EVA Hello Kitty from LAX to Taipei!!!!!….

For once I had a plane ride at 6pm instead of 6am….  so off I go…. Boston to LA….

I’m excited for the warmer weather…. so tank top it is

Got a yummy Chicken Marinara with Green Beans over Rice meal… Salad, Roll, Butter, the works… had some nuts too…. MMM, nuts… (I may have already snacked and had a few glasses of free booze at the VIP Airlines Lounge earlier…)

LA!!!!… Beautiful view…

Sat in the VIP lounge and ate tons of food include this self made “Asian Salad” with Champagne….  I took some of the “Asian Salad with Wonton Strips” And added some Teriyaki Chicken to it… why not?!… a lot of the other stuff didn’t look too appealing except for Korean Ramen and Japanese Noodles… all which was consumed (duh)

WAIT “Why is this a Hello Kitty ticket?????”


Life is now… complete!!!!


Sea Bass? It was freaking CHILEAN SEA BASS!!!! SOOOOO good… and of course more and more booze…

And los of veg…

Dessert was fruits and a yummy mousse cake, some tea… and more wine :]

Midnight snack while watching FROZEN was a Turkey Sandwich… which, I have to say was greasy and pretty gross….. sorry EVA… I didn’t like it, maybe I would’ve more if there was a Hello Kitty face on it…

Breakfast Time…


Congee…. with 1000 yr egg, fried tofu with fish ball…. shredded dried pork, Fermented Spicy Tofu, pickles… and then some…

And fruits <3

Oh hello…. Taiwan beer… I’m definitely back in Taiwan

WEEEEEEEEE 5am and ready to party

Yes we’re back in Taiwan

Toro, you never let me down.

After an awesome time looking at the Chef Ferran Adrià exhibit and a few other food and fun exhibits at the museum, R and I headed straight to Toro. Despite it being barely 6, it was already a 2-2.5 hour wait… luckily we got two seats at the bar within a few minutes. YAY.

A few glasses of Champagne, nibbled on some Shishito Peppers and we’re ready to chow… R hasn’t had the chance to eat many different foods but he was totally up to try anything I put in front of him… so I ordered for him – I made him cover his ears and the feast begins…

We stated off with the beautiful Iberico Jamon….

MELT IN MY MOUTH YUM!!!… R doesn’t like ham but I convinced him he’d like this – and he did!!! Ugh, I could eat this stuff every day.

Sadly Chef Jamie Biss wasn’t around but he was sweet enough to have them send out a Lardo Crostini dish…. absolutely delicious!!!!

We both absolutely ADORED this!!!!… Lardo makes everything better!!!

This was another surprise for R, Smoked Beef Tongue over Lentils

It was so tender and delicious.  I didn’t tell him it was tongue until he ate it and liked it.  Beef tongue is one of my favorite parts of a cow, especially at Korean BBQ

I forgot to take a picture of the Uni Bocadillo…  R has never had Uni before but he went in for the kill and actually ate his WHOLE half!!!! It was a great way to introduce him to uni :] I’m sure the crispy bread and the buttery miso butter just makes it oh so perfection.  Haha we’ll save sushi for later.

Also not pictured was the Veal Sweetbreads…. which had a nice black bean sauce taste and a touch of crunch from peanuts… it was on the sweet side but the sweetbread was sooooo tender and creamy.  R thought it was just “veal” and irked a bit when he realized what a sweetbread was – but took it like a man. Haha…

Next up was the beloved Bone Marrow!!!

He didn’t really like it, especially hearing that it was bone marrow so i got to eat pretty much all of it. Hahaha.. I don’t mind at all ;]

Foie Gras and Piquillo Peppers on a stick NOM!!!!

He liked it, but freaked a bit when he found out it was Foie Gras.  Glad to have been able to open his palate up to new flavors and textures.  We ended the night with, of course, their famous Grilled Corn with Aioli and Cheese… SOOOOO goooooood!!!!!

I had such a fun night – we had a few drinks at a Piano Bar near my house before he dropped me off and we parted ways.  And I came home to this surprise from my Woo Bear!!!!! <3 Bestie!!!!

He got it for me while in Cali, the trip I had to cancel last minute on, so happy he thought of me :]  Such a great night.

