Excess Flesh: a good look at the truth of eating disorders thru a crazy awesome movie

The first time I watched this movie I was just in for the horror and the gore… I had no idea it would hit me this much.  Being a recovered anorexic/bulimic I ended up being obsessed with this movie and looking up as many reviews as possible.  But yet, no one had the same perspective that I had on this movie… and no one interpreted it the same way I did.

Jennifer, a skinny sexy model who can eat whatever she wants and not gain weight, is best friends with Jill, a normal sized chick who ends who binging and purging or starving for days… they are roommates and it’s a messed up relationship.

Jennifer is extroverted and sleeps around a lot while Jill is introverted and prefers to stay at home all day, but is an extra agent cook.  While Jennifer gorges on junk food, Jill starves herself all day until the middle of the night – which leads to regret, chewing and spitting, or purging. 

The friendship is very vioiatle and it focuses on people chewing and eating a lot – which, is actually quite disgusting. 

To me, unaccording to other critics and receivers… I believe that Jill and Jennifer are the same person. Jennifer is Jill’s inner “hungry” girl… while Jill is Jennifer’s inner “fat” girl (although they definitely did not chose an overweight actress to play the part)

There are lots of weird forced food and eating moments during the movie. Jill even locked Jennifer up and she escapes but the cops don’t even act like they are two people, just one… therefore why I think they ARE one person.

In the end, after she’s supposedly “dead”, Jennifer shows up to a casting call and they even say something of the likes of “oh it’s her again”… which makes me even more sure that that Jennifer and Jill are the same person.

I duno. Thoughts?

Rosies Hot Buns – Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cookie

Thanks to my friend Jonathan I was asked to try some cookies that are now available to buy online. They were so sweet that since the first batch took me 22 days to get they auto sent another package next day ASAP!  Yes, from none other than the amazing Rosies Hot Buns.  And yes, they now sell cookies online!

YAY surprise – they come in a cute tube…

Can’t wait to see what’s inside

I’m like a kid at Christmas

Thanks Jonathan for thinking of me :]

Aren’t they the cutest packages???? Ugh, so creative!!!

Even Didi is curious, sorry baby, chocolate in it so none for you.

OMGAHHHHHH!!!! I can smell them already

They were fluffy and HUGE.  Just enough of a “crust” to satisfy.. I’m back and forth on skinny crusty hard cookies and big satisfying ones. This is a meal in itself.

Time to bite in… GRRR my mom stole some from me as well.. hahaha…

So yes definitely fluffy… you could chock full of pistachios and chocolate chips.  You could taste both and while I hoped for a bit more crunch to the pistachios – I’m huge on texture the flavors were amazing.  And like I said, amazing fresh, you could tell these were baked with love.

A tad on the sweet side for me, but I’m weird like that, plus nothing like eating with a cup of tea, coffee or some milk wouldn’t fix.  I would recommend them for a sweet tooth.  They’re huge so don’t feel bad if you eat the whole thing immediately.. or need to share it with a friend.

Want more cookie porn, check it out on their website here. I was a bit too distracted to EAT them than to take prettier pictures.

So hurry up and buy them here.

8 cookies for 16$
16 cookies for 30$
24 cookies for 44$
32 cookies for 48$

Delicious, you recieve them super fast and super fresh! DO IT NOW! For your oved one, including your own tummy!

Thanks Rosies for the cookies, I’ll be sending them and recommending them to all my friends :]  Can’t wait to see you put out more flavor options as well!!!!!

Palty Hair Dye Review: Self done two toned layered hair

NOT scene kid. Haahaha, but I’ve started the process of cool-ifying my hair. For asian hair, to NOT get the ugly orange color, use an Asian dye product. Easy. Simple.  I decided on Palty, a Japanese brand and I actually got a ton of different colors.. raspberry macaroon, maple doughnut [haha they have cute names] etc… but I ended up just going all out and using the flash blonde last nite.

