Tiffie’s 21st Birthday in Vegas… AGAIN

Woke up super early Thursday [the 23rd] morning to head over to the airport.  A quick reminder from my Godfather before I headed off…

Which is funny cuz when I got to Vegas my mom texted me to bring BACK a husband HA!!!!….

I got to Logan Airport WAY too early, just like last year, so I sat at Boston Beer Works for some breakfast.  Apparently they don’t serve alcohol til 8am so the waitress MADE my Bloody Mary, with Grey Goose!!!, placed it a few feet away from me, and waited til 8 to give it to me. TEASE.  Thankfully she gave in and gave it to me a few minutes before

It could’ve been bigger and spicier but it was tasty.  I almost got another one but then the guys next to me, obviously headed to Vegas for a bachelor party, were downing absolut vodka which made me wanna gag so I decided to just drink on the plane instead.

Vegetarian Omelette with Wheat Toast, Potatoes and a side of Bacon

The omelette was filled with peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, the works.. and two kinds of cheese.. I think it was a mozzarella and cheddar. YUM – it was ridic cuz two guys next to me were eating SUPER healthy. NO cheese egg white omelettes.. no meats no thing. LAME. I wanted more bacon but the service was SO slow I could barely down this plate in 10 minutes before I rushed off to my gate.  Got some snacks, candy and a few magazines, and I was off. WOOHOO.

OH. Guess who was on my flight with his kids?!

Casey Affleck!!!!!

Most RANDOM photo when I googled him ^^

HIS ASS BRUSHED UP AGAINST MY HAND! He was flirting with one of the attendants in the front the whole time. I tried to give him googlyy eyes hahaha.. SO MUCH HOTTER IN PERSON!!! I love his raspy voice :] Short though.  But he actually got on the plane in a hat and sunglasses and yet I still recognized him. Oh those Affleck boys sure are dreamy… in that rough manly Boston sort of way.

I’m weird.

A few drinks and some snacks on the plane later. I tried to sleep.. but ended up watching random tv shows, caught up on Hell’s Kitchen and watched Lorax… I was in Vegas. WHAT WHAT!!!  Kelly’s flight was delayed so I ended up going to Caesar’s Palace first.  The cab totally took a super long way and overcharged me – BITCH – but I was there YAY.  The guy at the front was nice enough to upgrade our room to a bigger one with a living area – with couch, and a hot tub for just 50$ more a night. WOOT!  So not only did we get an awesome deal for a little over 100$ a night from Jetsetter, we got a great upgrade YAY…

58th floor

Fucking SEAN gave us the FARTHEST room POSSIBLE.  I knew, just walking there, that we were gonna have some problems getting back at night.

Our view!!! See the orange umbrellas?!  That’s Venus Pool Club… we got invited to a few, one was topless but it was MEH, plus you can hear the music from our FREAKING ROOM so no need to go in and see a few gross boobs.


I ordered some food, a delicious Asian Chicken Salad.. and bubbly while waiting for Kelly.. but they FUCKED IT UP.  Stupid service said there was NO house champagne so they gave me something else bubbly but they charged me 20$ more and gave me white wine. FLAT. So HUUUUGE WHOLE commotion and trouble later, managers involved, etc etc I finally got our bubbly.  Right when Kelly got here.

The salad was tasty but with some faults. Water chestnuts, cabbage, carrots, sliced green beans.. sightly dry but still quite tasty grilled chicken and but gross out of the can mushrooms yick.  The sesame dressing was really goo thought, yum.

Cheeseburger with Swiss.. sadly the Fried were soggy

FINALLY BUBBLES!!! – and they DID have House Champagne, bitch be cray.

These were so good, I snapped off a piece and got a heart :]

We got  few more drinks and bubbly… after shopping all day, I bought some jewelry, Hello Kitty stuff and slutty dresses… and the we ordered a margarita.

And then started getting ready…

We are so cute.

And then headed to dinner. Freaking place was 20 minutes walking from our room.  And it was IN Caesars, BLAH! So far.

Sushi Roku was like Hipster sushi which sucked.

Afterwards we went to TAO Nightclub in Venetian.  It was a long night of blah and even blah-er guys.  But at least I got a nice long sleep and lots of good drinkage. MMMM sake, bubbles and free drinks at the club. WOOT.  Feet hurt like a bitch tho.

TIME FOR THE POOL!  Brought a little bit of Detroit with me to Vegas.  [this is for you W]

Kelly hates me.  And I have no boobs.  I ended up waiting at the cocktail line and the food line most of the day. WORST SERVICE EVER.

