♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Happy Birthday Mommy!!!! ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

Once upon a time…. a baby was born into the world…. on September 23, 19xx – She was a fiesty stubborn girl who grew up to be a fine, well educated lady, sister, daughter, wife, friend, and above all else, a mother.

To the one who brought me into this world…. and loved me for every second.  Who, now even at my age, looks at me and sees a sweet innocent naive girl (Every once in awhile haha).

To the one who will play dress up with me and attend events.

And vacation with me and make goofy selfie faces.

The the courageous tiny little 5’2″ woman who gave birth to me….. someone who turned out to be 5’7.5″

Where we can both wear shirts so tacky we make it look GOOD!!!! #swag

The loving “grandma” to my baby… my daughter, Dior (Didi) my furbaby!

To the lady who has stayed forever young in my eyes.  And the most honest (sometimes to a fault) but blunt and intelligent (sometimes irrational but aren’t we all?)

Who will be goofy and wear surgical masks with me in Asia….

….And of course someone who will take a bathroom mirror selfie with me. (ps I got my legs from her HEE HEE)

Thank you, my beautiful mommy for bringing me into this world and have strung along me through the good and the bad the whole time.  Even when we had very little you gave me everything, the world, and then some.  You have let me travel places, eat anything, brought tears to my eyes from telling me you love me and also when I feel like I have disappointed you.  While we bicker and fight a lot, I know that you do it through love and I love you as well.  Happy Birthday you are the greatest and you deserve the best – sorry I haven’t always been the best daughter to you but I will try.  I promise. I don’t know if I’ll ever be as great of a woman you have been so far but I will try.  I love you.

Your Baby, Always, Tiffany

My tattoos.. and their meanings…

I recently just got my newest tattoo… “Bolsillo lleno de sueños” – which means “Pocketful of Dreams” – Once again I was attacked by my mother.. so I thought I would make a post about my tattoos and their meanings…. First and foremost my newest ones.  As you can see, I will not lie, yes I have cut.  As I grow older, something that used to be a shame to me is turning into something I want to bring awareness to.  Hurting yourself, cutting, self-harm, etc… is NOT the right way to do it.  I wanted my new tattoo to cover my scars and to remind me to always look to the future, and look to the stars… so I added it to my stars I got last year in Taiwan… and added a few more to “complete” the whole look.

These were the original stars that i had gotten in Taiwan…… always look to the stars…. always keep believing and dreaming and reaching for them…. that’s why I got them

These two hearts were my first.  And I got them with one of my besties/sis Serina when she lived with me for a week in America.  They represent us :]

And yes, this was my second tattoo… a Hello Kitty bow. DUH. Explanation needed?!?!

The next was the start of my Alice in Wonderland obsession…. which I hope to be the biggest piece on me…. I have slowly added onto this thru-out the past two years.  But this was the first, And it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

This “Infinity Sign with Love” in it is dedicated to my mother.  When I was a little kid my mom would ask “How much do you love me?” And I’d stretch out my arms and say “INFINITY”

Later after a few drinks I went back and got this, my Leo sign.  I am the definition of a LEO woman and I am proud of my strong sign.

My “Curiosity often leads to trouble” with dragonflies that I got with my bestie, Kate, on her Bday (we represent the dragonflies, she got a different tatt on her foot with color but also with two dragonflies)

Follow the white rabbit… This is the bunny/rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (duh) but with a heart balloon… cuz… I just love it.

This is my ” <3 ” which shows my nerdy way of loving someone.  This is my first tattoo I got at Ximending in like ghetto tattoo area in Taipei. LOL.

This was another tattoo I’ve wanted to get for awhile.   Life is love and love it life.  I want to be always filled with love and no hat.  I’ll robably get more love-related tattoos in the future.

This is my “Believe” my second finger tattoo… and NO nothing to do with Justin Bieber or Bielibers…. I got it for me to always remember to BELIEVE in myself.  There is always ho[e!

This one is a huge deal from me, a lot of you may know by now I have suffered from an Eating Disorder for more than half my life.  This is the recovery symbol.

