❤❤❤ Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee….

August 3. 2012. Birthday.  Day off of work but I ened up doing some work anyways.  Spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing video games….  Good thing I  was part of the joint birthday party last weekend and I’m going to Vegas at the end of the month, cuz this year, nothing but a dinner is planned for the Birthday and the weekend. But back to my afternoon… video games til dinner time.

YEP. Lollipop Chainsaw ❤

SUCH a good stress relief.  Die zombies die!

I think I need to start getting ready soon…

I got a special delivery :] Aside from my gifts W got me, I got a cute cupcake flower arrangement, a box of chocolates and…

BALLLOOOOONS – which ultimately pissed Didi off since she hates balloons.. but she only barks at them when she gets fussy now.

All ready and ready to go. SO HUNGRY.  I barely ate all day.

Didi wouldn’t kiss me.  Probably pissed she couldn’t go out and eat dinner with us.  She gets like that haha

OK, stop fooling around. I slipped on my 6″ YSL pumps and headed out the door to Blue Ginger.  Tradition for the family – every year parents take me to eat at Ming Tsai’s joint out here in the boonies.. Wellesley MA – srsly.. almost every year.  Not sure why I can’t find of my old posts, but you can def find old pictures all over my fb. LOL.

The Delicious Blue Ginger Bread Basket

I love the crisp flatbread. Salty and crunchy, so good.. there were two types of bread, one more like sourdough adn the other more like a fluffy brioche with a eggwash crust. MMMM

A bottle of bubbly — Perrier Jouet, Blason Brut Rosé  (Epernay, France)

Rosé champagne, pretty much the only time now I have rosés… is tradition just like eating at Blue Ginger, we always get this champagne for dinner.  As we do usually for apps and my meal.  I usually like trying new things but places I go to all the time, I become a creature of habit – especially if they don’t change menus often.

Appetizer Round

Hawaiian Bigeye Tuna Poke with Crispy Sushi Rice Cake & Peppercress-Tosaka Salad

Super fresh tuna.. I LOVE POKE great combo of flavors… also loved it with the crunch of the greens on top.  The crispy sushi rice cake was pan fried to a black color, but not burnt, and was great.  Tasted like the sticky burnt ricce on the bottom of the stone pot bibimbap [the BEST part] YUM!

Asian Gazpacho with Grilled Corn-Lemongrass Crab Beignet and Summer Vegetable Guacamole

Nice cool and refreshing.. I think it was a bit of basil oil or pesto dribble?! The guacamole and the beignet was the icing on the cake.  My parents aren’t even that into crab cakes but they LOVED this. They also LOVED the soup, which is rare since it’s 1. thick 2. cold… and not asian at ALL haha…

Ming’s Tea-Smoked Salmon & Beef Carpaccio with Avocado-Jicama Salad & Fresh Wasabi Emulsion

Always a favorite of ours.  My parents aren’t into raw beef but they’ll eat this. SOOOO delicious and SOOOOO tender and fresh and delicious. MELTED IN MY MOUTH. Taste SO good combined with smoked salmon – who would’ve thunk.  These and guacamole?! Amaze balls. The portion was small, especially compared to this, but just enough.

Miso-Sake Marinated Alaskan Butterfish
Wasabi Oil, Soy-Lime Syrup and Vegetarian Soba Noodle Sushi

My GO-TO here, I always get this. Tried and true, I’ve had other things but this is definitely my most favorite!  Buttery, silky, flakey, melt-in-my-mouth fish… with a light wasabi vaciar and sesames on top.  The only complaint is that the pan-fried part was a but over-burnt/crisp – No biggie, I ate the whole thing.

The soba sushi atop seaweed salad with picked ginger was brilliant… 
I could eat these all the time, especially for a snack or lunch! YUM

Daddy, of course, got pork
Pan Roasted Pork Chop
with Morel- Spring Vegetable Ragout 
Wasabi-White Sweet Potato Puree

Dad inhaled it except for some of the wasabi sweet potato puree which was meh. Mundane, nothing special. The pork was cooked perfectly, a nice pink in the middle due to the brine.. lots of veggies!!.. to be honest I picked off a lot of the veggies hahaha…

And mommy was gonna get the salmon, which was my second choice, but I knew she wouldn’t eat it so I urged her to get her other choice:

Seared Sea Scallops
with 3-Grain Grilled Vegetable Salad
Roasted Eggplant -Miso Purée, Tomato Confit Sauce and Saffron Yuzu Aioli

I think they called it a ragout on the real menu.. the grains and veggies tasted healthy but it was just mush. Grains overcooked and I couldn’t distinguish what was what.  Usually I can eat a mixed dish and pick it apart. NO idea what veggies and grains were in here since they melded together.  The scallops were cooked to perfection, chewy, tender and buttery YUM.


