Best Vegas Trip Ever… Britney Spears: Piece of Me [Day 2 – Part Night]

Since we were already toasted… we didn’t have to get any drinks.. and we already bought stuff at the store the day before so we didn’t have to wait in line. We got in and basically ended up front/second row in GA standing room.  Everyone there was WASTED!!!!!!  It was SUCH an amazing show. Britney you are forever a queen.

For more videos go to my youtube Britney playlist. And for more pics visit my facebook public Britney album.

After the craziness and being stuck in the venue, Axis, for ages… we finally got out to see about a 2 hour wait for a taxi… thankfully some guys let us cut in line and we only had to wait 10 min….

Saw this sick car in line

“So if you’re from Boston, do you drink Tea a lot?”

They were cool guys tho, these were the two we talked to the most – we ended up both parties going to Light Nightclub.

“Fuck you Raj!” – Kelly

And we had the time of our lives….. Light is amazing. It’s a Cirque du Soleil themed club.. so we saw acrobats and crazy shizz there.  We ended up going back to the hotel.. and ordering more booze, pizza and onion rings.. which I don’t remember devouring until I was confused the next day and seeing the food and pizza box.

Me+Room Service = Danger Zone, remember?!

Chophouse & Brewery at LAS

It’s time to leave.. after a nice huge filling breakfast, shopping and gambling, Kelly and I headed to the airport.

Where I had to wait 19 minutes just to check my bag in.  Apparently now you can only check in 4 hours prior. WTF. There was no one there. I hate you lady at Jetblue counter.  Who 19 minutes later acted like we never talked prior. GRR

Me being grumpy and deciding where else I should gooo

We finally got in and got thru security super fast.  Which is good cuz I was SUPER hangry and the last time we ate was breakfast…. We stopped by a store where I got Didi a cute shirt that says “What happens in the Park stays in the Park” hahahah…. and a shirt for me “Text me when you’re rich” ;D LOL… and then it was time to eat…

Dinner time!!! It was this or BK and we wanted real food, and wanted needed a beer.  Chophouse & Brewery it was…

Kelly loves her Ketchup

I love my beer

Colossal Onion Rings
Fried Onion Rings served with housemade BBQ Sauce

These were SO freaking good and it was SOOOO much onion!  So fresh.. and SOOO GOOD.. the bbq steak sauce was HEAVEN!!!… We smothered it on all our food.

YUMMMIESSS with my giant Pint of Blue Moon Beer

Kelly’s Turkey BLT er… Turkey CLUB and Mashed Potatoes

ChopHouse Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken, hickory smoked bacon, avocado, bleu cheese, fire roasted corn and tomatoes tosses with mixed greens and Citrus Vinaigrette

The dressing was a bit weird so I used to Onion Rings BBQ sauce and some tabasco to eat with my salad.  And instead of Avocado, they gave me wonton strips tho. UM…. not in the ingredients list but whatevz.  I asked for my avocado, I’m paying for that shit, so they gave me half of one YAY – and now that I think abut it I don’t think I had any cor either. DAMMMMITTT!!

“Do you like onions?” YES “Good there’s a lot of onions in it”

Oh gee, really?! In a french onion soup?

It was pretty delicious though :D

Onion Soup
Stewed Onions in a rich beef broth topped with Croutons and melted Gruyere cheese

And yes there was TONNNNNNNS of cooked down delicious onions in here YAY

After Kelly left, I enjoyed a nice glass of red wine at a pub near my gate for the next two hours and played Garfield Word Search.  Living the life.

Now that I’ve finished all my main eating posts, get ready for my main HUGE super long Vegas post!!! What what?!… snap snap ;D

Tigers vs Angels … Baseball Food … and last meal at the MGM Detroit food court takeout AKA … Tiffie poops for days…

One last Tigers game before I head out.  The elevators were out the in the hotel, and we were on the 16th floor so we just walked upstairs for a snack at the concierge after coming back from the pool earlier that morning.

Orange + Blue eyeshadow for the Tigers game.  And a red bull.  Gave me wings which is why I so FLYYYYYYYY ;D


We got to the game 2 hours early so we could watch the batting practice and for their warm-ups.  It was STIFLING hot.

Hot dogs first. I had one, W had two – I WISH I Had two.