Ah. After a margarita (those HUGE ones) for breakfast (in Vegas obviously) there was a tattoo parlor right across from the Mexican place we were at so I finally got a tattoo I’ve wanted.  Champagne glass (my fav booze) with heart (see more love references) bubbles!!!! – I designed it!

Me: You think they’ll do walk-ins?
Kelly: Dude it’s Vegas, they bank on bad decisions.

And yes there are funny videos of me lying on my stomach in a skirt getting tattooed.

Who needs to rule the day when you can be me and rule the night?

“Carpe Noctum”

One of my bestie’s, Johnny aka Woo Bear, got “carpe diem” after I got this :] <3

I also have an obsession with skulls… but of course it’d have to have a BOW on it :] If you look at my jewelry and clothes I have tons of skulls stuff!

This is when I FINALLY added onto my Alice in Wonderland side tattoo.  Which I want to turn into a large side piece eventually ALL related to AIW.  I’m thinking mushrooms, Cheshire Cat, vines/flowers, a teacup and obviously an “Eat Me” cupcake or cookie… WHICH I might turn my skull into. (The skull will be the top of the cupcake and I’ll have maybe an Eat Me ribbon around it.)

Yes. I am Tiffie Dee aka Queen Dee.

Austin Mahone’s autograph! Yeah… DUH. FAN FOR LIFE!

And a 5SOS (5 Seconds of Summer) tattoo. I love you guys!!!!

And then my gorgeous stopwatch!…. How beautiful and intricate s it?  And now I just need to add the chain that will connect the pocket watch to the key!

And how can I forgot my dedication for the love of food. “j’ai faim” which means I’m hungry in French. WHICH I want to add onto cuz the space about the M looks like I can add some foody pic in it. Chopsticks? butcher knife?  Still unsure….. haha bowl of rice.

And course my newest one. That you first saw…. “Pocketful of Dreams” in Spanish.  So now I have English, Latin, French AND Spanish on me.

I also need to add to my Alice in Wonderland side piece ASAP.  Eventually I want a back to shoulder tattoo.   I want something to represent my parents (possible both of their chinese last names intertwined into a design).  I need a 1D and BSB one. A cat one.  And my Valfré mermaid which I’m getting next. Also want a little Fafi on me :] Two of some of my favorite artists!!!

So far 22 Tatts and 18 Piercings… this needs to change NOW!

Just a few reasons why my mom is the best – Happy Birthday Mommy

I love you Mommy, Happy Birthday

Happy Mothers Day 2014 at Cottage Wellesley

I’m behind on my Mother’s Day Post….. I took my mama to The Cottage in Wellesley for the special day…

We got there in time for the reservation but still had to wait awhile for our table… which was kind of disappointing – and annoying.

Me and my beautiful mommy…

I got her flowers delivered to the restaurant… which she loved because she loves purple roses and we both took a million pictures… this is one of my favorites… she will always be the most beautiful woman I know in my life.

We got a half bottle of champagne to celebrate the day.

Cheers to you mommy for being the most amazing woman in my life.

We said no to bread but they gave it to us anyway and it was SO GOOD.  Warm creamy butter and hot delicious fluffy bread. YAY – so bad for us since we’re both carb-o-holics.  It was kind of foccacia-y….

For appetizers we got  a grilled vegetable salad and fried eggplant fries.



They came with a sauce that kind of tasted like a tartar sauce mixed with a thousand island dressing…. but just on it’s own it was…. light, fluffy, crisp outside and soooo soft and yummy inside – NOT OILY AT ALL.

They actually split our salad for us.  It came with avocado… like a split whole avocado between the two of us… grilled red peppers… asparagus… corn… squash… different kinds of greens… it was just beautiful… you didn’t even need the dressing to make it delicious.

This was my duck duo – which was duck leg confit and duck breast. BEAUTIFUL.  Pickled Cabbage and mandarin slices.

Mama got the sweet potato crusted cod with Potatoes and corn…. also completely amazing.


