A Simple-y AMAZING Dinner Party

Dinner party at my place Sunday night….

Look at this delicious spread!!!

The star chef: the one and only W :]

Checking on the chickens

Simple and delicious!!!!

Choppity chop chop chop

My 1st plate…

Chicken with dijon mustard, Mexican Baby Corn, Panzanella salad [cuc, tomato, asparagus, mint], Potatoes+Onions [YUM] and a creammmmmmy Butternut Squash puree… YUM

YAYYY I helped with slicing the potatoes, and making the croutons :D NOM NOM!!! ANNNND W taught me how to tie up a chicken before roasting, weeeeeee!!!!

Some of the lovely company!!!! A + J :D YAY for them coming

“Did you get that from Ann Taylor? I HAVE THE SAME SHIRT BUT IN PINK!!” hahahaha….

Apparently I don’t have enough forks so Kate and I used chopsticks TEEHEE

The food was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!! And yes, as usual, I was super anxious about the meal but it came out quick and deliciously… we had great conversations, great wines [funny enough me and A both bought the same white wine TEEHEE.. and we broke out a nice fancy wine W got me a few weeks back YUM]

A + J brought desserts over so I didn’t get to make my ginger snap cookies… Lobster Tails and delicious fresh strawberries which we mixed up with some sugar… SOOOO tasty!!!

A great light way to end the meal. MMMMMM…..

Mövenpick Cafe at 明曜

I woke up with I NEED ICE CREAM FACE

OK I woke up late… I’ve been taking SUPER meds since I’ve got stupid ear infection and then I got a weird skin allergy that gave me super hives :[ I wanted ice cream…. but I needed some grub with it as well…. HRM… but I ended up wandering around til like 330ish before I finally sat down to eat something….

*I dream of Ice Cream*

OOOO LA LA… after getting insulted by a short stout girl saying I needed a size L corset for my wide waist and that I couldn’t fit into her smaller size, I DID and it was LOOSE. BITCH! GRR. So, after getting the TINIEST size corset, telling them HA! I headed over to Mövenpick Cafe for ice cream :] I’ve ALWAYS had their ice creams all over Taiwan but just at restaurants, buffets and stands.. not their Cafe. And OH MY YUM have I been missing out!

Here are some things on my list of things to tryyyyy!!!


Strawberry Princess..

Alcoholic Dress Toast

Dutch Waffle Pastry :] MMM Layers

And their DELICIOUS Ice Cream Flavors.. gotta eat them all!

First I needed some real food, there was some Tea involved [with a chocolate muffin]

And a Seafood & Chicken Salad with Rosemary Bread

Cucumbers, Romaine, Tomato, Egg, Shrimp, Crab, Chicken, Olives & Corn… YUM!… with a creamy Caesar dressing on the side [sans anchovies haha]

Then after a quick gobble down I was ready for my DESSERT!!!! Come baby come!!!

Americano [x2]

Fantasy Ferris Wheel

Pistachio, Stracciatella, Maple Walnut, Chocolate, Black Currant, Vanilla, Strawberry

The Maple Walnut, Choc, Vanilla and Strawberry were the ones that came with the wheel and I got to choose 3 more.. BOO! I thought it was 7 of whatever I wanted and I made my whole list and submitted it until they told me LATEAR that I could only pick 3 :[ *pout* I hate rules!

But this plate was licked clean! Maple Walnut & Stracciatella are still my favorites. The vanilla was SOOO creamy tho and the chocolate had chocolate ribbons in it like the Stracciatella :] And each ball was on top of a slice of brownie. NOM!


Right after, I headed to SOGO to meet up with my cousin, his gf, their adorable baby girl Zoe, my aunt [cous’ mom] and my mommy for dinner at Ding Tai Fung!!!!

She looks so much like when I was a baby :] My mini-me! She was posing with me all nite!!! TEEHEE* And we played peekaboo after dinner until she was ready to fall asleep and started getting a lil fussy hyper. LOL CUUUUTE!!!

I’m an Auntie ;]

happy birthday part trois – east meets west style

My lunar year birthday was August 9, 2010 – Which is also the Chinese Valentine’s Day ;] – so it makes sense that I like to keep on celebrating… my latest dinner celebration for my 26th was in Boston…. well, Wellesley, back home with my parents. Every year I like to go to to Blue Ginger, sort of like tradition, so of course, I was there…

Blue Ginger, is of course, the baby of Chef Ming Tsai – Mr East Meets West himself. I’ve been watching him cook on tv since I was a kiddie and he was still on the Food Network…  now I watch him and his weekly pairings on Simply Ming..still awesome – does this guy ever age?…

We started off with a yummy complimentary bread basket…

The most delicious buttery bread with a soft pillowy middle and even butterier crust… and then garlicky crisps :D Yum – those were my fav

And one of the few sparkling Roses that I enjoy ;D Delicious… my dad absolutely loved it.