I love mustard. What can I say? These were tasty. W liked them better than last time’s… I liked last time’s better..

These were skinnier but longer, the last time they were thicker and a bit shorter. BOTH tasty though. YUM.

Beer #?!?!?!?!

Nachos, Boozey lemonade/tea, peanuts, cheesy sausage… and more…

Caramel Corn, Candy…

And more beer…

We ate so much crap at the game.. and it was such a good game.  We took a limo back to the hotel and while W washed up I went down to the food court for my final dinner in Detroit.  I finally tried the Chinese food at Bamboo and got W his favorite, Bacon Cheeseburger with Onion Rings.. I also got us some chili cheese fries.

I wanted to try this wonton soup forevzzz… they gave me freaking saltines to go with it.  It was actually really good.  Light, fresh crisp bok choy and the wontons were okay.  The filling was a bit on the bland side but doable. Pretty sure there was mega-MSG though since I bloated up like a mofo and had a headache after.

Also got some aloe juice and green tea at the chinese place.. and the green bean stirfry.. which was green beans in a black bean sauce – it was a bit on the salty saucy side but weren’t overcooked, still had a nice crunch and I ended up eating most of it.  Chili cheese fries were probably the killer though and I spent half the night in the bathroom and the other half tossing and turning. WOMP.  But fun times.

Baseball food + Chinese food DON’T mix.

After BBQ there’s still room for Burgers and Adult Milkshakes at Bourbon Steak Detroit

We are not in Kansas anymore.. this is taking Burgers & Milkshakes to a whole new level.  Although it did make me want an oreo milkshake from Johnny Rockets… nostalgia

After a few hours at the Pig & Whiskey 2012 event out in Ferndale… we went to the pool and then after a shower I slept off the beer and whiskey.  Previously we were thinking of heading to Lodge Diner for some chicken noodle soup but we decided just to head downstairs for a burger at Bourbon Steak.  If you haven’t noticed yet, W and I LOOOOOVE our burgers, especially him.  We sat in the lounge area and got the burger menus. WEEEE… fun!!!!

The menu said up to five toppings but me being me I loaded up on my burger.  It ended up being so big I couldn’t fit it in my mouth :[ HAHA.  Before we even ordered though, we were given some delicious red wine and the signature Bourbon Steak duck fat fries trio. YUM

I got a Market Garden Salad to start… delicious crunchy crostini on top… some butternut squash, pom seeds, red onions, goat cheese and delicious greens.  The dressing was a bit on the heavy side but it was still very tasty.

W and I also split an adult milkshake.  We each got our own half-glass :]

Bourbon Malted, Jim Beam, Salty Caramel

It was super strong and oozed of booze.  W and I could feel it after a few sips.

Dinner is served.

W’s Burger

Beef, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Pickles, Fried Egg, Shredded Romaine and “Secret Sauce”

My Burger

Beef, Butter Lettuce, Fried Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Pickles, Vidalia Onions, Shaved Jalapenos, Tomato, Avocado… NOMMMMM

Super thick Onion Rings.  They were piping hot.. the crust/breading was on the thick side, I like a lighter crust but it was definitely super tasty!!!

We got another set of Duck Fat Fries Trio.  W loves the horseradish sauce and asked for “a shit ton” of it.  Apparently this is the “shit ton” bowl size :D

Another delicious burger dinner with my burger boy <3  Also the last time having a burger in Detroit hahahaha…

Lazy Sunday… and a MEH Gyro in Greektown

We slept in a bit and then headed to the pool for some swimming and hot tub. GORGEOUS.

We were STARVING so we cleaned up, got dressed and decided to go out for some barbecue and wandering…

Before heading to lunch/brunch/lunner.. hahahaha our driver brought us to see the old Michigan Central Train Station…  Incredible…sooo gorgeous.

Afterwards our driver headed to Slow’s Bar BQ but it was PACKED so we decided to try another place.  The driver suggested Greektown so off we went…. so many choices there. [Dont worry we ended up eating at Slow’s the next day!]

We wandered around a bit and ended up at New Parthenon in Greektown.  There were a lot of cute little shops and dining places.. and a super popular bakery that was packed.. next time I wanna get something from there.

Glory Hole?