The pool was nice though, no hot guys or girls tho. SAD.

Snackus Maximus

Shrimp Papaya Salad & Nachos

Salad was disgusting.  The shrimp was half raw and so fishy.. the papaya was ONE slice and it wasn’t even close to being half ripe. It was hard and bland.  There was mango and pineapple in it too. Just BLAH.  The NACHOS were really good tho – beef, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa, etc etc…- needed more cheese.  HAHA, I ate all of Kelly’s Nachos.

Frozen Pink Lemonade. SOOO GOOD… tons of Vodka!!! I got Kelly a Strawberry Margarita, with muddled fresh strawberries, BOTH AMAZING!

Kelly being a creeper. I look like Miley Cyrus here.

Kelly went back first to nap.  When I went back I went straight to the hot tub. AHHH, living the life.

And then I was hungry again so I ordered room service again.  Another bottle of champagne… and

Chicken Noodle Soup

It was SO good, but mostly noodles, with chicken.. some carrots and celery and a splash of soup haha…

And also got some Veggies with Hummus and Ranch dip.

The veggies were fresh and delicious.  They also gave us more bread YAY.. hummus was really bland and too chunky and not creamy enough for me.

And then we napped and got ready and then freaked out for a few hours about where to eat.  I had W helping as well with the hotel concierge who DOUBLE booked the restaurant and we had to cancel like 3 different places.. but hey it’s…… see-thru dress time!!!

Photo check to see HOW see-thru it was.  Not too bad.  All the right parts were covered…

Can you tell I’m wearing leopard print undies?

We ended up heading over to Scarpetta at the Cosmopolitan to meet up with my old co-worker/Manager George.  Where I had one of the best Polentas of my life.   Read more about it here.

I fucking LOVE Scott Conant.

After we headed over to XS where I got to see B but also waited like over 2 hours in a million lines….. LAME.

WOKE UP STARVED.  I wanted breakfast, so I made Kelly wake up and eat with me.  She got a BLT and I got grapefruit segments…

And an Egg White Veggie Frittata with Potatoes and Bacon

1. They forgot my Tabasco and 2. They forgot Kelly’s fries.

LAME. They also tried to force me to get a Fruit Plate. NO!!!!!!!… grrr… But we did get Bloody Marys and Bellinis :D AND they gave me more Bacon than my frittata.. and the potatoes were shit.  Soggy, flimsy and gross. BLAH.  SO I ate Kelly’s fries.. which came with my tabasco sauce like 40 minutes later.. but they were hot and fresh and crispy. OK, I have faith again in their fries.

BTW, everytime we’ve gotten room service they give us a million straws and we never used them. THE ONE TIME I NEEDED A STRAW for my Bloody Mary, there was none, so I went to the straw that’s been on our floor for the past few days… hahahha


The fries, that were finally NOT soggy

I asked for FOUR bottles, they gave me five. Not to complain but they never get shit right!


Another Pink Lemonade while I attempted to stop being see-thru pale.

Kelly was a creep and paparazzi ‘d me.

After a few hours I came back to hot tub some more…

This time we planned dinner better. Last night we didn’t eat til like 1030.. this time I got us 9 resos at Gordon Ramsay Steak thanks to W and him knowing the Chef there.

Taxi sono qui?

And so began our self-dubbed INTERNATIONAL NIGHT

Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris

Tasting Menu

Afterwards we headed to PURE thanks to Cheri for getting us on the guestlist!


BEST CLUBBING NIGHT the whole time!!!

Dear Kim, the German with the most girly un-German name, if you ever read this. We want rights to those pics you took of us. HAHAHA.

Dear Canasians.. thanks for herding us like sheep, calling us old and being sad when you couldn’t get some, that’s what happens when you give us bad drinks.

Dear big black guys, thanks so much for saving us from the tiny Canasians.

And we woke up to this in the middle of our bathroom floor. WTF?!

The next day we woke up, and while I wasn’t hungover the whole time there, it was pretty bad anways… I wanted a BURGER.

Fruit Plate. AWESOME. Fig, Rambutan. Grapes, Berries. Kiwi. Papaya. Peach. Mango, Dragonfruit, Watermelon, Cherries, etc etc…. 
BUT REALLY?!.. only ONE rambutan adn HALF a fig?!.. LAME. But at least thumbs up to the exotic fruits.