Another FAILED Perm, Tea Time & another dinner at Din Tai Fung

They FUCKED up my perm last time. Yes. Perm. Embarrassing YES. But they fucked it up, so they should be embarrassed.

You know the bigger the boot…

The bigger the foot!

Tea Time @ Afternoon Tea in Sogo

Delicious Corn Chowder….

Duck Risotto with Poached Egg and Salad

Spicy Spaghetti with Grilled Prawns

Chicken Sandwich Salad [yes with buttery toast]

Tons of Espresso alllll for meeeee…

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Banana/Kiwi/Walnut Roll

Lemon Angel Cake

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake


… I went back for a nap…and to rest my poor twisted swollen ankle…… afterwards I met up with all my aunts and mama at Din Tai Fung for dinner…

Woodear Fungus with Goji

Dan Dan Noodles – mmmm Spicy and Peanuty

Meat Buns

All this food, ALLLLLL consumed by us ladies…

Xiao Long Bao <3 The loves of my life

I ended up in food coma with Mr. Piggie staring at me til I fell asleep…. icing my ankle

Old Glory BBQ does a Belly Good

I got into DC around noon the other Friday and after getting a bit of work done we headed into Georgetown for the new iPhone 5 and at FIRST we were gonna go to Bourbon Steak for a burger, but BBQ caught our eyes… and bellies.  Old Glory BBQ it was.

W immediately ordered us some Frickles, Crispy Fried Sweet Pickles, Dill Pickles and Jalapenos with Cilantro Ranch Dip

Call me Snooki and dig in.. I’ve wanted to try fried pickles for ages and these were positively divine. SOOOO addictive.  There were also some fried jalapeno slices yum yum.

W also ordered us some Deviled Eggs &Bacon , Brown Sugar Black Pepper Bacon, sweet and sour Mustard Eggs, Bread and Butter Pickles

I don’t eat deviled eggs too much but these were sooo tasty. I tried to be like W and eat the whole thing at once.  Hilarity ensued..once I could breath again haha.

W got the  Pulled Smoked Pork Sandwich,
Smoked for 12 hours till its “fallin'” off the bone, with their”Rub-a-dub-dub”, atop a Kaiser Roll.

.. with some Hand Cut Fries on the side.

And of course I get the OG Combo – St. Louis Ribs
Slow smoked Pork Ribs with “rub-a-dub-dub” & Memphis Sauce & Pulled Smoked Pork, Marinated & slow smoked ’till it’s falling off the bone! Along with Corn on the Cob and Collard Greens

Lunch is served!!!!

Tender, delicious and flavorful. YUM.  My ribs were a bit on the lean not-so-meaty side but the flavors were great.  The pulled pork was fatty and juicy, super tender… the corn was buttery but a bit cold but LOOOOVED the collard greens with pork chunks in it. YUMMMMMMMMMM!

Chophouse & Brewery at LAS

It’s time to leave.. after a nice huge filling breakfast, shopping and gambling, Kelly and I headed to the airport.

Where I had to wait 19 minutes just to check my bag in.  Apparently now you can only check in 4 hours prior. WTF. There was no one there. I hate you lady at Jetblue counter.  Who 19 minutes later acted like we never talked prior. GRR

Me being grumpy and deciding where else I should gooo

We finally got in and got thru security super fast.  Which is good cuz I was SUPER hangry and the last time we ate was breakfast…. We stopped by a store where I got Didi a cute shirt that says “What happens in the Park stays in the Park” hahahah…. and a shirt for me “Text me when you’re rich” ;D LOL… and then it was time to eat…

Dinner time!!! It was this or BK and we wanted real food, and wanted needed a beer.  Chophouse & Brewery it was…

Kelly loves her Ketchup

I love my beer

Colossal Onion Rings
Fried Onion Rings served with housemade BBQ Sauce

These were SO freaking good and it was SOOOO much onion!  So fresh.. and SOOO GOOD.. the bbq steak sauce was HEAVEN!!!… We smothered it on all our food.

