Vegetarian No Meat Burgers!!!… and other yummies from the past few days!

Today I tried something new… while I had a beef burger…. oh so yummy, I tried out a special recipe for my mom and her vegetarian friend…. no-meat burgers for them using Beyond Meat product! I prefer Yves non-meats but couldn’t find any at Whole Foods today :[ Bummer.

For 2 Burger Patties:
1 bag of Beyond Beef Beefy Crumbles

1/4-1/2 onion
A few cloves of garlic
Black Pepper
Dried Basil (fresh is probably better and if so, minced)
2 eggs

I first sautéed the minced onion and garlic til caramelized and starting to be transparent and browned slightly. I mixed it with the beefy crumbles. Added S&P, paprika, dried basil and perhaps a few more secret ingredients. I added two eggs and a few pinches of flour to help it bind better – I probably should have added more flour since it was a little too wet. And I grilled them.

For toppings I sautéed onions and mushrooms. Topped the patties with cheese as they were about to be done cooking and put a lid on the pan to melt the cheese. I added a few slices of rings of red onion, sliced tomatoes and some avocado. Some other options (which I put on my beef burger) were jalapeños and cilantro.

And to make the dinner even better.. some kale chips… just kale… drizzled in evoo, s&p I added cayenne pepper… or whatever flavorings you want :]

BTW, this was my BEEF burger haha

Sorry, being “healthy”… even tho the burger was rare *MAD COW DISEASE* haha but I ate my in lettuce wrap….”sort of” ok some of it with fork and knife….

More stuff I made this weekend..

Vegetarian Soup… there’s kale, corn, leeks, mushrooms, onion etc etc… topped with some cheese and cilantro and a “garlic bread” croissant

There were more veggies but I don’t remember

And our pre-Masquerade Harvard Ball dinner

Duck Confit with Leek/Mushroom Risotto and Spicy Broccoli

Just used a tiny bit of white truffle butter, topped with parm and scallions in the risotto, had fresh white truffles.. but forgot to top it… duck confit cooked in lots of duck fat for awhile so super crispy… and then just steamed broccoli with hot pepper flakes :]

Best Vegas Trip Ever… the Day of Britney!!! [Day 2 – Part Day]

WTF we woke up at like 8am!!!!!  Probably the one and only time we did the entire trip. Probably because we slept so much the day before…….. I guess normal for me since it’s 11 on my East Coast.. but Kelly?! I guess for work?!  We got pretty  and decided to go out for some FOOD.

Yeah I’m dressed as a 12 year old in a ballet skirt and sneakers… and BRITNEY tank!!! YAYYYYYYYYY

UM….. Lobsicle sounds gross… I bet it’s delicious… like a lobster corn dog… but the name sounds disgusting…. deep fried happiness. I love lobster.

We decided on La Salsa Cantina… cuz margaritas for breakfast is BOMB.

It was early so we didn’t want breakfast so we had to wait like 20 minutes before they served NON-breakfast menu… I seriously thought it was already noon but it was still 10am so we ordered the margaritas and had to wait til 11 so we could order lunch.  We got our margaritas and I made friends with Zoltar the fortune teller…. who told me to stop talking so much hahahaha…

I got a watermelon, Kelly got a strawberry, both super sweet amd super I got us more tequila shots. OBVIOUSLY.

Margaritas for breakfast?! It’s how we do!

We wait we wait we wait….. amd them FINALLY WE GOT TO ORDER. STARRRRRRRVED!!!!


Nachos with extra cheese.. why didn’t get get nix the sour cream? We both don’t like sour cream….

Kelly’s Enchiladas – which she finished later in the night after Britney & Light while I was passed out hahaha…

My “Spicy” Shrimp Taco Salad which was TOTALLY NOT spicy at all.  I even asked the waitress what their spiciest food on the menu was and they said THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY! WTF?!?!?!… But it was fresh and yummy…

And then I realized we were right next to the Club Tattoo SO OBVIOUSLY… I had to go….

