만두 at Mandu

W and I finally met up with Brent, aside from seeing him for a brief second at Proof.  After the longest avoidance, laziness and procrastination we FINALLY decided on Mandu [K street one, I didn’t know and suggested we walk there, since we always go to the one closer to W’s apt] for lunch.  So off we went.  We sat down right as it started pouring and B got a beer, W got some iced tea and I got….

Aloe Sojutini

SO. ME.  It was delish with chunks of aloe on the bottom and thru-out, lightly sweetened and – what can I say I MUST be Korean on the inside cuz I love the taste of soju.  Love it more than Sake.

Banchan 반찬

Sweet Potato, Sprouts, Cucumber, Cabbage Kimchi, Spicy Mariniated Fried Tofu and Steamed Broccoli

SO good.  I loved the tofu :]  A nice chew to the skin that gave away to a soft fluffy innard and nice heat to it.

B got the Bar Special, Pint of Beer and Pan Fried Mandu and Shrimp Tacos. YUM.

I forgot what kind of dumplings they were but he loved them.  I duno how a big guy like him ate so little.. but then again I think he had like 3 or 4 beers… hahaha..

Soon Doobu
spicy seafood stew w/ soft tofu and egg
Scallops, Squid and Shrimp with Soft fluffy tofu… a poached egg in a spicy broth. SO good.  But probably a bad idea for me to be eating this on such a hot summer’s day OOPS. SOOO worth the sweat tho.

And of course W got his
Duru Jjigee
marinated and spiced pork belly sauteed w/
kimchi and rice cakes, served with steamed tofu

With dduk, rice cakes, of course. SO GOOD.

One of the owners, Danny, also one of W’s friends, came by and let us try his favorite summer dish…. With Sliced Beef, Egg, Pickled Radish & Cucumber, a few other things and you add vinegar, mustard and chili sauce to your liking/taste.  I think it’s called 물냉면, a Naengmyeon :] YUM

The three of us shared this…

And then I got another Sojutini, since I was between two flavors, I got the other one…

Grape Sojutini

This one had fresh skinless grapes on the bottom, it was sweeter than the aloe one – both were delicious.

For dessert we got mango, strawberry and green tea ice cream mochi.  The strawberry one was my favorite!!! The green tea one’s mochi skin was a bit tough and not soft and chewy like the others… it was more cookie like, weird.. maybe it thawed weird or was old?! YUM nonetheless and we gobbled it up in mere seconds.

I tried to open these.  WHY WON’T THEY OPEN?  I want to climb it as well.. TEEHEE…

You can never go wrong with Korean :]

Bye Bye Detroit, See you never – Sora, best Japanese food in Detroit… at the airport

I left for the Detroit Metro Airport a bit too early so I had a lot of time to spare once I checked in.  I actually left my ID IN my pocket. In my shorts. The pair I wore the night before. And packed it up. In my suitcase. The one that was getting shipped. OOPS.  Good thing I had my Passport from going to Canada.

I finally got to try the Japanese place I’ve seen at the Delta side of the airport.  Sora Japanese Cuisine. I got a seat for one in the front of the restaurant by the sushi bar and opened the menu. GLEE.

I expected the worst but was pleasantly surprised.

LOOK! They have Takoyaki AND Ramen!

Unfortunately my stomach was killing me from the night/day before so I tried to eat light.

A Plum Wine/Sake Martini concoction. Maraschino cherry. A bit on the girly side for me… and too sweet, but it was pretty fun.


Tako Su

Super fresh… seaweed, slightly pickled cucumbers and delicious super tender fresh octopus!!!


Salmon and Tuna.. the safest bet.  Beautiful vibrant colors!  Soft, a bit on the small side but tasty.

I had another martini.. contemplated getting more food but decided to buy some candy and snacks instead and play on my ipad until my flight.  RIGHT before boarding I grew starved and wanted a burger. BOO. I checked my giant Chanel travel bag for my banana and it was squished ALL. OVER. the bottom of the bag. SO SAD.

Word Search on the plane waiting to be able to use electronics.