[btw I MUST say the menu is pretty cool and offers a lot of food.  Also a HUGE Asian menu!  Including CONGEE!!!]

Kelly got the Southwestern Chicken Wrap – which sucked. Dry and nothing like the description.  So I gave her some of my chili from my burger.

Hangover Burger for breakfast makes everything better!

And then I headed to the pool and came back the tannest I’ve been in a long long time.  YES, this is super super SUPER tan for me.

Napped.  And then got ready for our last big dinner in Vegas.

We met up for drinks at Aria and then dinner at Sirio from one of my college friends Min :]  He’s a sommelier so obviously we had amazing wines.

After a million glasses and different drinks. I came back to the room wanting more food and champagne.  I ordered Hunger Games and promptly passed out.

You can see passed out photos here.  HAHA.  

I woke up so comfy tho… and with an indent on my face.  I was called Scarface for the rest of the day.

And then we got Donuts for Breakfast at Central.

We had already packed so we came back to nap and re-watch Hunger Games.  Haha, good thing I got them to give us 1pm checkout.


We decided to take pictures of ourselves in the HUGE bathroom in Caesars hahahaha…

And then we putzed around on our phones at a lounge while drinking from our NUMB Dildo cups

After a ton of gambling, and losing monies… we decided enough was enough, it was time for the airport and FOOD.

Boobies and Chophouse.

Bye Bye Las Vegas

Sel de la Terre: Wine Tuesday “Summer Sippers”

It’s that time of the week again :] Every Tuesday night, chances are you’ll find me at my usual corner booth table in the Natick Sel de la Terre – calling all stalkers [apparently I should stop joking about this because it does happen.. so if you’re creepy I WILL eat your arm!]

BREAAAAAAD… the usual, french baguette, foccacia and whole grain

Yes after the millionth meal at SDLT I’m still taking pictures of the bread basket… because I can! It’s myyyy blog, I DOOO WHAT I WANT!!! ;D

Cartman is my hero <3  — currently watching Southpark while I blog :]

First Course
Tuna Crudo, Melon, Radishes, Lemon Emulsion
Paired with: 2010 Huber, “Obere Steigen”, Grüner Veltiner, Traisental, Austria

This wine was delish… I’ve been such a red wine obsessed girl for the past few years that I’ve forgotten how yummy a good white wine is :] Thank goodness for wine pairings!!!! I rarely order a white wine on my own anymore.. teehee…

The tuna was super fresh…. MMM so tasty.. I had been craving some good sushi.. a LOT.. recently anyways so this made me super duper happy!!!! I actually wasn’t too much of a fun of the emulsion and the sweetness of the melons with the tuna…. I prefer my crudo to be a lot thinner… super thinly sliced so that it just melts in your mouth – these were just two pieces of sashimi, basically…

Second Course
Grilled Branzino with Tomatillo Nage and Native Corn Succotash
Paired with: 2010 Domaine de Houchart, Rosé, Côtes de Provence, France

I had to look up what Nage was…

Nage – An aromatic broth in which crustaceans are cooked. The shellfish is then served with this broth. The most notable of these dishes is lobster la nage.”  — Source

Rosé is usually too sweet…  and, to me, is an introductory “girly” wine that is bipolar and having an identity crisis -am I red of white?!- hahahaha… I’m being mean, no no, this wasn’t too bad – not sweet at all – I think I ended up drinking most of it :]

This was my favorite dish of the night.. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Branzino.. the original menu was supposed to be Mackeral but they switched it last minute to Branzino OMG delish!!!!  I love going to little Italian eateries and ordering a whole branzino, oven roasted or grilled with just lemon slices, salt and pepper [obviously] and some olive oil :] YUM!  The succotash was delicious, and very fresh but had a slight sour/tart taste to it, which was weird since it was also creamy.. it confused my taste buds a bit but I licked up the plate anyway… I like curious flavors :]

Main Course
Roasted Pork with Herbed Spatzle, Stone Fruits and Asparagus
Paired with: 2009 Bielsa, “Viñas Viejas” Campo de Borja, Spain

While I’m prone to spanish wines this isn’t my favorite – it paired well with the dish though, I drank it with the dish and had a few sips on it’s own… maybe it’s cuz I tried it with some of the other side dishes and/or still had some fish in my mouth… who knows…

