How did you celebrate the 4th of July?!

I have so many stories/posts that are gonna come from this trip to Chicago.. and I’m going to be there again in a few days… you guys are in for a treat… or just lots of food blogging/porn vomit :D

I wasn’t sure where to begin… (altho I was proud I managed to squeeze in a blog post in Chicago about the Ethiopian food :]) I’ll try to be better about posting there… ANYWAYS, so I figured since it JUST happened and it’d be stupid to post about the 4th of July toooo far off from it, I’d start with it :]

We were planning on burgers and hotdogs… but ended up getting sushi to celebrate our Nation’s bday :]

(their sushi rice is mixture of brown rice and premium short grain rice)

Nice, thick, macha green tea :] *swoon* Foamy…

Check out two interesting items the stuck out to me….

Mozzarella Cheese Age Dashi – Tempura mozzarella cheese, red snapper, egg plant with dashi sauce

Pari Pari Pizza – Three pieces of Chef Hemmi’s Japanese style pizza topped with shrimp, tuna , and chicken

Smoked Octopus Salad – Smoked baby octopus and Japanese mountain vegetables over greens

I LOOOOOOOOOOVED this. The octopus was sooo tender. It wasn’t smokey flavored at all, just a slight, almost pickled flavor. The veggies on it were delicious as well :]

Hamachi Carpaccio – Thinly sliced yellowtail topped with ceviche sauce, cilantro with citrus obha sauce

Gyoza Fail:

The taste was lighter than the usual, especially since it was steamed.. but the sad thing is…

The innards were cold :[


Uni Shooter & Shot – Fresh Uni with ponzu shooter served with a shot of Ginjyo sake

Squeeze in the lemon and shoot it. Then shoot the sake :] I thought this one reallllly accentuated the sake. I love uni so I loved this one. Boyfriend let me shoot the whole thing.

Spicy Tuna Shooter – Spicy tuna, dashi vinaigrette, served with a shot of Ginjyo sake

Pour in the vinaigrette, mix well and then shoot. We split this one :]

Japanese Spring Salad – Mixed baby spring greens topped with chef’s vinaigrette & smoked salmon skin

[Why am I missing pictures???… Insert missing Smoked Duck nigiri pic]
Cherrywood smoked duck breast nigiri brushed with house sauce

You can never go wrong with Rainbow Rolls…

You can never go wrong with a nice fresh Rainbow roll :]

Golden Salmon Toro :
Masago, jalapeno, and tomato maki topped with
Beni toro, sliced almond, a golden flake,
& drizzled with asparagus sauce

This was nothing like I expected. There was TOO much going on that it was just a blurred mush. We were both disappointed with this one. Everything was kinda indistinguishable… except for the jalapeno crunch and slight spice in it. The white asparagus creamy sauce was not necessary and I couldn’t taste it… unfortunately I couldn’t even tell the almonds apart from the rest of it. In fact, ALL I could taste was the raw jalapenos and tomatoes…

The other one is
Spicy Pinenut Tuna :
Spicy tuna maki with pinenuts, pistachios & rosemary,
topped with white tuna and ginger paste

While the salmon was gorgeous, the spicy pinenut tuna was AMAZINGLY delicious!  Everything worked so perfectly together.. a hint of rosemary… the softy spicy tuna… with the crunch and chew of pinenuts and pistachios. The subtle hint of ginger (not overpowering at all like ginger usually can be)

What’s up with the banana leaves everywhere? This was delicious and light and the bottom had granola/nuts :]

Btw, thanks to everyone’s comments about us :] Hehehe.. it’s absolutely awesome dating a foodie with the same love of adventure, curiousity and yummy things as me!!!

Now the story of the cup o’ corn…
mike: ice cone
lady: two?
mike: sure
*lady takes out 2 corn on the cobs and cuts it into cups*
tiff’s head: i guess there’s corn in the ice like how asian ppl do…
lady: everything on it?
mike: what’s everything?
lady: mayo… *something something something* cheese *something*
mike: sure, everything but the mayo
*lady plops on mayo, we both look at each other in horror…. and then squirts butter… adds a ton of cheese…*
lady: hot pepper?
mike+tiff: sure
*lady sprinkles on hot peppers and hands the cups over…*
scared… we both take a bite…
tiff: this is like a laxative… corn? mayo? butter? cheese? hot pepper? LAXATIVE….

Yeah…. *scared* I don’t like mayo…. he’s not a fan either. We’re such a perfect match hahahaha…

Kids on the beach, lighting fireworks, wearing helmets….

Spent the night watching fireworks (and ice cone-less *pout* haha) at the beach near boyfriend’s :] There were kiddies everywhere blowing up fireworks… we could see the neighboring town’s fireworks, and downtown’s… and we were standing UNDER a ton of them too being lit up around us. Gorgeous :]

Next post either coming up tonite or later this afternoon :]

What did you eat to celebrate the 4th???


  1. So jealous of your eats. Thanks for sharing.


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