When we got home I made us Watermelon Margaritas with just Fresh Watermelon and Patron in my vitamix. YAYYYYYY

 I love you Mommy

國立傳統藝術中心 Natural Center for Traditional Arts, Bike Riding, & Coffee at 小熊書房 in Yilan

We wanted Goose but it didn’t open til 5pm so we headed to the National Center for Traditional Arts (國立傳統藝術中心)  Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Or they do, and sometimes, rarely, I just don’t wanna talk that much.

Those are pointy red tomatoes. insane right?

Yilan is known for their scallions…. so we found a food booth that was made with everything scallions.. noodles, dumplings… everything. YUM.

Modeling as a 格格 aka a princess of a chinese emperor.. if only.. ;]

小熊書 – Little Bear Cafe

Spicy Night a la Mommy, Back in the Bean

After a long day of fooding… bloat bloat, we woke up early to go to the airport to fly in opposite directions. W back to Detroit and me back to Boston.

Hungry and upset stomach

I’m ready… iPad, Mags, Chicken Caesar, Coffee.. and I had a bag of snacks, hot fries and candy  and fruits.

I got home and had to do some work.. so I had some freshly picked HUGE blueberries while blogging, uploading videos, pics and doing work. I’m good at multi-tasking :]

For dinner, Mommy made 4 delicious spicy dishes that I love.

Spicy Marinated Cold Cucumbers
Crispy, fresh, crumchy with a nice spice to it. YUM – Simple and refreshing!!!!

Spicy Mung Bean Sprouts with Thai Chili

Bitter Greens, Pork Belly and Thai Chilis
One of my favorite dishes ever YUM.

Szechuan Ma La Beef in Chili OilSOOOOOOO GOOOOD and spicy, burned my throat and stomach, amazing.  My mom used rib eye so it was fatty and tender. MMMMM….

Spicy Food = Happy Tiffie

Happy Mommy’s Day 2012

To the best mommy in the world, who opened me to the world of… everything! And always taught me not to skimp on food.

This made me laugh so hard:

I got dressed up… clad in leather and leopard haha #classy and headed out to brunch with my parents.

Sel de la Terre had a special Mothers Day brunch so we decided to grab a bite and then wander and shop around a bit afterwards.  Coffees all around please. None of us could get up this morning.  It was already 1pm but we were sleepy. At least I was.

Some multigrain bread and foccacia

Bloody Mary for me…

MMMMMMM I feel like I haven’t had one in ages!  SDLT has pretty good ones, altho this one wasn’t mixed too well at first and my first sip was all vodka.  I’m not complaining tho, I love my vodka.

Charcuterie plate with duck liver terrine, pork rillette, whole grain mustard, toasted crostini and chutney

Soup du Jour: Tomato Soup with Cheesey Crostini

It was thick and creamy… had a cheese stank to it, in a good way and in a bad way, I’m actually not that big on creamy soups, esp ones with cheese creamed into it.  It was a good soup for dipping and much bread was inhaled by way of dunking into this orange concoction.  It was still a HUGE portion and I could only finish like 1/4 or 1/3 of it.

Entrees are served!!!

Mommy got the Lemon risotto with Atlantic Salmon, tomatoes, spinach, and smoked salmon 

She does this a lot, get something and then eat everyone else’s food but her own.  She already had a lot of bread, charcuterie – she LOVES foie gras, and some of my soup and then some of dad’s entree so she just kinda ate the salmon and some veggies from this.  She’s also not a big risotto person so…. *shrugs* that’s why I got her bacon and she was SO happy I did.  Anyways there was cooked salmon IN the risotto and smoked salmon on top.  I duno why but I thought it was odd, *double shrugs*

Daddy got the House roasted pulled pork sandwich with SDLT barbecue sauce on brioche bun, frites

The bun was fluffy and the pork was tender.. the sauce was a bit on the sweet side but daddy still loved it.  The frites were perfect as always!  Since daddy’s dish came with frites, this was the first time I wasn’t an ass and asked for my free foursquare frites HAHA.

