Best Vegas Trip Ever… Sunday Funday [Day 4]

So I got fucking roofied!!!!!


I was so scared to eat… I don’t think we did til like 3pm

I got a turkey panini and a salad…. Kelly got buffalo wings and a BLT… and of course, MORE BUBBBBBBBBLES……..!!!!!!!! We’ve been drinking grapefruit mimosas every day!!!! ALL DAY ALL NIGHT WOOT WOOT WHAT WHAT.. and Whiskey & Pepsi…

So this was what I ORIGINALLY planned to wear…

But definitely keeping the short hair…

But then I decided to change…

Yelllllloooowwwwwwww to match my inner sunshine and to show off my infinity tatt…

I love my asian baby doll

We went on a “double date” with a promoter I’d been talking with and his friend to BLT Burger at the Mirage

J got us some beer + shot drink…. that was called the breakfast or whatever? It’s like soco and amaretto or whatevers.. it was good, super girly and sweet and tasted awesome. BTW, of COURSE I chugged it down ALL THE WAY first! I rule.

My burger, I got the Tex Mex with NO sour cream.. it has jalapenos and chili and stuff in it. YUM.

This is the layout of the boys and us… I also got a beer… Kelly got the truffle burger and some mixed drink….. Kelly and her “date” were pussies and didn’t eat much of their food. Me and J were awesome and DEVOURED.

I can’t help it. I LOVE BURGERS. I LIVE FOR BURGERS. I could eat a burger every day for the rest of my life. The perfect food.  That and sushi.

Us before we hit up Lily at the Bellagio….

And we also got to check out the Chinese New Years decor at the Bellagio….

I even  拜拜’d to the gods.. at the incense place…

And then the twerking idiot. SERIOUSLY?! Hi Miley.

J & I at Lily.

“Sea Breeze? This is such a girly drink, it’s too sweet” as I push it away HAHA

Me and Kelly before heading into the Bank.

Crazy fun times… that’s all I can say ;]


When an old hippie guy came up to me and said “My billy would love you.. can I have a hug?”

The Spotted Pig

So ya’ll know about the book… WHICH IS AMAZING, I got it as soon as it got out. GET IT.

Now let’s talk about her food.. it was a beautiful Saturday so after walking all the way from the edge of FiDi…. all the way to almost Times Sq..

First by the waters… and then we decided to walk on the HighLine since I’ve never been…. We walked all the way to the end… and then went down to Gastro Market for a few beers. Ahhh beergardens.

I don’t remember what they were except they were in caskets and red ales.

We ended up walking to the The Spotted Pig RIGHT before the big dinner rush. Phew. Last two seats at the bar. Booyeah!

I was surprised at how little pork items were actually ON the menu. Come on.. Spotted Pig? We need a full on all out pigged out menu….

Pork Rillette with Pickles & Mustard

What could go wrong with pork topped off with lardo?!.. You don’t even need the grainy mustard on the side….. just a huge scoop of the lardo and pork from the rillette on top of the perfectly grilled crostini… toasty fresh… and you’re good.  The pickled gherkins and pearl onions were a nice touch…

Crispy Pig’s Ear Salad with Lemon Caper Dressing

This was the first thing I saw on the menu and I KNEW I had to get it.  I was surprised that it was a whole pig’s ear… unless it’s connected to the head still, I’m used to eating it cut into thin strips.  The pig’s ear was crispy, not greasy at all, and paired lovely with the refreshing salad of mixed greens, endive and italian parsley underneath.

Grilled Skirt Steak with Roasted Beets & Horseradish Cream

J shared this with me. AMAZING horseradish butter and simple braised beets and beet greens. Delicious. We weren’t asked how we wanted it to be cooked but it was cooked to a beautiful medium rare, on the rare side. YUM. Buttery meat.

Prosciutto & Ricotta Tart with Marjoram

This was an appetizer but I got it as my main to share with J.  A flakey crisp tart topped with prosciutto, risotto, greens and shavings of parm. DELICIOUS.

And of course, a very much needed – and always necessary side dish

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

These literally melted in your mouth.  Most definitely NOT good for you but sooooo delicious.

I kinda wish we got the burger as well, it’s supposed to be awesome and I saw a TON of people order it.

Afterwards we ended up at Proletariat for beers….. and PRETZEL BREAD

The stout cheese dip was meh….. it was all about the curry mustard sauce!!!!

