Lunch & Tea Set from Aunt Stella’s

I woke up super late.. exhausted.. especially from being out all day… and night and it was close to dinner time so I knew I needed a quickie snack before hand before I passed out… soooooo….

Aunt Stella’s Handmade Cookies & Cakes

I usually come here just for their waffles and cookies with my coffee/tea but today I needed some savory with my sugary sweet :]

Auntie Stella…

So is this Uncle Stella? Mr. Auntie Stella? TEE HEE…

We both got the Daily Set A which is Entree, Soup or Salad, Drink + Dessert! Perfection!

We waited… sipping on our waer glass.. and then the delicious piping hot bread came…

Smiles all around…

Oops wait, not that one ;] Besides puppy says “I’m NOT Bread!!!” But this is:

Scallion Bread

Crispy crunchy skin with delicious herbs and scallions sprinkled thru-out the innards of the fluffy white bread. OMG YUM!

Creamy Vegetable ChowderCreamy, light chowder with chunks of different garden vegetables and potatoes. YUM!

Garden Salad

Fresh and yummy with a light vinaigrette

燒烤風味牛肉佐南瓜燉飯/Pumpkin Risotto with Beef

Delicious creamy risotto… tender delicious beef and yummy steamed asparagus with a nice drizzle of delicious sauce over it.  Chunks of pumpkin in the yummy orange rice… which was a lot lighter than regular risotto I get in the States, uuber yummy!

凱薩沙拉 烤雞腿/Caesar Salad w/ Roasted Chicken 

Fresh romaine and other greens… crunchy yummy croutons, a nice boiled egg, a sprinkle of parm and roasted dark meat chicken [with skin] – honestly it’s SO rare to eat white meat/chicken breast here in Taiwan lol, Asians love their juicy fatty dark meat – and chicken skin :] TEE HEE.

Super Anchovy Caesar Dressing

Love caesar dressing, love anchovies but all together this was too overpoweringly fishy for me!

Dessert Time…

詩特莉有機咖啡/Stella’s Organic Coffee

咖啡榛果捲/Coffee Roll Cake

Dense with coffee cream and a firm hazelnut spread.  The outter cream had a chocolate nib and coffee sauce drizzled over it.  The cake was way too dense for our liking and tasted a bit like it’s been in the fridge a little too long… so we just ate the cream :] But then after my choice of the pomelo cake, anything wouldn’t taste as good :]

柚子優格捲/Pomelo Roll Cake
SOOOO delicious! This was my very favorite.. one of the tastiest fluffiest creamy cakes I’ve had in awhile :] Full of yummy pomelo flavor. Oh so light. SO different from the coffee cake roll… fluff fluff mmmmm I could eat a whole roll of this <3

nutty surprises!!!!

Dinner last nite was growing and growing….

I started off with a huge bowl of kale, chopped beets & bamboo…

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I’ll catch up on posting my latest recipes, but life has been a blur or business @_@

I still owe you guys the rest of my Taiwan posts, Chinese New Years posts… and pictures off of my regular digicam. That’s my problem, getting them off… so much easier when I just take photos on my iphone… haha

I’ll (RE)start off with yesterday’s eats.

Brunch of Fruits
1/2 Pomelo, Blackberries, Pear

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Picture Overload… Thurs, Fri & Sat

Lately there’s been a burst of Vitamix on the foodie scene. I’m positively drooling over pics of fresh hummus, ice creams, sorbets and smoothies (I’m not even a smoothie person) BUT I am a HUUUUGE FRUITIE (I’m so clever with words haha) & ICE CREAM person so the thought of ice creams and sorbets just gets me giddy. EEEEE… I want one I want one I want one!!!! OH the possibilities…..

Daily Vitamins;

White Tea & Fruits

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Leapin’ Lemurs

First off, this cereal is soooo addictively amazing!!! It’s like dessert :D

I eat it with Chocolate Hempmilk!!!! It’s BETTER than some desserts :D

I stopped eating pomelos for awhile but then randomly it’s all I crave…

And for dinner I wanted to make Kath‘s Squash Kale soup again :] Once again I made some variations….

