What else is there to Canadia other than Ice Hockey and Mooses..


The first time I had it was in 2012 in Windsor, Canaaaaadia… literally 5 minutes away from where I was staying in Detroit. At a little place called Frenchy’s Poutinery.  I’ve heard about this creation but never had it.  And when I was living in Seattle and going to Vancouver all the time, I was too little to even care about food.

Look at me, all dressed up and excited to go.

I think we ordered a few meats on here.  It was messy, gooey and over-flowing.  When I think of gravy, I think of Thanksgiving gravy… thick, dense and heavy…. but poutine gravy is more like a thicker jus.  The fries got soggy after a bit since it got so covered with stuff…..

So, now comes the part of the review.  I recently went to Ontario/Niagra Falls with family and was told by C that I had to hit up Smoke’s Poutinerie. HAD TO.  I was so sick that morning from being so underdressed and cold and smoke covered at the casino the night before… but I HAD TO GO TO CANADA FOR POUTINE!

I ended up getting an original one.  Simple.  Crispy fries.  Chunks of cheese curds and that light thin gravy I talked about earlier.  It was like 4pm and my first meal of the day – the fam weren’t too into it but I loved it.  I liked that the fries stayed crispy :] YUM!

And of course I left my mark! @misstiffie

So as soon as L saw me post pictures of poutine, he got poutine-envy; So for July 4th, I made a mini poutine bar for the party he threw.  I make a mean double fried fries :]  And in the back I had a mushroom gravy which I thinned down with chicken stock – and I added some white pepper for more of a bite.

My 40 (but not a Colt) – Bigger than K and I’s head

My first bowl.  My skinny rosemary fries, cheese curds (ranch flavored but I couldn’t taste it), my gravy, pulled pork and topped with crumbled chunks of crispy bacon!  I even microwaved it a bit so the curds would get super gooey!!!

I also made some fresh watermelon margaritas for everyone.

Ps. Don’t let a drunk person piggyback you while you’re drunk in a crowded area.

Pps. if that lady who wanted to hit me ever reads this. You still suck.

So yay for Canada for actually having a few cool things, even though it’s still really easy to “blame Canada” and make fun of Canada eh… HAH :]

The Keg, and 4th of July Fireworks in June – Only in Detroit, well, and Canada

July 4th in June… it was a beautiful day for fireworks, a bit windy – W & I both took a nap back at the hotel after our huge burger meal [food coma much?] and then woke up to head out to wander the festivities. Can you believe this was taken after 8pm? Always sunny.. in Canada and Detroit HAHA…

It was still sunny and after wandering the carnival which was exactly like the one in Detroit from the day before, we headed to The Keg for dinner.

You can get regular sized wine.. or KEG SIZE!!! Obviously I got the keg :]  What can I say?! It’s how I roll….

After ordering I headed to the restroom.. it was PACKED. a bunch of kids came in from outside – which was also PACKED from all the people waiting for the fireworks, so it took FOREVER.  But by the time I FINALLY got back, some food and drink was there ready for me. YAY

Warm fluffy bread.  Kinda reminded me of my favorite bread from Coach Grill but the crust wasn’t as yummy.  But always thumbs up for warm fluffy bread!  It’s a simple thing but a lot of restaurants don’t always do it :[ Cold bread STINKS! OH so does hard butter, this butter was soft and creamy….

W’s meal came with a salad so he got the wedge :]  It wasn’t like this sexy thang, but it wasn’t bad either.  I like my blue chese more chunky than crumbly tho.  And the wedge part was a bit weak.  In this case, more is more :]

Iceberg Wedge
Crisp lettuce wedge topped with tomatoes, bacon bits w/ Bleu cheese dressing 

My Keg sized wine… doesn’t look that big at the moment?

Well here it is compared to my big fat head! SEE?! HUGE  – Anyways I wanted to try Canadian wine, obviously, this is me we’re talking about here, so I got the Henry of Pelhem, a Gewürztraminer from the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario… It didn’t say what year it was but it was pretty tasty so I had two KEG glasses :D

W’s Prime Rib.. I think it was a bit overcooked… and not fatty enough.  I told him to get the 16oz because I always get a smaller size Prime Rib and then get sad hahaha.. he could barely finish this, I tried helping :]  On the side came garlicky mashed potatoes – he was between this and the twice baked potato, waitress said mashed was better… it also came with sauteed button mushrooms, grilled zucchini.. and a random red pepper slice – which he gave me since W doesn’t like bell peppers haha.

Prime Rib Keg Classic Dinner

Lobster & Shrimp Summer Salad

An entrée salad of mixed greens, cremini mushrooms, corn, avocado, black beans, and tomato in a mango sesame dressing. Topped with lobster meat, shrimp and pine nuts.

This thing was freaking HUGE! NO LIE.  See, another comparison with my huge head.  It was fresh and delicious!!!! AND it came with a whole half avocado – beautiful.  I asked for dressing on the side but they forgot – but the dressing, mixed in, was light and not overpowering or heavy PHEW.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel room to chill for a bit before the fireworks but then realized that it was the PERFECT spot for fireworks.  This is from our window.  Got really got videos too :]

Happy early Fourth of July! Celebrating America.. in Canada.. HAHAHA…

As soon as the fabulous show ended, the streets were SWARMING!!!!

Bye bye Canada, Call me, maybe?!