Then we continued to order many many appetizers….

Fragrant Thai Mussels with Lime Leaf & Green Papaya

Super fresh, even my mother enjoyed them and mussels usually freak her out because she thinks they look dirty hahahaha…. slightly tangy green papaya with amazing lemongrass and lime leaf flavors.. yum yum… there were some jalapenos in it but it wasn’t spicy at all.. the broth was very light and clean… so refreshing.

Ming’s Tea-Smoked Salmon & Beef Carpaccio* with Avocado-Jicama Salad & Fresh Wasabi Emulsion

I always get this dish… delicious beef carpaccio with amazing smoked salmon underneath it. Tons of avocado and jicama are under the yummy toasts.. delish! I love good smoked salmon that isn’t too salty.

Hawaiian Bigeye Tuna Poke* with Crispy Sushi Rice Cake & Peppercress-Tosaka Salad

This was perfect because I had been totally craving poke since I watched it a few nights ago on Food Network… I think it was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives… some Hawaiian place, the name/location escapes me

Foie Gras-Shiitake Shumai in Sauternes-Shallot Broth

I didn’t tell my dad it was foie gras until after he ate it and he still freaked out. He’s not into foie.. and I must admit, it was a bit gamier than usual but just as custardy and happy and delicious. Definitely needed the shallot broth tho to ease the gaminess – well for me.

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PB/Strawberries & SOLTORO

Korean Happy Cow

This made me giggle sooo much!!! SO FREAKING CUTE!!!

Valentine’s Day Strawberries

I bought a box of HUGE RED DELICIOUS FRESH Strawberries and dipped them in melted dark chocolate and white chocolate. I had coconut and almonds for condiments!!! And I also made some pink white chocolate :]

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Picture Overload… Thurs, Fri & Sat

Lately there’s been a burst of Vitamix on the foodie scene. I’m positively drooling over pics of fresh hummus, ice creams, sorbets and smoothies (I’m not even a smoothie person) BUT I am a HUUUUGE FRUITIE (I’m so clever with words haha) & ICE CREAM person so the thought of ice creams and sorbets just gets me giddy. EEEEE… I want one I want one I want one!!!! OH the possibilities…..

Daily Vitamins;

White Tea & Fruits

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Imagination brought to life! & SUGAR RUSH

(This first part was written yesterday early morning haha)

I woke up at 5am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. So, not to walk my parents or my puppy up, I snuck into the kitchen, whipped up a quick breakfast, snuck a quick pic and gobbled it up while I worked (w@h baby!!!)


SO. A little imagination time, thanks to my beloved FLICKR!!!






w/ a nice side of




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Yesterday, Today – Super Fruit Filled!!

To start off my friday I had…. some fresh fluffy….

Found on Adventures in Bentomaking

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Today’s eats, posted TODAY!!!

While wandering Whole Foods, I found this and reading the packaging I was interested. I have a bad digestive system and decided to try it out. 

I bought the shots of Mango Peach, and from what I find online probably the most tasty. It was tasty and only 50 calories for a TON of vitamins and probiotics! I think I might try it out for a week, they say you can’t see results til at least 3-7 days.. up to 21 days… we’ll see, I’ll try it for a week cuz it IS kinda pricey. But they say you don’t even need to take a multivitamin after this. Whoaa.

Breakfast was a nice grapefruit & some tasty plump crisp grapes!!!

I haven’t been hungry…

But I couldn’t resist this delicious juicy red pear :D

& then AFTER I was just starved… HMM, not hungry, eat pear… want grapes…

& then I wanted moreeee… so I just finished off the bag of grapes :D

Dinner was simple, just tofu & scallions w/ white rice.
Cuz I was craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving what comes next…

a big bowl of papaya…

(about half of that)

w/ soyogurt, strawberries & blueberries…

I sprinkled cinnamon on top after the shot :D

Some snacks I thought I’d share…
Jellies from Japan

I think this color’s so pretty!!!

& this one is TOO CUTE to eat :[

You can buy these here but I bought them anyways in Japan

The Pine Nut Cakes (松子酥)

Inside is this red bean paste with this chewy mochi paste and, of course, pine nuts :]

& Pineapple Cakes (凤梨酥)

Reoccurring Dream Themes
Does this happen to any of you? I always wake up flushed and nervous, I consistently dream about still being in High School and skipping a class, until it’s a few days til the end of the semester and I’m SO behind on tests, papers and work and I’m completely flustered about how I’ll pass and graduate. I had another one of those last nite. I always wake up super confused and then I remember, I’ve been done with HS, I’ve never skipped a class, and I’ve been out of college for years @_@ AKA, I’m OLD. Nevertheless, I hate these stressful dreams.