 THIS THING WAS HUGE!!! I was gonna originally make it with butternut, pumpkin, carrots & celery but this thing was so big I nixed the pumpkin. Pumpkin soup next time :] I used Pacific Low Sodium Veggie Broth!!!

I also added a Gala apple (skinless)

After I mashed it all up with my  little mixer upper, I added in a chopped Honeycrisp and TONS of Kale (two bunnches!!!) cut into bitesized pieces!!!

I tore up some turkey breast from Thanksgiving in the fridge and topped off my soup with it (and extra hot pepper flakes sprinkles of course)

It was so good I went for bowl #2

The last YUMMMMMY bite, SOO full!!! Mommy + Daddy were proud I had so much meat :]

I watched this Taiwan movie (I’ve tried watching like 10 in the past few months thru Netflix and I only made it thru ONE that I could stand.. no offense, but I think the movies are dumb) but this one was decent. It was a scary movie…. The Heirloom… Watch it! The main actor is kinda lame tho and bad and def. not from Taiwan with that accent.

I ate 7, yes SEVEN dried persimmons… SOOO GOOD!!! But I wanted more, but *control* I really wanna munch on some strawberries (the fruit snack like ones) or kiwis… GAHHHH*

Playing Catch Up

Before I begin… first today’s :D

I had a pomelo for brunch…. it’s boring so i decided NOT to post it since this post’ll be photo heavy catching up on the highlights of the past few days I’ve missed…


It says: “Ok so its not your birthday… how about happy un birthday???” hahaha too cute!!!

SURPRISE PACKAGE!!!! Thanks you ;]

Dinner was a quick salad and tea @ met Bar

My favorite Shanghai Chop Chop.. EVERYTIME I get it here it comes out looking different than the last. Different bowls, different things in it, hahaha always keeps me guessing.. but the meats get fresher and fresher….. the pork and chicken used to be tiny and dry but a LOT now it’s just a few pieces but big and fresh and juicy!!!

I decided to save dessert for some yummies at home…

Dried Persimmon – SOOO GOOD and chewy… I loved the skin!!! And the soft innards…

Dried Strawberries – these literally tasted like chewy fruit snacks gummies!!!

Dried Kiwis – SOOO much better than Russo’s.. a lot less sweet and more natural tasting :] (and coloring haha)



Sour Watermelon, Blueberry and Peach Rings :] (I def. had a LOT more than shown… haha and I’m eating them right now!!! :P) Silly “Fakie O’s”


RE-CAP of the Past Week.. best of the best…

Top of the Hub

I’ve never been here for lunch before but I’ve always wanted to… that and the brunch :D Still gotta try it… It’s got a gorgeous view of Boston so it’s a must-go if you’re visiting :]

I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures of everyone else’s food. They all got prix fixe’s… Short Ribs… Salmon… and Scallops…

My seafood salad with a saffron vinaigrette. SOOO good!!! They put the dressing on even tho I told them to give it to me on the side (WHICH they did… but… I don’t get why they put it all over my salad already then?!) Thankfully it wasn’t a thick creamy overload.. but I still would’ve preferred it with a lot less…

My friend and her mom (who visited from Cali) and that’s her scallops!! :]

My mommy and her mommy have been friends for a SUPER long time…. (btw that’s her mom’s salmon!!!)

I didn’t get a pic of my mommy’s short ribs :[ Boo! But it was tender and tasty (but didn’t look too appetizing, brown blob haha)

Me (w/ fat head syndrome haha) + my lovely Angela!!! :] We’ve been friends since we were in our mommy’s tummies. We were supposed to be born around the same time, but I was out a month early and she was out like 2 weeks late.

Angela’s Creme Brulee

My mommy’s Gingerbread Tiramisu (she gave it to me) she said my pumpkin gingersnap tiramisu was better haha so she only had a bite.

