The Spotted Pig

So ya’ll know about the book… WHICH IS AMAZING, I got it as soon as it got out. GET IT.

Now let’s talk about her food.. it was a beautiful Saturday so after walking all the way from the edge of FiDi…. all the way to almost Times Sq..

First by the waters… and then we decided to walk on the HighLine since I’ve never been…. We walked all the way to the end… and then went down to Gastro Market for a few beers. Ahhh beergardens.

I don’t remember what they were except they were in caskets and red ales.

We ended up walking to the The Spotted Pig RIGHT before the big dinner rush. Phew. Last two seats at the bar. Booyeah!

I was surprised at how little pork items were actually ON the menu. Come on.. Spotted Pig? We need a full on all out pigged out menu….

Pork Rillette with Pickles & Mustard

What could go wrong with pork topped off with lardo?!.. You don’t even need the grainy mustard on the side….. just a huge scoop of the lardo and pork from the rillette on top of the perfectly grilled crostini… toasty fresh… and you’re good.  The pickled gherkins and pearl onions were a nice touch…

Crispy Pig’s Ear Salad with Lemon Caper Dressing

This was the first thing I saw on the menu and I KNEW I had to get it.  I was surprised that it was a whole pig’s ear… unless it’s connected to the head still, I’m used to eating it cut into thin strips.  The pig’s ear was crispy, not greasy at all, and paired lovely with the refreshing salad of mixed greens, endive and italian parsley underneath.

Grilled Skirt Steak with Roasted Beets & Horseradish Cream

J shared this with me. AMAZING horseradish butter and simple braised beets and beet greens. Delicious. We weren’t asked how we wanted it to be cooked but it was cooked to a beautiful medium rare, on the rare side. YUM. Buttery meat.

Prosciutto & Ricotta Tart with Marjoram

This was an appetizer but I got it as my main to share with J.  A flakey crisp tart topped with prosciutto, risotto, greens and shavings of parm. DELICIOUS.

And of course, a very much needed – and always necessary side dish

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

These literally melted in your mouth.  Most definitely NOT good for you but sooooo delicious.

I kinda wish we got the burger as well, it’s supposed to be awesome and I saw a TON of people order it.

Afterwards we ended up at Proletariat for beers….. and PRETZEL BREAD

The stout cheese dip was meh….. it was all about the curry mustard sauce!!!!

Met up with a few friends and ended up at Dive Bar Lucy’s..

Great times.

Out of the Brunch Funk thanks to Resto

If restaurants were people I’d be having a steamy love affair with Resto. It’s the ONLY restaurant in NYC that I’ve been back to over and over and over and over and over and over and over again [yeah I’m losing count] and has NEVER let me down – EVER!!!! How many guys in the world can you find like that? Slim to none.

I think Chef Bobby is :] I’d just like to forever live in a box in his kitchen – he could throw me the leftover scraps and I’d probably be in fatty heaven for the rest of my life. Hey, a girl can dream right?

So I haven’t been here in awhile… since I left the city back in November. I’d been gushing about it to Z for ages and so finally we came here for a good brunch. We’ve been having a lot of brunch fails, if you haven’t noticed… over and over and over and over….. well it’s depressing TO count. But I knew that Resto was gonna be a sure thing, a sure bet.  Plus, I hadn’t seen Chef Bobby in so long, I feel like I’ve been cheating on him with bad food.

And it was like I had never left. We were instantly greeted at the front door, seated and got two glasses of Cava poured for us :] Compliments of the Chef <3

Special of the Day:

To start we had: One Mimosa, One Salty Dog

I had to get Z to try everything, so we ordered… even a thing off the Brunch menu :] More on that when it comes….

We were surprised with some complimentary chocolate beignets. Now Resto’s beignets are FREAKING AMAZING. But CHOCOLATE ones?!…. NOTHING could wipe this smile off my face after these..

Chocolate Beignets and Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Thick Bacon

YOu have not had THICK bacon until you’ve had Resto’s bacon. Z didn’t even expect such thick bacon [this is why I get depressed at brunch when my bacon comes back thin and flimsy aka Masa bacon] THICK, succulent and juicy. Now THIS is real bacon.

Boudin Noir

Toast, Butter

After a depressing blood pudding at Telepan I needed some good blood sausage, so why not here?! They never fail me…. and boy was it good :D

Look at that beautiful chunky spread

Dutch Baby

Powered Sugar, Lemon

So fluffy.. like a fluffy crepe… thinner than a pancake, thicker than a crepe. So happy. Just a little simplicity goes a long way…. so light I don’t even feel guilty considering how much carbs and fat I’d be ingesting this entire meal hahahaha…. IN FACT, this is probably the lightest thing we ordered.. lol

Then came our off-menu brunch item. I HAD to let Z taste it and I HAD to have it again. *swoon*

Tete de Cochon

Pastrami Rub, Slaw, Jalapeno Sour Cream, Brioche

Isn’t it pure gorgeousness? It tasted even better than it looks too… it might not be the same Last Supper Sandwich [which was more “Bahn Mi” type] I had last time [Chef Bobby has changed it since, keeping me on my toes hahaha] but it is still SOOOOOOOO freaking DELICIOUS!!! Buttery bread, everything just melds together and melts in your mouth… feels soooooo happy going down your throat into your tummy. The ULTIMATE meal – can you believe this is considered an app?! Can I just down two of these and call it a day?! *sigh* So happy.. I daydream about this sandwich ALL. THE. TIME.

