Old school Chinese Food at 朝天鍋

Last time I was in Taiwan I left earlier than my parents… in that time they found this restaurant near where we stay, in Taipei, that had delicious old school chinese food….

So why not go for lunch?

Welcome to 朝天鍋

Sweet White Bitter Melon

A bit sweet for my liking.. I like a light flavored bitter melon!!!!

Pan Fried Spicy Crispy FRESH Bamboo

This was sooooo good…. almost didn’t taste like bamboo…a nice  crisp outside, not greasy at all, and a nice light spice/heat to it. AMAZE!!!

Delicious Garlicky Greens

You can ever go wrong with fresh sautéed garlicky asian greens….

Scallion Pancake

I love Taiwan style scallion pancake, fluffy, crispy, and tons of thick cut scallions… this and Jay Chou’s Rooftop’s scallion pancakes are my favorite so far.

Thick, crispy and toooooons of scallions

Braised Grass Carp Collar and Head

It tasted very dirt/lake fish…. I wasn’t a huge fan and was a bit lakey and dirt tasting for me.

Free Dessert… Red Bean with Barley in Taro Soup

Sweet, delicious and a great ending

Dim Sum at 新葡苑 – Cantonese Style

Was ridiculously hungry today… I slept in til super late…. so by the time I was up it was tea time….. which is usually between 2-4 in Taiwan… instead of going to one of my go-to places to eat… I decided to finally try out the Cantonese restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for awhile and just never went to… 新葡苑…. while the waitresses all had stinky faces and meh attitudes… the food was freshly made/steamed…. it took awhile for each dish to come out but it was definitely worth it. If you’re into small dishes and trying lots of different things, this is the place to go.  Don’t expect HUGE portions… but expect fresh, hot and yummy!

Delicious “health” tea.. which had goji, jujubes and lots of different asian herbs… naturally sweet and just delicious.

I’m hungry, please feed me…. waiting for the food was SOOOOOO frustrating because it WAS slow… but, like I said, it was worth it.

叉燒酥 which is basically.. .Char Siu Sou…. Flakey Buttery Pastry with Char Siu Pork inside…. this was the only thing I wasn’t really into… I’m not into Char Siu… and I thought the outside was too buttery for a savory dish…

Squid Ink Dumplings… this was amazing… Seafood innards and just the most delicious thin squid ink wrapper… NOM NOM NOM

Boy Choy and Mushroom, Veggie Dumplings. This was actually my favorite of the meal.

Leek Pan Fried er… bun/thing.. uhhh yumminess?!… needed  more leek/onion taste.. but the skin was crispy and delicious… the filling needed a little more ooomph

Fried Shrimp Roll… we actually ordered a steamed one but they got it wrong and gave us this instead… so we kept it, ate it and re-ordered what we wanted. I’m not a huge fried food fan, so good but not a favorite.  But that’s just personal preference.

Pork Ribs.  Sadly, while it was good, there was little meat and mostly bone :[ Sad. I LOOOOOOVE Pork Ribs at dim sum.... they need to give more, and actually give ribs WITH meat.

Chicken Feet. My favorite Dim Sum item.  It wasn't greasy like a lot of other places.. had a nice black bean taste to it... not spicy  and just yummy. I can eat tons and tons of chicken feet for ages.

Trotters.... aka Pigs Feet... the same thing as with the Pork Ribs... a lot of bone, not a lot of meat... but I did get some good skin.. and some meat.. so it wasn't too sad... it was a bit too sweet for my taste and it was on a bed of boiled peanuts.  I did love the addition of cilantro... I LOVE CILANTRO... it really enhanced the flavor of the pork feet.... just wish there was more meat/skin to it than just bone.

This is the steamed vegetarian tofu skin roll that they got the order wrong of before.... I had a better pic but I'm too lazy to re-upload.  This always reminds me of my dad cuz it's his favorite dim sum dish :]

燒賣, Shu Mai… of course… it’s so typical but I love this shizz… 

After a nice walk…. I went to my fav place for boozy coffee drinks… Cafe Kitchen… got a Rum Coffee and a Jameson Whiskey Coffee… 


Me after my lovely massage :]

阿嬌海產店 – Deliciously Fresh Seafood

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Innovation in the Art of Food: Chef Ferran Adrià at the Museum of Science, Boston

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Craigie on Main – 8 Course Tasting Menu

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Italian Date Night….

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Best Vegas Trip Ever… the end [Last Day]


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