eating Ethiopian

Monday nite, boyfriend took me to this yummy little Ethiopian place called Demera. We were planning on checking out Green Mill anyways for a little jazz afterwards, so this place was conveniently right across the street :]

First I must say all the waitresses were so smilie and friendly :] Smiles always make me THAT much happier and enjoy my food THAT much more.

Anyways, onwards to the food porn…. We ordered:

The one closest is the lamb, and then (clockwise) was the beef and then the legumes.

Shiro – Mixed legumes prepared with ginger root, rue seed, bishops weed and garlic
before being cooked with berbere sauce

This stuff was SOOOOO gooooood… I had sooo much of it!!! I even ate a huge spoonful of it by itself. Haha :]

Ye-bug Wot (Spicy) – Tender pieces of lamb stewed with Berbere sauce then flavoredwith onions, garlic and ginger root.

Ye-Siga Wat (Spicy) – Tender beef cubes stewed cooked in Berbere sauce, flavored with onions, garlic and ginger root.

There were extra delicious sides, as you see… collard greens… cabbage… chickpeas? Or maybe it was yellow lentil? I forgot.. haha *headpalm* and a salad….

It came with tons of their delicious bread:

We ended up nibbling on the ones on the plate and getting a second basket :]

Ethiopian cuisine consists of various vegetable or meat
side dishes and entrees, usually a thick stew, served over
injera, a large sourdough flatbread, which is 20 inches in
diameter and made out of fermented teff flour. One does
not eat with utensils, but instead uses injera (always with
the right hand) to scoop up the entrees and side dishes.

It’s so good and light and spongey and has a slight tang to it. OMG, so in love with it!!! It paired SO well with the dishes too….

Just grab and scoop.. :] SOOO good…  Do you see the spongeyness of it??? Gah.. IN LOVE!!!!

Looks can be deceiving, it didn’t look like that much food but we couldn’t even finish everything.. we were troopers tho and ate til we popped and then some :]

Nearing the end… but still going at it….

Before the massacre:


  1. ive always wanted to try ethiopian!!! I love indian and curries, and that looks amazing!!

    love your dress too! soo pretty!


  2. haven’t tried ethiopian yet, sounds interesting! :D


  3. This place looks really, really good.

    You and the b/f are cute!


  4. Omg that food all looks sooo nummmmy!!!

    you and the boyy are uber cute!!


  5. Kevin says:

    I like the “One does not eat with utensils, but instead uses injera (always with the right hand)” text, immediately followed by two photos of a left hand.


  6. Everything looks delish! I want to eat ethiopian :)



  1. […] where to begin… (altho I was proud I managed to squeeze in a blog post in Chicago about the Ethiopian food :]) I’ll try to be better about posting there… ANYWAYS, so I figured since it JUST […]


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