Hugest glass of grappa I’ve ever had.  I sipped half of it thru-out dessert, and dad shot it in one mouthful UGH

Bittersweet Chocolate Cake
Cardamom Ice Cream

Spiced Sugar Wafer and Chocolate Ganache

I was gonly gonna get one dessert since we have cake at home, but I couldn’t choose between the two so I got both. BITCH IT MY BDAY so I can eat what I want ;D

Chocolatey joy!  I thought it was delicious and not too sweet, and the cardamom ice cream is to DIE FOR!!! Love the almond/marizpan cookie on top :D

Coco Nib Angel Food Cake
Plum Wine Drunken Cherries, Meringue and Vanilla-Cherry Ice Cream

The angel cake was good, light, fluffy but not amazeballs.  Loved the meringue cookie on top and the boozie cherries though :] YUM  Hands down, parents and I loved the chocolate cake better!!!  BOTH were demolished though hahahah.. we love our sweets.

Asian taking a picture of an Asian taking a picture of food :D

Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!

my sweet six-twen part duex

I woke up to flowers, balloons and pancakes & crepes w/eggs and bacon in bed… well.. in couch, while watching the Ren&Stimpy marathon all day.

The second chosen Birthday Dress :]

Elizabeth & James Dress, YSL Shoes and my new Chanel Bag

amuse bouche

creamy chickpea puree with pickled melon
We were sitting around looking at the menus when this delicious and creamy concoction came to us… smooth rich chickpeas emulsified into the creamiest I’ve ever had… with the surprising crunch of the pickled melon with a drizzle of fruity evoo on top.

The best bread and butter I’ve ever had… I literally ate more than 20 pieces of this… apparently NO one has eaten this much bread and butter before and they ended up serving us huge baskets – instead of pails of it :]

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“Spring” Pesto Gnocchi in the Summatime

Gnocchi… oh so fluffy and delicious when done right [even mind-blowingly amazing] but it’s usually done totally wrong.

The word gnocchi means “lumps”, and may derive from nocchio, a knot in the wood,[1] or from nocca (knuckle).[2] It has been a traditional Italian pasta type of probably Middle Eastern origin since Roman times.[3] It was introduced by the Roman Legions during the enormous expansion of the empire into the countries of the European continent. In the past 2,000 years, each country developed its own specific type of small dumplings, with the ancient gnocchi as their common ancestor. In Roman times, gnocchi were made from a semolina porridge-like dough mixed with eggs, and are still found in similar forms today, particularly Sardinia‘s malloreddus (although they do not contain eggs).

The use of potato is a relatively recent innovation, occurring after the introduction of the potato to Europe in the 16th century.[4]

Source: Wikipedia

I’ve been staying in a lot lately and cooking dinner. In fact other than going out to Boston for the weekend it’s almost two weeks since I’ve dined out :] Last night I made a little something something more jazzed up. I think of it as a “Spring” inspired dish but you could have it any time of the year… Why not make it GNOCCHI NIGHT!!!!! :D I was between a creamy sauce and a regular tomato-based sauce… but since we did that the night before [read on to hear a brief recap of that] I decided that it’d be creamy sauce time…

There’s no set recipe for this since I tend to just cook by taste and how I feel…

The pesto is just a big handful of basil leaves, about a cup of toasted pinenuts, 7-8 cloves of garlic and evoo drizzled in.

I pre-steam some sweet peas and ribbons of carrots for a few minutes.

I cook the gnocchi is salted boiling water until it floats…. I cheated and used freshly made gnocchi that I bought from Russo’s over the weekend back home in Massachusetts… I LOVE their freshly made pasta.. the night before this we had some of their raviolis for dinner :] — sweet pea/riccota, spinach/cheese and butternut squash. YUM.

Continuing on….

While I wait on that I take some pesto in a pan, add some cream and a LOT of freshly greated parm reg and mix it all together. When the gnocchi is done I scoop it into the pan, add in the veggies and toss it together.

Even tho I’ve been going pretty vegetarian for awhile, decided that a little protein is good… so I grilled up a garlicky chicken breast on the side, sliced it up and topped off the bowl of gnocchi with the succulent chicken.

Simple. Quick. Easy. Delicious.

Refreshing, the veggies add a lightness to the creamy pesto just covering the pillowy potato goodnesses :D Yay.

And we have extra pesto to make other yummies/pastas with :]

Being Vegetarian is so Yummy

I’ve been on a veg kick lately… meat hasn’t been as much part of my cravings lately…. so where else to go but Dirt Candy….

What is dirt candy? Vegetables, of course. When you eat a vegetable you’re eating little more than dirt that’s been transformed by plenty of sunshine and rain into something that’s full of flavor: Dirt Candy

Amanda Cohen – owner/chef is a pure genius :D So delicious, satisfying and didn’t miss anything meaty at all….

Like most eateries in the City it was tiny, and a little low on the AC, thankfully it wasn’t a severely hot summer night….

We started with a delicious bottle of white…

Les Graviers Chardonnay 2007

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