Berries Oatmeal.. (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries)

Artichoke Hearts Salad

Kale, Egg Whites, Beets, Tofu Ru (Black Pepper + Hot Pepper Flakes)

Figgy Pear Almond Oatmeal w/ Raspberries

I’ve been eating a TON of pomelo lately :]

I made stuffed artichokes Sunday for my parents but I felt really sick so I didn’t make one for myself so I had this the next day for lunch :D

Saturday Night I made Steamed Chilean Sea Bass… I individually packaged each serving with Basil, Arugula, Tomatoes, Shallots and other secret ingredients :] On the side I roasted Acorn Squash, Brussel Sprouts and Orange Cauliflower with cinnamon + maple and a touch of truffle :]



He had his with a nice glass of red wine:


I didn’t make enough roasted veggies so I just steamed the rest of the cauliflower and brussel sprouts :] Also note the TON of hot pepper flakes and extra black pepper on my fish. I’m a fiend!


Building the best oats combo ever..

Almond, Blackberries, Pears, Figs

Tons of my favorite Plain Wildwood Soyogurt

Top with pear, figs and blackberries

Drizzle with melted lavender honey..

My bowls of oatmeal are becoming ridiculously LARGE!!! See how deep it goes…


OK OK!!! I promise to go back to normal again :] I missed you all but I never stopped reading!!! Just been super duper busy!!! XOXO

Bad Service, Top Chef Talk and lottttttsa chocolate

First off…  anyone else watching Top Chef, Season 5 — Is it me or is this season seeming kinda…. lacking in talent?! I know it’s only been 2 episodes but there are so many…. sucky people on it @_@ Esp. the last episode I was SO disappointed in what they presented as food. I wish they cut Ariane instead of Patrick in the first episode. She just SUCKS. She should’ve left this week too… I mean seriously.. at least I’m glad Jill left.. now to get rid of Ariane, Josea… Gene… blah. I don’t like them really. I’m rooting for the Europeans :] Fabio’s awesome. Carla & Radhika seem cool too :] ANNND.. Jeff looks like Jesse Spencer from House :D HAHAHA… But the Europeans are the only ones that really stand out from the bunch… but then it IS only the beginning.. I reallllly hope this season doesn’t disappoint!!! 

I’m OBSESSED with Top Chef so expect rantings and ravings for the weeks to come :] OH and anyone else “surprised” that McKey won ANTM? *rolls eyes* it was expected.. altho when it came down to the final three I really like Analeigh :] SO CUTE. McKey’s win was sooo predictable from the beginning, she’s very fashion model-esque.. so *shrug* I really wanted Sheena to win *go asians* but alas :[ I also thought it was the worst final 3 ever!!! Samantha? She took nice pictures but in person she was too goofy and on the runway, no offense, she seemed too shlumpy. Eh. Maybe next season we’ll have more hot asians :] … OH and anyone else thought that Isis would’ve gone further? I expected Marjorie to win over Samantha @_@ UUBER LAME. OK OK, enough complaining and onto foods…

Last nite I was STARVING so I ate 5 dates before bed…

This morning/afternoon I had the last bowl of Barley, Chinese Green Beans & Jujubes…

And then I had ANOTHER Iron IV Session…


I was invited to a VIP event @ Sony Store.. it was a Private Sale so I ended up @ Copley for dinner.

Turner’s Fisheries

USUALLY I’m SOOOOOOO impressed with this place but I was SORELY disappointed today.. not cuz of the food (cuz it was amazing as always, altho a LOT smaller than I remember) but the service was HORRIBLE. Our waiter came by three times total and then TOTALLY forgot about us after giving us our food.

Bread & Buttttttahhhhhhh ♥


Clam Bake

It was good but the dinkiest “clam bake” EVER!!!! The “corn and potatoes” were just some small kernals and halves on the bottom of this. 3 mussels and like 3 clams?!?!? DOOD, its like a pre-snack snack for a fatty like me. @_@

Dinner Date’s Sea Bass

Dessert Menu

BUT like I said, service sucked.. so we skipped dessert. (I was gonna get the fig tart & sweet potato creme brulee too!!) The MANAGER offered complimentary dessert but I was pissed. We waited for SUCH a long time and got nothing (seriously it took us like half an hour of trying to wave ANYONE down just to get more hot water and a dessert menu.. and then another 20 minutes or so just to get ANYONES attention.. I was fed up and didn’t wanna be there anymore.. and refused dessert) so she ONLY took off the TEA on the bill and gave us a mopey apologetic pout. WTFREAK!!!! LAME. So not going back again.

