Happy Mothers Day 2014 at Cottage Wellesley

I’m behind on my Mother’s Day Post….. I took my mama to The Cottage in Wellesley for the special day…

We got there in time for the reservation but still had to wait awhile for our table… which was kind of disappointing – and annoying.

Me and my beautiful mommy…

I got her flowers delivered to the restaurant… which she loved because she loves purple roses and we both took a million pictures… this is one of my favorites… she will always be the most beautiful woman I know in my life.

We got a half bottle of champagne to celebrate the day.

Cheers to you mommy for being the most amazing woman in my life.

We said no to bread but they gave it to us anyway and it was SO GOOD.  Warm creamy butter and hot delicious fluffy bread. YAY – so bad for us since we’re both carb-o-holics.  It was kind of foccacia-y….

For appetizers we got  a grilled vegetable salad and fried eggplant fries.



They came with a sauce that kind of tasted like a tartar sauce mixed with a thousand island dressing…. but just on it’s own it was…. light, fluffy, crisp outside and soooo soft and yummy inside – NOT OILY AT ALL.

They actually split our salad for us.  It came with avocado… like a split whole avocado between the two of us… grilled red peppers… asparagus… corn… squash… different kinds of greens… it was just beautiful… you didn’t even need the dressing to make it delicious.

This was my duck duo – which was duck leg confit and duck breast. BEAUTIFUL.  Pickled Cabbage and mandarin slices.

Mama got the sweet potato crusted cod with Potatoes and corn…. also completely amazing.


When we got home I made us Watermelon Margaritas with just Fresh Watermelon and Patron in my vitamix. YAYYYYYY

 I love you Mommy

Homemade Thai Red Curry with Cod

I decided to go out of my comfort zone and cook Thai Red Curry tonight.  I made Thai curry once….. I think green? Or whichever. and it was meh, it was also in college… and me and my then boyfriend had to taste and tweak the entire time – It wasn’t bad… so glad my cooking skills have improve since then

I Vitamixed all the ingredients… added extra thai chilis, a habanero, extra ginger and extra lemongrass and garlic for more punch I don’t like going by recipes…. I’m a rebel

After the sauce started bubbling [oh I used LIGHT coconut milk for a little more healthy kick] I added in my veggies… chopped green beans, multi colored peppers….. red onion and eggplant…

After cooking for awhile I put in my cod and slowly added in some fresh basil

One for mama, one for me

Spicy, ilght and delicious!!!!!  FULL of veggies and delicious Cod.  Can’t wait to make it for J <3

BTW, Crazy bruins game tonight…. we were leading and then WTF 3x OT!?!?!?!

No worries… we let you win tonight Chi…… so it doesn’t look as bad when we win the rest :]

Ka-Noon Thai for Lunch

So I’m always at the doctors’ lately.  I’m always coughing and hacking away….. so after another doctor visit I headed straight to Ka-Noon to meet mama for lunch.  I’ve been craving Thai for EVAAAAA… so SO glad I gott some.  I also haven’t been here in ages and the quality is always changing.  This time I liked.  It was around lunch time so actually was super busy.

MMMM… best salad dressing ever. Possibly better than that Japanese stuff… has some sort of Peanuty-ness to it. YUM

Summer Rolls

I’m trying to get my mom to eat healthier, she likes the fried ones… but I told her to stick with these. I love the non-fried ones more anyways.

Mama got a Tofu Stir-Fry with Brown Rice

Tofu Garden – Stir fried w/ mushroom and assorted vegetables in brown sauce [Broccoli, Baby Corn, Carrots, etc.]

And of course I got a Jungle Basil Curry – Coconut free curry w/ mushrooms, string bean, eggplant, peppercorn, bell pepper, wild ginger and sweet basil – with Chicken.  I LOVE Jungle Curry but it wasn’t as spicy as I usually have it, but delicious none-the-less.

Just some delicious Thai Hot Tea to drink…. I need to get some for myself to make at home.  And suggestions on where and what to get?  Thanks!

Sushi Taro — Kaiseki & Sushi Tasting

Me and my W wanted Sushi… so after a day of work we finally decided to go find sushi. We KNEW we wanted sushi and didn’t know where to go.

THANKFULLY we met up with L and some of W’s friends and we decided on SUSHI TARO – a tiny walk up next to a CVS

Mr Octopussy says hi

So I’ve been back and forth about how to blog about out food since we both got different tastings.. So I’m gonna do it separately.  We shared our food but it’s easier to separate it.