The pork was nice and lean, I wish it was fattier, altho I did get a bite or two of a bit of that wonderful pork fat :] BUTTTT… it was a bit tough, still tasty though, loved the accompaniments tho… asparagus <3 My favorite! I’m also obsessed with spatzle.. wait isn’t it spelled spaetzle?!  Or something.. am I wrong or is the menu wrong? Who cares, the stuff is delicious! I even at the rest of my dinner date’s :D Super herby, doughy, “QQ” to be super fobby ;D TEEHEE

Side Dish: Rosemary Pommes Frites

My favorite – per usual :] I usually get these to go and actually nosh on them on the carride home #fattie I know :D

Side Dish: Sauteed Spinach with Parmesan

The spinach is always cooked to perfection with a beautiful sprinkle of parm :D Best of all worlds… and makes me feel semi-healthier :D

Cheese Course
Aged Gouda
Paired with: 2009 Beppe Marino, “Muray”, Moscato D’Asti, Piedmont, Italy

Light but sweet, yum yum, not a hugeee fan of sweet white wines anymore but it went great with the cheese!!!

CHEEEESE… well GOUUUUUUUUDA.. nice and aged :] MY FAVORITE.. while it wasn’t crunchy it was SOOO YUMMY!!!!!… Once again it was paired with more baguette… fig jam, apple slices, walnuts, hazelnuts, dried cranberries and a nice smudge juuuuuuggggeee or honey :] NOM!

Dessert Course
Grilled Peaches with Balsamic Gastrique and Champagne-Basil Seed Sabayon
This was more goopy than I imagined it would be.. I thought it’d be beautiful grilled peaches on a plate with a drizzle of the gastrique and the sabayon… it was really good though, the balsamic made it savory and the peaches were sooo sweet and had a delicious smokey grilled taste to them!!! YAY

Made some friends with our neighbors – the elder man was really really nice and asked if I was in the business hahaha… we also giggled around with the waitress who was super sweet :] She actually forgot the dessert at first and kicked herself for hearing wrong, silly girl :] Once again a beautiful meal, amazing wines and a wonderful time! Until next week……


And so it begins… with AKA Bistro

It’s that time of the year, again, when I turn 21.. AGAIN.

No wait, I think last year I turned a sweet 16 with a party at Momofuku, Carnival, Maze and Blue Ginger. And while Family birthday dinner is ALWAYS at Blue Ginger… every single year… we thought we’d change it up a bit this year and go try out a new suggestion from my mommy… AKA Bistro – “boast[ing] the best of two distinct and sophisticated cuisines.  Half the menu offers French fare; authentic recipes derived from the owner’s mother, a native of Marseilles.  The flip side of the menu features a creative roster of Japanese dishes, with an emphasis on elegant sashimi.  Ingredients are sourced from a handful of small farms [within] a few miles of the bistro, and pristine (often sustainable) fish is sourced from around New England and the world.”

AKA Bistro [pronounced “ah-kah” not “A KAY A” like the abbreviation hahaha] is definitely something fresh and new and not what I’d expect in Lincoln, MA.. especially next to a train station….

I was excited – we had reservations for 7:30… but by 5 I was STARVING.. it didn’t help that my mom was making some of her famous spicy beef noodle soup to freeze for later… [yes after dinner I had a bowl back at home… and some marrow.. #fattie]

Me getting ready :]

The weather was kinda gloomy and wet but inside it was popping.. the atmosphere was loud and it was a little.. not hot.. but it felt stuffy and humid inside – slightly – decor was really nice tho :] Happy chipper place.

AKA Bistro
145 Lincoln Rd.
Lincoln, MA 01773 


Cold. Chewy. A bit hard. But COLD :[ Sad. I want French CRUSTYYYY bread… fluffy inside… alas, no.


But let’s get to the fun part. Or in the case of my daddy “at least the champagne was really good tonight…” yeah that’s kinda a preview of what’s to come.

We popped a bottle of bubbly :] I got ID’d :[ The hostess also treated me like a little kid. BOO!

Escalope de foie gras poelée et compote de fruits secs
Seared foie gras and dried fruit compote

Not my favorite Foie Gras…  definitely not the worst.. but it was okay.. I thought it tasted slightly off… but mommy liked it. Daddy didn’t like it so mommy got most of it :] The fruit compote was plums and was pretty tasty.. loved the wilted spinach underneath the foie.. the tart on the bottom was kind of madeline like…

So pretty tho…

Hamachi Collar

This was a special of the day – AND cooked to medium rare – altho definitely more rare than cooked… the outside was slightly burnt…. MEH.