Bread and Butter

I tried a glass of a Greek White Wine.. Saint Panteleimon I think it was – the description said semi-sweet but it was definitely more than that…. it was sweet, almost TOO sweet but just enough NOT THAT sweet. Does that make sense?

Honestly, as soon as we sat down and looked at the menu, it was SUCHHHH a large menu that we both lost appetite and decided to just keep it simple and get gyros. Honestly if you go to their website, what they put on there isn’t even the whole menu, it was literally like 4 HUUUUUUUUUGE pages of hundreds of things. OK, maybe not hundreds, but still, it was a LOT. WAYYY too overwhelming.  I hate it when restaurants have HUGE menus.

W got the Gyro platter and I got the Chicken Gyro platter. Both came with meat, sageki, pita bread, choice of fries or rice/veggies and tomatoes and onions.

And guess what? They were build it yourself! Hahaha… so awkward.

They gave me the head and the butt of the tomato :[ Sad. But W gave me some of his tomato slices hehehehe…  The sauce was good but the rest of it was meh.

I tried.  I really tried, I was starving so I ate until I was full and stopped.

We decided to get some desserts. SIGH

Greek honey balls with cinnamon and walnuts

It was too overly sweet for me.  Yes, even for ME!  They tasted like Munchkins soaked in just sugar water and sprinkled with some cinnamon and doused with crushed walnuts LOL

Baklava with Ice Cream

I was too mushy for my liking and wayyy overly sweet than normal baklava.  YES YES I know baklava is super sweet but still.. I like feeling the nuts in my teeth and mouth [HAHA, that’s what SHE SAID] but this was too mushy….

I wanted to like this place, I really do, I rarely find a gyro that I don’t like, or baklava I won’t finish and lick off the plate buttttt…. :[ It just didn’t do it for us. *sad face*

We headed back to the hotel and relaxed at the Concierge lounge for a bit – pretty view.  Detroit is SUCH a quiet city. Srsly.

Needed to redeem ourselves from the bad gyro for lunch with something delicious so we headed down to the Breeze Food Court at MGM for some delicious burgers at the Relish stand.

Spinning burger grill WOOOO!

We both got Bacon Cheeseburgers with the works, fries and onion rings :D  Tummy is finally happy. But OMG they gave us SO much mayo on the side *gag* Apparently Detroit loves their mayo.  We are SO not in…kansas anymore?! HAHA…bad joke.

Brunner… at Ted’s Bulletin

After being sick all of Saturday and into Sunday…. only being able to hold a Peachie-O in my stomach for over 24 hours… just made me really really really hungry for some real food. W and I headed to Eastern Market late in the day – dumbest taxi driver ever, didn’t know where the hell he was going SIGH, met up with two of W’s good friends and we wandered around the flea market and then went to look for food. NEED. FOOD. We were all hangry :] #rawr After going to a couple of places, some with brunch, some without, some with wait, we ultimately went back to our first choice: Ted’s Bulletin – didn’t stop us from buying some Girl Scout cookies first tho :] YAYYY Thin Mints!!!

But YAYYYYY  Ted’s Bulletin serves breakfast ALLL DAYYYYYY!!!!!

Guess what this is?

I love this place. It’s like almost a cute sort of diner feel and they play old black and white shows and cartoons on the big screen TEEHEE. They have milkshakes, adult milkshakes and a pletttthora of yummy sounding food.

I had the perfect view of the teevee.. hahaha

BTW it was the front and back of the menu :D

I started off with a super spicy Bloody Mary… rimmed with sriracha and chili pepper flakes…

The waiter said no one ever licked off the rim before, so I did it. WOOHOO first person :D Sadly this wasn’t really spicy, it was good tho, but also tiny :[ I need my big spicy bloody marys hahaha….

[ the appetizers are not photographed]

W got the Soup O’ Day which was this yummy super creamy potato soup and J & S split a full Wedge salad [Baby iceberg, egg, tomato, onion, bacon, Maytag Blue cheese *Gorgonzola Blue dressing]- I wish I got a pic of it, it was like the UUBER Wedge… HUGE with tons of this delicious creamy blue cheese… tomatoes, eggs, it was amazing, it was like half of a head… yum!

So W was gonna get a burger and grits but after hearing S order his food, he switched to ribs as well… Ribs for the boys and breakfast for the girls!!!!

