Memorial Weekend ’09

This weekend, I got a special visitor early Friday morning :] And so began our amazing food journey for the entire weekend… enjoy :D


First stop was one of my favorite sushi places. It’s also really close to my house… so Oishii Too we go.

Yaki Ika (Grilled squid)

Toro Tata: minced Fatty Tuna in wasabi and ponzu sauce topped with Sterling Caivar

Guy Tataki: seared beef with mesculin green

His hand roll cherry got popped today :D He had his first hand roll.. mmm unagi!!! ♥ … Haha I even had to show him how to take a bite first.. lol… or maybe he just wanted to see me chomp….

Pop Pop Pop

Sashimi love ♥ We have squid (Ika), scallops, (Sake) salmon, & (Large Ama Ebi) sweet shrimp

Fried Shrimp Heads are goooooooooood

Uni Sushi & Hamachi Torched Maki (roe, cuke, inside & yellowtail torched outside w/ sweet miso sauce & black roe on top)

Close up porn

We put a baby shrimp back together… well not a baby one but the one with the smallest head…

Working our way thru….

Everything was cleaned at the end.

Let’s go Red Sox, Let’s Go…. BEAT THE METS

I made him try on a kiddie’s jersey first but then got him an authentic one :D We matched.. go Matsuzaka #18!!!! It was his first game back :D Woohoooo!!!

Best Seats

How did I not get a picture of our food? Fenway Franks, Italian Sausage… Double Fisting Beers (haha.. “lite beers” for the record), Fried Dough, Cotton Candy (pink)

Ortiz ♥

Yeah.. drunk face syndrome for me *shame* I’m so asian…

Sad night… Friday & Sat but at least we kicked their butts Sunday :D

Post game food..
I was totally bummed that we lost :[ Instead of drinking to victory I just wanted to eat something and mope around the rest of the night. Thankfully Sonsie totally saved the night. It’s one of my fav places to eat on Newbury St. we got best seats in the house (right in the front since in the summer it opens up to the sidewalk.) So we got to eat amazing food and people watch.

We split the Duck Confit & Shrimp Curry Pizza.

Duck Confit: Berry Vinegar, Dandelion Greens, Lacey Potato Cake

Pizza: Shrimp, Spicy Curry, Mint, Yogurt Drizzle Cream


We headed over to Fanuiel Hall in the afternoon…. and ate some yummies in Quincy Market.

Chicken Kebab Wrap & Tortilleni Salad


His: New York Cheesecake w/ Cookie Dough in a Chocolate dipped Waffle Cone

Hers: Strawberry Cheesecake w/ Rainbow Sprinkles a Waffle Cone

Mwahahahaha mine is so much preeeeeeeeeeeeettier.. it was soooo gooooood too.. nom nom nom nom lick lick lick. And of course the necessary rainbow sprinkles!!!!

He dropped some :[

So sad… the cookie dough was trying to run away…

After enjoying the day in the North End (we ought two canollis from Mike’s Pastry!!!! YUMMM!!! 1 yellow cream and 1 chocolate chip)

[ photos found on flickr ]

…and lying around the grassy lawns by the wharf (the sun was out and the weather was gorgeous) we headed for an early dinner at Tapeo.

Pulpo Afeira – Galician Octopus with Hot Paprika and Olive Oil

Ensalada Mixta – Mixed Greens, Hearts of Palm, Beets, House Vinaigrette

Butifarras con Brevas – Pork Sausage with Figs

Costillitas de Vaca – Beef Short Rib in Rioja Wine Sauce

Espárragos Asados Sobre Tostada -Grilled Asparagus on Olive Tapenade Toast w/ Oranges & Vinaigrette

Codorniz de Castilla – Broiled Herb and Garlic Quail stuffed with Grapes & Bacon

Pato Braseado – Roasted Duckling with Berry Sauce


Arroz con Leche – Rice Pudding with Crackle Glaze and Berries…

ugh the worst. Undercooked. Sugar not all melted. Sugar burnt. Sugar not even covering the whole top. Too much extra sugar… annnnd… we weren’t fans. I ended up drawing a smilie face in it.

Poached Pears (in red wine) w/ Whipped Cream

I thought it was a little bit too sweet and the whipped cream was weird but it was still tasty :] I ♥ fruits.


We slept in super late and ended up getting a late brunch at my favorite, Aquitaine Bis. Omg everytime I come here I’m reminded why I love this place and why it’s won so many awards for Brunch.


Buttermilk Belgian Waffle, fresh strawberries, Nutella
This was the “thickest” cakey almost waffle I’ve ever had.. usually I have them lighter and then it comes out cripier.. but this was sooo good…. NUTELLA = <3

This is me eating the last bite, omg, this is so embarressing. I actually woke up Saturday morning with a swollen cheek.. turns out I got an infection in my wisdom teeth wound on the bottom right :[ So sad. But yea so don’t laugh at my cheek..

