Top Chef + Oats

Who watched Top Chef last nite? How awesome that they had a Quaker Oats QuickFire Challenge??

Carla – Oats + Nuts & Grains
Pecan and Oat Crusted Tofu

Jeff – Oats + Poultry
Fried Oat Chicken

Leah – Oats + Seafood
Seared Oat Branzino

Fabio – Oats + Vegetables
Oat Breaded Eggplant

Jamie – Oats + Fruit
Coconut and Oat Crusted Shrimp

Hosea – Oats + Meat
Oat Crusted Veal Scallopini


Stefan – Oats + Fruit
Banana Oatmeal Mousse with Almond Crisp

Blueberry Banana Oatmeal

This was one of my favorite oatmeals I’ve ever made. I LOOOVED it. So I thought I’d share it with you all and do a mini tutorial since one of my friends (Hi Lisa!!!) wanted to know how to make oats!

First, my favorite kind is Bob’s Red Mill’s Organic Thick Rolled Oats.
Just do it!!!

Onwards… to my fabulous orgasmic Blueberry Banana Oatmeal!!!

1/2c Oats
1 1/4c Water
1 Large Banana (ripe!!!)
~1 tsp Mexican Vanilla Extract
1 package of Blueberries
1/4c Wheat Berries 
1 tbs Flaxseedes
Cinnamon (to taste)
2 HEAPING blobs of yogurt (I used Wildwood Organic Soyogurt)
1 Cinnamon Stick (to garnish!!!) 

1. Boil water on HI until bubbly and then pour in oats and stir.

2. Turn heat down to Med-Med Hi and stir, as the water and the oats start to congeal, cut up a banana and add/stir in.

3. Add your vanilla extract…

4. (Don’t forget to stir stir) Add in your cinnamon

5. As it starts to form more oatmeally (after a few minutes) I add in my flaxseed. :]

6. And my wheatberries (love love love the chewiness!!!)

7. When it’s a little runnier than I’d want for my consistency, I added in my blueberries (usually I add them right in the beginning so my oats turn a beautiful rich blue/purple color!!!)

8. Stir stir stir (you can still make your oats blue/purple if you want from here on out but today I wanted them whole and plump  just warmed up so I only stirred them for about a minute or two until the oats fully thickened up!)

9. Pour into big gorgeous bowl (or huge mug, or anything haha, sometimes I eat it out of the pot!) and add as much as yogurt on top as you want. It makes it soooo creamy when you mix it with the oats!!! (you can also use cottage cheese, ricotta, a dab of cream cheese, anything you want, freaking ICE CREAM or PUDDING!!! hahaha)

10. Stick in a cinnamon stick and start chewing!!!

This was my FAVORITE bowl of oats EVER!!!!!… AND this is me popping my banana oats cherry :] Despite the fact that every blogger than their mother (literally!!!) has had banana in their oats, I never had. It added a sweetness that I’m not used to (I never add sugar/syrup/etc to my oats) I love the natural sweetness of fruits and veggies and this was SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! (but if you like it sweet feel free to add brown sugar, agave syrup, maple syrup, anything! I bet some toasted coconut and cinnamon chips would be DELICIOUS!!!) And the MEXICAN vanilla added a delicious smell to it, it just added to the essence of it! YUM!

Health Update & then some…

Today was THE day. Yes, THE day that I went to the Hematologist. I got tons of vials of blood taken, weight (eep! I had JUST eaten SOOO much food and drank so much @_@ argh! I hate getting my weight taken IN clothes AFTER eating/drinking… blah), blood pressure, temp, the works…

Doctor: So you’re a little bit anemic…
Me: Yes…
Doctor: Do you eat well?… Do you bleed?…

[ the usual talk and she glances at the test results from my blood … she did ask me if I had rectal bleeding and I giggled cuz I’m 3.]

*glances at test results*
Doctor: Well you’re SEVERELY anemic. You have pretty much NO iron in your body, you could need a blood transfer if it gets worse… you have a less blood count today than you did two weeks ago… you should eat red meat.
Me: …
Mom: *freaks out*

Ok, that’s not the REAL convo word for word but I’m still woozy from getting my blood taken out.

