Three Times a Charm…. especially at Toro

Thanksgiving Eve.. apparently it’s the biggest party night of the year [it is cuz everyone returns home?] J and I decided to go eat, drink and be merry…. first thought? Well… I didn’t just suggest I basically screamed out TORO!!!! He hadn’t been, and I had been craving tapas, bone marrow & their orgasmic corn… Conclusion on choice? Perfection.

We headed out around 630ish and got there a little before 7… [hahaha stupid Boston roads.. it’s “great” to be back… so used to the City’s grid and easy taxi/train access…] We put our names down [they seriously should do reservations!!] and moooooosied over to the bar [like a foot away from where we put our names down]

First round of drinks:
I got a Cabana Boy – Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Canton Ginger, Pineapple and J got a drink that sounded like man-something that had Maker’s Mark in it… and a cinnamon apple slice…

Second Round of drinks:
I got a Pink Poodle.. that had egg whites in it [haha] and J got another one of his man-drinks :D YES I had to pick the two girliest named drinks on the menu.. if not J was going to anyways….

Mandatory shot of the bread bowl…

Since J was making fun of me taking pictures of bread just a few hours earlier.. his punishment is to be in a picture WITH the bread…. bread has feelings too.. they just want to be loved, acknowledged for their carbiness… and eaten… hmmm.. hopefully he doesn’t kill me for posting this… anyways… we ended up switching tables… the high tables are fun and all but we wanted a nice roomy big table for just the two of us. We ended up getting a nice corner table that didn’t have us bumping elbows with neighbors. SCORE!

Pimientos del Padron

Hot green peppers with sea salt

The staple of any tapas dinner, well for me.. I ALWAYS order these.. I think I mentioned that before the last time I was at Boqueria as well…


Pork head terrine with spiced plums

I love head.


Yeah, I’m REALLLLLL mature ;D

And while my favorite form of pig head still comes in a sandwich [love you Bobby.. love you Resto] this was really really good.. super tender [as expected] full of delicious porky flavor… and oh so satisfying…

Panza de Cerdo

Crispy pork belly with spaghetti squash, escargots, salsify, apples and smoked maple crumb

AMAZING. Totally forgot there were escargots in the dish… so I’m eating it thinking.. why am I eating escargot?!?!?!.. this was soooo good.. but didn’t really need all the access… I’m chinese, I’m used to eating the pork belly as is ;D

The skin of the pig was so chewy/crisp that I bent my fork….

And as you can see.. new drinks… I got the
Cava Cocktail
Grapefruit bitters, sugar, yellow Chartruese

& J got the: crap, I totally forgot… was it something with tequila? It was definitely red tho…. and either way, they both weren’t too great :T


Cured lardo with honey and grapefruit

It’s funny because we only ordered one plate but we ended up getting served two plates :] YAY… one for each of us. YUM! Some people like it on nice crunchy toasted bread…. we ate ours as is ;D mmmmm piggie fat <3

Foie Gras con Champinones

Foie gras with pickled chanterelles and Idiazabel cheese

Had no idea this was gonna be all bruschetta-ish but it was tasty.. the crouton/bread wasn’t too thick and there was TONS of foie… the chanterelles were slightly pickled but thankfully not overpowering…


Tuna belly, tomato tapenade and celery leaves

I don’t like cooked tuna usually… unless it’s just plain out of the can [the water ones, NOT in oil, ew] but this was soooo tender… first time having tuna belly cooked…. perfect balance of sweet and acidity from the tomato… there was just ONE celery leaf tho… hahahah dont think it really made any different.. not even sure if I got it in my bite or J did…

Special of the Night

A Goat/Pork sausage on a bed of couscous

As soon as we heard the specials… [there was also a goat stew that sounded promising] J jumped right at this. SOOO glad we got it, it was SOOO freaking good.. like I’ve said before.. people think it’s weird that I adore goat but don’t really eat lamb. To me lamb is FAR gamier.. but apparently it’s the other way around? Either way, this was FANTASTIC. Huge, juicy and full of meaty flavor. AMAZING spices… need more… if I could I’d make it my go-to BBQ sausage ;D

Uni Bocadillo

Pressed uni sandwich with miso butter and pickled mustard seeds

One of my favorite things to get here… uni sammy. SOOO creamy.. just the right amount of greasy bread.. [must be the miso butter] delicious GRAINY mustard seeds….  AHH the perfect balance of flavors and perfection. UNI UNI UNI <3 LOVES. Second favorite sandwich ever. [And yes, twice in one post, best is Bobby’s]

Atun Pincho Crudo

Tuna tartare with charred green onion and pine nuts

MEHHH… it was OKAY… I think the turn off was that I found scales in my few bites :[ TOTALLY lameass… I tried, but couldn’t finish it…. which is sad cuz i love tuna tartare…

Pato con Membrillo

Smoked duck drumettes with quince glaze

Duck. Legs. Smoked. What else could be better?!?!?! Amazingly delicious [as always!!!!] me and J devoured asap

Ostras en Escabeche

Marinated Island Creek oysters with grains of paradise, lovage and citrus

J and I guessed that there was definitely yuzu… lots of yuzu in it. But I love RAW oysters…. cooked are okay… but marinated and pickled?!?!?!.. not so much… too tart/sour for my taste… they were fresh but just not TOO much to my liking… sorry Toro… oyster fail

Morcilla Bocadillo

Blood sausage, piquillo peppers and alioli

Can you name ANYTHING wrong with amazing blood sausage [the asian in me], amazing bread [<3] and amazzzzzing condiments <333 FUCKING amazing. Yes, profanity is a must. I never met a blood sausage I wasn’t i LOVE with….