And I got the Arugula Salad with red onions, beets and spiced cashews with a vinaigrette with a rare steak on top.

Delicious fresh crisp arugula balanced great with my mooing bloody steak. Mom freaked out when she saw how rare it was.  I didn’t expect such a huge chunk of meat so I’m glad I didn’t get more food to go with this.  SO good.  I wish there were more beets in it tho I just had a meesly few tiny pieces/slivers LAME.  There were also some foccacia croutons, garlicky, and the red onions were sliced super super thin.  Very delicious.

And of course a side of perfectly cooked Bacon! Meaty, fatty and perfectly crisp. NOM!

We balled out with a Grand Sampling for dessert…
Bread Pudding, Caradmom Ice Cream w/ pistachips, Lava Cake, Lemon Tart, Truffles, Macaron, Cookies and Creme Brulee


When we got home, these were waiting for my mommy at the garage :][ From me!!!

These gorgeous flowers were from W :] Sweetest boyfriend!

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! To the strongest, stubborn but sweet, intelligent and most beautiful woman I know.

麻油雞 – Sesame Oil Chicken w/ Rice Wine

Feeling Asiany lately and I’ve been opting for homecooked Chinese food a lot more than going out lately…. so gonna do another Asian recipe post :]  And semi-freaky I suppose.. since it’s almost Halloween :]

Note to self: Do a Freaky Food Memory post in honor of Halloween! WOOT

Alright alright! Let’s get AASSSSSSSSSSSSIIIANNN!!!! *freaky-like*

SO quickie intro to this recipe… People who have been following my twitter/blogs/fb should know that I’ve gone through low points, health wise. Insanely low weight – I’ve been 90lbs and I’m 5’7,5″ – I’ve battled severe anemia and other things I don’t really want to get into right now.  So my mom is constantly trying to make me foods that make my health better… herbal soups, etc etc, you know how us asians do… healing naturally thru herbs and food is better than any pharmaceutical thing… haha… “drugs” :]


One great recipe to help “heal” the body and “warm” it up – I’m always so cold – is Sesame Oil Chicken aka 麻油雞. It sounds like a nice little dish but it’s got bite. Why?  TONS of booze in it.  The recipe is super simple… and it basically is just a mish mash to taste.  I keep it simple.. and extra boozy :] No salt, sugar or water.

All you need is quality 米酒 Rice Wine, 麻油 Sesame Oil, Ginger and a whole Chicken – preferably bone in..

Doesn’t this remind you of Hapi Djus – YAY Eurotrip



Sorry I get distracted easily.. back to the recipe

Heat up your wok/pan  and pour in about 3 tablesppons of 麻油 Sesame Oil… My mom has a special Black Sesame Oil that she uses specifically for this.  The smells are amazing.. the flavor just packs so much more punch. Use more if you want more sesame oil flavor.  Once it heats up, add some thinly sliced ginger – or chunks of you don’t want to eat it, but I love eating ginger.. the more the merrier – especially for me since I love ginger – and stirfry it til it’s browned and the sesame oil and ginger smell amazing.  Pop in the chicken pieces… and brown it. I love chicken feet like crazy – plus the collagen in it is SUPER good for the skin… it’s how we asians stay so young ;] – and once browned add.. a bottle of rice wine.  Hell, add more if you want, the more the merrier :]  It’ll get a nice orange/tan color – make sure you skim off the excess fat/oil on top of the soup before you drink.

Don’t judge. I love chicken feet [鳳爪<3].

It’s pretty strong though… and too much is a bit “上火” – kind of like the imbalance of your yin and yang… too much firey foods like alcohol, spicy, fried, etc make it off-balanced and it’s too much “fire” aka 火 – Just simmer for like 10-15 minutes or so until chicken is fully cooked and tender and drink and eat away… make sure only to eat a bowl at a time – with noodles it’s AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING…..  my mom and I love it with 麵線 [miàn xiàn] which is a super skinny salted wheat noodle… NOM NOM NOM

I didn’t have mine with noodles last night, I went more caveman approach to NOMMING it… but here’s a look and feel:

Source: Flickr

Side Note: This is a GREAT dish to heal the body after you’ve just given birth, just saying… my grandma did it for her daughters and my mom plans to do it for me.

