Indulging at uzna omom; harajuku pancake

Recently I discovered a new place in Taipei…and the smells and the menu looked quite alluring….

The wait is quite long, it is indeed a new place, but I was ready to wait.  I was dying of hunger, but I needed to try this place.

The decor was adorable!!!

Aren’t the ceiling fans freaking adorable? I love this place, it was just so warm and cozy [minus the fact that the AC was turned up super high – haha – on the inside I was warm and cozy]


I ordered a sparkling white grape juice with no sugar – which is sad cuz they added so much lemon in it, I could barely taste grape, it was basically lemonade.

I ordered a cooked spinach salad with smoked duck.. it came with a delicious creamy corn soup and two pancakes [they are famous for their pancakes]  All was delicious!!! Although the spinach was barely cooked so it was basically raw.. but they did add a few mushrooms slices, which was nice… and the duck was delicious, just wish there were more.

For tea time places, I wish there was always choses when it came to soup – I’m not a creamy soup person – I’m lactose intolerant – but I did enjoy this soup.  And pancakes were delish!

Also ordered a side dish of broccoli with shrimp and some mushrooms… and some bacon.  It was overly salty, I think they accidentally salted it twice or thrice, cuz it was painfully salty.

The next concoction was this coffee with shaved ice and condensed milk. Gorgeous and delish!!!

For dessert i had the Honolulu Soufflé pancake and it was smothered in a delicious cream and caramel-y sauce, and crushed macadamia nuts. OMG it was SO GOOD, but extremely filling.  Half of this filled me up like no other. SO RECOMMEND THIS!!!!

I’d say come here for the desserts/pancakes and amazing matcha tea lattes and stuff but don’t expect a lot from the savory.  The desserts are delicious!!!!

BTW like my new cell phone case?  She wanted a selfie!

吉凡尼的花園 Le Jardin de Giverny in the 美術館 area

Woke up super hungry…… time for some delicious eats at 吉凡尼的花園 Le Jardin de Giverny – I’ve been here before, years ago and it was pretty bad but they changed owners and have definitely improved 10 fold.

I so hangry

We ordered two add on lunch meal sets and two a la cartes to share.

Delicious Fresh Foccacia Breads

[You can actually buy breads and pastries in the front of the house]

You can also buy different vinegar, oils and balsamics in the front as well… yay for dipping yummy warm bread…

Fresh Veggie/Fruit Juice

My clear vegetable soup… which tasted a bit buttery to me so I wasn’t that into it. The flavors were great though.

And of course for my “drink” that came with my meal I got a nice glass of white wine.

Fresh salad with walnuts and starfruit.

Appetizer: Ratatouille

It was absolutely delicious and one of the few times I’ve ever had it.  I’m so glad I ordered this.. it was between this and escargot.

My aunt’s appetizer: A Crab “Tart” which is so not a tart, but it was good and fresh none-the-less

And for her main dish she got the seafood risotto.  YUM.  I had a bite and you could taste yummy saffron…. reminded me of a paella but creamier…

Mama, of course, got the pan-fried duck breast, but which was cooked really well and just fatty enough. So so tender.

My other aunt got the pan-fried sea bass, which was one of my choices….

But I ended up getting, DUH, the spicy seafood stirfry :]

And then we went straight into dessert….

A mini Creme Brulee… which I gave to my aunt since she rarely gets to eat these things….

But I enjoyed my delicious iced coffee…. MMM froth

地址:台中市五權七街58號 (台中綠園道)
電話:886-4- 2376-9755

I ended up staying for tea time as well but while my aunts chatted I explored the area a bit…..

Another FAILED Perm, Tea Time & another dinner at Din Tai Fung

They FUCKED up my perm last time. Yes. Perm. Embarrassing YES. But they fucked it up, so they should be embarrassed.

You know the bigger the boot…

The bigger the foot!

Tea Time @ Afternoon Tea in Sogo

Delicious Corn Chowder….

Duck Risotto with Poached Egg and Salad

Spicy Spaghetti with Grilled Prawns

Chicken Sandwich Salad [yes with buttery toast]

Tons of Espresso alllll for meeeee…

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Banana/Kiwi/Walnut Roll

Lemon Angel Cake

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake


… I went back for a nap…and to rest my poor twisted swollen ankle…… afterwards I met up with all my aunts and mama at Din Tai Fung for dinner…

Woodear Fungus with Goji

Dan Dan Noodles – mmmm Spicy and Peanuty

Meat Buns

All this food, ALLLLLL consumed by us ladies…

Xiao Long Bao <3 The loves of my life

I ended up in food coma with Mr. Piggie staring at me til I fell asleep…. icing my ankle

