Best Vegas Trip Ever… NICK CARTER – I LOVE YOU ELLIOT [Day 3]

So we realized the day before that NICK CARTER + LAUREN KITT were having their bachelor and bachelorette party at the Palms!!! WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!!… Insane. They went to MOON the night we were at Light, but we HAD to get into the “official” party at Ghostbar.. and while we were told to go to XS or something, WE HAD TO GO. It’s fucking NICK FUCKING CARTER!!!!!…. So thank you to my sexiest Brit friend Elliot we got in :] I love you, you beautiful creature you <3 I’m so glad you’re coming back to the States soon… ok.. I’m off track…

After last night.. this was us basically all day.

But somehow we functioned… had leftover pizza from… yeah the night before.. we woke up all bruised and cut up, WTF?! I think we fought drunk bitches or SOMETHING… I needed to pick out something awesome for Nick Carter’s party and ended up with this….

And Kelly is a creeper – I LOVE IT

Hair done. Dress did.  How I look?

And then the red lipstick came on… and it was BRING IT.


We were vampires for the night. Sequin black dresses and red lips :] AHHH!!!!!

She always has the same face… mine is rarely ever normal.

First off, dinner at Nove Italiano… which is an awesome story in itself.

We went to Nove Italiano

Amuse Bouche… I don’t even remember what it was.. I think some raw fish bite…

YAY “Hosemade” Sausage – we actually got this tho hahaha…

The “Bread” it looks so sad and bare on there…

Shrimp Franchaise
It just says on the menu “the best you’ve ever had” BUT MOTHERFUCKER.. it tasted like old shrimp and it gave me FOOD FUCKING POISONING.. I was puking at the club after…. UGH.. there was no texture.. so we ate it with the breadsticks… this definitely needs some crunch factor.. and fresher shrimp. UGH.

It’s okay tho the other food made up for it.

The Classic Heirloom Tomato Caprese Salad: Pesto, Pine Nuts, Mozzarella Di Bufala

I like how they split everything for us in half without us needing to share it off of a plate.

Branzino with Salsa Verde

It was good but not amazing… they did filet it and split it for us.. I duno it just seemed….. subpar?! It wasn’t bad and it was definitely fresh and tasty.. but not for 46$

The highlight of the night was the Spaghetti & Meatballs with Sausage: Veal & Pork Meatballs, Housemade Sausage, Basil, Tomato

I could NOT stop eating it… Kelly was DONE like barely a quarter way thru and she went to the bathroom and I devoured most of it. THE PASTA IS SOOOOO GOOOOOOD…..

AND THEN they gave us a special treat of biscottis for Kelly’s Bday. Thanks Caesar. You were an awesome waiter minus the shrimp recommendation.

We are ready for Ghostbar.

The view from Ghostbar

So right before Nick came out I was feeling SOOOO shitty.. I had a redbull vodka.. and I just wanted to leave. I ended up puking up all that BAD SHRIMP, cough cough hint hint and felt soooo much better… but that’s not the end of my throwing up story…. but first. Glow sticks and Nick<3

So while they were outside on the balcony I was freezing so I went inside. I kept trying to sit down somewhere but they were all VIP tables and some bitch/girl would always tell me NO. Luckily [maybe] RIGHT by the door while Kelly was outside taking pics of Nick and Lo a group of guys let me sit down at their table for a drink.

In my head was just “OMG SEAT!!!” I don’t even know WTF they made me but it tasted HIDEOUS and within a few seconds of a micro half sip I was ready to puke.  I ran into the bathroom and security came to check on me.  I got all the usual questions, where are we, what club, what year, the president, I was sober as FUCK and they realized that those guys tried to ROOFIE me.

YES. You heard it here, I got ROOFIED in Vegas and they FAILED at it.  Luckily, Kelly found me and we went back to the hotel.  UNHARMED.  The female security and main security guy said that I was lucky that I caught on and threw it all up. PHEW.