We decided to get two different tastings.   W got the sushi tasting minus shellfish…


Liver……. something….. and eggplant



He’s so Jiro

We actually both got this soup so you can see more detail on my tasting.. except his didn’t have shellfish i it.

More sexy sushi

W totally shared his sushi with me…

Looked gross.. but very very soft and tender… W wasn’t into the texture as much.. i think it was beltfish.. but still.. NOM

More sushi sexiness..

And for the last course he got MY spicy tuna roll…

And I got the Kaiseki with wine pairing for me…


Delicious aperitif sake with flower petals…

The most beautiful soft tender tofu

With a yummy pairing

Monkfish, oyster and eggplant

By this point my pairing kept coming super super late.

My Sashimi – DEEEElicious

The soup I talked about before…

Squeeze some lime…

Shrimp, fishcake, fish, etc.. YUM

SOOO GOOOOOD….. fried soba, fried fish, wasabi lotus root, squid, sweet potato, pome seeds, tomato and squid ink fried wakame.

OH and a escargot W helped open for me.

I got a yummy fish… that tasted SUPPPER sweet.. shisito pepper and then some… YUM

A duck meatball in a daikon wrap and surrounded by crabmeat. Sadly the duck meatball was COLD so  only ate around it.

I got W’s sushi in exchange for him getting my maki roll. Eel. Scallop and Salmon. <3

Next time we will try TURTLE!!!

For dessert, W picked the chocolate cake:

And I picked the chestnut cake…

YUMMMMMMMMMM. Will go back.

Home Sweet Home

Nothing like being home, sick, and eating good old homemade mama’s cooking every single day YAY

Bittermelon & Pork Rib Soup

Spicy Pork Belly, Bamboo & Scallions

Marinated Cold Beef with Cilantro

Black Bean Bitter Melon

Chicken and Jujube Soup

Corn & Pork Rib Soup, Loofah & Japanese Mountain Yam, Spicy Pork Belly & Bamboo & Kong Shin Cai

Homemade Chicken Noodle soup with Shiitake and Spinach

Fried Eggs with Soy Sauce and Hot Sauce

Seaweed, Tomato and Chicken Soup with Oatmeal

Wood Ear Fungus with Ginger and Chicken

Dry Fried Green Beans

Spicy Eggplant

Pork Belly and Bitter Greens

So many vegetables for dinner… at CPK

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – so I slipped on some shorts and went out to enjoy the day!

Ppoopped a few grapes, and had a banana and Barney butter NOM

Worst mother of the year award goes to…

Kid hanging off the front, backwards and one sitting in the back, legs dangling.. she was barely even touching the cart…. AWESOME


This almost makes me want to give birth, right now… almost

Bathroom had teenage girls sneaking on makeup.. hahaha

I was STTTTTTTTTTTARVING so after buying some stuff at Urban Outfitters – neon yellow- green high waisted short shorts… I’m so classy…. and anthropologie – YAY FOR SALES!!!!!.. we finally made it to CPK I’ve been craving pizza

We got a huuuuuuge table in the corner.. teehee just like we did at Legal’s the night before…

Our conversation was basically like this:
Do they have bread? Why would they have bread at a pizza place? Oh they do have bread! I like warm bread better…

My parents say I should stop drinking so much wine and beer… so I’m going back to my beloved vodka and teqqqqquilllla hahahahahhaha

Ultimate Margarita

Wasn’t really “ultimate” but it was tasty… wish it was bigger and came in a margarita cup tho….

We decided to order a salad, a pizza and an app and just share family style….

Miso Shrimp Salad

Napa & red cabbage, shrimp, avocado, cucumbers, daikon, edamame, carrots, scallions, cilantro, rice sticks and wontons tossed in miso dressing.

One of my favorite salads ever! SOOO GOOOOD~

Lettuce Wraps

Minced chicken and shrimp, wok-seared with Shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts and scallions. Served with spicy soy-ginger sauce. 

YUM! My parents are obsessed with their lettuce wraps.. they sure are tasty :] SO ASIAN hahahaha….

Vegetarian with Japanese Eggplant Pizza

Mozzarella, baby broccoli, eggplant, corn, red onions, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and tomato sauce on honey-wheat with whole grain crust.

Look at that fresh brocoolini stalk <3 SOOO GOOD and of course splathered with chili pepper flakes!!!

So good I got one to go and inhaled it as a midnight snack.