Blade Sushi Bar/Lounge at Fountainbleau

On our last day in Miami, W had an early start to a busy day so I just slept in cuz it as rainy/thundering on and off all day in Miami… woke up around 1130 and got ready to spend a day shopping and eating…

After some shopping around and fell in love with the most gorgeous Philipp Plein seude biege crystalized skull bag/tote… UGH I WANT IT… it was almost 5grand SIGH… AND these jean shoes… I finally headed over to Blade for some sushi.

I was surprised to find out that Bladen and La Vida are actually one.  La Vida is american and Blade is, well duh, sushi/Japanese but you can get both in the same place.

Sushi Bar

My view

Ready to eat

…with my Sparkling Sake Mojito

Sparkling Sake, Bacardi Superior, Fresh Mint, Hand Pressed Lime, Soda, Cane Nectar

Water a la Z with Lime & Lemon

Steamed Soy Beans with Sea Salt

It was a huge piping hot STEAMING bowl. YUM!

Octopus Carpaccio
Sweet Pepper, Tomato, Red Onion, Cucumber, Spicy Vinegar Dressing

This was the dish that got people thinking I was in the food industry/restaurant biz hahahaha….

Green Salad
Rice Vinegar, Dressing, Carrot, Radish Sprout

This was so much more decadent than I expected.  Squash, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, amazing. SOOO GOOD.

Naruto Maki
Thin Sliced King Salmon, Crabmeat, Masago, Avocado, Scallion, Vinegar Dressing, Wrapped in Cucumber

Not that great but fresh

Salmon & Scallop Sashimi

The scallop wasn’t on the menu but I asked for some.  And I asked for them to give me thin slices of lemon with it.  Can you believe they charged me freaking 23$ for that one thinly sliced up scallop?!  It was delicious, but I’d hav appreciated more lemon in the slice lol.

Apprently this was too much food for lil ol me?! So said food neighbors… waiter also thought I was in the restaurant biz/food industry cuz I got the octopus hahaha and probably cuz I was picky about scallop.

Half way thru I finished my mojito so I got a Lychee Martini.  Grey Goose, Lychee Liqeur, Orange Bitters, Lychee Juice.  I was trying to eat super slow and enjoy myself and scenary.  Fuck the girl next to me who told her mom “OMG I wouldn’t even go into a STORE by MYSELF” go back to your salads bitches.

Delicious.  I also ended up buying W a Blade Roll / Panko crusted Toro, Pickled Ginger, Asian Pears, XO Sauce and Bleau Roll / Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, scallion, masago wrapped with daikon, soy onion dressing.  But we didn’t get a chance to try them cuz we were in a hurry to make it to the airport, boo :[ Next time, maybe… lol…

Lulu’s Waikiki Surf Club and Tiki’s Grill & Bar

After a long day on the plane…. literally a REALLY long day… probably 14 or 15 hrs in airports and on planes…. we cleaned up and got dressed at the hotel and headed out for a snack!

First up?

Lulu’s Waikiki Surf Club

Ahi Poke
A Hawaiian Classic. Fresh from the Pacific Ocean. Simply prepared with sweet Maui Onions, green onions, alae salt and Kikkoman Shoyu

Probably the best poke I’ve ever eaten… this was the FIRST thing we put in our mouths here in Hawaii and it was FREAKING AMAZING!! I was daydreaming about this ALL freaking week..and now that I’m BACK, I’m STILL drooling and fantasizing about this sexy bowl of raw tuna!
Mac Nut Crusted Mahi
Macadamia nut encrusted mahimahi fillet served with a tropical Lilikoi-mac nut butter sauce.

The fish was good and the veggies were very fresh but the sauce was a bit killer to me.  A bit too buttery and wayyy too much… should’ve gotten it on the side.  The mahi itself was very tender and cooked to a nice flakiness…
Blackened Ahi
Ahi fillet seasoned with cajun spices blackened in a cast iron skillet. Accompanied by grilled cajun rock shrimp sauce, black beans and tomatoes, finished with a light butter sauce.