YUMMMIESSS with my giant Pint of Blue Moon Beer

Kelly’s Turkey BLT er… Turkey CLUB and Mashed Potatoes

ChopHouse Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken, hickory smoked bacon, avocado, bleu cheese, fire roasted corn and tomatoes tosses with mixed greens and Citrus Vinaigrette

The dressing was a bit weird so I used to Onion Rings BBQ sauce and some tabasco to eat with my salad.  And instead of Avocado, they gave me wonton strips tho. UM…. not in the ingredients list but whatevz.  I asked for my avocado, I’m paying for that shit, so they gave me half of one YAY – and now that I think abut it I don’t think I had any cor either. DAMMMMITTT!!

“Do you like onions?” YES “Good there’s a lot of onions in it”

Oh gee, really?! In a french onion soup?

It was pretty delicious though :D

Onion Soup
Stewed Onions in a rich beef broth topped with Croutons and melted Gruyere cheese

And yes there was TONNNNNNNS of cooked down delicious onions in here YAY

After Kelly left, I enjoyed a nice glass of red wine at a pub near my gate for the next two hours and played Garfield Word Search.  Living the life.

Now that I’ve finished all my main eating posts, get ready for my main HUGE super long Vegas post!!! What what?!… snap snap ;D

Julia Child’s Kitchen + PS7’s

We food-lovers recently celebrated Julia Child’s Happy 100th!!.. She’s an inspiration to the food industry and puts a smile on everyone’s face…. so I was excited when W and I headed over to the National Museum of American History to see her kitchen

After a fun day at the museum and checking out other exhibits.. we were HANNNNNGRY!!!! So we headed over to PS7‘s [after a long time contemplating eating ice cream bars outside of the museum]… W’s old joint, to satisfy my burger craving – the last time I was here I got the hot dogs, but since I JUST ate some the other day, BURGER for me.

Spicy Popcorn <3

Addicted to these. We got refills while we waited for our food – I even ate it WITH my food.

Pull Apart Pork Sticky Buns 
sweet dough, pork confit, brown sugar spice glaze

THESE are soooo good.. it’s like eating meat for dessert. It’s sweet, savory, UGH AMAZING.  Not too sauced and nice bite of scallion on top was great. Crunch crunch. My love for all these stinky sorts of onions, I’d put more atop the buns.

W got his favorite, the  “Primanti Brothers” sandwich
a creative spin on the Pittsburgh favorite, with soppressata,  pepper slaw, fried egg, provolone and topped with French Fries

DELICIOUS!!!  W got it with double fried eggs. SOOO good..  I stole a few bites :D NOM. Everything inbetween two pieces of bread = perfection!

And I got the Chef’s Choice burger

house cured bacon, fried egg, gruyere and roasted tomatoes

All washed down with a few glasses of rose champagne. OMG it was soooo good. Burger cooked perfectly.. just had a bit of trouble with the buns… the bottom one got soggy and melted away…

It was messy but all of this went into my belly…

Julia Child’s AND a delicious burger? I love my life…

Hahaha bugaboooooo

Sorry I had to.

Nothing like a simple turkey sandwich from Sweet Thyme

I stopped by Sweet Thyme bakery in Lexington on the way back from Oral Surgeon #2 in the past year to check on my tongue freckle.  It has now grown to 3mm x 5mm and I’m probably gonna get a biopsy after another checkup in October.  It’s probably not a big deal but why not be 110% sure.  My tongue got a photoshoot and by the time it was done I was STARVING.  I called ahead of time so I could just pick it up since they make their sandwiches for you to order.

Their delicious freshly daily made whole wheat bread was like fluffy wonder bread, but healthier.  There was layers of lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, turkey, avocado and even a thin spread of mayo, which I didn’t mind like I usually do.

I gobbled it up so fast halfway home I was done and still hungry.  I had Iced Coffee as well which tasted like donuts! Haha…

Great lunch.  Sometimes simple is best!

Friday 5ive

I haven’t done one of these in awhile… and I was gonna put it on my personal/fashion… but then the first one was food related… hahahah

1. What’s your favorite sandwich?
I love Turkey & Apple Sammies with MUSTARD, Bahn Mi [the classic with headcheese, cold cuts and all that good stuff], Philly Cheesesteak & a classic PB & J…. but my FAVORITE SANDWICH EVER… is from Resto.

Tete de Cochon
I’ve had it two ways. Both both are amazing! Bobby Helen is a FUCKING genius!