BTW picked this up at Costco… came with some other random show – combo pack – but YAYYYYYYYYY I totally rememeber watching this on Food Network.. the beginnings of my love for Tony

Dim Sum Buffet at Lotus Flower

It’s a buffet, I’m not a huge fan of chinese buffets in general because I’d rather have quality than quantity. But for only 15$ it was a pretty decent spread of Taiwanese style dimsum and some eats….  Off to Lotus Flower in Framingham it is… sister restaurant to others around such as Lotus Blossom in Sudbury, Water Lily in Wayland and Chang So in Cambridge.

As my mom and I were walking in for our much-needed mother/daughter date, STARVED to death, a father and son came walking out of Five Guys asking if this place was good. hahaha.. I duno, this is my first time.

And YES it’s ACTUALLY next to a Five Guys [and a Boston Market], as soon as we parked and got out of the car, I could smell burgers in the air.. YUMMM.. #craving – almost went in there instead. Buttttt… it was dim sum I wanted..

This ain’t no chinatown or Asia dim sum… we came for the last hour of the “Sunday Brunch” so while they had everything, they weren’t really putting anything new out anymore. So we grabbed EVERYTHING!!… well, that we wanted.

Round 1.

Xiao Long Baos, Shumai 乾蒸燒賣, Taiwanese Panfried Dumplings, Pork Belly Baos, Shrimp Dumplings, Chive Pies, etc…

The Chive pie had good filling but they were not bulging with filling and I think since they were the last batch of the day, the crust was getting a bit soggy in the steamer…  the Shrimp Dumplings were good but the skin was a bit too thick for me and they were pan-fried not just thin-skinned and steamed like I’m used to.  Taiwan dumplings were good, but they were small and more like gyoza than Taiwanese dumplings…

Peanuts, Eggplant, Scallion Pancakes, Sesame Balls, etc..

I liked the Xiao Long Baos [Soup Dumplings] and Shumai the most so I ended up getting a plate PILED with them.. like 10 each HAHAHA… #fattie. INHALED.

Sao Bin 燒餅 and Fried Dough 油條

Obviously dipped in and eaten with soy milk 豆漿… something about Chinese soy milk that is SOOO different from american soy milk. SO SO GOOD.

The soy milk wasn’t too sweetened and tasted fresh…. definitely helped cut through the greasy fried dough – it’s not the best 油條 I’ve had but it’s pretty good.. just wish they were big rods of them, instead of cut up smaller pieces….

大䁑麵綫 Large Pig Intestine with Noodle Threads… SOOO GOOD… great spices and a sprinkling of fresh cilantro. YUM.

You have to ask for this on the side, and it comes with the buffet… as many bowls as you want.  But you have to ASK for it, along with congee, and sometimes tofu pudding and oyster pancakes – which aren’t always available.  While the flavors were great and the noodles were yummy, there wasn’t enough intestines, I had like 6 pieces of so but my mom had NONE. That’s so disappointing :[ Should be more consistant, need bigger pieces and each bowl needs a good amount.

Sweet Rice Soup/Milk 米浆

This was thick and delicious but a bit too sweet for me.  I prefer my mom’s more but she never makes it anymore :[  Here’s a fun recipe I found tho…

Turnip/Daikon Cakes, Pig Ears, Sliced Beef, Szechuan Pickled Cabbage

After this I got another plate of just xiao long baos and shumais :] NOM

Fruits, more Sesame Balls, Cake and some Ribs & Tofu

The ribs were a bit too sweet…. but I love me some balls :D A bit sweet but nice mochi outside, fried and red bean paste in the middle, NOM!

Cake, Melon, Mangoes

Hope is the best stimulant of life.


Hope drives me, inspires me and pushes me in the right direction.

So does my new bag of Easter candy….

Fan 范 Family Fun Day in Hsinchu including Lunch at 坊間小館 Tony’s Brasserie

Woke up super early at 8am to catch the HSR to Hsinchu to meet up with family, 范 family, mommy’s side [best side LOL]

Cranky and playing games on my iTouch

pst Borrowed a few pics from the awesome blog at loongchih.pixnet.net so hope they don’t mind :D I was too busy eating and socializing with my huge family to really take pics or take note of all the food… so here’s the basic gist of it…

Condiments bar..

My bowl was all Sacha, Chillies, Scallions and Tofu Ru [Fermented Tofu] = YUM

Cousins – I sat at the “Kiddie” Table, even tho we’re all not kids anymore.. and some of us HAVE their own kids LOL including my recently married and new mommy, cousin, Angela :]

Pig Stomach & Eggplant, Cold Dishes & Cucumbers and Roasted Chicken

YUMMM!!!!! I loved the cucumbers and chicken dish – it was a cold dish but SO GOOD!!!