I usually don’t like seared tuna but this was perfectly seared… just a very very paper thin sear on he outside and beautiful fresh raw tuna on the inside.  DELISH

Afterwards we walked around but then took a quick nap back at the hotel.. [like I said before, long day of airports and planes…We were up since 430am NYC time… which is 1030pm the day before Hawaii time and we had gotten INTO honolulu around 430pm the next day [their time] that’s a LONG, FREAKING. TIME!] We woke up later and wanted some drinks and more snacking… we heard that Tiki’s was a nice place to be… it was also right next to our hotel so off we went :D

Tiki’s Grill & Bar

Z decided to get his Jack on the Rocks in one of their signature mugs… and I ended up getting a Fire Goddess Martini… [Pama Pom Liquor & Cranberry Juice]

We were a bit hungry so we decided to get a few bar/lounge snacks… they had open mic night so we were grooving to some nice singing, enjoying the night [kinda wet out] while we ate and drink.

Kalua Pig Quesadilla
A favorite since we opened in 2002 – try it and you’ll understand why.  Taro tortillas filled with kalua pig, pepper jack cheese, and Kahuku corn relish served with guacamole and salsa

Nice and piggy. I loved these.  Def ate more than my fair share… needed more guacamole though [hint hint]  The tortilla was  nice blue corn one… or at least they were blue, har har, very good… would’ve loved it if there was more pig and more cheese!!! The thicker the better but these were squishy and yummy on the inside!

Guava Glazed Baby Back Ribs
A four bone rack of St Louis Style Baby Back Ribs grilled & basted with our own signature guava barbecue sauce.

These were a bit on the sweet side, obviously, from the guava, but it was SO delicious… so tender that it just fell off the bone.  Lickity yum and fatty.. okay maybe a few parts were WAY too fatty but SO delicious.

Hawaiian Ahi Poke
Fresh Yellowfish tuna cubed and  seasoned with Hawaiian ogo Seaweed, Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil.  ON a bed of Organic Baby Arugula from the east side of Oahu.  A local favorite!

After having the poke at Lulu’s just earlier, it was so freaking good, this was a bit too heavy on the sauce… still fresh and tasty though, just more on the salty side.

Tiki’s Famous Coconut Shrimp
Jumbo Shrimp Rolled in Crispy coconut and served with a sweet chili sauce and Asian slaw.  Made famous here, copied everywhere!

Z was SO excited about these… he’s never had coconut shrimp before and was always scared that they were just frozen ones from Costco… [like at Joe’s] but the menu convinced him that this MAY JUST BE the place to get them.. since they were “made famous here” — which is why I tweeted them asking if they were fresh hehehe…

Two GREAT places that we would go back to again and again for drinks and snacks and a guaranteed good time!  The staff is great and so is the atmosphere!

Late Night at Noche

I haven’t participated in Restaurant week in years… and I also have no idea why Noche started sending me emails,  but I caught a glimpse of their restaurant menu and was intrigued…. I think it was the churros and the duck leg tostada… not to mention they have a pretty cool drink menu.

We had late reservations for 10 [they take orders until 11pm] and the bar is open til… 1:30am I believe…

We got seated in a corner next to a table of drunk white people [somehow their wine top ended up flying over to our side and under my feet hahaha…] the girls were clearly drunk… there was talk of more drinking and her being able to handle 5 Guinesses… #classy – all in good fun :]

I spy with my naked eye.. a smilie face

Horrible cardboard bread. This is me squeezing it really hard between my fingers. Seriously…

Cardamom Pear Martini

double cross vodka, belle de brillet, cardamom, lemon juice, lemon bitters

I was not a fan… it was too sweet and tasted like an apple martini. NO cardamom taste at all :[ Boo….

Black Truffle Martini

double cross vodka, splash of dry vermouth, black truffle&feta cheese stuffed olive

The olive was delicious. SO truffly. But the drink was meh. We ended up sending my pear martini back and we got a bottle of bubbly :D

Ancho Chili Rubbed Duck Leg Tostada

Shaved lettuce and green mango, guava bbq

The duck was super cooked down and kind of a mushy texture. The tortilla got soggy from the duck.. didn’t really taste guava in the bbq tho.. the lettuce, mango tomato on top made it more refreshing. It was teeny tiny though.