But at least I didn’t miss seeing Nick & Lo being an adorable beautiful couple together. <3 Thanks Kelly for putting up with my food poisoning and being roofied.. first time for everything right?!

Sel de la Terre: Wine Tuesday “South America”

I haven’t been to one in ages.  Or maybe it was with Kelly? I keep wanting to but end up being busy or away.  They still know me tho.. so this Tuesday I had my usual corner table waiting for me.

South America, a favorite of mine for wines… MMMMM Argentinian and Chilean wines!!!

Amuse Bouche
Smoked Salmon Crostini with Chive Creme Fraiche

Delicious bite.  I ate this in a few bites so I wished that the smoked salmon was in smaller pieces so I didn’t have to use my finger to help bite off bits of it.  It could’ve used a bit of caper and onion tho. :]  I’m OG like that.

There were only two other tables and our wine pourer remembered me so we got BIG BIG pours :D

First Course
ASF Vegetables, Jonah Crab, Citrus Vinaigrette
Paired with 2010 Torrentes, Crios de Susana Balbo, Salta, Argentina

This was delightful.  I tend to get dressings on the side so my salad doesn’t wilt or is overly dressed and soggy but this was fantastical.  A nice slightly ocean-y crab taste on top of  a nice variety of fresh greens, tomato and thin radish. YUM

Second Course
Roasted Garlic and Herb Sole, ASF Heirloom Tomatoes, Braised ASF Greens
Paired with 2010 Erraszuriz, “Wild Ferment”, Chardonnay, Chile

Pan Fried and stuffed with… stuffing? Some sort of sop. it was good, a bit salty so I ended up picking some of it out.  The Sole filet was folded over so the stuffing was cooked inside, and then set atop of raw heirloom tomatoes.  Which was nice, refreshing, but also surprising, I expected cooking tomato.  Under the tomato was braised greens, that tasted super asian-y YUM.. I’m guessing sweet potato grees?!… Anyways back t the sole: The outside was crisp and the inner was fluffy and flaked away. YUM.

Main Course
BBQ Braised Pork, Sweet Corn Relish, Apple Gastrique
Paired with 2009 Malbec, Alfredo Roca, Mendoza, Argentina

The pork was super tender and I loved the mixture of corn and apples.  It seemed like the perfect, end to Summer. hello to Autumn dish. BUT it was SO overly sweet… And the fact that I was already full on the dishes before and a ton of wine

Fromage Course
Bayley Hazen
Paired with 2006 Concha y Toro, “Lourdes Vineyard”, Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, Maule Valley, Chile

This was a nice moldy not too stinky blue cheese… I’ve been trying not to eat too much dairy products lately since W suggested that my tummyaches may be a result of eating them.  Seems like he may be right.I still have some cheese, just not in overabundance like I usually do ;D  The plate was also filled with fruit preserves, chopped up dried figs, pecans, almond slices, pistachios, halved grapes, slices apple and some truffle honey. SOOO good.  All the contrasting textures and flavors with the fruits, nuts, cheeses were amazing, you didn’t even need the crostini.  I had my cheese with some honey on apple slices MMMMM….

Another amazing meal.  Thanks SDLT see you next time when I’m back in town!

A Birthday at The Brixton

After some Korean, we headed back to food coma and relax from the hot weather in the apt.  We watched some teevee, I changed into my sparky shorts and then we decided to head over to Brixton for Nikos’ birthday party.

It took awhile for me, but I finally settled on a Riot Sling
Gordon’s London Dry Gin, Lemon, Honey, Black Tea, Ginger Beer

Delicious. I’m hooked. I got two.

curried cauliflower, potatoes and tamarind gastrique

These were pretty good, but the flakey skin fell apart too easily, I like mine crisp and firmer. Light curry taste and the taramind and frisee was a nice touch.

Charcuterie Board

So not a real charcuterie board, just pate and fish. WTF?!.. we didn’t finish this and they ended up giving the table two fo these and none of us touched it. haha. OOPS.

After this and ordering another drink everyone was here and we sat down at the bday table.

