everyone could use a little oikos in their lives

a little while ago, the oikos fairy, Kristina sent me a package of goodies and coupons :D

[insert pic here]
(it’s on my mac and i’m @ work right now)

now, to be honest, i’m a fage girl (Total 0%). oikos was actually one of the first greek yogurts i had tried (i remember getting a regular one and a honey one) and then i ended up with fage & wildwood soyogurt. so i was really excited to mix it up a little. yesterday i spotted (FINALLY!!!) fresh gorgeous sweet sweet soft figs @ Whole Foods which only meant ONE thing to me: greek yogurt, figs, anjou pears, blackberries & honey. SO. EXCITED. FOR BREAKFAST.

so I picked up 2 packs of figs and then…… my FREE oikos!!!!

all stocked up!!! 4 small ones and 1 big one :D yayayayyyy
haha you can also see jell-o and some fage peeking in the back >_<;;

btw, you can see my DELICIOUS box of champagne truffles from La Maison Du Chocolat that a certain someone amazing got me last week ;]

so pretty.  slooowwwly savouring it. what can i say?!?! he’s the bestest :]

i love the contrast of the crisp pears to the soft tender super sweet figs to the tart creamy texture of the yogurt.

partially thru it


Do you like my new forks and spoons?

yes i’m 3.


while i think i still prefer fage’s flavor to oikos, it’s still quite the tasty ♥ time to mix up my varieties in greek yogurt.  my greatest feat is turning my mommy into a plain greek yogurt lover. she used to have to choke it down. she knew it was good for her and filling and all that, but she started off needed flavored ones. and then she started mixing fruits and stuff in it to ease it down better. and noooooooooooow…. PLAIN GREEK YOGURT LOVER!!!

she still hates my soyogurt tho and thinks im a freak for liking it. >_<;;


  1. the new banner is sweet digs
    i eat the 0 at home all the time w/ pomegranate or black berries but the full fat w/ honey or anything is just godly


  2. ack! i love the forks and spoons!


  3. Cute forks and spoons. I love Greek yogurt!! I could eat it everyday and not be tired of it. I prefer mine plain with tons of fruit and cereal mix ins. So delicious and filling. Fage 0% is my favorite, but it can get pricey so I usually get the Trader Joe’s brand.


  4. oikos are great substitute to fage and they’re organic.
    I love your baby spoons and the container that you put the yogurt and fruits….. is that kind of bento box that you use to take meals to work??? pic of it please!!! :D
    so glad you’re back with posting!


  5. I love Oikos! They’re the first Greek yogurt that I’ve ever tried and fell in love with. Those forks and spoons are adorable!


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