ME: “Do you think they do walk-ins?”
KELLY: “It’s Vegas.. they bank on bad decisions”

Thanks but the butt shot Kelly…

I finally got my champagne heart bubbles tatt I wanted… and it came out EXACTLY the way I wanted it to look YAY.

And was photobombed by the cute tatt artist I wanted to tatt me…… but couldn’t cuz they go by order… but I got the cute asian chick :] YAY And he chatted with me the whole time.

TWICE!!!! He was adorable and told me that this was a horrible tatt to get for when I go to Rehab. THANKS DUDE. Hahaha… Photoooooobombbbbb

And then after…. I found this… HUMP HUMP

And more HUMP… so we got 42oz dildo drinks with extra shots… [ DUH ]

Walking back I saw a guy dressed as Britney Spears… at the Britney Spears place… YEP. A GUY.


Ok done with Nap. Time to get pretty……. while we order dinner…. burgers and fries for both of us….

I already picked out my Britney and Light Night Club dress…spiked ballerina dress :]

Almost ready….

Time for more bubbles.. not even sure how many bottles I ended up buying this trip…. just bubbles for FOREVER… We went thru at least TWO a day…. at LEAST

Me and my Asian Doll Twinsie

And then after room service… I think we got Burgers… we went to Brit Brit.. ended up pretty much in the front….

Continue to read about Britney Spears: Piece of Me Vegas Show

Nothing like a simple turkey sandwich from Sweet Thyme

I stopped by Sweet Thyme bakery in Lexington on the way back from Oral Surgeon #2 in the past year to check on my tongue freckle.  It has now grown to 3mm x 5mm and I’m probably gonna get a biopsy after another checkup in October.  It’s probably not a big deal but why not be 110% sure.  My tongue got a photoshoot and by the time it was done I was STARVING.  I called ahead of time so I could just pick it up since they make their sandwiches for you to order.

Their delicious freshly daily made whole wheat bread was like fluffy wonder bread, but healthier.  There was layers of lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, turkey, avocado and even a thin spread of mayo, which I didn’t mind like I usually do.

I gobbled it up so fast halfway home I was done and still hungry.  I had Iced Coffee as well which tasted like donuts! Haha…

Great lunch.  Sometimes simple is best!

Pig & Whiskey 2012 in Ferndale, Michigan

My buddy Phil [mr BBQ King] was coming down to Detroit for the day on the last day of Pig & Whiskey 2012.. and we’ve been trying to plan a meetup for awhile so holllaaaa…. I’m glad I dragged W out cuz he needs to get out and about Detroit more. Sure it’s a bumfuck place, but still :]

It was about a 20 minute drive thru super super ghetto depressing Detroit

…and then we were in Ferndale.. a nice less scary town :]

First place we hit up was Lockhart’s BBQ… we got one of each :] SO GOOD!

We didn’t even use any BBQ sauce.  W had the burnt ends.. suppppper fatty and tasty… sooo tender and melted in my mouth.  I had the brisket, FULL of flavor.. also super fatty and tender.. melted like crazy on my tongue… loved it more than Slow’s [shh don’t tell] and then Phil had the Hog Wings. AMAZE BALLS.

You hardly ever see hog wings, I think I’ve only seen it once or twice before in my life at one of the Meatopia or Pigs Island events… don’t remember.  I was upset that NO ONE had a WHOLE suckling pig WTF. First piggie/BBQ/meat event I’ve been to that DIDN’T.

We ended up getting corn here after chilling and drinking a few shots and beers in the VIP area… INDOORS with AC hahaha


Sadly it was under done, NO char, NO grill taste, NADA. No sweetness.. I tried adding some of their BBQ sauces which were GOOD but still didn’t save the corn :[ W and I were sad. :[ WOMP WOMP.

Inside the VIP area at the Loving Touch Bar.

Free drink tickets from the person who made this all happen :] Def met a lot of amazing great ppl at this event!