I only did a third of my hair in a slanty way so half of my left side is golden and so I have the layering effect when I have my hair done.  I dig it, I ended up buying two more boxes to make it blonder… and then possibly dying it the raspberry or pink or purple in a few weeks.  The process is super easy, from mixing and waiting it was all in less than an hour.

I’ll have better pics when I do my hair later today.


I surprised my friend Randy (my foodie fanatic soulmate haha) with a customized ice cream from ecreamery.com :] I was gonna make a cool fig, honey, lavender (how me), etc… or some CRAZY concoction… but ended up with a classic, very “US” flavor.

Base: Premium (14% Cream Base)
Flavor: Chocolate Merlot
Flavor: Banana
Mix-in: Hickory Smoked Bacon
Mix-in: Peanut Butter Swirl

Review: via text
Omg our ice cream was so chocolatey bananay peanut buttery bacony.

The chocolate was sweet and had the right amount of cocoa flavor, with a good hint of banana.  Then you like bite into a chunk of peanut butter…oh soo smooth.

Then the final note is smokey honey hickory bacon… wow unbelievable… would it be bad if I already had two and a half pint? I have to thank you for such a wonderful experience.

It’s such an addicting taste… I had a bowl with a cigar last night, it was so unbelievable. 

You guys should def. check out the website, the mixins and flavors are awesome and so many to choose from!!! Rachel Ray likes it too (haha)

1o*14 Daily Munch

I started off the morning with my normal herbal jujube drink, vitamins, 1 tbs Chia Seeds (yummmm), gummy vites…. and then 1/2 a HUUUUUUGE juicy delicious amazing Pomelo on the drive to my doctor appointment.

I’m sitting here at Starbucks after my nose follow-up (haha I’ll explain later) eatinggg. CHOBANI!!!!! I’m w@h again since I had doctor stuff today…

Chobani Review #1: PEACH NON-FAT

I finally feel better, so I’m eating my CHOBANI!!!! It’s strange eating…. FLAVORED yogurt. This was a bit watery but it’s really quite tasty. It’s not as thick as I like my usual yogurt to be tho *pout* but since I had no cereal on me today (I left my baggie at home cuz I was in a rush to leave the house) I’m going thru it pretty fast. Eep!!! I hope it fills me up for awhile. But I’ll probably end up snacking on some dates I brought with me… or some asian pears :] ANYWAYS it’s quite TASTY!!! I’ll probably pick up a few of the peach ones to chow down on when I want something sweet & nutritious (and portable) :] Haha it’ll probably help me with my ice cream addiction!!!

I’m REALLY in the mood for shrimp tonite. I’m not sure what to make tho. I want to make a thick soupy gumbo/jambalaya type thing. Which is strange because I’m not a soup person usually, let alone a thick soup or stew. But I want to make something stew-like, spicy with my lentils, some yummy greens like kale or something and mix in some shrimp. YUMMMM, that sounds SOO good and comforty to me right now :] ANYWAYS, you know how I went full on cookie/granola binge last nite? Yeah.. I ended up not being able to sleep so I watched scary Japanese mini movies til 3 in the morning eating 60 hot tamales (I told you I have a counting problem, esp with candy haha)

OO OOO scandalous ;]

edit @ 226pm
Out of frustration (stupid Starbucks wireless) freaking T-mobile hotspot said I was ALREADY connected and I couldn’t sign IN. WTF!!! So I’m spending 3.99 (on top of my MONTHLY $1092380129481934423 charge from t-mobile hotspot, for at&t which was simple and quick and CHEAPER. I’m gonna get rid of my t-mobile hotspot account and sign up for at&t

In the past 1/2 hour of annoyance I ate 3 Dates :D

edit @ 434pm
I duno how any of you girls do it, eating A date for a snack or TWO…. I just ate 4 more in the past two hours :] I can’t stop nibbling… I’m such a snackaholic. I’m still at Starbucks, frozen solid, working :] I’m having so many issues with internet but hotspot is FINALLY working for again (thankfully) esp since my at&t timeblock got cut off and I had to refix my internet. LAME-O.