Atun Crudo

Yellowfin tuna with fermented black beans and ginger

To be honest… this was awkward… for ME & J… it was too chinese… black bean sauce?… tuna??…awkward…. ok honestly it was good, but in a way that I didn’t want to finish cuz it was so beyond awkward tasting…

Pate de Conejo

Cider marinated Rabbit pate with pistachios and heirloom pears

J & I were MAD disappointed… we had HIGH expectations for the rabbit pate [you know me and how much I love bunny] but it was just okay.. good I guess, not amazing.. not memorable at ALL…. J finished it with bread, I gave up on it after 2 bites…


Crispy veal sweetbreads with blood orange and cinnamon

Veal Sweetbreads = Orgasm.

Perfectly cooked, milky and tender…

That is all…

Navajas a la Plancha

Grilled Razor clams with lemon caper vinaigrette

After the most HORRIBLE razor clam experience.. I’m glad Toro can still have me loving it… I always loved their razor clams…  PERFECTLY cooked… and delicious.. Toro, you never fail me…

Hamachi Crudo

Kombu cured hamachi with yuzu, Gravenstein apple and fresh horseradish

This was amazing. SO fresh, SO delicious… didn’t taste the horseradish but the apples were great….

Pulpo con Sidra

Baby octopus with Basque Cider, chorizo, nasturtium and Piquillo peppers

Slightly overly salty, but the octopus was perfectly cooked.. LOVE chorizo, so it was great… but since WAYYY too salty, lost points.. doubtful I’ll get ot again [even tho I’m obsessed with octopussy]

Asado de Huesos

Roasted bone marrow with radish citrus salad and oxtail marmalade

The #1 reason why I went to TORO…. bone marrow is so LAST MEAL….. it’s like an orgasm and falling in love at the same time….. sigh* I miss falling in love….. its been a long long LONG time…

Erizos en Suquet

Catalan stew  of sea urchin, lobster and crab meat

HOLY MOLY…never thought a soup/stoup/stew would be better than a cioppino full of delicious chunky seafood :] it’s fugging great to be back in new england…

Jamon Serrano Redondo Iglesias

Premium cured Spanish ham

I adore serrano ham… but comeon Toro…. you need some iberico <3 plz plz pretty plz <333333

Costilla de Bourguignon

Red wine braised beef short rib with bacon, mushrooms and pearl onions

J and I were super excited about these melt in your mouth beefy goodnesses. I’ve had great short ribs and bad tough blah short ribs.. these were great… as were the yummy pearl onions :D I think it was atop mashed taters?!….  I also ended up eating allt he carrots too… wait, was there bacon? I don’t remember bacon….

Coles de Bruselas a la Plancha

Brussels sprouts with olive oil and sea salt

Yes. I’m obsessed with brussels sprouts, especially when they’re all nice and burnt like above. To be honest usually I just steam them or do a quick garlicky light stirfry of them at home… but when I go out I like them nice, oily and roasted… :] Thankfully J loves brussels sprouts too… well thankfully and unthankfully… I had to split them, but I’m glad I didn’t go eat with someone who was picky about food or his greens :D

On a side note: Isn’t that the worst? I could NEVER date or be in a relationship with a picky eater…. or wasn’t adventurous…. blah. Thank goodness my friends are awesome.. and big foodies as well :]

Maiz Asado con Alioli y Queso Cotija

La Especialidad de la Casa.  Grilled corn with alioli, lime, espelette pepper and aged cheese.

For you non Spanish speaking people out there… and even still it’s pretty easy to guess, that says “the special of the house” aka HOUSE SPECIAL.. and oh boy is it.. you’d think this would be one of the first things to come out but this came out DEAD LAST… J and I were full… but after one bite we couldn’t stop eating. Yes, this tends to happen a lot…

And yes, we opted out of dessert… it’s becoming the new trend for me lately…

We ended up eating enough for 13 people… and then headed out stuffed beyond belief… in search of a bar.  We ended up at “The Point” near Fanuiel Hall… super white bar.. HILARIOUS… stayed for some medicore vodka drinks and shots…. and left… frustrated that we weren’t trashed and just too disappointed to keep on going…. But still.. our stomachs were happy. Ken Oringer how do you do it? First time was great, second time even better.. and now this? Three times is definitely a charm….

