back to the room, STARVING for some grub and bubbles…. the server was SO nice and gave me free glasses of red wine HAHA…

ANNNND a fress plate of cookies!!!

I did some work and then slipped into a little something since I was grabbing a late dinner at Bourbon Steak and wait for W to get out of work and we were gonna head  to V Club to go dancing!!!

I wasn’t terribly hungry, for once, so W cooked me up a beautiful rare Filet :D

I was sitting at the bar and made friends. One of them goes “WOW you really like your meat…” and I said “MOOOOOOING” hahahaha I also got to try my neighbor’s Kansas City Strip.. I’ve never even heard of it.. apparently it’s just a New York strip without the bone? Or whatever. HAHA.

Delicious Trio of Desserts <3

Afterwards we headed to the club, where I got my dance on for a bit hehehe.  The night ended when I got sick of the creeps hahaha, one guy offered me a drink, sure why not. As he’s getting it, he’s like… “so if I get you this drink, you will dance with me, ONLY ME, for the REST OF THE NIGHT.” I gave him the BIGGEST stinkeye poopface look and went “UGH” hahahaha and ran back to W LOL, we left soon after hahahaha and ate a Turkey club & fries in bed LOL yummmm!!!!


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