Want You Back.. and take me to Havana.

Just got back from Japan and I’ve been catching up on work and still eating my way around Taiwan <3 DUH.  I do miss Americuh tho… tho Trump makes is less missable [not trying to get political here]

SO… My obsession with 5 Seconds of Summer has been full-filled… after 1.5 years of being absent they released their new song, and now their new video…..  [btw my love of this song “Want You Back” has nothing to do with wanting anyone back. I don’t LOL.]

On another note, still obsessed with Camila Cabello’s Havana… cuz Oh Na Na… “Papi says he got malo in him” <3 wink wink – I chose the vertical version but the original video is hilarious and great too.

And End Game.  Taylor Swift. Ed Sheeran. Future. Enough said.

Bitches all be fierce. New long post [and long awaited] with a Q&A and possibly vlog post coming very soon!!!! Health is getting better, life is pretty good and I may have a little crush :] DAT IZ ALL. Oh yeah and I’ve been eating a TON again…. oops. Sorry scale and cute clothes.

Spiritual Cleasning… and a Great Future…

I had a great long first session of a spiritual cleansing today. So much negativity has been let go in my life, and I’m learned that I HAVE to let go of a lot of my past; not forget, my past has just been lessons, learnings, teachings, but I need to let go and let the sun shine in.

I need to go back to my inner self… find my inner peace, stop being so closed off, stop letting the bad energy take over me and just open myself up.  I learned SO much about myself today in a mere 3 hours.  I have so much sadness and negative energy in me, happy on the outside but just very sad on the inside – so much so, I didn’t even realize until it was brought up and questioned.  My mind has blocked out all these “bad things”

And I have just changed so much emotionally, so fast.  All the negativity, literally, flew out of me.  In an icy cold filled AC room, I was sweating and feverish as if I was in a sauna….. it was almost some sort of out-of-body experience.  She knew things about me that not many or no one knew.  It was insane and yet amazing at the same time.

In order to move on, healthily, is to move forward while leaving the past behind.  The future looks amazingly bright for me and I can’t wait for it.

Bye bye past.  Hello future.


So hey, let’s be friends! ….


I’m dying to see how this one ends….

The one thing that my friends have always told me, that despite all the heartaches and heartbreaks I’ve been through I have almost gotten stronger, stood up, and always stayed optimistic.  My cup is always half full and I always stay positive.

Nice to meet you, where you been?
I could show you incredible things
Magic, madness, heaven, sin
. . .
Love’s a game, wanna play?

I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name. 

So let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on……xoxo

Dear Blog…


We have come a long way.  My first post was over 7 years ago…. and now look where it’s been.  It started off as a food diary.  Then a healthy food blog.  And then just a food blog in general with my adventures around the world eating and cooking.  And now this… I like to call it a “lifestyle” blog.  Which I will shortly be starting a whole “lifestyle” website at http://misstiffie.com…. but this is still home to me.  It’s comfy, it’s my blankie that I want to hold on to.

Sure some of the photos have gone wonky and bad, and I’ve gotten rid of some posts that have toxic people in them…. but people are still reading the reviews (minus the broken pic links, sorry) but I’m better than that now (haha) so I promise no more (hopefully) old posts like that from here on out.  The past ones, ya’ll just gotta accept.

You’ve gone thru my relationships, my health scares, my issues, and my healing.  My fun vacations, and the times where I can’t stop crying.  But I’ve made it thru, stronger than ever before.  I am who I am because of what I’ve been thru.

So here I am, 7 years younger (cough cough) and ready to embark on so many new adventures.  If you’ve been following me on facebook or twitter you may have been seeing some hints of what is yet to come.  My life is going in the perfect direction and I can only seeing it going up and up, growing better and better.

Cheers. And thanks to all of you for staying so loyal.


Yours always,
Miss Tiffie

PS. If you haven’t yet, please check out 5 Seconds of Summer’s newest music video. Jet Black Heart  It’s heart-touching and absolutely fantastic.