J and I decided our Thanksgiving Eve tradition from now on is to go eat somewhere fabulous and then go to ghetto hick white Irish bars afterwards. Can’t wait til next year :D

Health Update & then some…

Today was THE day. Yes, THE day that I went to the Hematologist. I got tons of vials of blood taken, weight (eep! I had JUST eaten SOOO much food and drank so much @_@ argh! I hate getting my weight taken IN clothes AFTER eating/drinking… blah), blood pressure, temp, the works…

Doctor: So you’re a little bit anemic…
Me: Yes…
Doctor: Do you eat well?… Do you bleed?…

[ the usual talk and she glances at the test results from my blood … she did ask me if I had rectal bleeding and I giggled cuz I’m 3.]

*glances at test results*
Doctor: Well you’re SEVERELY anemic. You have pretty much NO iron in your body, you could need a blood transfer if it gets worse… you have a less blood count today than you did two weeks ago… you should eat red meat.
Me: …
Mom: *freaks out*

Ok, that’s not the REAL convo word for word but I’m still woozy from getting my blood taken out.

Jim: poor little tiffie being vampired :(
Me: it’s SO dumb, i need blood but they keep TAKING it

But that pretty much sums it up for ya’ll. There’s also a chance it could be Thalassemia Minor (there’s a good chance cuz I’m Asian!) I’m starting my Iron IV sessions tomorrow (which will be two hours long) and the ones following (up to 4-6, depending) will be about an hour.

GREAT. Me + Hospital are gonna be great buddies.

My doctor kept asking about my eats and if I ate red meat or any meat at all. I told her I was more vegan/vegetarian with maybe some seafood and occasional chicken… It’s strange, while I eat it, I no longer ever crave it so I mainly eat vegan/vegetarian. I’ll still eat meat I just don’t go out of my way to cook it or get any of it unless I’m sharing with other people. I’m a big seafood lover tho. Shrimp, Clams, Fish, Squid, Crabs, Lobster :] But even those I rarely eat anymore… @_@

*sips tea*

Breakfast/Lunch was a giant bowl and a half of barley w/ 綠豆 (green beans) & dried and rehydrated longans (I refer to them as two different names… 龍眼 and Taiwanese people generally refer to them as 桂圓)

& of course my vitamins & gummy vites!!!!!

I came home with a list of things and their iron quantities… chocolate & dried peaches were on the list of things with pretty good amounts of iron *snicker* so I had a chocolate covered orange slice and dried peach!!!

I’m getting ready for dinner right now… I’m planning some Orange Cumin Shrimp w/ Tomatillas… Leeks & Chanterelles and some Spaghetti Squash and Roasted Delicatas!!! Everything I’m making seems so yummie but I’m daydreaming about a nice big bowl of BANANA OATS w/ BLUEBERRIES… I think my mom might yell at me tho since it’s not really overflowing with iron @_@ BUT it’s what I CRAVE :[


edit @ 1143pm


Preparing to cook!!!

Cooking with tomatillos for the first time!!!

They’re like tart tomatoes.

The shrimps before I tossed it all together with the wilting fresh basil, and tomatillo/hot pepper/spinach/grilled scallions mixture

(I had marinated the shrimps for about an hour with fresh orange zest & juice, garlic, pepper, wine, paprika & cumin!!!.. I think a few other spices too but I don’t remember hahaha)

Spaghetti Squash

Spicy Orange Cumin Grilled Shrimp w/ Tomatillos, Scallions, Basil & Spinach + Roasted Delicatas

Leeks w/ Garlicky Brown Butter Chanterelle Mushrooms

I didn’t make this, it’s just sliced beef my mom brought home from her monthly lunch party with her gfs.

I REALLY REALLY craved an amazing SWEET bowl of oats sooooo…

The most amazing bowl of oats I’ve ever had…

Banana, Blueberries, Flaxseed, Wheatberries, Cinnamon & Mexican Vanilla

Plopped with a few GIANT BLOBS of Soyogurt :]

Wildwood Organic Plain Soyogurt

& very Greek Yogurt-ish but with a taste of soy!!!

& two marrocs from my lovely Coco!!!! <3 SOOOO HARD to not eat EVERYTHING!!

A snack while I watch Pan’s Labyrinth for like the billionth time (SUCH a good, but really really sad movie) Two more chocolate covered oranges, and two more chocolate covered dried peaches!!!!

I know I know I said no candy but I really really needed a few gummies tonite. I’m having a *really* bad nite tonite :[

Nite!!! I have a few things to catch up on work since I’ll be having my first Iron IV session tomorrow afternoon!

Vegetarian DinnerLastnite;

Last nite;


Spaghetti Squash (I didn’t overcook it like usual so it wasn’t slightly toasty on top)
Oyster mushrooms
Chinese (garlic) Chives

Also had some minced pork/cucumber and a mixed veggie stirfry from leftover eggplant, summer squash, basil, mushrooms, etc… :] YUM!

Tried some of my new granola planks.

& the most delicious Sel De La Terre Brownie

It was a bit old (from Sunday) but just as tasty with an amazing crust and little bits of cocoa nib crunch to it.

I went to bed starving :[