Met up with a few friends and ended up at Dive Bar Lucy’s..

Great times.

Old Glory BBQ does a Belly Good

I got into DC around noon the other Friday and after getting a bit of work done we headed into Georgetown for the new iPhone 5 and at FIRST we were gonna go to Bourbon Steak for a burger, but BBQ caught our eyes… and bellies.  Old Glory BBQ it was.

W immediately ordered us some Frickles, Crispy Fried Sweet Pickles, Dill Pickles and Jalapenos with Cilantro Ranch Dip

Call me Snooki and dig in.. I’ve wanted to try fried pickles for ages and these were positively divine. SOOOO addictive.  There were also some fried jalapeno slices yum yum.

W also ordered us some Deviled Eggs &Bacon , Brown Sugar Black Pepper Bacon, sweet and sour Mustard Eggs, Bread and Butter Pickles

I don’t eat deviled eggs too much but these were sooo tasty. I tried to be like W and eat the whole thing at once.  Hilarity ensued..once I could breath again haha.

W got the  Pulled Smoked Pork Sandwich,
Smoked for 12 hours till its “fallin'” off the bone, with their”Rub-a-dub-dub”, atop a Kaiser Roll.

.. with some Hand Cut Fries on the side.

And of course I get the OG Combo – St. Louis Ribs
Slow smoked Pork Ribs with “rub-a-dub-dub” & Memphis Sauce & Pulled Smoked Pork, Marinated & slow smoked ’till it’s falling off the bone! Along with Corn on the Cob and Collard Greens

Lunch is served!!!!

Tender, delicious and flavorful. YUM.  My ribs were a bit on the lean not-so-meaty side but the flavors were great.  The pulled pork was fatty and juicy, super tender… the corn was buttery but a bit cold but LOOOOVED the collard greens with pork chunks in it. YUMMMMMMMMMM!

Leaving Detroit with a Bang… or more like a Burger…

You’ve heard about my delicious conquests in Detroit.  But let’s get down to the real point, I’ve been eating out for 10+ days and it’s taking a toll on me.  I’ve been trying to be healthy and eating most salads for lunch and yogurt/cereal or oatmeal for breakfast but there has been a lot of snacking between – a lot of sodium , and yes, free concierge level = LOTS of free snacking, cheese, desserts, chips, etc….   by the end of the week I had gained about 6lbs… and it’s been almost a week after and I’ve only lost half of that. Haha.  Need to get in shape for Miami next weekend….

I got a nice fruit plate by the pool while W went to the barbershop to get a haircut.  He had a freaking afro – awesome, but I guess only awesome for me haha he hated it.  We relaxed and lounged the whole day…. dinner was BURGER!  Why?

I needed to be apart of this Bourbon Steak burger month!  And while I’m insanely jealous looking at Chef Adam Sobel’s burgers for the one in DC [like this pastrami and double double OMG]….. the one they were offering her in Detroit this week was a SPICY one, which OBVIOUSLY caught my eye.

Cornbread with a Maple Bourbon Butter

W has had their cornbread and butter so much he wouldn’t even touch it haha.. but I had a nice corner piece smooooothered in butter. MMMM butter makes everything better!

Trio of Duck Fat Fries

Rosemary w/ Ketchup, SourCream&Onion and Paprika [?]with BBQ

The last ones were my favorite.  I eat rosemary frites way too much.  They were also cold, the others weren’t.  Weird huh?  And I thought whilst eating these fries, so many places have duck fat fries now… they’re not so fun and I can’t really tell the difference anymore.  Time to start frying fries in bacon grease. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! MY IDEA!

Dinner is SERVED!

W’s steak! :]  He was busy watching the Caps-Rangers Hockey Game

W’s Mashed Potatoes – there was a lot of goodies in it.. MMM

My Fire Alarm Beef Burger
Pepper Jack, Jalapenos, Harrisa Aioli, Grilled Onions


I got it rare, obviously and it was SUPER raw. Haha, it wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t completely balanced in flavor tho… some bites were better than others.  There were a few bites that tasted… gamey? I duno maybe the beef wasn’t that fresh? I love raw beef but some bites were meh and I had huge chunks of cracked peppercorn, one got stuck in my teef.  I wanted more bang for my buck – more spice :[ Kinda disappointed.  No need for a fire alarm…. I did like the fluffy bun tho.  Buns are VERY important in making a good burger but the meat is the most important and it just didn’t cut it for me.  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it so I stuck to fries, my delicious glass of Rioja and politely ate half and took the rest back to the room.

