Catching up and Biting Heads

SORRY I’VE BEEN MIA.. this week has been hectic!!!! But I need to announce THREE things first.

FIRST of all :] Don’t forget to go to GroundedFitness’ giveaway!!!! It’s an awesome mixed goodies package from Nature’s Path!! EEEE *crosses fingers*

SECOND of all…. I got the package from GroundedFitness’ LAST giveaway and got my YOGA COOKIES from Patti Page today :D I seriously couldn’t believe that I won cuz I NEVER win these things.. I was UUUUBER excited and took sooo many pictures hahahah.

It was so hard to pick which one to eat first but I couldn’t just let them go to waste…

You should SOOOOOOOOOOO go buy some, they’re SOOOO GOOD and SUPPPPPPPPPPPPER cute!!!

THIRD, I got an award from my lovable Coco!!!! :D I’m so excited!!! :] I looooooooove the foodie community and this makes me feel like I’m slowly becoming apart of it now :]

The Super Scribbler Award:


Here are the rules that come along with this great award:
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I would like to pass this award to these amaaaaaaaaaazing chickies :D OMG it was so hard to choose I’m addicted to so many amazing blogs!!!
– Front Studio Ladies of LUNCH
– Madison of Follow My Weigh
– Erica of Sweet Eats
– Erin & Andrea of Care To Eat
Gliding Calm

Monday, 11/17 —

So after my Soulmate Oatmeal I wanted something refreshing and I waited awhile for dinner so I had a guava!!!

I chugged as much water as possible the whole day… I’ve been feeling UUBER bloated lately :[ & constantly dehydrated…

Dinner was very GREEN!!!

Beef w/ Leeks

Chinese Chives!!! (my FAV!! I ate ALL of this myself!!)

The other two dishes were tofu basil & white asparagus and just sauteed garlic spinach!!!

My lovely chinese chives:

(see I love everything with hot pepper flakes and/or cayenne!!!)

I had a few bowls of carrot & super healthy aka Chinese Yam

I looooooooooooooooooooooove carrots & :D

MY daddy brought back THREE cookies for me from his seminar today :] Lucky little me!!! They were super fresh and deliciously yummie and chewy!!! MMM I love fresh baked goodness. I also watched Kung Fu Panda!!! :] I’m like PO!!! MMM Dumplings!!!

I still felt munchy so I had a super old Rice Krispy Treat, it was a little stale :[ But I’m a fatty and ate it anyways…

And then I finished up my two jars……. yea… scraped them clean @_@ Remember, I’m a fatty ;]

Tuesday, 11/18 —

I was SOO excited about this GREEN POMELO cuz at Russo’s they called it a RUBY POMELO. It was the same inside as my regular ones except it was SMALLER and less sweet.. WTF!! BOOOO!!!

I was sad but the guava made me happy again :]

For dinner I HADDDDDDDDDDDD to make my Fig Oatmeal again….

My Lavender Honey before I melt it…

This SOOOOOOOOOOO is food p0rn ;]

Oooey gooey yumminess…

My mom even stole a few spoonfuls!!

See my big big deep bowl!!!

At night I had…

More diced Pomelo…

And 2 Dates!!!

I also ended up eating fat neon brite crawlers in bed watching Food Network hahahah…

Wednesday, 11/19 —

I had some freshly made barley, chinese green beans & jujubes for breakfast

It was super yummy, as usual, so I had another bowl!!!

I had my SECOND Iron IV session. They took a few tubes of blood first and then told me that I was improving. My blood volume went from 24% to 27%. The doctor also asked me if I ate. I thought that was funny.

My drip bag!!!

Tube in….

My fat arm…

This called for a YUMMIE nutritious and super filling (fiberific) salad from WF!!

It was brimming and super heavy. The WF here is SO much better than the one near me. PLUS I love their salad bar more.
Corn, Hericots Verts, Beets, Cucumbers, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame, Green Peas, Mixed Greens, Spinach!!!

I ate there (I love their little tables) and had some yummie green/black/white tea blened.


I came home to surprise cookies from mommy from Sel De La Terre!!
Chocolate Chip and two Coconut Sables…

And I finished off my gingerlicious Indigo Rabbit cookies…

They were sold to me expired :[ LAME. I didn’t realize this til after… But they were still soft and fluffy!!!

Later I had a bowl of cherries :]

Some dried pomelo…

And some dried DICED pomelo…

And then it got messy. I had a pack of dried mango.. two little boxes of chocolate and vanilla animal crackers, some taro chips and then like a WHOLE tub of lightly salted peanuts. @_@ OMG. Binge much?!?! I duno what came over me.