If you go and you get the fat guy waiter with the accent, beware being ignored the WHOLE time.

So being full was epic fail.. I should’ve picked The Palm instead and gotten an iron-loaded steak.

(at least I got cool stuff @ Sony, including this FREE gift bag!!!!)

w/ cool stuffs INCLUDING a John Mayer Blu-Ray!!! Here’s some of the free stuff I got…

Check out all the chocolate covered fruits I bought today

I had half a pomelo and some chocolate covered orange slices, peaches and apricots (SOOO GOOD!!!! A NEW FAV) while watching An American Crime @_@ So disturbing, but this one was scarier and more graphic.

BROWNIE!!! SO fresh & soft :]

Kashi GoLEAN Crunchy Bar!! SOOOOO GOOD :]

And then a Yoga Cookie :]


Sorry this was a quickie post :] It’s late and I wanna readdddddddd some before bed :] NITE* And BSI recipe tomorrow!!!

Catching up and Biting Heads

SORRY I’VE BEEN MIA.. this week has been hectic!!!! But I need to announce THREE things first.

FIRST of all :] Don’t forget to go to GroundedFitness’ giveaway!!!! It’s an awesome mixed goodies package from Nature’s Path!! EEEE *crosses fingers*

SECOND of all…. I got the package from GroundedFitness’ LAST giveaway and got my YOGA COOKIES from Patti Page today :D I seriously couldn’t believe that I won cuz I NEVER win these things.. I was UUUUBER excited and took sooo many pictures hahahah.

It was so hard to pick which one to eat first but I couldn’t just let them go to waste…

You should SOOOOOOOOOOO go buy some, they’re SOOOO GOOD and SUPPPPPPPPPPPPER cute!!!

THIRD, I got an award from my lovable Coco!!!! :D I’m so excited!!! :] I looooooooove the foodie community and this makes me feel like I’m slowly becoming apart of it now :]

The Super Scribbler Award:


Here are the rules that come along with this great award:
1. Post the award on your blog
2. Link to me for giving it to you
3. Link the originating post here
4. Pass it on to five deserving people
5. Post these rules for your recipients

I would like to pass this award to these amaaaaaaaaaazing chickies :D OMG it was so hard to choose I’m addicted to so many amazing blogs!!!
– Front Studio Ladies of LUNCH
– Madison of Follow My Weigh
– Erica of Sweet Eats
– Erin & Andrea of Care To Eat
Gliding Calm

Monday, 11/17 —

So after my Soulmate Oatmeal I wanted something refreshing and I waited awhile for dinner so I had a guava!!!

I chugged as much water as possible the whole day… I’ve been feeling UUBER bloated lately :[ & constantly dehydrated…

Dinner was very GREEN!!!

Beef w/ Leeks

Chinese Chives!!! (my FAV!! I ate ALL of this myself!!)

The other two dishes were tofu basil & white asparagus and just sauteed garlic spinach!!!

My lovely chinese chives:

(see I love everything with hot pepper flakes and/or cayenne!!!)

I had a few bowls of carrot & super healthy aka Chinese Yam

I looooooooooooooooooooooove carrots & :D

MY daddy brought back THREE cookies for me from his seminar today :] Lucky little me!!! They were super fresh and deliciously yummie and chewy!!! MMM I love fresh baked goodness. I also watched Kung Fu Panda!!! :] I’m like PO!!! MMM Dumplings!!!

I still felt munchy so I had a super old Rice Krispy Treat, it was a little stale :[ But I’m a fatty and ate it anyways…

And then I finished up my two jars……. yea… scraped them clean @_@ Remember, I’m a fatty ;]

Tuesday, 11/18 —

I was SOO excited about this GREEN POMELO cuz at Russo’s they called it a RUBY POMELO. It was the same inside as my regular ones except it was SMALLER and less sweet.. WTF!! BOOOO!!!

I was sad but the guava made me happy again :]

For dinner I HADDDDDDDDDDDD to make my Fig Oatmeal again….

My Lavender Honey before I melt it…

This SOOOOOOOOOOO is food p0rn ;]

Oooey gooey yumminess…

My mom even stole a few spoonfuls!!