I got really hungry later…… and while usually I’d inhale burgers and leftovers like crazy….

I did that to a bag of buttery popcorn instead :]

I left the next morning….

A nice cold Blue Moon with orange slice..

Breakfast of champions

And then this for the airplane ride :] I finally got my banana for my horrible foot cramps!!!

And as soon as I got home I ordered me some sushiiiiiii and sashimi from Fugakyu Cafe <3 WOOOOO – been craving like WHOA

So glad the weekend started off with a great meal at Bourbon Steak

Before I begin let me explain the post title. I spent most of the weekend sick in bed.  I was well taken care of thanks to W :] But still, sick in bed, in fact the only thing that stayed in my stomach all of Saturday was some liquids and a Peachie-O, yes SINGULAR, A Peachie-O!

\As soon as I was picked up we headed to The Italian Store for a yummy sub… or three.  The last time I was here they made me so so happy so I wanted another :] W remembered.. teehee… so 3 Capris [prosciutto, genoa salami, provolone cheese and spiced capacola ham] please.  Mine with extra mustard, no mayo, onions and extra hot peppers :D  Good thing I whined to go get a burger at Bourbon Steak FIRST, before eating the subs, because later that night and the next day, W and I got food poisoning from it. Yep, I spent Saturday puking my brains out and only got to visit the Portrait Gallery for a few minutes… I spent more time in the bathrooms…. BUTTTTT at least I started off the trip/weekend with a deliiiiiicious happy happy joy joy meal!!!

Bourbon Steak is located in the Four Seasons hotel in a cute area full of stores and restaurants.. bustling with peoples.. I’d totally wanna stay here if I had to choose a hotel…

So we came in just for a burger.  W used to work here so everyone knew and loved him.  We sat at the bar and I tried the “Winter Flower” – obviously a champagne cocktail – house spiced grenadine, prosecco, lemon twist

It was delish! That’s why I took a picture of it halfway thru and I had another one after :D teehee…..

WELL. We CAME for just a burger… but since W and Exec Chef Adam Sobel are such good buddies [and worked together here], we got the royal treatment and got a plethora of yummy delights :] I am DEFINITELY NOT complaining!!!!

First up?

FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIESSS.. their menu says Trio of Duck Fat Fries… I’m stupid, were they? Can I just say they were fries of deliciousness?!

Cheddar Fries w/ BBQ Sauce… UMMMM… okay I forgot the middle spiced fries, they were amazing and were with Thousand Island dressing and the end were… regular fries with Ketchup? I fail at remembering food, especially with alcohol involved but trust me when I say THEY WERE FRIES OF THE BOMB DIGGITINESS… #weakness

Crispity crunchity, skinny potato-y heaven!!! I loved the middle ones the most… great spices, but I’m a ‘tard and can’t remember what they were :[ SIGHHHHH… delicious nonetheless.. and THOUSAND ISLAND!!!! So asian.. I miss Kelly.

Fluke Sashimi

grapefruit terrine, hearts of palm, soy liquid gel

Super fresh and you eat it with this yummy crisp.. crab crisp? Not sure… delicious tho, NOM! Bad memory on descriptions.. but I always remember if something was good or not hahahaha….

And then we got to try the highly anticipated [thanks to this tweet:]

MMMMMMM Pork Belly

It’s the picture, but in REAL LIFE!!!!!

This was amazing and had this little rice sushi thing, radishes, happiness…. all sorts of flavors and textures and of course creamy fatty pork belly with a perfect crisp chewy skin…. OH MY LORDY. Can I have a dozen please?! I’d just pop these in my mouth like bon bons…

We even got two sets of wine pairings.. a white and a red, both Italian, both delicious.. here was the white…

We DEVOURED the food.. so what next? Next round of food time!!!

And then came the finished product of this:

Freaking Lambchetta look at all those sexy pistchios

Chef Adam pouring on the sauce… hahaha ninja photo

I’m not a huge lamb person, as you know but lately I’ve been eating some pretty darn good lamb. This was really good, super tender and juicy, full of flavor… it was with potatoes and artichokes, SOOO GOOD :]

We got a yummy red wine with these…

These were included….



What? WHAT?! Ya’ll know my obsession with cupcakes – SAVORY cupcakes?! OMG heaven. Cuz even tho I LOVE cupcakes, I rarely eat them.. these, i could eat every freaking day – I’m such a fat girl at heart.