Red Vino & White Vino for the table…

The Birthday Boy!!!

Heirloom Tomato Cucumber Salad
with mint-yogurt dressing

This was delicious and refreshing.. amazingly beautiful sweet heirloom tomatoes… with crisp crunchity cucumbers… MMMM… the dressing was light and accented the fresh veggies… MMMM

Cheddar Ale Soup
with crispy bacon and crusty breadMost of the table got this soup or the salad..MMMM so good.

And then a lot of the table also got the Fish & Chips
beer-battered haddock with mushy peas, thick cut fries and malt vinegar remoulade

B with his Fish & Chips with mashed peas.. I may have stole some ;D

And the rest of the table, along with me, got the

Roasted Half Chicken 
with roasted vegetables, and brown gravy

It was just as J described.. melted off the bone with a crispy skin.  It was a bit on the salty side but it was good.. and the roasted veggies were also delicious. YUM.

Spike and his girl got here late and ended up ordering everything else the rest of us didn’t. HAHA.  When S’s lamb shank came me and J tried to get him to eat it from the bone, hands only, BOO, he ate it with knife and fork tho. LAME.

Shot shot shot shots…..

And sometime inbetween I made friends with one of the waiters and me and B and him got in a deep convo about Pot & Shrooms.. apparently if I ever do shrooms I have to do it with him hahaha…

and then it was back home early to finish packing and help W with his clothing donations.

:] Good times. Good people. YAY.

Proof that PROOF in DC is worth visiting…

See, same outfit, different meal :] Don’t worry its the same day too…..

Off to visit Brenttttttt, he’s the new Exec Sous at Proof!!!

Starting the meal off with some bubbly is always a plus!!! YAY for W knowing the head Somm.

HAAA!!! Caught him on camera before he could cover his cute nose. I officially adore him in pink!

Flatbread Crisps with this Yogurt Chives Sauce that just reminded me of Sour Cream & Onion.  AMAZE BALLS.  Creamy delight.  I couldn’t help myself and kept inhaling… can I get the dipping sauce to go?!

We also got a bottle of red, if I remember correctly from Oregon?!  I trusted the somm and it was delicious.  Forgot to take a pic tho.. you might catch a glimpse in a photo or two of the glass or the bottle.. maybe..

Ahi Tuna Tartare with Crispy Nori Tempura
hass avocado, wasabi soy emulsion

W claimed this was his favorite tuna tartare EVER.  And FUCK YEAH it’s freaking good.  Fresh chunks of avocado surround tuna mounds seperated by crispy fried seaweed, which were not greasy in the least.  Flavors and freshness to the max without weighing you down. DEEEELISH!

Baby Tomato Salad with Torn Basil & House Made Mozzarella
red onion, arugula, extra virgin olive oil

So fresh and freaking amazing.  You know what makes me super happy and reminds me of summer?!…Ceviches, margaritas and fresh heirloom tomatoes&fresh mozzarella w/ basil salads. SO SO happy!!! My dad only eats cheese on pizza and he’ll eat this. So amazing.  I eat tons of tomatoes… and balls of fresh mozz on a weekly basis during the summer – no wonder I can’t lose no damn weight. JOY!  Any additional greens, onions is just a plus.. OH and of course, delicious fruity fresh EVOO is a must… and a sprinkling of fresh cracked black pepper.

Popcorn Veal Sweetbreads
with Spanish Fried Egg & Poached Veal Tongue frisée, arugula, citrus, olive oil

Sadly it wasn’t as good as I thought.  The sweetbreads were delicious and prepared amazingly but they were cut too small for my liking.. so it was more fried than sweetbreads in each bite.. the veal tongue, I actually like seared more than poached.  The tongue was a bit too bland for me, but super tender.  LOVED the egg and the greens though. Super runny.. just wanted bigger creamy portions to balance out the fried crunch of sweetbreads.  I’m telling you – SEAR YOUR TONGUE, you’ll never go back to poaching!