1. Very Bahn Mi type…. my “Last Supper Sandwich”

Sriracha, Cilantro, Pickled Red Onion, Pickled Carrot, Charred Bread

2 The other Last Supper sandwich… at brunch

Pastrami Rub, Slaw, Jalapeno Sour Cream, Brioche

Oh his grilled cheese is BOMB too! And yes, filled with thick tasty bacon!

Vermont Cheddar, Gruyere, Bacon, Pork Belly, Greens

2. You have unlimited funds and unlimited space to make your dream abode. What and where is it, and what does it look like? Do you share it with anyone/anything?Travel all over the world with boyfriend :] Like, ALL over, first up is Greece… and then South Africa :] BUT EVERYWHERE!!! Eat, drink, travel <3 BEST LIFE!

3. If you made a movie, what would it be about and who would be in it?
Me, my adventures, growing up, eating, life :] My sucky past choices in relationships HAHAHA… I duno who’d play me tho.. that’s a toughie!!!

4. If you were to start a charity, what would it be for?
Abuse of children.

5. What’s your favorite music video? (Bonus points if you embed/link it.)

Cartman singing Lady GaGa <3

Dinner and some Movies… Ps7 + Japanese Fest

After a delicious, and relaxing, afternoon…. feels like I’ve been here forever already…. we started planning for dinner and a movie marathon with B.

We were originally going to meet up with B at Graffiato… [I had dreams of burrata and pizza while we rode in the taxi] but B got there first and said it was PACKEDDDDD.. so since we were on a schedule to see movies… we made a quick change of plans and headed to PS7 – another place W used to work at.

Settled in at the corner of the bar, nice and comfy, I had some bubbly, B got some beer.. and W.. kept getting really bad coke.. but it’s okay, he finally got a nice good glass LOL.

Talk. Drink. Order. EAT!!!

We totally didn’t order this, or at least I don’t remember ordering it, but they brought some over, weeeeeeee.. I definitely remember reading about them on the menu and having my tummy gurgle…

Pull Apart Pork Sticky Buns

Sweet Dough with Pork Confit and Brown Sugar Spice Glaze

SOOO FREAKING GOOD.. I could’ve eaten a TUB of them… they were like dessert with MEAT!!! Sweet, sticky and amazing.  Orgasmically so… I’d totally have them for a meaty, slightly savory, dessert. MMMMMMMMM, I love my piggie, this just totally one-upped the pork cupcakes – which was also amazing, but def not desserty like this.

Fried Cheesy Goodness..

I don’t remember exactly what they were called.. cheese spring rolls? Some sort of new take on mozz sticks? They were goat cheese and black outside?! I totally forget #lame… maybe cuz I didn’t have one – I SUCK. But it was goat cheese.. and I wasn’t in the mood for any LOL…

I did want to try the chicken & waffles…. but was afraid that I couldn’t finish.. good thing I didn’t order a ton of the yummy looking apps too, cuz my entree was HUGE. Lots of must-try’s tho next time I’m there.

OK, on to the entrees, funnily enough we all got SAMMYS.. well sorts of…

B got the OMFG Dip

porchetta, caramelized onions, gruyere, country bread, smoked jus

He let me have a bite. DELICIOUS jus…. crunchy chewy bread, AMMMMAAAZING innards.. MMM meaty and delicious. This was SOOOO GOOOD…. may get this next time I come :]

W got the “Primanti Brothers” Special
Apparently he ALWAYS gets this.. teehee

soppressata, fried egg, provolone, pepper slaw, french fries on fresh sourdough

THIS WAS SO GOOD. It’s basically everything and the kitchen sink… with shoe-string fries OMG… AMAZING… :]

And by W’s suggestion AND the waiter’s super thumbs up – he said he eats these ALL the time – I got HOT DOOOOOOOGS

The Peoples Half Smoke

house made half smoke, white veal chili, aged cheddar cheese, dijon mustard

THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY. I haven’t had a hot dog in awhile and have been craving….. so when W and the waiter suggested… OF COURSE I said YESSSSSSSS…. the Chili was SOOOO GOOD… I could eat a TUBS of this chili… OMG it was SOOOOO GOOOOOOD…. a hint of heat, super meaty and full of flavor… no wonder I passed out for a few minutes during the first movie during our marathon.. I smothered the spicy mustard on the yummy hot dogs OMG and INHALED!!! the bread was a bit thicker than my liking but still super tasty.

