Winner Winner Chicken Dinner & a Cookie Party at Midnight

First thing’s first…. I had fresh ramps and fiddleheads… and didn’t know what to do with them. So what do I do? Tired and cranky I needed to whip something up quick and delicious….

Crisp Pan-fried Chicken thighs with Ramps…

I crisp up the skin and then add some white wine and the ramps… no extra things except for salt&pepper

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I Love My Mommy & the Red Sox

Thanks Craigie on Main for another AMAZING time :]

After our last dinner at Craigie, I KNEW that I HAD to take my mom here for Mother’s Day… as soon as we got home I booked reservations for Mother’s Day!!!

They had a delicious prix fixe brunch prepared

Mommy and I picked the Fruit Salad

Evan’s Organic Yogurt

Mangoes, pears, grapes and mint :D SO GOOD. simple and fresh, just the way I love it!

Daddy and R both ordered the House-Made Doughtnut

Confiture de Lait

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“Like a Dinner Party at Home with Close Friends..”

Welcome to the first Miss Tiffie & R [he’s in green] reviewed blog entry :] ENJOY!!!

I’ve been waiting for the right time to go to Craigie on Main for awhile.. every time I think of it, it’s already booked for the weekend [boo] so thankfully I booked about 5 days ahead of time – and even then it was full til 9pm. Well, the ONLY opening was 9pm. Or 5pm [R got a reso for that time] — anyways. We decided to go to the 9pm since we wanted to go to Tea Time. After wanting everything and then some from the menu we decided that the best way to go this time was the Chef’s 10-Course tasting.. with additions of course [it’s how we roll]

Eat out and feel at home. Chef Tony Maws – James Beard Nominee for Best Chef, Northeast – combines French-inspired “nose -to-tail refined rusticity” with a ”no exceptions” commitment to local, seasonal, & organic or natural ingredients.

I love everything about this place. The food, the atmosphere, the people… they cook sustainably and cook what they find that day that’s fresh – which is why their menu changes daily…. even their DRINKS are made from only the freshest in-season ingredient… so awesome :] I’m such a huge supporter of places like this…. [read more about them here] this place is easily one of my favorite places to go in Boston now :]

R: Into Craigie with a huge appetite (we spent a lot of energy shopping
after tea time). A restaurant with a menu changing daily and large
supporters of local farmers. We quickly scan the menu and see the
obvious items that pop out at us. Towards the bottom we see the 10
course chef’s choice tasting menu and decided we wanted to be
surprised. We had some additional items just make sure we covered all
our bases on our Craigie experience.

Montlouis Brut – Francois Chidaine

R: As always we like to start off with some bubbly to wake our taste buds
and get our appetites ready.
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