Sorry guys…

I have failed at blogging anymore. Expect a blog and/or vlog this weekend :D Planning, planning, planning.. planning an unplanned one.  Whenever I feel inspired, I guess.  I’ve just been busy with life… love ya’ll <3

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But I leave you with some BTS <3 Cuz who doesn’t love them? Haha…

Welcome to my JUNGLE

Normally I don’t write posts like this.  Or even the few posts that I have written…. things were easier when I just wrote about food and about how delicious or not so much, or disgusting they were.  But lately I just like writing about my life and how it’s been constantly changing and evolving…. forever changing.  And not so much in a good or bad or great way.  Just in a way, and the end result is just a constant surprise!

1. I like someone.
2. I’m starting to like someone.
3. I’m OVER someone. But that was a given fact and that was proven awhile ago.
4. I’m getting fat. But happy fat. I think. I’m happy and eat. Not so happy I’m getting fat, but the food makes me happier than me being not so happy that I’m getting fat.
5. I need to move.  To where? I’m not sure.  I currently have an opportunity and possibility of moving to Philly or back to Taiwan, or just get a place in Boston.
6. I need a new tattoo. CRAVE ONE. What I need is a tattoo cover-up. So I guess two. Two new tattoos.
7. I miss being in a relationship and being in love.
8. I love being single and free from a relationship.
9. I have a lot of food in my room in this room in Taiwan. HA!
10. I dropped my phone in the toilet and I couldn’t find rice, so I crushed up dried ramen and stuck it in there. It worked. Phone is  FINE, and smells delicious. Yes, the toilet was clean.
11. I’m hungry as FUCK.

I need food…..


xoxo, LOVE
Miss Tiffie

So welcome to the Jungle

Oh and, 12. I’m obsessed with the movie “How to Be Single”, I’ve watched it like over 20x…. in the past week.  Maybe more. Sad? Maybe. But the movie is SO true.  I think of back in the day watching Sex in the City. And now I’m fucking LIVING IT. Jeezus, Yeezus? HAHA I don’t even like Kanye, minus his music, I’m getting old.


UMMMMMM yeah. *wink*


I’ve been sooooooooooooooo busyyyy!!! I’ll update tomorrow I SWEAR I promise!!!

I’ve been sending out XMAS CARDS & Gifts (send me your addy by Wednesday, noon and I’ll send you one) And I’m leaving for Taiwan EARLLLLLLLLLLLLY Thursday (I’ll be updating there in my hotel!!!) I have to write up my self assessments and all that EARLY because I’m leaving before the due date (omg my FIRST yearly review EVER!)… I have to fill out my goals sheet.. AND prepare for a meeting on Wednesday I’m SO not ready for @_@ This amongst other things.

Also, I know this may sound poopie but I feel HUGE :[ And going to Taiwan makes me really self conscious since everyone is tiny there and the last time I was there I was basically a fat girl… *cough* Some lady actually said to me “Wow you’re SO “HEALTHY” looking, unlike me all slender and thin and I have such a great figure” AND my UNCLE said to me “Wow you’d be so much prettier if you were skinnier” YES, the FIRST thing he said to me. OK, I wasn’t even FAT. I was like… 125 or something… and I’m 5’7″… I mean it’s not like I wanna be 98lbs again…. but Taiwan makes me so self conscious :[ LAME-O I hate feeling this way.

OK enough whining. I’m eating chocolate covered rum-soaked figs, panforte & larabars while working my butt off and spending spending spending :] HEHEHEHE… I love buying ppl gifts and writing cards. I personalize everything so no boring “merry xmas happy new years” and generic gifts in bulk from me :]

BTW…My FAVORITE Larabar is now Peanut Butter Cookie!!!!!!… I’ve had them all before but now since I’m retasting them ALL instead of just buying my favs I’m gonna re-review them and re-rate them :]

Rating so far:

1. Peanut Butter Cookie: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! It TASTES and feels just LIKE a pb cookie!!!
2. Pecan Pie: This WAS my favorite :] So it’s #2 now cuz PB climbed to the top!!!
3. TIE: Ginger Snap & Banana Bread: MMM, I looove gingersnap cookies and banana bread, I can’t choose which one I loved more. I used to not like the gingersnap but this time around *drool* I was in heaven. Esp since I was CRAVING gingersnap cookies at the time.
4. Coconut Creme Pie: Delicioussssly coconutty and creamy :D I think I wish there was something more crunchy, chewy in it, it’s missing a bit of that texture for me to balance it out.
5. Cinnamon Roll: It’s good but not SUPER cinnamon rolly.

I’ll be moving things arouund and adding more comments as I eat more :D I had FOUR just TONITE!!!! :D

OK, now I’m just rambling. TALK TO YOU GUYS TMW!!!


ps. I’m a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher now!! :D YAY!

pps. I got ANOTHER Iron IV Session today :[ To give me extra booooost for my trip. I’m improving.. still not normal but getting there.. but now my WHITE BLOOD cell count has dropped @_@ Oy.

Lazy Little Pumpkin

It’s so nice and sunny outside I tried (note: TRIED) to go for a nice jog first thing in the morning (I’m w@h-ing so instead of the getting ready and driving to work time, I decided to run) … the result?


Ok, I ran a little bit but decided I was hungry and tired and lazy so I went home. Showered. Crawled into bed with my laptop and got to work. :D

Lazy Girl FTW! I’ll be back when I’m less lazy and less busy with work to upload pictures and blog :] Until then I’m raiding my kitchen and working away…………

I’m frazzled, I duno what to eat. I want PUMPKIN to celebrate halloween tho. PUMPKIN PUMPKIN PUMPKIN :D Pumpkin on waffles?… Pumpkin with Yogurt?… Pumpkin with Oats?… Pumpkin with my Hot Cereal?… NO PUMPKIN? (NO! Def need pumpkin)

… I’m still tired and delirious… coffee please!!!

(Pumpkin coffee??… HAHAHA)


ps. Other random craving: 파전 (Pajeon, aka Korean Pancake) & 김치 (Kimchi) :D

Attack of the Giant Peach

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Whole Foods this wkend was the HUGE locally grown organic peaches. I usually prefer WHITE peaches.. but man oh man were these big. Don’t look at the unmanicured nail, but just look at how big the peach is compared to my pointer.

Super heavy and dense too…..look at that… it even covers my fat hands :]

Mr. Piggie is getting CRUSHED….

Look at that, his face is smooshed… hehehe hmm I just noticed that one of his nostrils is bigger than the other.

Upon further (and closer) investigation, it can be concluded that he just has a CROOKED nose. ANd he needs a good washing.. look at the smudge on his face :[ I’m a bad mommy.

PEEKABOO. James & the Giant Peach Halloween Costume.

Peach Incognito.

I have too much time on my hands procrastinating skills….