This dish was my fault, I’m an ass. Hahahaha this was my MUST HAVE on the menu aside from the other stuff that W was planning to order from us.  OOPS.  I just can’t help it. I see sweetbreads and giggle.  Just like me with pork belly, foie and….. well I guess way too may things. FAT.

Oh darn, W hiding his cute face again.. per usual. At least we get a nice view of his awesome tatts.


*Surprise* Pork Duo a la Brent

Crispy Porchetta Cured Pork Belly
grilled summer squash, lemon cucumbers, crème fraiche, capers [on the menu] and some Milk Braised Pork with Fennel from the Special Tasting Menu
BOTH were delicious.  Obviously pork belly triumphed because, well DUH, fatty!  But I loooovoed the fennel with the milk braised pork :D I need to try a milk or cream braise at home soon!  Both tender.  Amazing flavors and super fresh, perfectly cooked veggies to accompany.

Honey & Spice Glazed Pekin Duck Breast
roasted yam puree, pomegranate emulsion, grilled scallion

Cooked to perfection and delicious, atop yummmy sweet creamy yams.  I love a good medium rare duck. YUM. SO SO tender…. melted in my mouth and just YUM.  I love a good duck.

Speaking of duck, do you ever get a super gamey gross duck? I think that means the duck goes bad? Cuz I love the taste of duck, duck fat, DUCK SKIN. OMG I’m hungry and I have some leftover duck in the fridge.

SIDENOTE:  I wish I wrote more professional sounding blogs.  I read a ton of other ones that I envy but then I’m such a say what I feel and what goes thru my brain kind of person everything just comes out like brain vomit.  OOPS.  Sorry.  But I’m not sorry. HAHA.

Pan Roasted Wild Striped Bass
sweet corn, zucchini, wild mushrooms, sea peas, sun gold tomato emulsion

This was gonna be my choice if W didn’t help me order. HAHA. He knows me too well and we eat so similarly, except he’s pickier than me.  THIS WAS SO GOOD.  Tender, juicy, flakey beautiful fish atop a plethora of fresh chunks of delicious veggies. MMM CORN POOP. Joy to having Wild  MUSHHHHROOOOMS… The sauce was a bit too saucy/salty but I’m weird like that, I steam or boil most everything at home HAHA – lamz0rs. But that’s probably why I bloat so easily. Whatevz, I stuffed myself silly. YUM.

STUFFED as all hell as we were, we had room for dessert!  Obviously!  I even told our waiter, I have a separate stomach for desserts, NOM.

W got the Warm Peach & Blueberry Cobbler, black raspberry ice cream

And true to his form, he forgot to share til the second and last bite.  But I KNOW he LOOOOVES cobbler so I didn’t mind.. besides, my choice was SOOOO FUCKING, yes FUCKING, amaze balls.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake, vanilla ice cream, almonds, toffee


ike Stick Toffee Pudding Cake BUT BETTER.  A nice crust, a beautiful sweet creamy caramel.  I want to bathe in this.

A beautiful dinner, glad I finally got to eat the magic of Brent :] YUM.

After BBQ there’s still room for Burgers and Adult Milkshakes at Bourbon Steak Detroit

We are not in Kansas anymore.. this is taking Burgers & Milkshakes to a whole new level.  Although it did make me want an oreo milkshake from Johnny Rockets… nostalgia

After a few hours at the Pig & Whiskey 2012 event out in Ferndale… we went to the pool and then after a shower I slept off the beer and whiskey.  Previously we were thinking of heading to Lodge Diner for some chicken noodle soup but we decided just to head downstairs for a burger at Bourbon Steak.  If you haven’t noticed yet, W and I LOOOOOVE our burgers, especially him.  We sat in the lounge area and got the burger menus. WEEEE… fun!!!!