Chorizo and Manchego Stuffed Native Razor Clams

Grilled sour orange, shaved beet and toasted almond salad

I was between this and the scallop ceviche. We decided to not play it safe and get something a bit more “daring”… it was really heavy for razor clams. The clam itself was cooked well and delicious.. I wasn’t that into the cheese and chorizo mess on top. I like my seafood simple.

Half Lobster and Littleneck Clam Roast

New potatoes and salsa verde, spicy tomato relish

Can you believe this is an entree? SO tiny… The sauce wasn’t spicy at all :[ Sad…  and there was only two clams and lobster was half of a tiny tail and a little claw and a quartered red potato. Lame. So hungry. Totally lacked seasoning…

Ropa Vieja

Slow braised Cuban beef brisket, mashed mofungo

This wasn’t bad… super tender [also to the point of mushy] and definitely heavily seasoned… not much meat but there was a lot of mofungo [fried mashed plantain] The heavy flavored beef and the mofungo balanced each other out when eaten together.. the mofungo was kind of bland and potato-y.

We were gonna order one of each dessert, but the “torte” was just some chocolate cake and looked kind of lame so we changed it to two orders of churros. Best part of the night!!!

Cinnamon and Sugar Dusted Churros

Dulce de Leche Caramel

They were undercooked and kind of gooey in the middle. Cinnamon-y caramel bliss. These were piping hot and very yummy.

We were heading over to a party at Liberty Hotel but ended up just grabbing a drink, er, bottle of wine next door at 28 Degrees because of carfail. We ended up drinking the whole thing in like 20 minutes because AAA arrived to jumpstart the car… We were both starving and wanted pizza…. but for some reason why didn’t eat aything

Noche is a fun place for bar snacks and drinks, food – not so much, if you’re looking or a full meal you’ll leave unsatisfied and hungry.

O Sushi

When I’m shopping in Copley.. I usually end up eating at Turners, ThePalm or usually here, O Sushi. The sushi is fresh and it’s a cute small restaurant. The service can be slow and but it’s great for a nice relaxing lunch or an early dinner IMO. When I have a mommy-daughter shopping day we tend to go here [especially since after I bought like 02394830924 groupons for it last year hahaha]

Our typical dinner date:

Green Tea-tini

Green Tea, Sake and happiness..lots of happiness..and my own mini shaker… damn I wanted to write jigger HAHA but that’s not what they’re called.. jiggers that other thing…



Hehehe I like how they look like they’re tanning on the beach… har har har.. ok back to the food…

Edamame, cuz I’m white

Lightly salted boiled green soybeans

I say because I’m white because non-asians always order this, but then so do asians…. it’s like spring rolls and duck sauce for the Japanese I guess but it’s delicious.. and healthy :] Addicting… I always have a few bags of these frozen in my freezer for a hunger attack.

Sake Clams

Steamed clams in a sake sauce with ginger and scallions – perfection

Ume Ceviche

Sliced Shiromi and tako with wakame and asparagus dressed with ume-boshi (plum) dressing and shiso oil

I always get this. I love asparagus [pee] and love octopus [tako] soooooooo :] Why not?!?!?!….

Soft Shall Crab Nan-Ban (for Mommy)

Soft Shell Crab tempura served with sweet and sour marir sliced onion, cucumber, kaiware

She’s obsessed with soft shell crab and even though she shouldn’t really be eating it I give her an exception when we come here….


They originally had the dish in a soup/broth but I told them I just wanted them plain :] Forgot to tell them not to put mayo on it but thankfully it wasn’t covered in it… phew needs more bonito <3 But everything always could use more bonito…

Dragon Roll (for Mommy]

Shrimp tempura, unagi and avocado topped with layered avocado

Sashimi Plate (for me, obviously lol)Salmon, Tuna, Scallop and Baby Hamachi

Simple, quick easy and the tini went down deliciously :]