Scallop Ceviche

Banuyls vinaigrette and fresh winter black truffle

This was my favorite dish of the night. But it was SOOO SMALL… thinly sliced fresh scallop sashimi.. a very light vinaigrette and delicious truffle..OMG.. the truffle.. subtle and not overpowering – a little goes a long way – LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wanted MORE!

This was SUPPOSED to be a Kumomoto Oyster with Uni and Caviar.. but they didn’t have the oysters and had another West Coast Oyster… and no Uni so they said they’d give me extra caviar. They didn’t but it was still good – wayyyy tiny tho :T

Os à moelle, fleur de sel aromatique,pain de campagne grillé

Bone Marrow, aromatic sea salt and toasted country bread

Delicious. Wish the Bone Marrows were bigger tho… I miss big fat delicious bones filled with marrow… MMMMM. This marrow was fatty, drippy, creamy… SOO GOOD and came with a little dish of a salt/pepper concoction to sprinkle over. This is the first time my parents have had Bone Marrow like this and they really enjoyed it :] Altho daddy thought it wasn’t that flavorful – which is why I said sprinkle more salt teehee.. but they both LOOOVED it…

Mommy’s Confit de canard et pommes Salardaises

Duck Confit, potato roasted in duck fat

The duck was cooked perfectly.. the skin was a bit TOO fatty and not crispy but still delicious.. a bit soggy tho.. the crispy bits of the sliced potatoes were delicious but even with the salad everything was WAY too greasy from all the duck fat from the potatoes and the confit.  The salad was DRENCHED in duck fat…. but I ended up eating all of the potatoes and the rest of my mommy’s salad and duck for her :] #tummyache

Daddy’s Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

I can’t find the exact dish on their old menu on the website but the stuff on the bottom was very herbby and gnocchi like… Even if you didn’t get a bacon piece the pork was cooked sooo tenderly and the bacon flavor totally infused itself into it. DELICIOUS.  The “gnocchi” like pasta or “dumplings” I suppose weren’t too bad either.. a little too mushy for my liking.. but probably the lightest dish out of the three we ordered.

My Saumon poche, beurre fines herbes, courgettes, fenouil et rattes

Poached Salmon with “beurre fines herbes”zucchini, fenneland fingerling potatoes

I… hated it.

But they were nice enough to take it off the bill. It was.. ick. Too buttery.. I hated the consistancy of the salmon.. which was bland… the fennel and zucchini I liked but the sauce it was in and the butter it was cooked in was just TOO MUCH…. :T I wanted to like it, I wanted to love it – I love salmon but I just hated it. Which is why I went to eat my mom’s duck fat drenched leftovers… if

Creme Brulee

Perfect.  Just wish maybe a little warm inside of cold custard on the inside.  BUT. Nice thick, but not TOO thick, perfectly burnt sugar crust.  Delicious innards… beautifully speckled with fresh vanilla bean. MMMMMM

FUNNY story. My mom and her friends had come here before when it JUST opened… the got the Lunch tasting menu and each had their own creme brulees for dessert. They had NO idea that it was vanilla bean and all took a bite, saw the black specks and freaked out – thought it was bugs or mold or dirty.. hahahahaha my mom JUST told me this story a few days ago and then AGAIN tonight…  Silly ladies :]

Complimentary Guava Jellies

They gave these at the end of the meal – SOOO good.. methinks there was grapefruit in it too?!… But can’t really remember… a little sweet but sooooo guava-y :D JOY! Made me miss Taiwan…

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

SOOOOO FLUFFY!! The cheesecake part was SO light and delicious… like whipped cream consistancy… the chocolate crust was flakey and cookie like – delicious.  The cherries were SOOOOOO GOOOOD and juicy!!!!

I wanted to have some family photos but part way thru the dinner my parents, especially my dad got super reminiscent and I got all emotional and teary and burst out crying and ended up being blotchy and sniffly for the rest of the meal – until I got a funny phone call from my sis Kate ;D but yeah… so no pix… I was splotchy in the above pic but it was far away enough that you can’t tell TEEHEE.. BUTTTTTT. PROPS to my makeup.. NOOOO gross masacara lines!!! :D Not ONE bit of makeup out of place.. I’m like halfsobbing and giggling with my mom about how my makeup wasn’t drippy.. LOL

OKAY so this wasn’t exactly a good meal – the desserts were great… the food was subpar :T The salmon was horrendous, the texture the flavor.. bland and fishy… overly buttery.. mommy’s greasy overly soaked with duck fat – even daddy’s delicious pork looked a little sketch and on the pink side… so far no food poisoning though, all three of us had some… but it seems like the Japanese food seems to be going more towards my liking… if I ever come back here, slim to none chance, I’ll get sushi.  I’ll stick to L’Espalier and Sel de la Terre and others for my French choice. Speaking of which.. I miss Chef Ed Cotton’s food at Plein Sud. NYC Trip ASAP! Sorry AKA Bistro. Good concept, poor execution. At least tonight… for my table :T Servers were nice, altho as soon as our waiter got the check he BOUNCED… how rude. At least the other servers said bye.

