EVA Hello Kitty from LAX to Taipei!!!!!….

For once I had a plane ride at 6pm instead of 6am….  so off I go…. Boston to LA….

I’m excited for the warmer weather…. so tank top it is

Got a yummy Chicken Marinara with Green Beans over Rice meal… Salad, Roll, Butter, the works… had some nuts too…. MMM, nuts… (I may have already snacked and had a few glasses of free booze at the VIP Airlines Lounge earlier…)

LA!!!!… Beautiful view…

Sat in the VIP lounge and ate tons of food include this self made “Asian Salad” with Champagne….  I took some of the “Asian Salad with Wonton Strips” And added some Teriyaki Chicken to it… why not?!… a lot of the other stuff didn’t look too appealing except for Korean Ramen and Japanese Noodles… all which was consumed (duh)

WAIT “Why is this a Hello Kitty ticket?????”


Life is now… complete!!!!


Sea Bass? It was freaking CHILEAN SEA BASS!!!! SOOOOO good… and of course more and more booze…

And los of veg…

Dessert was fruits and a yummy mousse cake, some tea… and more wine :]

Midnight snack while watching FROZEN was a Turkey Sandwich… which, I have to say was greasy and pretty gross….. sorry EVA… I didn’t like it, maybe I would’ve more if there was a Hello Kitty face on it…

Breakfast Time…


Congee…. with 1000 yr egg, fried tofu with fish ball…. shredded dried pork, Fermented Spicy Tofu, pickles… and then some…

And fruits <3

Oh hello…. Taiwan beer… I’m definitely back in Taiwan

WEEEEEEEEE 5am and ready to party

Yes we’re back in Taiwan

Die Antwoord & Midnight Drunken Munchies

The other day we got some Chinese takeout and headed to a Die Antwoord concert.

Mango Chicken, Hot & Sour Soup and Sapporo [from North Sea] for meeeee

Food was okay.

I was too excited to go to the concert tho… so didn’t eat much before we headed out…

VIP beeeeeeeetches

The concert was AMAZING. SO much fun.. we went to Brixton for a few drinks and even checked out another band at a neighboring, smaller venue… a few drinks later, we were starved and back home.

I made Annie’s Mac&Cheese with pulled Roast Chicken from our chicken the other day [when W made me a salad] and I added a ton of frozen veggies into the mix. YUM
And an ice cream to end the late night :D YAY