Jim: poor little tiffie being vampired :(
Me: it’s SO dumb, i need blood but they keep TAKING it

But that pretty much sums it up for ya’ll. There’s also a chance it could be Thalassemia Minor (there’s a good chance cuz I’m Asian!) I’m starting my Iron IV sessions tomorrow (which will be two hours long) and the ones following (up to 4-6, depending) will be about an hour.

GREAT. Me + Hospital are gonna be great buddies.

My doctor kept asking about my eats and if I ate red meat or any meat at all. I told her I was more vegan/vegetarian with maybe some seafood and occasional chicken… It’s strange, while I eat it, I no longer ever crave it so I mainly eat vegan/vegetarian. I’ll still eat meat I just don’t go out of my way to cook it or get any of it unless I’m sharing with other people. I’m a big seafood lover tho. Shrimp, Clams, Fish, Squid, Crabs, Lobster :] But even those I rarely eat anymore… @_@

*sips tea*

Breakfast/Lunch was a giant bowl and a half of barley w/ 綠豆 (green beans) & dried and rehydrated longans (I refer to them as two different names… 龍眼 and Taiwanese people generally refer to them as 桂圓)

& of course my vitamins & gummy vites!!!!!

I came home with a list of things and their iron quantities… chocolate & dried peaches were on the list of things with pretty good amounts of iron *snicker* so I had a chocolate covered orange slice and dried peach!!!

I’m getting ready for dinner right now… I’m planning some Orange Cumin Shrimp w/ Tomatillas… Leeks & Chanterelles and some Spaghetti Squash and Roasted Delicatas!!! Everything I’m making seems so yummie but I’m daydreaming about a nice big bowl of BANANA OATS w/ BLUEBERRIES… I think my mom might yell at me tho since it’s not really overflowing with iron @_@ BUT it’s what I CRAVE :[


edit @ 1143pm


Preparing to cook!!!

Cooking with tomatillos for the first time!!!

They’re like tart tomatoes.

The shrimps before I tossed it all together with the wilting fresh basil, and tomatillo/hot pepper/spinach/grilled scallions mixture

(I had marinated the shrimps for about an hour with fresh orange zest & juice, garlic, pepper, wine, paprika & cumin!!!.. I think a few other spices too but I don’t remember hahaha)

Spaghetti Squash

Spicy Orange Cumin Grilled Shrimp w/ Tomatillos, Scallions, Basil & Spinach + Roasted Delicatas

Leeks w/ Garlicky Brown Butter Chanterelle Mushrooms

I didn’t make this, it’s just sliced beef my mom brought home from her monthly lunch party with her gfs.

I REALLY REALLY craved an amazing SWEET bowl of oats sooooo…

The most amazing bowl of oats I’ve ever had…

Banana, Blueberries, Flaxseed, Wheatberries, Cinnamon & Mexican Vanilla

Plopped with a few GIANT BLOBS of Soyogurt :]

Wildwood Organic Plain Soyogurt

& very Greek Yogurt-ish but with a taste of soy!!!

& two marrocs from my lovely Coco!!!! <3 SOOOO HARD to not eat EVERYTHING!!

A snack while I watch Pan’s Labyrinth for like the billionth time (SUCH a good, but really really sad movie) Two more chocolate covered oranges, and two more chocolate covered dried peaches!!!!

I know I know I said no candy but I really really needed a few gummies tonite. I’m having a *really* bad nite tonite :[

Nite!!! I have a few things to catch up on work since I’ll be having my first Iron IV session tomorrow afternoon!

Tofu Eggplant Black Bean Burgers

I was going to make burgers this weekend.. but then I decided to make something vegetarian/vegan…. AND THEN…. I wanted to join in the BSI fun… SOOOOOOOO….

Tofu Eggplant Black Bean Burgers!!!!

First I took TWO small eggplants (a Japanese one and a graffiti one.. I bought them separately haha.. gotta use what I gots :])

I added a package of FIRM tofu, 

Added a can of black beans (drained and washed), handmushed it together. Added the tastes… soy sauce, sesame oil, black pepper, hot pepper flakes, a splash of white wine and cooked it down…

After I drained and dried what was left in the pot, I mixed in oats, 3 eggs… and pan-grilled them with a tiny bit of evoo in the pan.