Surprises at work from Boyfriend — Lunchables & Sandwiches


My boyfriend is awesome.  I was working and he got me a breakfast of Lunchacles… TURKEY <3 and Peachy Rings AND Coffee…

And then for lunch he got us three sandwiches :D  My favorite was the Cubano

SOOOO GOOD.. Porky, Cheesy and warm !!! MMMM Pickles

I oh so adore. Cubanos are such great comfort food – I need it more in my life.. as I do my own panini press…





Bye Bye Detroit, See you never – Sora, best Japanese food in Detroit… at the airport

I left for the Detroit Metro Airport a bit too early so I had a lot of time to spare once I checked in.  I actually left my ID IN my pocket. In my shorts. The pair I wore the night before. And packed it up. In my suitcase. The one that was getting shipped. OOPS.  Good thing I had my Passport from going to Canada.

I finally got to try the Japanese place I’ve seen at the Delta side of the airport.  Sora Japanese Cuisine. I got a seat for one in the front of the restaurant by the sushi bar and opened the menu. GLEE.

I expected the worst but was pleasantly surprised.

LOOK! They have Takoyaki AND Ramen!

Unfortunately my stomach was killing me from the night/day before so I tried to eat light.

A Plum Wine/Sake Martini concoction. Maraschino cherry. A bit on the girly side for me… and too sweet, but it was pretty fun.


Tako Su

Super fresh… seaweed, slightly pickled cucumbers and delicious super tender fresh octopus!!!


Salmon and Tuna.. the safest bet.  Beautiful vibrant colors!  Soft, a bit on the small side but tasty.

I had another martini.. contemplated getting more food but decided to buy some candy and snacks instead and play on my ipad until my flight.  RIGHT before boarding I grew starved and wanted a burger. BOO. I checked my giant Chanel travel bag for my banana and it was squished ALL. OVER. the bottom of the bag. SO SAD.

Word Search on the plane waiting to be able to use electronics.

Lazy Sunday… and a MEH Gyro in Greektown

We slept in a bit and then headed to the pool for some swimming and hot tub. GORGEOUS.

We were STARVING so we cleaned up, got dressed and decided to go out for some barbecue and wandering…

Before heading to lunch/brunch/lunner.. hahahaha our driver brought us to see the old Michigan Central Train Station…  Incredible…sooo gorgeous.

Afterwards our driver headed to Slow’s Bar BQ but it was PACKED so we decided to try another place.  The driver suggested Greektown so off we went…. so many choices there. [Dont worry we ended up eating at Slow’s the next day!]

We wandered around a bit and ended up at New Parthenon in Greektown.  There were a lot of cute little shops and dining places.. and a super popular bakery that was packed.. next time I wanna get something from there.

Glory Hole?

Bread and Butter

I tried a glass of a Greek White Wine.. Saint Panteleimon I think it was – the description said semi-sweet but it was definitely more than that…. it was sweet, almost TOO sweet but just enough NOT THAT sweet. Does that make sense?

Honestly, as soon as we sat down and looked at the menu, it was SUCHHHH a large menu that we both lost appetite and decided to just keep it simple and get gyros. Honestly if you go to their website, what they put on there isn’t even the whole menu, it was literally like 4 HUUUUUUUUUGE pages of hundreds of things. OK, maybe not hundreds, but still, it was a LOT. WAYYY too overwhelming.  I hate it when restaurants have HUGE menus.

W got the Gyro platter and I got the Chicken Gyro platter. Both came with meat, sageki, pita bread, choice of fries or rice/veggies and tomatoes and onions.

And guess what? They were build it yourself! Hahaha… so awkward.

They gave me the head and the butt of the tomato :[ Sad. But W gave me some of his tomato slices hehehehe…  The sauce was good but the rest of it was meh.

I tried.  I really tried, I was starving so I ate until I was full and stopped.

We decided to get some desserts. SIGH

Greek honey balls with cinnamon and walnuts

It was too overly sweet for me.  Yes, even for ME!  They tasted like Munchkins soaked in just sugar water and sprinkled with some cinnamon and doused with crushed walnuts LOL

Baklava with Ice Cream

I was too mushy for my liking and wayyy overly sweet than normal baklava.  YES YES I know baklava is super sweet but still.. I like feeling the nuts in my teeth and mouth [HAHA, that’s what SHE SAID] but this was too mushy….

I wanted to like this place, I really do, I rarely find a gyro that I don’t like, or baklava I won’t finish and lick off the plate buttttt…. :[ It just didn’t do it for us. *sad face*

We headed back to the hotel and relaxed at the Concierge lounge for a bit – pretty view.  Detroit is SUCH a quiet city. Srsly.