Nite, I’m off to snuggle with my Dior and watch a movie… and probably falling asleep really really early (again!) — altho I’m craving something sweet and might give in to one or two of these :]

Oh and I may have *cough cough* sneakily munched on some dried figs and pluots (awesome!!!) *cough* thru-out the day… and some Yogurt Passion… HEHEHE ALLLLLLL from my gorgeous Erin :] HEHEHE… I wasn’t gonna confess but then, I had them so fast I didn’t even snap a pic ;]

Don’t forget to check out today’s Taiwan GROCERY post below :D


My daddy came home and brought in the mail. There was a PACKAGE!!!!!

Being the curious kitty that I am I sniffed around and opened up the huge box…

A huuuuge box of gorgeous Norman Love Chocolates from :]


Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!

I feel so loved :] The card was cute too!!!

Playing Catch Up

Before I begin… first today’s :D

I had a pomelo for brunch…. it’s boring so i decided NOT to post it since this post’ll be photo heavy catching up on the highlights of the past few days I’ve missed…


It says: “Ok so its not your birthday… how about happy un birthday???” hahaha too cute!!!

SURPRISE PACKAGE!!!! Thanks you ;]

Dinner was a quick salad and tea @ met Bar

My favorite Shanghai Chop Chop.. EVERYTIME I get it here it comes out looking different than the last. Different bowls, different things in it, hahaha always keeps me guessing.. but the meats get fresher and fresher….. the pork and chicken used to be tiny and dry but a LOT now it’s just a few pieces but big and fresh and juicy!!!

I decided to save dessert for some yummies at home…

Dried Persimmon – SOOO GOOD and chewy… I loved the skin!!! And the soft innards…

Dried Strawberries – these literally tasted like chewy fruit snacks gummies!!!

Dried Kiwis – SOOO much better than Russo’s.. a lot less sweet and more natural tasting :] (and coloring haha)



Sour Watermelon, Blueberry and Peach Rings :] (I def. had a LOT more than shown… haha and I’m eating them right now!!! :P) Silly “Fakie O’s”


RE-CAP of the Past Week.. best of the best…

Top of the Hub

I’ve never been here for lunch before but I’ve always wanted to… that and the brunch :D Still gotta try it… It’s got a gorgeous view of Boston so it’s a must-go if you’re visiting :]

I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures of everyone else’s food. They all got prix fixe’s… Short Ribs… Salmon… and Scallops…

My seafood salad with a saffron vinaigrette. SOOO good!!! They put the dressing on even tho I told them to give it to me on the side (WHICH they did… but… I don’t get why they put it all over my salad already then?!) Thankfully it wasn’t a thick creamy overload.. but I still would’ve preferred it with a lot less…

My friend and her mom (who visited from Cali) and that’s her scallops!! :]

My mommy and her mommy have been friends for a SUPER long time…. (btw that’s her mom’s salmon!!!)

I didn’t get a pic of my mommy’s short ribs :[ Boo! But it was tender and tasty (but didn’t look too appetizing, brown blob haha)

Me (w/ fat head syndrome haha) + my lovely Angela!!! :] We’ve been friends since we were in our mommy’s tummies. We were supposed to be born around the same time, but I was out a month early and she was out like 2 weeks late.

Angela’s Creme Brulee

My mommy’s Gingerbread Tiramisu (she gave it to me) she said my pumpkin gingersnap tiramisu was better haha so she only had a bite.

Berries Oatmeal.. (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries)

Artichoke Hearts Salad

Kale, Egg Whites, Beets, Tofu Ru (Black Pepper + Hot Pepper Flakes)

Figgy Pear Almond Oatmeal w/ Raspberries

I’ve been eating a TON of pomelo lately :]

I made stuffed artichokes Sunday for my parents but I felt really sick so I didn’t make one for myself so I had this the next day for lunch :D

Saturday Night I made Steamed Chilean Sea Bass… I individually packaged each serving with Basil, Arugula, Tomatoes, Shallots and other secret ingredients :] On the side I roasted Acorn Squash, Brussel Sprouts and Orange Cauliflower with cinnamon + maple and a touch of truffle :]



He had his with a nice glass of red wine:


I didn’t make enough roasted veggies so I just steamed the rest of the cauliflower and brussel sprouts :] Also note the TON of hot pepper flakes and extra black pepper on my fish. I’m a fiend!


Building the best oats combo ever..

Almond, Blackberries, Pears, Figs

Tons of my favorite Plain Wildwood Soyogurt

Top with pear, figs and blackberries

Drizzle with melted lavender honey..