Happy – Almost – Birthday to Me :D

I’m SUPER excited about the coming week…s…. :] Vegas. Friends. Special Birthday Day :] Super psyched about it all….. Life has been so good to me lately. I’m glad to be pushing out all the negativity in my life and just focusing on the positive and the good people.. the good things… :] I may be “young at heart” forever, but some people are just freaking immature, childish and I don’t need them in my life. So good riddance. The past year and a half I’ve been dealing with a lot of negativity… settling for things even though I wasn’t happy – with where I was, who I was with.. what I was doing.. where I was going… with age comes wisdom… for most people – I’m blessed that I’m one of those people.

Thank you to all the amazing people in my life. Friends, family…. DIOR <3 This is gonna be a good good year – “21” is a good age ;D

Feeling Pure — Going Raw/Vegan

After much anticipation and a few years of wanting to visit the famous One Lucky Duck store sister [I buy stuff from there ALL. THE. TIME.] … last week I finally got to try out Pure Food and Wine

Before I begin – I must say that Sarma is amazing. She is gorgeous and just so inspiring. I own both her books and love her snacks from the online store. Once I bought chia seeds thru her and they were expired, she apologized and quickly sent me several bags.. what a sweetheart.

It was a super hot night… it was in the high 90s and around 700 or 730 when we got there. I was on a veg kick – and thought that refreshing raw and vegan would be PERFECT for a hot summer night meal.

We ordered some of their famous white sangria… filled with tons of fruit, like a sweet juice :]

We ordered two pitchers, but beware, they had a kick… and it didn’t kick in til a bit later – sweet sangria is so deadly ;D

In our usual style, we ordered a few of everything… :D How could we resist?

Nori Rolls of House Made Kim-Chee and Dr. Cow Creamy Tree Nut Cheese

watercress, baby bok choi, hijiki seaweed, avocado, scallions

[Read more…]

Veggie Sweet Potato “Lasagna”

I’ve been wanting to try a non-pasta “lasagna” for awhile now so when I heard that this week’s BSI was sweet potato…. for some reason I thought “whoaaa.. sweet potatoes in lasagna would be awesome”

1 Extra Large Sweet Potato (if you want more sweet potato, add more!!!)
2 Japanese Egglants (sliced lengthwise)
2 Large Tomatoes (sliced)
1 Medium Zucchini (sliced into thin circles)

Handful of Basil (chopped)
2 Handfuls of Spinach
1 Large Clove of Garlic (diced)
1 Shallot (sliced so that you have rings) 

Black Pepper
Rice Wine
Balsamic Vinegar
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Boil a pot of water, peel, and chop a LARGE sweet potato and throw it in and boil until fork tender.

2. In pan, layer a sliced eggplant on the bottom as your “pasta”, and sprinkle on Black Pepper and the garlic.
3. Add a layer of sliced tomatoes.
4. Add a layer of chopped basil
5. Sprinkle on top some balsamic vinegar & rice wine.

6. Add your zucchini circle.
7. Mash your sweet potatoes with a little nutmeg & cinnamon (to taste)
8. Add a thick layer of mashed sweet potatoes on top of your zucchini.

9. Sprinkle two handfuls of spinach.

10. Add another layer of the other sliced eggplant, and then tomatoes and sprinkle the top with the shallot rings.
11. Drizzle more balsamic vinegar some black pepper and some turmeric, nutmeg, and hot pepper flakes on top. (I actually added a chopped hot pepper on mine)
12. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20-30 minute with a foil over it

13. Take off foil and put back in for another 5 minutes to brown the shallots a bit.
14. Slice and Enjoy. It made 6 huge slices for me. I had two :] Light and delicious!!!

Feel free to add or take away more layers of veggies… or even add in the pasta & cheese (my parents don’t like cheese which is why it’s cheese-free)

The layers… it was sooo pretty to cut into.

A slice:

The flavors were intense despite barely any flavorings. It was all the delicious blended veggies!!! Since it was fiber-ific, I was super full after :]