Celebrating Mommy’s Bday the French way…

It was my beautiful Mommy’s birthday this past Friday [obviously she was turning sweet 26 hehe]…

She’s always been my number one foodie crime in partner with me ;D Even before I started eating/liking food

…ane/so I was planning to take her out to dinner Thursday night since I had a wedding to go to in Flushing for the weekend… – it was her choice… but change of events and I had to make a trip down to the Apple store to get my macbook fixed [again] stupid harddrive [again] so why not our favorite French resto in our area?! Sel de la Terre.  I’ve been so busy with life/work that I’ve missed the past few wine Tuesdays….

I’ve been wanting to try their new menu items anyways since I’ve only been going to their wine Tuesdays :]… We had the NICEST waiter who gave me the best wine recommendation AND also recognized us from Wine Tuesdays :D Woot!

Instead of a bread basket we got to choose our own :]

A delicious glass of French red thanks to my awesome waiter

2009 – Cabernet/Syrah “Puydeval” Vin de Pays d’Oc, France
This was delicious.. fruity, bold but not earthy at all.. so glad I went with this and not the Argentinian Malbec… it’s so nice when I get proven wrong.. especially since I’m usually not a fan of French reds :D

House made Duck Liver Terrine, Toasted Crostini, Whole Grain Mustard, Chutney

Silky smooth duck liver, soooo delicious.. a light sprinkle of salt  – I like it with a sprinkle of red onion and a tiny bit of chutney – love the sweet – if I don’t have some of the jelly with it. YUM!  I’m in LOVE with the brioche toasts.  So fluffy….

ASF Green Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes, Bacon Lardons, Comte, Basil-Parmesan Vinaigrette

Delicious greens, so herb-y and full of flavor, different kinds of leaves and greens YUM.. and tons of freshly cooked bacon all over.. the basil heavy vinaigrette was DELICIOUS – I’m not a huge dressing person, but I loved it!  Just made the salad that much more refreshing!

Long Island Duck Breast, Quinoa, Braised Greens, Beet Puree, Pickled Baby Beets

Cooked medium – mom was kinda scared of medium rare, which is usually what I get with duck – but still super fatty and moist and FULL of flavor, tender and the skin was cooked to a slight crisp – but still chewy and pliable  consistency, YUM!  I say it was still under a medium which I loved…  the quinoa seemed to be a little cheesy mustard grain tasting which made it a bit heavy… so I didn’t eat it with the duck.  The beet sauce and the pickled beets had a nice slight tang to it that cut thru the richness of the duck.  YUM!

Mussels with White Wine, Chorizo, Sweet 100 Tomatoes, Fennel, Garbanzo Beans and Cherry Pepper Broth

This was sooooo good… super fresh mussels and tons of delicious chunks of spicy chorizo and perfectly cooked garbanzo beans!!!  This was soooo good.. and the salty broth paired beautifully with the delicious broth the mussels were bathed in.

Steak Tartare, Dijon Vinaigrette, Truffle Aioli and Rosemary Pomme Frites

I haven’t had a good steak tartare in awhile.. and OMG even tho I’m not a huge aioli girl THIS TRUFFLE AIOLI was AMAZING.. the tartare itself was delicious by itself.  I had some on crostini and with the fries but mostly with a tiny dip of the aioli.  MMMMMM, truffle and raw meat <3  What more can a girl want?!

Happy Birthday Mommy, from me and Dior :]

My mom is so cute…

I was on the phone complaining to her about how crappy I felt from the whole mix of foods I’ve been munching on all day and probably from all the wine and sweets from last nite and the whole week in general. I was complaining about how fat and bloated I felt and she was all concerned.

This is the text she just sent me:
“You are not fat. Your body need balance diet. You need protein. Vegetable. To keep healthy. Take care. Love you.”