The menu said up to five toppings but me being me I loaded up on my burger.  It ended up being so big I couldn’t fit it in my mouth :[ HAHA.  Before we even ordered though, we were given some delicious red wine and the signature Bourbon Steak duck fat fries trio. YUM

I got a Market Garden Salad to start… delicious crunchy crostini on top… some butternut squash, pom seeds, red onions, goat cheese and delicious greens.  The dressing was a bit on the heavy side but it was still very tasty.

W and I also split an adult milkshake.  We each got our own half-glass :]

Bourbon Malted, Jim Beam, Salty Caramel

It was super strong and oozed of booze.  W and I could feel it after a few sips.

Dinner is served.

W’s Burger

Beef, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Pickles, Fried Egg, Shredded Romaine and “Secret Sauce”

My Burger

Beef, Butter Lettuce, Fried Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Pickles, Vidalia Onions, Shaved Jalapenos, Tomato, Avocado… NOMMMMM

Super thick Onion Rings.  They were piping hot.. the crust/breading was on the thick side, I like a lighter crust but it was definitely super tasty!!!

We got another set of Duck Fat Fries Trio.  W loves the horseradish sauce and asked for “a shit ton” of it.  Apparently this is the “shit ton” bowl size :D

Another delicious burger dinner with my burger boy <3  Also the last time having a burger in Detroit hahahaha…

Pre-Theatre at Aureole

The original plan was set for my mommy. She was coming here to the City to celebrate her 28th birthday *wink* and I had set up a beautiful dinner at Aureole and had amazing tickets to Phantom of the Opera. Unfortunately we had some family things come up and my parents are now in Taiwan… but I wasn’t about to pass up a good meal and a good show….

I’m usually so hesitant about any restaurant near Times Square, but this place is SO SO worth it.

The beautiful Charlie Palmer’s Aureole

We started off with two glasses of Pommery, Brut Apanage [Champagne, France] Champagne :] Delicious

Lemon/Rosemary Bread + Tomato/Basil Bread
They were SOOOOO freaking tasty.  I fell in love with the lemon rosemary bread… like a soft fluffy sourdough YUM. And the tomato basil tasted like an Italian dinner rolled into fluffy bread. YAY.

We started off with an amuse bouche… it was a delicious Lamb Carpaccio… it was SO amazing, not gamey at ALL.

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my sweet six-twen part duex

I woke up to flowers, balloons and pancakes & crepes w/eggs and bacon in bed… well.. in couch, while watching the Ren&Stimpy marathon all day.

The second chosen Birthday Dress :]

Elizabeth & James Dress, YSL Shoes and my new Chanel Bag

amuse bouche

creamy chickpea puree with pickled melon
We were sitting around looking at the menus when this delicious and creamy concoction came to us… smooth rich chickpeas emulsified into the creamiest I’ve ever had… with the surprising crunch of the pickled melon with a drizzle of fruity evoo on top.

The best bread and butter I’ve ever had… I literally ate more than 20 pieces of this… apparently NO one has eaten this much bread and butter before and they ended up serving us huge baskets – instead of pails of it :]

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Feeling Pure — Going Raw/Vegan

After much anticipation and a few years of wanting to visit the famous One Lucky Duck store sister [I buy stuff from there ALL. THE. TIME.] … last week I finally got to try out Pure Food and Wine

Before I begin – I must say that Sarma is amazing. She is gorgeous and just so inspiring. I own both her books and love her snacks from the online store. Once I bought chia seeds thru her and they were expired, she apologized and quickly sent me several bags.. what a sweetheart.

It was a super hot night… it was in the high 90s and around 700 or 730 when we got there. I was on a veg kick – and thought that refreshing raw and vegan would be PERFECT for a hot summer night meal.

We ordered some of their famous white sangria… filled with tons of fruit, like a sweet juice :]

We ordered two pitchers, but beware, they had a kick… and it didn’t kick in til a bit later – sweet sangria is so deadly ;D

In our usual style, we ordered a few of everything… :D How could we resist?

Nori Rolls of House Made Kim-Chee and Dr. Cow Creamy Tree Nut Cheese

watercress, baby bok choi, hijiki seaweed, avocado, scallions

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