The movie theatre we went to actually sold alcohol.. and not only glasses of beer, wine and liquor  BUT… BOTTLES, yes FULL BOTTLES of wine.

Cashier: What wine would you like?

Hahaha also got TONS of candyyyyyy

This is what happened when you drink before and during a movie marathon in the middle of the night…

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Beautiful. Must watch again and then own. Made me crave sushi like BADDDD….

Next up was the midnight showing of THIS…  f*ck the Hunger Games, it’s all about Battle Royale. OG Bitches!

Brunner… at Ted’s Bulletin

After being sick all of Saturday and into Sunday…. only being able to hold a Peachie-O in my stomach for over 24 hours… just made me really really really hungry for some real food. W and I headed to Eastern Market late in the day – dumbest taxi driver ever, didn’t know where the hell he was going SIGH, met up with two of W’s good friends and we wandered around the flea market and then went to look for food. NEED. FOOD. We were all hangry :] #rawr After going to a couple of places, some with brunch, some without, some with wait, we ultimately went back to our first choice: Ted’s Bulletin – didn’t stop us from buying some Girl Scout cookies first tho :] YAYYY Thin Mints!!!

But YAYYYYY  Ted’s Bulletin serves breakfast ALLL DAYYYYYY!!!!!

Guess what this is?

I love this place. It’s like almost a cute sort of diner feel and they play old black and white shows and cartoons on the big screen TEEHEE. They have milkshakes, adult milkshakes and a pletttthora of yummy sounding food.

I had the perfect view of the teevee.. hahaha

BTW it was the front and back of the menu :D

I started off with a super spicy Bloody Mary… rimmed with sriracha and chili pepper flakes…

The waiter said no one ever licked off the rim before, so I did it. WOOHOO first person :D Sadly this wasn’t really spicy, it was good tho, but also tiny :[ I need my big spicy bloody marys hahaha….

[ the appetizers are not photographed]

W got the Soup O’ Day which was this yummy super creamy potato soup and J & S split a full Wedge salad [Baby iceberg, egg, tomato, onion, bacon, Maytag Blue cheese *Gorgonzola Blue dressing]- I wish I got a pic of it, it was like the UUBER Wedge… HUGE with tons of this delicious creamy blue cheese… tomatoes, eggs, it was amazing, it was like half of a head… yum!

So W was gonna get a burger and grits but after hearing S order his food, he switched to ribs as well… Ribs for the boys and breakfast for the girls!!!!

Bib Time for W :D Hahaha.. so cute

Whole Rack of Ribs w/ Fries & Coleslaw

Apple and Hickory Smoked Pork, Half Savannah Mustard Sauce, Half Kansas City Red & Cider BBQ

Both were DELICIOUS.. the ribs were SUPPPPER meaty and fatty and amazingly juicy.  Fall of the bone, melt in your mouth and just a few of these ribs totally knocked the boys out. I think they both only got thru like 4 or 5 of them….

S’s Ribs w/ Onion Rings & Coleslaw

Bib Time for S

And I got the T.U.B.S. (Ted’s Ultimate Breakfast Sammy)

Texas Toast, Fried Egg, Scrambled Egg, Sausage, Bacon, Cheddar – Served w/ Hash Browns

YEP! A huge breakfast platter all stuffed between yummy pieces of toast.  This was sooo good, not to mention perfectly crispy hash… LOVE IT. Not soggy at all and spread so thin that each piece got a nice crunch to it. HAPPY. I smothered my sandwich in hot sauce and it killed me after just HALF!  That’s a lot of breakfast in each bite. NOM.

I also got a homemade pop tart, they had a lot of different flavors, but how could I resist this one?! It’s got my name written all over it.  I’ve only had a homemade pop tart once before but this was just as tasty, def a different take on it then at Tremont 647 and def a lot more like a real pop tart. [Both were yum btw]

Bacon & Peanut Butter Pop Tart

I only had some tho… since I was soooo full.. and it got a bit cold since I waited til the end, I say eat it while it’s hot :]

We are all ready to grub!!!!!

Ok, so this weekend didn’t exactly got as planned…. food poisoning and being sick and basically staying in for most of the weekend.. BUTTTTTT…. a great start at Bourbon Steak and a great end :]  And, as always, a good time with W :]