Yes, I still cook….

… and HE actually cooks for me too :D

Before the Valentine’s Ball we were going to eat Chicken Sashimi at Tori Shin… but then changed to Lure FishBar after some drinks there with Z’s coworkers… but the matre’d was kind of an ass to us [which sucks cuz I was craving their oysters I saw all over the resto] — first he promised us a table immediately than a half hour later we had to wait another hour for a table….. SO LAME.. but I did get a free deviled egg [CAVIAR deviled egg, super oniony] out of it while waiting for drinks at the bar. I said really loudly that I didn’t like deviled eggs so this guy offered me his… hahahaha and yes, it was TASTY :D But yeah… we craved raw seafood.. but decided to go search for other raw bars elsewhere……

We WERE going to go somewhere else… but then we passed by Dean & Deluca. <3


Bone Marrow

Fresh Foie Gras

Gorgeous HUGE Bone-In Aged Rib-Eye [altho we got the bone cut out.. #cheaper hahahaa]

Champagne <3 Funny cork.. hahahaha…


Seared quickly on both sides.. black&blue baby

Foie Gras…

Basically you cook foie gras like scallops [treat them as so] they just need a quick sear on both sides, they cook REALLY fast.. really easily.. SOOOO GOOOOD]

Whoops, so fatty <3

Dinner fit for two wolf babies :D

Peanut Butter Dean & Deluca brownie.. warmed in the oven and with BarkEater [toffee bark and vanilla] Ice Cream
It sounds better than it tasted… hahahaha but you know me I needed a little sweet in my life…..

SO that is how he won my stomach [I mean heart] over

And this is how I made sure he keeps me around…. ;D

So after some meh brunches… I decided to make it a taco night!!!!… so off to Whole Foods after brunch @ Public….

I made a buddy

Super cute VDAY cupcakes <3

BUT they weren’t as awesome as my VDAY donuts <3

Go Taiwan Beer <3

I’ve been promising him tacos for awhile now and he was sooo excited for them.. so I braised 4bs of pork shoulder, made spicy pom guac, spicy tomato/mango salsa and super garlicky salsa verde… he invited his sister over and we drank good red wine and Estrella Inedit [while watching the Grammys] all night long….

Taco #1 of many…. looks pretty now but got fun and messy… the jicama added a nice brunch in the taco and while we debated between whole wheat and corn tortillas [we ended up getting both kinds] my ww ones tasted SOOO much better with the tacos [I WIN!]

He liked taco night :D Score!!! I got a couple of more tricks [recipes] up my sleeve so hopefully it’ll make him stick around for awhile ;D

Z made me brownies… :D From the box, but FAT WITCH bakery brownies from the box :D… plus we added preserves in it…. He wouldn’t let me touch any of it… hahahah except help him melt the butter.. what a sweetie hahaha too cute – anyways after brownie fail from the other night [the PB blehtasphrobe] I craaaaaaved some GOOOOD GOOEY chocolatey brownies [we almost opted for blondies, but once you go chocolate……. yeah I duno I still like vanilla… and strawberry and banana… what DON’T I like?]

Me and his sis wanted it extra goopy…. so we got it EXTRA undercooked…

We ended up picking and nibbling and licking at the whole thing and adding this delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream with it :D NOMS!

Side EMO Note: To be honest… I really don’t like sharing a kitchen with somebody… I always heard that cooking with a sig other or a friend is fun, but I just get mad anxiety… This is probably one of the first times since college that I felt completely comfortable just us two in and out of the kitchen…. it was the same way when we were drunk and making pasta. I like to take charge and push everyone out but *sappy* Yea yea yea… :D I had lots of fun :] TEEEHEEEEEE*

Ok enough sappy talk :D Onwards to mooooooore writing

[btw if you can’t tell, I’m way behind in posts… but I’m really sick in bed…. so I’m just posting away all day…. Next up is some more NYC stuff and MIAMIIIIIIIII SOBEWFF’11 :D]


  1. Yum, I just got 12 x 18-20 ounce Aged Bone-in Ribeyes delivered as a gift yesterday. Looks like I’m having a party…



  1. […] went to Whole Foods so I could make it our taco night…. […]


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