See my big big deep bowl!!!

At night I had…

More diced Pomelo…

And 2 Dates!!!

I also ended up eating fat neon brite crawlers in bed watching Food Network hahahah…

Wednesday, 11/19 —

I had some freshly made barley, chinese green beans & jujubes for breakfast

It was super yummy, as usual, so I had another bowl!!!

I had my SECOND Iron IV session. They took a few tubes of blood first and then told me that I was improving. My blood volume went from 24% to 27%. The doctor also asked me if I ate. I thought that was funny.

My drip bag!!!

Tube in….

My fat arm…

This called for a YUMMIE nutritious and super filling (fiberific) salad from WF!!

It was brimming and super heavy. The WF here is SO much better than the one near me. PLUS I love their salad bar more.
Corn, Hericots Verts, Beets, Cucumbers, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame, Green Peas, Mixed Greens, Spinach!!!

I ate there (I love their little tables) and had some yummie green/black/white tea blened.


I came home to surprise cookies from mommy from Sel De La Terre!!
Chocolate Chip and two Coconut Sables…

And I finished off my gingerlicious Indigo Rabbit cookies…

They were sold to me expired :[ LAME. I didn’t realize this til after… But they were still soft and fluffy!!!

Later I had a bowl of cherries :]

Some dried pomelo…

And some dried DICED pomelo…

And then it got messy. I had a pack of dried mango.. two little boxes of chocolate and vanilla animal crackers, some taro chips and then like a WHOLE tub of lightly salted peanuts. @_@ OMG. Binge much?!?! I duno what came over me.

Thursday, 11/20 —

I woke up this morning terrified to get on the scale… but phew, I lost some bloat from the past week, back down to 106… I still feel uuber pudgey tho. I haven’t been under 105/106 in like two months :[

I had a mango for… “brunch” cuz my stomach was upset from all the junk last nite.

And later after work I took some fresh air :] Got a nice big venti Americano from Starbucks (w/ cinnamon and nutmeg)

Got some free fudge – PB/Choc and a Praline at a quick stop @ Costco (and I got some books and WALL-E!!!)

All I wanted for dinner was OATMEAL!!!

1/2c Oats
1 1/4c Water
1 Package of Blueberries
1 Honeycrisp Apple
2 tbs WheatGerm
1 tbs Flax
1/4c Wheatberries
Tahitian Vanilla
TONS of cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg

And the remaining HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE amount of my Soyogurt, it’s okay tho because yesterday when I went to the only WF that carries my fav brand of soy yogurt (Wildwood) to get dinner I bought another tub!!!

Look at those chunks of apple and blueberries, SOO freaking good!!!


My last Sel De La Terre Cookie that my mommy surprised me with yesterday :D

Doesn’t he look SUPER ZEN?!?!

So happy, blissfully awaiting his sacrification :D (yes I just made that word up)

I like to eat my cookies head first :]

IVs & Buddha’s Hands…

I had a nice big bowl of barley w/ Logans & 綠豆 

I also added a tbs of flaxseed

I loved how thick and nutty it made it.

My first IV session was at 1pm. And it lasted til about 330pm. @_@ Too crazy.

I have to bruised arms now, but it was good, I ended up reading half of twilight.

My drip and my view.

I came home, STARVED, and scarfed down a guava while watching Ugly Betty episodes.

Dinner was amazing and super iron heavy!!!

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (牛肉麵)!!! I’ve seriously never had any better than what my mom makes… when I lived outside of home I had TUBS and TUBS of this frozen to make whenever I wanted some….

Delicious oxtail, nutritious and filling!!! See, I told you.. iron-heavy… BEEF & SPINACH!!! I don’t remember the last time I had beef…

I had a ton of seamed clams too…

And a bowl of clams in clam soup :]

That night I went to B&N, and made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for Gummy Tummies Penguins & Pumpkin Butter…

I came out with these:

Mango Black Tea, 5 bags of Gummy Tummies, Dried Unsulfured Apricots, Regular Dried Apricots, Dried Mangos, Dried Dragonfruit, Organic Pops & PUMPKIN BUTTER!!!

