I love MAC & CHEESE… and visiting W’s parents

I headed into DC early the other day, W was back for a few days so obviously I was gonna visit.  Squish face. Why? Freaking HANGRY. I woke up super early, got into the airport early and had the most LONG WAIT in the “more speed” line and “bag drop” line ever. I barely had time to pee… but then PLANE WAS DELAYED. PER USUAL.  Nothing in my belly and no sense of how long the delay was – I was cranky… and hangry…

Thankfully I ended up having time to buy a salad…. which reminded me of Detroit. RIP Wolfgang Puck resto at the MGM in Detroit HA HA.

Soon after we got there, W and his mama picked me up and after debating over where to eat lunch we headed to Costco to buy some things and to get food…

I found a shed and ME being ME I opened it and found bears.  I wanna take them home and cuddle with them, they’re huge.  I also ended up inside the shed, closed, and staring at people outside the window holding a giant bear. I RULE.  Poor bf thinks I’m CRAJEEEE…

We got Berry Froyos and Pepperoni Pizza. YUM!

And when we got back to W’s parents’ house we swapped bday gifts!!!


W got me Gold Snakeprint Alexander McQueen heels with a heart cut out and a beautiful gold ring!

I got baby a SEXY Burberry watch… no pic of it here, just him opening the box :] TEEHEE

LOVE! I can’t wear them til my Birthday trip in Vegas tho.. I promised him.

:D Pretty Furbabies

Chigga what?

And after some QT with his mama at the grocery store we came home with groceries and we popped open some delicious Chilean wine and made spaghetti.

CARB OVERLOAD, I passed out EASILY that night watching MasterChef with W….

Next morning…

Mac & Cheese MAC MAC MAC & Cheese… I already inhaled W’s mama’s homemade fresh Fried Chicken Thighs HAHAHA.. OOPS


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