BTW….. Wanna see a naked picture of me?







Don’t worry it’s SFW

 It’s ME AS A CUPCAKE!!!!!


Back to the food…

BBQ Pulled Pork Cupcakes.. to be exact

cheddar scallion biscuit, smoked pork shoulder


First of all I was alredynibbling on the outside… I LOOOOOOOOOVE cheddar biscuits and these were SOOOO GOOD and cheesy and buttery and FULL OF FLAVOR…I didn’t think they could get ANY better… but then I had the pork inside. PIGGILICIOUS HAPPINESS


Containing: Delicious burgerness… between yummy buns and topped with a pickleeeee and a banana pepper NOM

Squish squish, I kinda just stared at it, took a million pics, picked it up, squished it as it was juicing out and took a few more pics before biting in…

I am SO sexy when I eat. HAHAHA I was like “How am I supposed to eat this?” and I was told to squish it down lol – YAY MORE SQUISHING

[btw first attempt at stuffing my face failed, so I unhinged my jaw and inhaled]

This is almost as sexy as my crazy bone gnawing pics that I like to take LOL

And then it was dessert time!!! WOOOOO

Macallan 18 Butterscotch Pot de Creme
pain d’epices, butterscotch caramel, pepitas

Creammyyyyy happiness. I’m such a texture whore and while this was UUUUBER creamy it had all the other elements of amazing-ness that just made me super happy.  Trying to remember what that fruity tart element was… I remember asking W too while I was chewing it. OK, brain fart. I’m getting old :[  I need to start bringing a notebook and writing notes when I go out to eat. OMG I’m turning into my mom.

Crunchy Profiteroles

salty caramel ice cream, nutella, hazelnuts

These were super yummy…. how can you NOT love nutella and salty caramel AND hazelnuts?!  Such the ULTIMATE ice cream sandwich.  As soon as you bite into it the ice cream pops out.. WHICH I learned from watching L eat the first one HAHAHAHAH… so i was careful and nibbled slowly hahahahahah still oozey, but no gushing…

Brown Sugar Bananas

banana cake, peanut ganache, fried captain crunch ice cream

You can’t go wrong with these things… apart of together. OMG.. what are the little gelees? I remember eating them and being happy. I like jelly like things – DUH…. and that is captain crunch around that fried ice cream. OH I LOVE anything peanut butter and banana.. and of course together… MMMMMM – once again, AMAZING textures!!!!

I remember being asked:”Do you like Fried Ice Cream?” YESSS… “Do you like Captain Crunch?” YESSSSS…. SO yes I liked this :]

Happy Ending to a GREAT happy meal

But sadly I was hungry again a mere few hours later.. so out came the sub… and the rest is just sadness…

….until late late late LATE Sunday Funday Brunchday……. which I’ll post about next HEE HEE BUT yeah stomach is still not a happy camper and it’s been a few days but def not piking anymore, PHEW

Acadia ME: Jordan Pond House

After a delicious dinner the night before and a good night’s rest… we got up early for…. [okay I didn’t really but my parents did.. I skipped out on brekky hahahaha] well aside from hiking, POPOVERS!!!..  I’ll explain later…

Me and Didi ready to go…

Rocking the leopard shorts and Red Sox hat… and yes that’s Didi’s one of million carriers on my mom hahaha…

It was like a million degrees outside so it was nice going in the center with AC when we bought tickets to go into the park for the weekend…

I also bought a coloring book and crayons

But before we explore… it’s time for popovers.. yes yes yes, the last time I was in Acadia we came here like 3x or something just so I could continuously eat popovers like crazy… JORDAN POND HOUSE!!! One huge complaint tho.. it’s ALL in the open so NONE of the places had AC.. AT ALL!!! Not even the gift shop *dies*

We had to sit outside in the 98 degree heat cuz we had Didi with us.. puppies outside only…

I don’t remember the last time I drank so much ice water… we filled up on ice water – well I just asked for cups of ice since it melted super fast – and iced coffee for me.. iced tea for mommy and daddy…

Making sure Didi wasn’t dying from the heat


YUMMMMMM <3 This makes me oh so happy, it’s SO hot but the piping hot melt-in-your-mouth popover is just amazing. AMAZING!!!