Bib Time for W :D Hahaha.. so cute

Whole Rack of Ribs w/ Fries & Coleslaw

Apple and Hickory Smoked Pork, Half Savannah Mustard Sauce, Half Kansas City Red & Cider BBQ

Both were DELICIOUS.. the ribs were SUPPPPER meaty and fatty and amazingly juicy.  Fall of the bone, melt in your mouth and just a few of these ribs totally knocked the boys out. I think they both only got thru like 4 or 5 of them….

S’s Ribs w/ Onion Rings & Coleslaw

Bib Time for S

And I got the T.U.B.S. (Ted’s Ultimate Breakfast Sammy)

Texas Toast, Fried Egg, Scrambled Egg, Sausage, Bacon, Cheddar – Served w/ Hash Browns

YEP! A huge breakfast platter all stuffed between yummy pieces of toast.  This was sooo good, not to mention perfectly crispy hash… LOVE IT. Not soggy at all and spread so thin that each piece got a nice crunch to it. HAPPY. I smothered my sandwich in hot sauce and it killed me after just HALF!  That’s a lot of breakfast in each bite. NOM.

I also got a homemade pop tart, they had a lot of different flavors, but how could I resist this one?! It’s got my name written all over it.  I’ve only had a homemade pop tart once before but this was just as tasty, def a different take on it then at Tremont 647 and def a lot more like a real pop tart. [Both were yum btw]

Bacon & Peanut Butter Pop Tart

I only had some tho… since I was soooo full.. and it got a bit cold since I waited til the end, I say eat it while it’s hot :]

We are all ready to grub!!!!!

Ok, so this weekend didn’t exactly got as planned…. food poisoning and being sick and basically staying in for most of the weekend.. BUTTTTTT…. a great start at Bourbon Steak and a great end :]  And, as always, a good time with W :]

Girls’ Night with lots of Dolls, Cheese but no Cucumbers :[

I swear I’ll put up my best of 2011 post. I swear it. Eventually. Soon :] Promise! Too much of it has already been written to abandon it now…. until then I’ll do my best to amuse you with my regular old food posts… I’ve been cooking a lot lately… boring things… Chinese things, simple things, random things :]

And then there was Girls’ Night with my Bestie, Kate on Friday night. Scary movies, wine, strawberry daqs and greasy food and snacks – a LOT of it :] And of course some “shenanigans” [SOO Kate‘s word hehehe] at Loews.

We’re silly when we’re together…

Lady at Check-Out — “Awww did you have a LONG day at [high] school today?”
Me: UMMM, yes!

… I wish I was still in school LOL … but when me and Kate get together it’s like we’re back in MIDDLE SCHOOL again!

Afterwards we headed to Super Stop & Shop for some shopping and fun for our greasy food night. Extra cheese, check. Pizza dough, check. 3 huge long cucumbers… no hahaha but I MAY have screamed “I like at least 3 in my mouth at the same time!” there.. and there was lots of Beavis & Butthead impressions the entire time. I’m obsessed…

Beavis & Butthead Do America, CLASSIC movie for my Generation…

We popped the Onion Rings and Sweet Potato WAFFLE fries in the oven and started prepping the garlic cheese bread and veggies for our pizza…

Brushing some Olive Oil on the dough :] Extra greasy… note the Strawberry Daq from Seagrams Escapes [her fav]. I know my KateMonkiie well :] I stuck with white wine, tons of it ;] Super classy in a glass.. with a GREEN STRAW hahahaha

Super cheesy garlic bread with mozz and parm!!! Extra buttery and amazing!

Dasani, Kate & Mike’s Hot Dog :], ate a lot of the fries and rings.. the Sweet Potato Waffle Fries were BOMB! SOOO CRACK!!!

“Why does this taste like artichoke pesto?! Oh it must be the parm…” LOL…

Mike’s pizza.. It was Girls’ Night but we had to cook for our driver and the best husband ever!!! Half cheese, half Pepperoni!

Our pizza… Extra cheese, onions, green peppers, pepperoni and mushrooms!

See how the crust is extra thick?! I rolled in a TON of mozzarella in the crust for cheesestick crusts <3

Both our pizza and our garlic bread had tons of Mozz & Parm on it!!! NOMMMMM!!!!

Slice #1… MMMMM… I had half of our pizza. SOO GOOD with extra chili pepper flakes OBVIOUSLY!!