My bowls of oatmeal are becoming ridiculously LARGE!!! See how deep it goes…


OK OK!!! I promise to go back to normal again :] I missed you all but I never stopped reading!!! Just been super duper busy!!! XOXO

Barley, VOTE OR I KILL YOU (haha jk) & Health Update…

VOTE or I’ll beat you with my pink lunchbox. Then you’ll have to live with two shames. 1. You didn’t vote and contribute to HISTORY in the making & 2. You got beat up by a girl with a PINK lunchbox :]

Vote Dior!!! HAHA jk! .. maybe ;]

Last Nite:

I baked BEER bread again w/ my cherry blossom beer!!! This time for flavoring I added 1/4c Brown Sugar, 2 Bananas (one mashed, one sliced), dark & milk chocolate chunks, honey, Mexican vanilla… and drizzled the top with chocolate chunks and honey :] YUM!!! The whole house smelled AMAZING last nite!!!


& Dark Chocolate while watching BEOWULF (I LOOOVE this movie!!!)

Sour Patch kids while I watched Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives :] Guy Fieri Love!!!


Barley has currently replaced my oats *gasp* Not replaced as in love but just my current OBSESSION!!! :] SOOO GOOD!!! I’m starting to experiment and in two days I’ll get my Bob’s Red Mill package with things like Rolled Spelt, Rye & Barley to play up my oats with :] My mom says barley is really really good for skin sooo :] MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!!!

Breakfast —
Coffee &

Pearled Barley, Jujubes & Red Beans (紅豆 or Adzuki Beans). I added water to it and microwaved it for 3.5 in my work microwave so it was hot bubbly and porridge-ier. Before it was kinda like rice. I like goop :] I take back what I said about thick soups and stuff, I’m starting to really really like “thicker” liquids. Lately I’ve been saying no to thin broths… I’d rather just drink hot water.. haha…

Now onto the health scare, I know some of you guys are worried and I was gonna wait until I had a real diagnosis and more doctor evaluation BUT… I’ve been in and out of doctor offices for awhile (past year or so) I had horrible nose bleeds and earlier this year I was diagnosed with anemia. I got my nose cauterized (for the second time in my life) about 2 months ago and that fixed the nose bleeding but my anemia has gotten worse (despite me taking supplements and eating a lot healthier) IN FACT SO, that Friday nite, after my physical, the blood lab doctor called me at 10pm to tell me that attention needed to be brought to this. My blood count level is dropping and has been dropping since my last visits to the doctor and they’re not quite sure why or where the blood is going. My anemia has also gotten a lot lot worse. FORTUNATELY it’s not so bad that I have to be hospitalized, but I do need to be careful since I’m always passing out, lightheaded and have shortness of breath (which explains a lot since I’m always tired, passing out, dizzy and can’t breath well, especially recently. BUT don’t worry I’m being careful and I already set up an appointment with a hematologist to figure out what’s wrong with me asap.

edit @ 1200pm

OOO exactly NOON! Anyways. SO. I have a meeting at 1215.. and that goes into my next meeting… and then another.. so basically 1215 – 3 SO… despite my lack of hunger from all that yummie barley & adzuki… I forced myself to eat a guava and a bag of grapes…

Haha “forced” makes it sound like it wasn’t enjoyable and while they were tasty, my stomach just ugh. Wasn’t enjoying adding more food to it…

I haven’t been feeling well and I’m having some issues breathing… >_<; Hopefully the guava+grapes will hold me over til after the meeting. I’m feeling a bit nauseous.. but I do have some more fruit and a bag of GoLean for the ride home (I’m leaving @ 3 to go vote!)

I smell french fries but I can’t stomach it right now :[ I was planning on making a vegetarian chili for dinner since I bought so many beans… I was gonna make a pumpkin or tomato based chili with beans, leeks, etc… but now I’m not so sure. Maybe just some pumpkin oats & steamed kale & I’ll make the chili tomorrow. BESIDES, I duno how long I’ll be in line for to vote after work today. Haha… we’ll see. OK, meeting time, see you guys after dinner!!!!

edit @ 219pm

A quickie before my 230 ;] I’m a rebel like that. I always need time to eat and blog!!!!
I was kinda hungry after my string of meetings, I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the day :] Woot!

A few more grapes.

1 kiwi & 2 strawberries…
My tummie feels a bit off :T

My voting gear today!!!!

Me working hard in my meetings …. doodling :] SHHH I really WAS paying attention I just like multitasking :]

EEEE leaving in 40 min to go VOTE!!! & then hopefully have time to stop by Trader Joe’s for a few items

BTW, to add to the FREE Starbucks & the FREE Ben & Jerry’s when you vote today you can ALSO get a FREE Krispy Kreme!!!!

Krispy Kreme