Apple wood smoked Bacon & Fresh Fruit and Berries


Potato Latkes, House-Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs & Caper Crème Fraîche

MMM for yolky-ness ♥

Eggnog French Toast, Hardwood Smoked Bacon, Warm Blueberry Compote

Really sweet and yummy.. didn’t need ANY syrup at all.. the egg nog was super subtle tho… but the blueberries were sooo goood…

Right after… we walked on next door for some La Rotisserie it is.

1/2 Chicken, corn and ratatouille


Yep the boy can eat.. and since he was still hungry and I wanted to take him to this place for the amazing chicken anyways… we finished it all in a matter of minutes… OH SO delicious.

That night, he decided to cook for me.. we were initially going to cook from this AWESOME cookbook he got me (he even got it autographed for me!!! *swoon* What a sweetie… more on this book when I cook a recipe from it… probably soon)

My contribution to the dinner:

Champagne Vinegar, EVOO, Garlic, Orange Juice/Zest, S&P

Potatoes 3 Ways

L-R: Yukons Plain, Blue Gingered, and Russets Garlic

Chicken, Ginger, Carrots & later some Shiitake Mushrooms

Homemade Guacamole w/ raw Jicama “chips”

Beet Salad w/ the vinaigrette I made and some cheeeese… Okay I’m lame and can’t think of it right now.. but it’s sheep’s milk cheeese…

Watermelon with Lime and Mint

The chicken and the potatoes.. it’s so pretty… oh so pretty…… the blue was my favorite.. maybe it was cuz of the ginger… or maybe it was just cuz it was blue… you know me and my love for weirdness colors and such….

Alllll togther now… What a yummmmie dinner made by Mr. Stashiepoo (haha) himself :D


Rawr. Memorial Day. Went out to brunch with my parents… at Sel De La Terre.

I ordered the Lunch pre fixe…

Grilled Oysters w/ Mango Salsa

My halibut with mussels, spinach and beanssss… haha.. I suck at remembering specific definitions


Mixed greens salad with beets, spiced walnuts, Bosc pears; lemon thyme vinaigrette…

4C’s rubbed roast beef with fourme d’ambert, pickled carrots, shaved fennel, romaine, and sundried tomato aioli on sourdough w/ homemade Smoke Paprika Chips


Pan roasted Norwegian salmon with fresh spring bean ragout, pea shoots, sun chokes, pancetta and beurre rouge


Turkey breast with taleggio, avocado, grilled red onion, Boston Bibb lettuce and spicy remoulade on sourdough w/ homemade Smoke Paprika Chips

For my dessert I chose the cookies.. to go…

I had them for dessert later that night…. There were 3 different jammy shortbread thumbprint cookies… one ginger snap, one choco chip and two chocolate truffles.. AMAZING

SIGH.. so sad the weekend is over :[ Such good food.. I’m back to mush (cuz of the infection… which is actually kinda good since my waistline is expanding…) and I missssss you.


  1. Um… that was WAAAAAAAY too much food porn for me…


  2. this post is jam packed!! i love it all!


  3. mmmm tapeo :) that duck with berries is soo delish.

    you are so cute when you eat! i miss you <3


  4. what a fabulous weekend!!!!! not to mention AMAZING EATS!!
    is oishii too owned by the same people as oishii? LOVE that place :). tapeo, sonsie, froyo, sushi, nutella waffles– girl you lived it up!! soo glad you had a great time!!

    thank you so much for your kind words! YOU are gorgeous inside and out as well and i enjoy your blog so<3
    we should do a meet up!!!!! let me know lady xoxox


  5. WOW! You two sure do know how to eat! DROOL


  6. wooooo…. such an amazing weekend with tons of yummy food!!! :D
    horay for visitor!!! When will u be mine?


  7. omg! drool drool drool! everything looks so yummy!


  8. Ahh I want all of yur food! That sushi, and froyo! You and your boy are so cute! Yes, we must do lunch when you come to NY!!


  9. TasteStopping says:

    Sonsie? Fanueil Hall? Mike’s Pastry? Tapeo? What a trip down memory lane you’ve just given me. Those were some of my favorite places when I lived/went to grad school in Boston. In fact, I lived around the corner from Mike’s in the North End for 3 years, and once a week would have friends over to watch tv and eat their fudge cupcakes. More fudge frosting than cake. Oh. My. I couldn’t sleep those night from all the caffeine and sugar. Thanks for the memories!

    Anyway, I found you on TasteSpotting and am writing to say that if you have any photos that aren’t accepted there, I’d love to publish them. Visit my new site (below), it’s a lot of fun! I hope you will consider it.




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