Feeding Didi some popovers :D

Daddy’s Curried Chicken Salad Sammich

I stole some of the curried chicken salad.. and his pickle!!!!.. MMMMM so yummy.. and methinks the chips were Cape Cod chips cuz they were so crunchy and yummy – I hate greasy filmsy chips LAME, these were SO not those – hehehehe…

Mommy’s Walnut/Cranberry Chicken Salad with Mandarin Oranges, Crackers and Grapes

I stole all of mommy’s grapes.. okay not ALL but a lot of them TEEHEE…

My Garden Salad Topped with LOBSTER

Haha they had a lobster salad but didn’t have all the veggies I wanted in it…. PLUS it was cheaper just to add lobster to a salad then get THE lobster salad.. #soasian hahahahahahah…. OK a lot of the reason was cuz I wanted tomatoes and radishes!!!

We walked around a tiny bit, especially around the lake but it got SO hot I just wanted to go back and go to the pool… so that’s what we did.. .parents hid indoors in the hotel in the AC while I changed and went to lounge by the pool…

And of course adult beverages started happening by the pool…

Black Tea Ice Pick

St Germain, Agave, Black Tea, Lemon… it was SO refreshing and delicious… I tanned and played Words :]

My view.. I opted to turn my tanning chair to look out onto the gorgeous lake!

Dinner ended up being at Parkside a few hours later…… yeah I was half passed out by the pool.. it was so hot but it’s so much nicer with the breeze from the lake….

Pre Wedding Munchies in Chatham at the Sacred Cod Tavern

This past weekend, I spent it at my Best Friend’s wedding down in Chatham, MA.  This was my first wedding as a Bridesmaid and solo :] It was the most amazing fun time filled with great friends and delicious fresh seafood.  I’ll be posting a series of wedding posts this week for you guys to read :]

Bright and early, Mike, Kate, Cecilia and I headed down to the Cape for the wedding!!

Of course we stopped by 7-11 for a hoarde of snacks for the trip.  My savory of choice:
Other goodies included Chex Mix, Combos and Twizzlers…. oh oh and Katy’s melted twix and Mike’s nuts ;D

The Chatham Bars Inn is gorgeous… we arrived there around 2 and it was starting to get a bit windy/chilly…. we were hungry for real food but also really needed to stretch out our legs

After checking in and realizing we still had to wait for our room we decided to go eat a quick, late, lunch…. we decided on The Sacred Cod Tavern which was in the hotel. We knew we still had a long day ahead of us before Rehearsal Dinner…

Bread, Crisps and Flavored EVOO

Super yummy.  The crisps were cheesy, herby and garlicky… delicious and super thin and crunchy :D Adore.

Mike’s Chatham Bars Inn Burger —
8oz Burger, Chipotle Ketchup, Swiss

The fries were super bomb, crispy and fried to perfection… he seemed to enjoy the burger [sans onions and tomato hehehe]

Cecilia’s Fish & Chips w/ Tartar Sauce, Coleslaw and Lemon

The fish looked fresh and gorgeous… also got bomb fries :D  And a cute little side bowl of coleslaw.

Katy’s Baby Mixed Greens with Candied Walnuts & Cranberry Vinaigrette

Katy stole Mike’s Pickle ;D

My Steamed Littleneck Clams in a lemongrass broth

These were super buttery and I didn’t really get the lemongrass in the broth.  This was SO good I actually ended up recommending the girls to order some for room service [yes there’ll be a room service post in this wedding series as well] the next day for lunch.

My Local Oysters with a Green Apple GranitaSuper fresh, and HUGE.  Nice subtle salty ocean flavor and a light tart granita from the apples.

For both the clams and oysters, I’m actually really used to eating them with tabasco but these were delicious even without the heat/spice from my favorite hot sauce [hehe]

After a delicious lunch we wandered around the beautiful resort

No Parking or Standing

Mike, the Groom, with his Woody ;D

Yes, I have met my match in silly kiddy potty pervy jokes :D

After walking around we went back just to wait some more for our room.  We needed to change and get ready for the rehearsals so we were all getting a bit anxious… It took all of us and the bride’s parents.. and then another push from me to finally get into our room.

Beautiful Bride-To-Be and Me waiting in the lobby

We finally got to get into our suite… and was greeted by some free champagne for the Bride and Groom to be… but this ended up being breakfast the next morning while we got ready for Kate’s wedding :]

The girls got ready for the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner and we headed out….. post on the dinner coming up next – and soon :]