Super cheesy crust…

And then after watching Dead Silence… literally in silence – minus some squeals and lots of booze, WE BOTH HATE DOLLS!!!!! – we made frappes and drank them by the warm burning fireplace.

Caramel Cookie Crunch with Double Chocolate Chip Gelato Frappes… and we dipped Red Velvet Whoopie Pies in them!

[btw a FRAPPE is the New England name for Milkshake! It’s the correct term to use if you want a drink with milk and ice cream here… haha join in the talk to learn more]

We ended the night with dessert and Scream 4 to make the night happier :] Hahaha.. WE HATE DOLLS!!!

I may have fallen asleep… drooled a little :] I LOOOVE spending time with my KateMonkiie and Mike!!! <3 Ok so the hubby didn’t stay the whole night but he was a good sport about it :] TEEHEE!!!

Can’t wait til next time!!!!

Midnight Snack @ Mr Cat with Friends 貓咪先生的朋友

Okay, back from another Family Fun day.. tired, sore but still ready for more.. so I headed to 貓咪先生的朋友 right by my hotel… aka Mr Cat with Friends. I’ve been past it SO many times and kept saying, “next time I’ll go” but haven’t. SO I went in expecting just to grab a beer or something but alas, more happened…

Taipei, Taiwan台北市大安路一段83巷3號A樓1F

Go in the cute red door…


I love her. I want her. Can I still her? Makes me miss my cat Misty :[ She was that small when I first got her.. in 6th Grade… *pout* Also miss my Didi baby…

She drank form my water glass EEEE <3

Cutest Decor, no?! And cute fluffy cats everywhere!!!

Lychee Liquor, Blue Rum, 7-Up, Fruits and Fruit Jellys

After talking with one of the owners for awhile he was nice enough to come up with one of their special concoctions for me.  Previously it was gonna have tequila, but I guess me being a girlieeeee he replaced it with lychee instead :]  Kinda wanted the teguila, bu this tasted like candy!!!!

SOOO GOOD… the jellies made it SO fun! I’d love this if I were 5, couldn’t taste booze at all… I’ve been eating so much all day not sure if it was weak on the alcohol content or I was just already too poisoned from the drinks & wine earlier… ;]

Fried Snack Platter of Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Nuggets and Onion Rings..
BEST kind of drinking food ;] They were sprinkled with rosemary and parm :] Or was it oregano… wait, either way, yummy herbs and parm.. dammit! Why is everything SO much tastier here?! The cheese seemed forever melty and stretchy.. the nuggets were supppppper QQ [haha tender] and SOOOO JUICY… and crispity perfectly fried fries.. OHHH MAN!!!!

So, they have lots of “real” dishes I wanna try, including different mini pizzas, burgers and sandwiches… BUT since it was almost midnite and I’ve been eating all day, I got… this?! to “eat less”?! Yeah I duno, drinking food ;]

Crepe filled with Amaretto Cherry Ice Cream

Fluffy tender crepe with fruity sauces drizzled over it… wrapped inside was delicious creamy ice cream… and sprinkled on top was a variety of chopped nuts. YUM! I need more black peanuts tho *must resist to open til back in States LOL

This place is cute, quaint and yummy :] The owners are super nice, especially the guy with the facial hair who talked with us for a good while and they are open til like 2am which is great for girls like me who are always hungry mostly after midnite :] PLUS, cute kitties to play with!!!!

and now, for your amusement…

— coming soon, currently uploading —

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Worcester Sharks Game, Kitchen Nightmares, Burgers, Beavis & Butthead, Fried Dough, Cute Hockey Boys& Chili’s…

SOOOOO after an afternoon with the doggies and watching Kitchen Nightmares – yep we’re obsessed with Gordon Ramsay, his accent and WOW.  WOW. Burger Kitchen double episode was INSANE. Burger Kitchen….. crazy right?!?!?!… “crying like a bitch again” hahahahahaha – wait that was like not normal speak-age… *sips wine* too bad, my blog, my bad grammar – DOT DOT DOT

BTW… “ASIAN PERSUASION” Burger?!?!?!?!?! Gordon… please….