And then another one of my favorites:

Pig’s Ear Salad

Spinach, Sliced Egg, Oyster Mushrooms, Charred Scallion Vinaigrette

The perfect balance of crisp fried piggie ears, refreshing salad of spinach and mushrooms and the neutral egg. I could, literally, eat a bag of these pig ears like pork rinds from the gas station. Yes please. Who needs popcorn at the movies when you have fried pig ears? Ahhh LOVES. It’s SO awesome to see a different take on pig’s ears instead of the usual thinly sliced cold dishes from chinese restaurants [which I love, but come on, I love it when non-Asian food uses “sketch” parts :D]

Then came the most amazing grilled cheese EVER.

Grilled Cheese

Vermont Cheddar, Gruyere, Bacon, Pork Belly, Greens

Now, I’m a purest, usually I won’t acknowledge a grilled cheese as BEING a grilled cheese with anything in it BUT cheese.. but this, changes EVERYTHING.  Even at the Guy Fieri Beach Afterparty, I still preferred the OG JUST CHEESE grilled cheese over the one with fatty pork…. but this, OH this… is a gift from above.

Look at that delicious cheesy gooeiness…

Gooey, cheesy, salty, creamy, the crunch of the bread and the butteriness of it, and then you have the chewy bacon and fatty pork inside. OH MY LORDY. Full beyond belief but I still gobbled my half down asap.

Boudin Noir Frittata

Boudin Noir, Spring Onion, Arugula

This was fresh, fluffy and delicious. The boudin noir was plentiful and chock full of delicious fresh spring onions [scallions] which played beautifully with the bitter crunch of the arugula. Unfortunately this was like the only thing we didn’t finish cuz we were SOOOO fulllllllll *stuffed* I mean did you see everything we just ate? We ate all the boudin and like half of the eggs…. I was picking at the arugula, I love my greens :D

Toast to go with my Frittata

Crispity crunchity toast with some butter and salt :D Z had some, I had a nibble hehehe….

SO since we ended up drinking a few glasses of the Framboise Mimosa [altho thanks to recommendations by our awesome waiter] which was AMAZING so we got to talking about it with our AWESOME waiter. He suggested this beer, and they gave us a bottle, on the house, awesome – it was sour but really tasty.

Liege Waffles

Salted Caramel Sauce, Salted Caramel Ice Cream

We were just gonna get the normal liege waffles, but thanks to our most EXCELLENT waiter, he suggested the one with SALTED caramel NOT on the menu ;D winkity wink wink. THIS. WAS. AMAZING. Fresh warm waffles nestling delicious salty caramel sauce and a soft ice cream….. death by salted caramel. I am SUCH a waffles girl, you have no idea. Screw pancakes and french toast. WAFFLES FTW!!!

Warm Gingerbread Cake

Caramel Apple Compote, Vanilla Gelato, Whipped Cream

Warm, gingerbread-y…. so delicious. The apple compote was a nice touch :D NOM! It wasn’t sweet at all – I hate overly sweet gingerbread, this was amazing [per usual to anything you get from Resto]

Ok. SO, I may be a bit biased since I adore this place and the chef so much. It’s so homey feeling and the people are absolutely GREAT. Whether or not I’ve met them before, seen them before, talked with them before or it’s the first time, they always are the sweetest friendliest people here. ALSO, Chef Bobby actually took the time out to come out and explain some of the dishes to us – AMAZING. TOTAL respect for all the chefs who actually WORK IN the restaurant most of the time. PROPS.

Resto has not failed me once and I doubt it ever will :D

Afterwards, food coma’d to the point of no return, what did we do?!… go to Eataly to drink more and buy more food…. including this find:

YEP. Banana Stracciatella Gelato <3 We also got this chocolate cookie one and of course, our fav, hazelnut :D NOM NOM NOM!

last supper sort of sandwich….

I’ve been hearing about resto ever since I met Chef Rick  and he told me about adventures in Manhattan…. :] So what other way to celebrate my first day in my new apt in the City than to eat at RESTO :] HIGHLY anticipated…. and sometimes when I overanticipate, things just don’t end up being as good as I want them to be…. THIS was NOT the case. It far exceeded my high expectations…  :]

Lately me and my dinner date had gotten into the habit of getting two bottles of wine – at least – and starting off with a glass of champagne [which we did as we waited for our table] …. so we got two AMAZING reccomendations from our waitress, Sivan.

The White: lupi, ‘le pietraie’ pigato, liguria, italy, 2006


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Mommy & Daddy Approved

My parents came up to see the new apartment so I decided to take them to get some tasty food.  My parents are always out to find some good asian food… and at first we were going to go to Flushing and get some Taiwan food… but then decided on some nice xiao long baos and other ShangHai eats in Chinatown… [closer too]

First they dropped Dior off and me and I took her for a walk around town and to play in Bryant Park for awhile…

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