Whiskey Tent, over 40+ whiskeys…

I ended up trying a Bushmill’s Honey Whiskey.. slightly sweet and OH SO YUMMY IN MY TUMMY

<3 Baby and I

We bought a Blueberry Sage Peppercorn Jam

More beers.. it was SO freaking HOT.. we NEEDED bubbly. And beer vs soda, might as well get the buzz from beer :D W got a PBR and I got some Blondie beer.. it was on the sweet side…

Back in the VIP area they had free caramel corn and pizza.. I ended up eating 4+ slices… these two were my fav. FREAKING BLT PIZZA WAS THE BOMB!!!!

A few more beers and shots later… we took a nice steamy hot taxi back to MGM, we went to the pool for a bit and then I promptly passed out for a few hours… and then?!… Burgerssssssssssssss at Bourbon Steak! Which is the next blog…..

What’s Black & Orange? In this case.. a Burger…

You ever just wake up and know you’re hungry… but you’re not sure for what?! This was one of those days….. we slept in til almost 3 so by the time we walked all the way over, it was SUCH a gorgeous day so we HAD to walk…., to get a burger, it was almost 5.  First meal of the day :]

Burger? Burger!

Black & Orange Burger!

Check out their snazzy, small, but delicious menu.

Beer Battered Onion Rings & Fries...

The onions were hot and crispy and thick…  super tasty right out of the fryer… and the fries had a nice crunch to the crisp exterior… dip dip dip – I usually like my fries skinnier but these were tasty.

Plenty of Mayo dipping sauces… Old Bay, Wasabi, Chipotle and Regular

Unwrapping the glory.. and having a nice cold beer

W got a Rogue State and added on BLT :] Cheddar and pickles… NOM
The Rogue State: house spice blend, chipotle, cilantro

I got the No Burger, No Cry and added LT, Pickles, Swiss, Raw Onions and Mushrooms

No Burger, No Cry: house jerk blend, red onion, habanero peppers

Obviously we both got the heavy weight, half pound, burgers… soooo juicy and thick! What kind of pissy gets a smaller one when you have the option of a BIG FAT ONE?!?!?!.. hahaha…

I actually ended up liking the house spice blend, W’s burger, better.  I didn’t really like the jerk blend in my burger… but with tons of mustard it was still delicious.  I originally got a slap of heat in the back of my throat on first bite from the habaneros.. but then I couldn’t get anymore heat.  Next time I want to try the French and the Curry one :]

Disappointed that I didn’t like the jerk blend, I LOOOOOOOVE Jerked meat…  thankfully W says he’ll make some of his yummy jerk blend for me YAYYYYYY – I actually had a good constant bun to burger ratio too.. I usually end up eating the burger and it slides apart, but this actually stayed pretty well intact.  The bun was tasty as well.. fluffy but thick enough for some grip and texture.


And we came back to find these signs, EVERYWHERE


Poor pants :[

Joke of the Day:

Is your fridge running? Yes? Well it probably ran away with your pants!!!!!

Lunch & Tea Set from Aunt Stella’s

I woke up super late.. exhausted.. especially from being out all day… and night and it was close to dinner time so I knew I needed a quickie snack before hand before I passed out… soooooo….

Aunt Stella’s Handmade Cookies & Cakes

I usually come here just for their waffles and cookies with my coffee/tea but today I needed some savory with my sugary sweet :]

Auntie Stella…

So is this Uncle Stella? Mr. Auntie Stella? TEE HEE…

We both got the Daily Set A which is Entree, Soup or Salad, Drink + Dessert! Perfection!

We waited… sipping on our waer glass.. and then the delicious piping hot bread came…

Smiles all around…

Oops wait, not that one ;] Besides puppy says “I’m NOT Bread!!!” But this is:

Scallion Bread

Crispy crunchy skin with delicious herbs and scallions sprinkled thru-out the innards of the fluffy white bread. OMG YUM!

Creamy Vegetable ChowderCreamy, light chowder with chunks of different garden vegetables and potatoes. YUM!

Garden Salad

Fresh and yummy with a light vinaigrette

燒烤風味牛肉佐南瓜燉飯/Pumpkin Risotto with Beef

Delicious creamy risotto… tender delicious beef and yummy steamed asparagus with a nice drizzle of delicious sauce over it.  Chunks of pumpkin in the yummy orange rice… which was a lot lighter than regular risotto I get in the States, uuber yummy!