B&N yielded:

Happiest about: Influence & KUNG FU PANDA!!!

Dried Dragonfruit…. Fresh Dragonfruit…

It was really good… the seeds felt like popping chia or sesame seeds…

And then I had a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE dried fruits binge fest…

(with some good wine of course)

& a few of these:


I woke up super tired and super late so I made a HUUUUUUGE pot of oatmeal to go… I didn’t realize how much it was until my mom was like “whoaaaa, you’re gonna EAT ALL THAT????” For the record, I did. 

1/2c Oats
1 Medium Banana
1 package of Blackberries
1/2c Pumpkin
1/4c Wheatberries
1 tbs Flaxseed
Mexican Vanilla
A good 3-4 BIGGGGG HUUUUGE BLOBS of Soyogurt!!!

Delicious chunks of Banana and Blackberries oozed deliciously with my yogurt.

Buddha’s Hand

I needed one, so I got one :]

Dinner was inspired by this week’s BSI :]

Miss Sweet Potato Head!!!

Veggie Sweet Potato “Lasagna”, 5-Spice Tofu w/ Onions & Hericots Verts & Steamed Brussel Sprouts.

Look at my awesome HUUUUGE bag of spinach

& some beautiful fresh veggies…

Anyways… my mom was surprised I could make a more “chinese dish” pshhh

My 1st piece (I had two) and my wine

Simple, quick and easy.

I ended the night watching Deception eating half a pomelo

Drinking some more good wine…

& some FAT worms!!

(& some unpictured Apple O’s and Gummy Tummies…) 

OK! After tonite I’m back to NO CANDY again!!! Too much *sugar*

Last Nite & DOH’s new posters

I feel HORRIBLE right now and have absolutely NO appetite. I’m in bed and my stomach feels all grumbly from all my veggies from last nite. But what an amazing salad it was!!!!

I admit I was a little hungry still afterwards and I was too lazy to cook my wheatberries (i’m out of pre-cooked ones) to add to it… but then I breathed in and out, took a shower and my dinner finally caught up with me and I was happy and satified!!!

Close up of my veggie yumminess….

Spinach, zucchini, corn, peas, beets, celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes… hericot verts.. I was sad there were no mushrooms :[

Making some beets so I can snack on them this weekend….

At the Whole Foods I also picked up some mini bags of chips at the salad bar… carrot ones, taro ones and pumpkin ones :] I also got some carrots, fresh basil (I eat it like spinach), a sweet dumpling squash, a tiny tiny acorn squash (too cute not to), annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd…..

PB!!!! Cinnamon Raisin & Heat is On…. I couldn’t find Bee’s Knees or Mighty Maple :[ Just the chocolate ones… the plain ones and these… BUT I have to return the spicy one because it’s freaking… 5 months PAST expiration date :P WTF!!!!

I came home to this at my garage:

My long awaited package from Bob’s Red Mill!!!!!!

Rolled Triticale, Rye Flakes, Rolled Barley, Peppy Kernels (okay part of the reason I bought this WAS the name.. but it’s got Rolled Oats, Rolled Wheat, Cracked Wheat, Sesame Seeds, Hulled Millet and Wheat Bran in it!!!), Kamut Berries, Spelt Berries (I hope I like them as much as my wheat berries!!!)

Pack of 4 of my thick rolled oats *LOVE*

I was super duper sore so I, stupidly, took 3 Tylenol PMs. I didn’t feel anything for the longest time and then it hit me mid-movie (I watched The Unborn) and it was like I was on drugs the rest of the night.

I had a large juicy super sweet mango!!! While Dior had her apple :]

(weird iPhone pic again. hahah I’m really starting to enjoy getting these)

3 pieces of dried pomelo!!!

It was a blur but I remember munching on a bag of Peachy O’s and the rest of my 85% dark chocolate.

I got a DORA card in the mail today from an awesome friend of mine = Happy Tiffie :D


(I like to freeze or put my chocolates in the fridge so they’re hard and take awhile to eat…!!!)


Check out these new posters from NYC’s DOH!!!

(You can click the posters to open them up larger!!!)

Read Article here