Needed to redeem ourselves from the bad gyro for lunch with something delicious so we headed down to the Breeze Food Court at MGM for some delicious burgers at the Relish stand.

Spinning burger grill WOOOO!

We both got Bacon Cheeseburgers with the works, fries and onion rings :D  Tummy is finally happy. But OMG they gave us SO much mayo on the side *gag* Apparently Detroit loves their mayo.  We are SO not in…kansas anymore?! HAHA…bad joke.

Second time having Tuna Fish Salad…

And I made it myself… I think the first time was two years ago when I wanted to try some at Panera…

Canned Tuna [in water], Jalapenos, Tabasco, Greek Yogurt [instead of Mayo], S&P, Grainy Mustard…. all wrapped up in a whole wheat wrap with Avocado and eaten with baby carrots <3 Oh happy day!

Thai Town Cuisine 瓦城泰國料理 in Taichung

Today is a fun filled day of the ladies of the 范 Ladies in Taichung. All but one of my aunts -mom’s sisters – live in Taichung so it was off to Taichung to eat and play with my aunts and favorite cousin :] BUT the night before I somehow ate something bad or touched something – methinks it was the late nite street food of braised chicken feet, seaweed, taiwanese sausage, squid ink taiwanese sausage and mala beef jerky that might’ve set it off [boo!] but nonetheless, itchy and in pain off I went…

On the HSR and eating sour gummies daddy bought me from Taipei 101 :] It even came in a cute cherry bag! Yay!

Also bought some Japanese seaweed/rice cracker snacks and Potato Spicky.. which is like savory pocky :]

As soon as we got there, right before noon, we were picked up by my auntie and brought to Thai Town Cuisine. My mom and I had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. My aunt, my mom and I and a ton of my aunt’s friends and their daughters. Oh me oh my, we ate a lot and got double servings [which came in separate dishes and was spaced out] for many dishes so no detailed pics but I’ll highlight some yummies…

Basic Highlights of our menu:
Spicy Cumin Beef in Coconut Sauce 椰汁炒牛肉
Spicy Beef Stir-fry 辣炒牛肉
Thai Seafood Salad 海鮮什蔬沙律
Pork Scalp with Spicy Thai Herbs 大薄片沙律
Original Shrimp Pancake 原味月亮
King Prawn Vermicelli Pot 冬粉明蝦煲
Curry Crab 咖哩紅蟳
String Beans with Shrimp Paste 蝦醬四季豆
Steamed Seabass in Lemon Sauce 檸檬清蒸魚
Fried Chicken Leg with Spicy Pepper Sauce 風味椒麻雞
Green Curry Chicken in Coconut Sauce 綠咖哩椰汁雞
Thai Fried Rice Noodle (Pad Thai) 泰式炒河粉
Corn Soup with Crab Meat 蟹肉玉米湯
Spicy & Sour Shrimp Soup (Tom Yom Kum) 酸辣蝦湯

& for drinks we all got
Thai Ice Milk Tea 泰國冰奶茶  & Mango Juice 芒果汁

A had a taste of everything… and then some… LOOVED the spicy minced beef stirfry [even tho I SWEAR it’s TOTALLY chicken they still insist it’s beef, even on the website.. grr] and seafood salad… the pork scalp, basically super fatty pork, cold and sliced super thin with raw onions and lots of spice was great and crunchity :]


The crab was fried and then doused with a delicious curry :]  The green beans were tender and had such great shrimpy flavor to them!

Fried Chicken Leg and Cabbage Slaw was tasty!!!

The Tom Yum Soup 酸辣蝦湯 was spicy and plentiful of shrimp and veggies! YUM!

After all this we went thru a few huge pots of white rice LOL.

I only thing I didn’t try was the crab/corn chowder which I can already imagine how it tastes. Everything was fresh and super tasty, unfortunately all the shellfish made my hives even worse :[ — by the way I also ADORED the green curry chicken with sliced green beans, thinly.. they looked like mini jalapeno slices but were green beans, YUM! — By the end of this meal as I was eating practically half of the seabass [SO good and FULL of delicious lemongrass flavor, light but FULL OF FLAVOR!] my hives tripled at least and grew bigger, redder and itchier..OOPS…

But still, desserts first!

芋香黑糯米 (熱) Black Sticky Rice with Taro in Coconut Milk (Hot)

SOOOO GOOD! The sticky rice was griainy yet still chewy and QQ and the taro chunks were fab. After awhile the soup turned into a beautiful purple red color from the rice.