凱薩沙拉 烤雞腿/Caesar Salad w/ Roasted Chicken 

Fresh romaine and other greens… crunchy yummy croutons, a nice boiled egg, a sprinkle of parm and roasted dark meat chicken [with skin] – honestly it’s SO rare to eat white meat/chicken breast here in Taiwan lol, Asians love their juicy fatty dark meat – and chicken skin :] TEE HEE.

Super Anchovy Caesar Dressing

Love caesar dressing, love anchovies but all together this was too overpoweringly fishy for me!

Dessert Time…

詩特莉有機咖啡/Stella’s Organic Coffee

咖啡榛果捲/Coffee Roll Cake

Dense with coffee cream and a firm hazelnut spread.  The outter cream had a chocolate nib and coffee sauce drizzled over it.  The cake was way too dense for our liking and tasted a bit like it’s been in the fridge a little too long… so we just ate the cream :] But then after my choice of the pomelo cake, anything wouldn’t taste as good :]

柚子優格捲/Pomelo Roll Cake
SOOOO delicious! This was my very favorite.. one of the tastiest fluffiest creamy cakes I’ve had in awhile :] Full of yummy pomelo flavor. Oh so light. SO different from the coffee cake roll… fluff fluff mmmmm I could eat a whole roll of this <3

A Day at the Zoo and a night at 老友紀

After a quick lunch/snack of Red Bean, Mochi and Sesame Ball Soup….. [sorry for the crappy quality photo… it was dark in my room hehe cuz I got it as takeout – see my laptop in the background]

I headed to the Taipei Zoo to see some of my favorite animals… they close at 5pm so I was there til the end, didn’t get to see as much as I did last time I was there but got to see some of my fav highlights!

Fan [mom’s side] and Ding [dad’s side] next to each other – destiny!!!

I iz panda?!

See his dinner/mouse in his claw?


They started fighting!!

A delicious tea egg as a snack!!!

Afterwards, since they closed and we were swarmed with students – we headed to Taipei 101 for one of my favorite Japanese places in Taipei but it was CLOSED!!!!

This year’s Tiffany’s tree…

They got rid of it cuz of renovations *tears* so we headed back to option #2 which was original option anyways – 老友紀 :D Time to get my meats and soups on! Always a delicious and cheap option!!!

Steamed Gai Lan

Mixed Plate #1 – Duck, Chicken & Sausage

Deicious fatty duck… we actually got the last serving ;]  Delicious chicken and of course a nice soft fluffy sausage.. taiwanese style.

Wonton Soup

SOOOO delicious. I’m SUCH a sucker for wontons!!! These were delicious. Great pork filling with a shrump!

Steamed Cabbage

Mixed Plate #2 – 2 different sausages & smoked Pork Belly

I do I do I do adore, all I wanted was the black sausage and pork belly!!!

Shrimp 腸粉 [Cheung Fun]

Fresh shrimp and a yummy tender rice noodle roll around it! You can’t really fudge these things up! YUM! Just like DIM SUM!

Steamed Lettuce

Beef Ball Soup

& more Steamed Lettuce – this time with no sauce

Round 1 done and in transition to round 2…

Black Bean Spicy Pork Ribs

SOOOO meaty! I’m SO not used to it since in the States you get these at dim sum and you just get only bone and fat and almost NO meat. DELICIOUS!

My favorite Black Taiwanese Sausage

This stuff is AMAZING but they won’t give away their secret to their yumminess. GRR.  The fact that it’s black makes me think that there’s blood in it.. YUM! Once you go black you REALLY don’t wanna go back ;D

More Smoked Pork Belly <3 or 腊肉 [“preserved?”]This stuff is SO delicious! So fatty and smokey and full of flavor. My mom is SO good at making this too.. she used to make it all the time for us and family friends :[ But no more.. need to beg her for some when we go back home – OR eat a ton til I puke while I’m here.. hahaha….

YUM! All of this and it didn’t even cost that much!! Great for cheap quick eats that’s DELICIOUS and totally filling and satisfying! YUM!