Want You Back.. and take me to Havana.

Just got back from Japan and I’ve been catching up on work and still eating my way around Taiwan <3 DUH.  I do miss Americuh tho… tho Trump makes is less missable [not trying to get political here]

SO… My obsession with 5 Seconds of Summer has been full-filled… after 1.5 years of being absent they released their new song, and now their new video…..  [btw my love of this song “Want You Back” has nothing to do with wanting anyone back. I don’t LOL.]

On another note, still obsessed with Camila Cabello’s Havana… cuz Oh Na Na… “Papi says he got malo in him” <3 wink wink – I chose the vertical version but the original video is hilarious and great too.

And End Game.  Taylor Swift. Ed Sheeran. Future. Enough said.

Bitches all be fierce. New long post [and long awaited] with a Q&A and possibly vlog post coming very soon!!!! Health is getting better, life is pretty good and I may have a little crush :] DAT IZ ALL. Oh yeah and I’ve been eating a TON again…. oops. Sorry scale and cute clothes.