摩摩喳喳 (熱) Exotic Asian Fruits Combo in Coconut Milk (Hot)

“Rubyfruit”, Jackfruit, Palm Seeds, Taro, Boba, Lychee, etc…

I’ve never had warm fruits in a coconut soup so this was SOOO GOOD.. whatever this “rubyfruit” was it was huge and red and crunchy and SO GOOD. POP POP.  LOVE Palm Seeds and used to eat them by the can and of course jackfruit <3 ANDDDDD.. ever had a WARM/HOT lychee?! I have now. YUM!

Now off to Tea Time at 明森…

La Provence, ……… in Concord MA

So I was lucky enough to have doctor appointments galore this week…. and today?!… Gyno & Oral Surgeon.. more on that after this…. so inbetween I had a little over a hour and a half to eat lunch. SOOOO.. off to La Provence.  My mom and her girlfriends have lunch dates here ALL THE TIME – so why not?!.. quick, cheap, delicious, fresh!.. FAST!  Best of most of all worlds…..


You order at the counter, pay, sit down at one  of the cute tables in two different rooms [front and back] and they bring it to you — gets busy during super lunch times.. good thing I got there a little before the rush.


Vegetable Frittata

Great marinara… lovely… thick and fresh.. but the frittata was a bit dry and overloaded with JUST noodles.. just a tinnnny bit of egg to hold it together and…. SERIOUS lack of veggies *pout*

Chicken Curry… with Potato Gratin and Cheesy White Asparagus

Side of Wild Rice

3 Salad Plate…. Pickled Beets&Onions; Hearts of Palm, Fennel, Tomato, Olives; Artichokes & Peppers

LOOOOOOOOOVE the hearts of palm salad the most.  And all of this was like.. what.. 6 bucks?!.. At WHOLE FOODS it would’ve been like 20 hahahaha… :] YUM  I adore fennel! We need more raw fennel in foods and salads!! NOM NOM NOM!..

SOOOO GOOD, I got another plate!!!

I had all of this.. and a few cups of hot hot tea :] Even met an ABC/Taiwanese Boy there from Cali. Noooo worries, he’s still in school and I’m not a cougar.. all the time ;]  But he was nice.

And then I DESPERATELY needed something chocolately.. so I bought this Bumble Bee BOMB to eat when I got home and started working….. cup of hot hot coffee and this chocolately mousse over a honey soaked butter cake.. OH EM GEE <3 LOVE – Aside from this they have yummy fruit tarts..  which I love to get. but today I really needed chocolate

OK so after lunch with cake in hand.. I went to my oral surgeon to check on this black spot on my tongue.  It suddenly appeared last year when I was still living midtown in NYC and while I was alarmed I never got it checked out.  Earlier this year my dentist wanted me to go see if it was serious but since I was still so back and forth from NYC I didn’t…. so finally. this Monday I talked to my doctor about it and INSISTED me to check on it.  I did – it’s not, thankfully, tongue cancer  – it’s a freaking TONGUE FRECKLE…. *sigh* I’m a dork.

OK, so back to this place.  Quick, easy, fresh, delicious – while the sweets are a bit *sweet* the food is simple and yum!   Methinks they have beer too cuz I saw some old people near me bring it over and drink some Sam Adams :] so THUMBS UP.. sorta.. [I don’t think I’ve ever had a Sams Adams.. maybe a special fall brew or something but that’s it]  Great service, super sweet… just don’t go during rush times cuz you have to wait for EVER.. yes it’s that’s popular. :]

Boston Beer Works at Logan…

I always end up at Boston Beer Works when I’m at the Logan for awhile.. the last time was nacho heaven with Katy before my Vegas Birthday trip.  This time I was on my way to Dayton, Ohio.  I adore their eats and they have good booze.. obviously.

On the way to the airport

Bye bye my baby..

I need a beer, or two.. our neighbors were total DICKS TOO

They hogged THREE tables and got mad when I asked for the corner table… I’ll be nice and not post the picture I took of them up.. maybe…

Tired… I woke up at 530am…

Pumpkin Ale & Blueberry Beer

I wasn’t too into the pumpkin ale, a bit too hoppy and bitter for me for pumpkin beers but I always love their blueberry :] Nom nom nom chewy blueberries

Mommy’s Fish & Chips

Fresh Haddock, Lightly Coated & Fried, Served with Hand cut fries, Coleslaw & Sunshine Aioli

Super flakey tender haddock with nice thick cut fries… wish they were crispier but mommy LOVED the coleslaw :]  Didn’t really eat the sunshine aioli but I love love LOVE the name of it.

My yummy but boring Mixed Green with Grilled Chicken
Tons of black pepper and tabasco <3 Just the way I love it…. I can’t help it.. tabasco is better than regular dressing…

Nice full and a little tipsy after chugging most of the beer – mommy only had a few sips…. –  I was finally on the plane to DC – only to drink more.. that’s my next post.. at Vino Volo