And remember, Litter is Beneath you…

We headed back earlier than we planned since there isn’t much to do in Windsor… O Canada, why you so boring?! LOL… W did some work in the kitchen and I did some work back in the room and then we headed to the pool to play.. it was FREEZING and I barely ate all day long so I jumped into the hot tub to thaw off…

And then I finally got to eat some real food… W had some work to do still so I headed to the Breeze Food Court for a Bacon Cheeseburger for W and a Chicken Burrito for me :] Yum yum yum, Tex-Mex always does this body good!  Now I just need a margarita!!!

My burrito with extra everything!!! HAHAHA… I like extra everything :D

Simon’s Prime Hamburgers, it’s like Five Guys but Canadian…

After playing on the Detroit side, we decided to go to the Canadian side for the carnival there and the fireworks…. so we packed our backpacks and off to Windsor, Ontario Canada we go..


SMOOOOOOOTH… I can’t stop laughing at these ads.. google them, they’re hilarious!

We first stopped by a Tobacco shop for some cigars :] The guy seemed talkative and probably lonely? Windsor is such an empty city.  But yeah you can drink 19+ but then you can only get tobacco 19+ too. Not bad.

And while we wandered to search for our hotel, my eye caught this.. so obviously we had to get some.  We’re both Leos so we got the Leo Bubble Tea from Bubble Tea ExpressHibiscus + Litchi with tapioca pearls and we added some Mango Jelly for more texture. YUM.  This was SO delicious, not too sweet with a slight plum tart taste to it.

W sipping away. :]

Our view from the hotel room was PERFECT for the fireworks… and had a gorgeous view of Detroit.  So sad how beautiful Detroit looks from across the river… but then when you’re in it, it’s almost depressing. Womp

WE WERE STARVING.  We only had a bubble tea all day so we HAD to eat something.  We looked for a deli but ended up choosing between burgers and shwarma….  We ended up here at Simon’s PRIME Hamburgers.  Basically a Canadian rip off of Five Guys, but with poutine.

No wimpy burgers for us.

W got the Baconegg’r Double with Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheese, lettuce, Ketchup, Tomato, NO onion

and I got the Big Greek Double with Feta Cheese, Tzatzki, lettuce, Tomato and Onion….

Double is the only way to go. W got bored of his burger half way but I loved mine, for a double patty burger it was surprisingly light, probably because all the condiments were pretty light and fluffy. The bun disappeared in your mouth and kinda demolished but I liked that it wasn’t heavy or too chewy. FLUFF FLUFF.  We didn’t realize that the burgers CAME with fries so we had a side of fries. SHAME ON YOU CASHIER! You’re supposed to warn us.

Fries overload.  They were SO tasty tho.  Perfectly crispy and fried.

Oh Canada……. just for Poutine

I just read this article that my friend Michelle just sent me on FB.  Haha 10 things they don’t tell you about marrying a chef. Okay, so I’m only dating one but they are so true.  Busy busy people so I cherish every minute we can get together.  I love when he gets off early or surprises me during the day for a few minutes.  So W got out early on Friday and we decided to head into CANADA for dinner!

All dressed up and ready to go….

I LOVE this dress/top.  I’ve been obsessed with buying stuff from Dolls Kill recently.  Spicing up my wardrobe a bit :]

Need to keep warm… still ended up freezing whilst we waited for the bus back into the States.. womp womp fail.  WHY THE HELL IS DETROIT/WINDSOR SO COLD?

Honestly it took longer to get to the tunnel entrance to get on the bus TO Windsor than it took to get there.  It’s only 4$ to get on the bus to cross the bridge to Canada. AND if the machine doesn’t accept your cash 3x we get on for free. Haha so we actually got a free ride there AND back!

Literally took barely a minute to get to Canada.



Our first international trip ;] Hahahaha… and we survived!  It was easier getting into Canada than getting back into the States… LOL so much more security.



We headed over to Caesars since it was pretty empty for a Friday night.  We could see people getting ready for Cinco de Mayo – which was the next day – but still EMPTY?!?!?!.. on a Friday night?!?!?.. so guess all the action is in the casino…

YAYYY we split 20$ to spend on playing random silly slot machines and I lost most it… W won most of it back and then at the end of the night I wont 14$ which gave us 9$ extra WOOHOO which ended up being poutine $$ lol

We were hungry so… obviously we wanted our Poutine!

As we walked back to the Poutinery… this is our view of Detroit from Oh Canadia HEE HEE

Frenchy’s Poutinery. W already did his research before we came. WOOHOO.

We split a regular with classic gravy, cheese curds and montreal smoked meat.  We should’ve gotten a large or two regulars. Next time :] It was a tad salty but was expected!, but SOOO amazing….. fresh fries… MMM and those cheese curds really got my mojo going.  Especially the ones on the bottom that started getting melty and gooey :]

And yes, this was under 9$ LOL… before we got waters LOL

W was a sweetheart and let me have a lot of gooey cheese curds.. hehehe… I let him have more of the smoked meat.  SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!… also made him miss his Canadian buddy Spike :] TEEHEE..

We should’ve timed the bus schedules better cuz afterwards we ended up waiting for the bus in the cold for like a half an hour. Haha. Turns out it was the same driver that drove us into Canadia… LOL.. Great times!  Next time 1. Learn Bus Schedule 2. Get more Poutine 3. Get pho!