I. AM. THE ASIAN PERSUASION… [yea ongoing joke of the day about how tasty I am LOL]

AND Afterwards we did go on a Beavis & Butthead marathon… which was followed by all of us, especially me, screaming porn all night.  Katy had to tell a guy I had teretz :]

There was also this Teen Mom where I almost died

“And I will never die, for I am TEEN MOM”

DOT DOT DOT… we headed out to Worcester at the DCU Center for the game….It was supposed to be four of us but thankfully one of us was rude enough to just not go. SOOO MUCH BETTER ANYWAYS ;]

Best seats in the house, right behind all the cute boys :] – like my new Sharks swag?

I love my family <3

Told you badass seats, they have season tickets too!

W. T. F. WORST He just stood in front of me spitting :[ GRRR….

My cutie patootie… we definitely got our drink on – PLUS I introduced her to Blue Moon – w/ orange slice OBVIOUSLY – and then some.. drinkity drinkity drinkity WOOOO.. we were pretty crazy BEFORE the “adult beverages” too :] HAHAHA *runs across the street and screams at car*

Popcorn Popcorn crunch crunch crunch


Fried Dough – which made me look like I was snorting coke all night long.. hahaha

DUCK FACE :] I look SOOOO asian here. and QUACK-ers :D

US: “Can we have a picture?”
HIM: “Well I’m not supposed to…… buttttt… if you make it quick”

Me, Katypoopie and Alex Stalock [#32] WOO

OMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMG HE signed my pink stick <3

This is the first time I’ve seen chili come out of a dispenser – AWESOME! HAHAHA… nacho cheese and dispenser chili on fries WEEE :D I pretty much ate all of this.. with hot sauce and mustard ;]

Remember the forementioned porn incident? Yes it lasted ALL night… including on the ride back

And then some more grub at Chilis :] Need to sober up a bit… or drink more ;]

FREEEEEEEEEE Chips & Salsa thanks to Foursquare!

Thin, crispy, hot and yummy. The salsa was a bit salsa but it was addictive :] Crunch crunch crunch <3

Mikey Mike :D and his SIPPY CUP :D


I always love mozzarella sticks :] I wish they were hotter and gooier but then again unless I keep microwaving them – which I do with takeout/leftovers – they’re gonna harden up a bit – they DID leave loooooooong stretchy cheesy strands that we could pull far away tho HEHEHEHE

Katy‘s Cajun Pasta

Penne pasta with creamy garlic Alfredo sauce with Cajun spices and topped with tomatoes and green onions w/ Grilled Chicken

GUILTY as charged! I ate a lot of it. :] SOOO GOOD!!! :] Amaaaaazing sauce – I rarely have Alfredo but this was tasty…. the chicken was tender and had great spices! YUM!

Mike’s Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers®

Tossed in honey-chipotle sauce. Served with corn on the cob, homestyle fries and ranch dressing

Didn’t have any but look at that sexy corn <3

And thanks to Katy’s reccomendation and watching Kitchen Nightmares *burger craving*

My Big Mouth BitesFour mini burgers topped with applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, sauteed onions and ranch. Served with crispy onion strings and ranch dressing.

Sliders freak me out a bit lately since they’re so overdone but these were so cute :] And FULLY LOADED. A bit too salty and by the time I got them I was a bit full from all the food from the game, the drinks and all the grub before BUT…. I still had two :]  I try to eat healthy but a little junk in my trunk is always fun :] Especially after a night of drinking and with amazzzzzzing friends XOXO


Thanks for an amazing time!!!! Drunken AND sober talks <3 I love how we can go crazzzzzy, drink, party, woowoooo and also just chill, relaxing, sober and ALWAYS have a great time! Thanks for being the sister from another mister, I’ve always wanted – hahahaha… literally since our moms are like the same LOL <3

Til next time :]

psssst KATY! Hook me up with a cute hockey guy ;]

I Love My Mommy & the Red Sox

Thanks Craigie on Main for another AMAZING time :]

After our last dinner at Craigie, I KNEW that I HAD to take my mom here for Mother’s Day… as soon as we got home I booked reservations for Mother’s Day!!!

They had a delicious prix fixe brunch prepared

Mommy and I picked the Fruit Salad

Evan’s Organic Yogurt

Mangoes, pears, grapes and mint :D SO GOOD. simple and fresh, just the way I love it!

Daddy and R both ordered the House-Made Doughtnut

Confiture de Lait

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