Tigers vs Angels … Baseball Food … and last meal at the MGM Detroit food court takeout AKA … Tiffie poops for days…

One last Tigers game before I head out.  The elevators were out the in the hotel, and we were on the 16th floor so we just walked upstairs for a snack at the concierge after coming back from the pool earlier that morning.

Orange + Blue eyeshadow for the Tigers game.  And a red bull.  Gave me wings which is why I so FLYYYYYYYY ;D


We got to the game 2 hours early so we could watch the batting practice and for their warm-ups.  It was STIFLING hot.

Hot dogs first. I had one, W had two – I WISH I Had two.

I love mustard. What can I say? These were tasty. W liked them better than last time’s… I liked last time’s better..

These were skinnier but longer, the last time they were thicker and a bit shorter. BOTH tasty though. YUM.

Beer #?!?!?!?!

Nachos, Boozey lemonade/tea, peanuts, cheesy sausage… and more…

Caramel Corn, Candy…

And more beer…

We ate so much crap at the game.. and it was such a good game.  We took a limo back to the hotel and while W washed up I went down to the food court for my final dinner in Detroit.  I finally tried the Chinese food at Bamboo and got W his favorite, Bacon Cheeseburger with Onion Rings.. I also got us some chili cheese fries.

I wanted to try this wonton soup forevzzz… they gave me freaking saltines to go with it.  It was actually really good.  Light, fresh crisp bok choy and the wontons were okay.  The filling was a bit on the bland side but doable. Pretty sure there was mega-MSG though since I bloated up like a mofo and had a headache after.

Also got some aloe juice and green tea at the chinese place.. and the green bean stirfry.. which was green beans in a black bean sauce – it was a bit on the salty saucy side but weren’t overcooked, still had a nice crunch and I ended up eating most of it.  Chili cheese fries were probably the killer though and I spent half the night in the bathroom and the other half tossing and turning. WOMP.  But fun times.

Baseball food + Chinese food DON’T mix.

A day of Beer + Peanuts — Tigers vs. White Sox

Sunday was a big day. W has it off.  WOOHOO!!! Sunday Funday!

We grabbed some brunch downstairs at the Wolfgang Puck Grill – everytime I write it I write puke first haha oops – with the GM of the restaurant.. at freaking 1030am!!!! My inner kid came out and W made me get up at 930.

I basically got up and faceplanted back in the pillow whining

“Who has BRUNCH at 1030 in the morning? That’s still BREAKFAST!!!”

It’s trueeeeeee!!!!

No pictures tho since I was busy being half asleep. And did you know that they don’t serve alcohol before noon there on Sundays? Not-s0-Sunday funday.  No mimosa, bellini or bloody mary for me, just lots of coffee.  The boys both got a House-Made Granola Parfait, Yogurt, Fresh Berries and the Smoked Salmon Plate with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cream Cheese and a Toasted Bagel.  I got the French Style Omelet, Smoked Ham, Cipollini Onions, Gruyere Cheese  The food was so-so.  I had been craving eggs like crazy lately and actually wanted to order the omelet at 2 in the morning the night before… but was on hold for like 20 minutes. LAME.  Finally got my fix and it was okay.   The smoked salmon was definitely SUPER fishy :P Not to my liking.  I guess there’s a reason why this place is now closed… [yep! No longer at the MGM]

ANYWAYS. Onwards to the highlight of the day —

The Tigers will playing in town so I got me and W tickets to see them….

I ended up buying a hat and a jersey at the park!

We sat just a few rows behind the dugout.. like 4 rows?!… AMAZE-BALLS!

And all I consumed that day was beer, beer, beer, italian ice, beer, peanuts and BEER! bloat to the extreme HAHA

It was a gorgeous sunny warm day, which was GREAT.. I was scared we’d be cold… plus we both got a nice.. burn where our seats were hahaha…

When we got back to the hotel after the game, Tigers won! We chilled at the pool, MMMM cooled the burns, and thennnnn… a quick simple dinner W got a burger and I got Tacos and Nachos… extra meat and cheese and jalapenos!!! HAHAHA.. YAYYY!!  We watched a marathon of Baggage Battles.. OMG I’m SO obsessed with that show now.. I want to go to one of those auctions…
Just wanted to share this pic.. hahahahah… I talk to my stuffed animals too…