Thursday, 11/20 —

I woke up this morning terrified to get on the scale… but phew, I lost some bloat from the past week, back down to 106… I still feel uuber pudgey tho. I haven’t been under 105/106 in like two months :[

I had a mango for… “brunch” cuz my stomach was upset from all the junk last nite.

And later after work I took some fresh air :] Got a nice big venti Americano from Starbucks (w/ cinnamon and nutmeg)

Got some free fudge – PB/Choc and a Praline at a quick stop @ Costco (and I got some books and WALL-E!!!)

All I wanted for dinner was OATMEAL!!!

1/2c Oats
1 1/4c Water
1 Package of Blueberries
1 Honeycrisp Apple
2 tbs WheatGerm
1 tbs Flax
1/4c Wheatberries
Tahitian Vanilla
TONS of cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg

And the remaining HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE amount of my Soyogurt, it’s okay tho because yesterday when I went to the only WF that carries my fav brand of soy yogurt (Wildwood) to get dinner I bought another tub!!!

Look at those chunks of apple and blueberries, SOO freaking good!!!


My last Sel De La Terre Cookie that my mommy surprised me with yesterday :D

Doesn’t he look SUPER ZEN?!?!

So happy, blissfully awaiting his sacrification :D (yes I just made that word up)

I like to eat my cookies head first :]


Phew I survived last nite without eating anymore. I still could but I stopped myself. But I didn’t end up sleeping until almost 5am :[ I woke up early for work today tooo….. blah!!!

I woke up starving but I had meetings to get ready for and work to be done so I, naughtily, held back on breakfast until my first meeting was over. I also woke up with swollen glands/neck and really stuffed up… Crap! I’m sick :[ What this calls for? Oatmeal!!!!

It looks tiny but wait’ll you see how unsuspectingly big the cup is….

At around 11 I made a delicious HOT STEAMING HUGE BOWL of MANGO Oats!!!

(sorry my stupid iphone has been giving me weird photos lately)

1/2c Oats
1 Whole Mango Chopped up
1/4c Wheatberries
1 tbs Flaxseed
Splash of Tahitian Vanilla

YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!!! This is one of my HUUUUGE mugs I got from Starbucks over the wkend I talked about. My oats were a little bit more liquidy at first so I had to let it soak up the juices a bit (and I started eating some out of the pot) I ended up sprinkling some shredded toasted coconut on top too but hungrily ate it all before I remembered to take a picture :] It’s taking me almost an hour to finish (still eating it now) The mango has cooked down a lot but there are still some nice chunks in them!!! And of course I LOOOVE my oats a bit chewier and I loooove wheatberries :] Sigh* it’s been awhile Oatmeal, you’re still the bestest!!!

See ya’ll at Dinner :]

Salad, Fruits, Bread & NO CANDY :D

First off, Don’t forget to enter In Her Shoes’ ZAP pb contest by Friday!! You can learn more about ZAP and the winnings here :] (and read a cool blog too hehe) It’s some new pb that’s blended with 10 superfoods (including: carrot, kale, spinach, beets, blueberries & strawberries) too awesome!!!!

Strangely I was starving for something…. cold?! The whole day I expected my brain to crack and just want warmth and my oats and ooey gooey somethings… For ahwile I craved Zha Jiang Mien and then suddenly I remembered that I had beets that needed to be finished off and basil to eat before it went brown. BEAUTIFUL Basil. (I LOOOVE basil and eat it like baby spinach!!!)

A BIG handful or two of roughly chopped FRESH Basil
Double that in Baby Spinach
1 thinly sliced beet
1 large tomato
1 chopped up mango (it was lonely in the fridge)
1 tbs flaxseed
1/4c Wheatberries

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD. Took me over a good 1/2 hour to eat (while I read cooking mags) I started making it with a big noodle bowl but after the spinach and the basil it was already super puffy so I went super sized ;]

Afterwards I finished off the last tiny beet :] It was lonely.

I was scared I was still hungry and my mind raced around thinking.. oats? Cereal? Yogurt? SWEEEEEEEEETS!!!!!!… (I CRAVEEE this pineapple upside down cake I saw Giada make today…) BUTTTT… I breathed in and out, in and out and let myself wait a bit before I realized I was full. But I still wanted to bake so I’m currently baking ADZUKI BEAN CAKE BREAD!!!! (Recipe is in below post)

Look at those yummie CHUNKS of delicious sweet red bean :] YUM!!!

edit @ 1130pm
I TOTALLY overdid fruits tonite. SOOo good but I’m SOO stuffed!!!

2 Cherimoyas

25 Rambutans & 24 Longans!!!

I’M OBSESSED :] (and have to pee so much.. hahaha)