I made a nice batch of truffle sweet potato fries on the side.

Had tomatoes & steamed kale in the burger fixin’s :]


1 Can Black Beans (no salt)
1 Package Firm Tofu (crumbled)
2 small eggplants (diced)
3/4c Oats
3 Eggs (I tried it without and it didn’t hold together as well so I added it in) 

To Taste:
Soy sauce
Sesame Oil
Hot Pepper Flakes
Black Pepper
3 Garlic Cloves
White Wine
4-5 Basil Leaves
1/2-1c Chopped Fresh Scallions
2 Shallots (diced) 

Burger Assembly:
Toasted buns w/ butter and garlic rubbed on
Steamed Kale
Slices of Tomato

1. Add Tofu, Beans, Eggplants into pot. Mush half the beans as you mix it together.

2. Put pot on stove on medium-mediumhi

3. Add (all to taste), soy sauce, sesame oil, hot pepper flakes, black pepper & the 3 diced garlic cloves. Add a splash of white wine and rip up the basil leaves. Cook down until the eggplant is soft and mushy.

4. It will be liquidy so drain the liquid and get rid of as much as possible.

5. Add in the diced shallots. Add the Oats to the mix. (You can leave the eggs out or use egg whites instead. I found that 2-3 eggs made the patties bond the best!) Mix in the scallions (this is also to taste, I love scallions so I added a lot!!!)

6. Round them into big balls, add a little evoo into pan or grill and grill on both sides til brown!

Conclusion: DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-licious!!

Sides: Butternut Squash – Apple – Carrot puree, Steamed Kale & Truffled Sweet Potato Fries… 

Pink for Dinner!!!

Since I’m too lazy in the morning, I’m really getting into the breakfast for dinner. For some reason I just haven’t craved anything savory ALL day. In fact, I’ve been eating pretty healthy all day long…. just fruits and cereal (and caffeine haha) 

Anyways, in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I give you….


(pink spoon and all)

Dump in…
1/2c Thick Rolled Oats
1 1/4c Water

And then once that is bubbly I throw in
176g of halved Fresh Strawberries

And towards the end of cooking
1/4c (50g) of Cooked Wheat Berries

= Perfection 

Cook it down til the strawberries have “melted away” and the oats have thickened and plumped up.. the smell of strawberries in the air and a beautiful pink hue…


Going in for the kill, nice soft chunks of strawberries and wheatberries in my oats ♥

& now I bring you my meat of the day…


[ cue suspense music ]

getting excited?

commence squealing with glee :D

Now that’s what I call a HOT DOG ;] *cheeeesy*

(note: I bought the MUSTARD one and NOT the ketchup one.. I’m not really a fan of ketchup except on my 糭子 (zongzi), and yes I eat my fries with mustard…)

I love my baby

edit @ 1123pm
Watched the Filipino movie Ouija today. It was pretty good :] My oatmeal really really filled me up, it was SOOOO huge (the strawberries somehow added to the fullness and it was super puffy, yum!!!) but I had fun eating rambutans & longans fresh from Russo’s!!!!

The longans (龍眼)…

The rambutans

HUUUUUGE plate of yummies waiting to be peeled and eaten :]

I ended up eating 53 longans (they’re tiny tho) & 23 rambutans…
I told you I’m weird with #s :] HAHAHA…

Goodnite everyone!!! It’s been a long day and I have a horrible headache and I’m terribly sore :[ I promise to comment back tomorrow morning when I get to work :]

1o*12 Daily Munch

Not feeling well today :[ AND unlike most ppl on Columbus Day, I had work :[ Boo! I w@h’d tho due to feeling like complete poo…

I’m addicted to weighing my food today…


1 tbs Chia Seeds (12g)
1/2 Pomelo (344g)
Strawberries (304g) 


200g of Pineapple

I decided to bake :] Banana Cinnamon Bread w/ Caramel Chips. NOM! I substituted applesauce for the butter, added 1.5 small bananas (sliced up), 1/2c oats and sprinkled some more oats on top before I popped it into the oven.

Before it went into the oven :]

An hour later, oh man my  house smells like HEAVEN!!! I’ve missed baking…

I’m gonna go nap before dinner….