Here comes the hot pot :]

Fatty Pork over Pickled Cabbage, Meat balls and Frozen Tofu


I ate so many balls… fish balls, beef balls, NOM NO BALLS :]

Bowl #129381293813 of mine ;]

Braised Fish and other dishes…

We ended up eating tons of other dishes like veggies with 1,000 yr old egg, seafood veggies, tofu, fried seafood, smoked fatty duck… omg the works!!!

Here’s Angela’s baby boy, sooo cute, after eating and falling asleep sucking on his bottle :]

When all the dishes were out we got fried man-toes… that you dip in condensed milk.. usually when I eat these they’re just individual buns cut into four but these were huge and long and fluffy and yum!!!

I had a huge end piece which I couldn’t stop dipping in the sugary milk sauce :] NOM!

And after a delicious fruit plate of Guava, Pineapple and Bell Apples… we had some sweet soup with Goji and 白木耳

Afterwards ALL of us, okay not all of us, some of us left, like 30-40 of us, went back to my Uncle’s new house to eat, drink and be merry some more :] Much alcohol was consumed at the restaurant so the adults were silly and a little red in the face :] HEE HEE

Us telling jokes and being silly

Black Peanuts

I was SO in love with these my auntie gave me a HUUUUUGE unopened package to bring home.. might eat all before I leave… oops

Me, Melissa and my youngest cousin from my youngest uncle.. don’t know her english name #fail

I have the cutest cousins EVER!!! Food coma? LOL

After a nice yummy dinner of “wine Duck”, chicken soup and cabbage and chinese chives pork dumplings… my auntie made more food to go with some of this wine for us :] I had two or three glasses.. maybe ;]

Waking up at 8 and getting back pretty late… I actually ended up going out for a drink and MORE snacks….

Daddy also bought my skittles and Chicken Flavored Pringles for the trainride home…

Crunch crunch crunch

Next blog? My Cat’s Friend

Marea, Chef Michael White is the best for Special Occasions

“Watching people eat my food is like watching people have sex”  – Michael White

Sunday was Z’s birthday and is, like I’ve mentioned numerous times, obsessed with Chef Michael White [who isn’t right?] and his pasta….  Both of us haven’t been to Chef White’s baby, Marea yet so OBVIOUSLY, taking him here was the obvious choice.  We got there a few minutes before our reservation and was promptly seated in a nice cozy table.

Yep Marea. THE Marea. “Seafood Porn” Marea.. [or so says Tony Bourdain]

And yes, we did eat those uni lardo crostinis :]

After two glasses of some delicious cold bubbly… I picked out a delicious bottle of Red, VERY delicious… seeee… Italian but with a hint of German… I like a good looking bottle… :]

To be honest, it took a long long time just to get someone to take our order, let alone give us bread or refill our water glasses.  Our “waiter” actually went to tables that sat way after us and took their order, helped them out and gave them bread – WAYYY before us. Sad. And it’s a shame too, the sommeliers actually ended up giving us the most service and we barely saw our waiter until after Z complained towards the end of our meal, when they were getting orders wrong and serving us the wrong dishes at the wrong times.. and taking a long time. Nevertheless… we finally got our order in… towards the end of dinner we got our apology and yes we got bread. OH and everything was delicious. FYI, Manager and all the sommeliers are SUPER nice and attentive.

Breads…  Foccacia, Muti-Grain and Sourdough

They were delicious.  Chewy sourdough… a dense but full of flavor ansd still managing to be light, multi-grain…. BUT OMG the Foccacia was amazing… CHUNKS of huge green salty, flavorful olives in it.. and all the breads were even more delicious when dipped in the olive oil – which was super grassy, fresh and delicious – to be honest I was ready to make like an Asian and steal the bottle for consuming at home hahaha.. no worries, I didn’t find my inner Asian ghetto :]

Amuse Bouche
Spring Pea Soup Shooter

I even got a delicious fat spring pea in my soup – super sweet, naturally of course…. blended to a creamy smooth consistency and a lightly tart foam on top.  It was a nice change up from the usual asparagus soups that I’ve been tasting lately… speaking of which I kind of miss autumn/winter pumpkin/squash soups :] Hehehehe….

Sea Urchin, Lardo, Sea Salt

This is actually one of the sole reasons that I’ve been wanting to come to Marea.  I love Michael White‘s food and pasta, but before I really fell in love with him and his food, I knew about these…. oh oh oh joy.  These were everything and MORE than I ever could dream about. SOOO rich and decadent.  You have the creamy creamy uni.. not one, but TWO lobes.. [and according to Andrew Zimmern and Michael White on the newest epi of Bizarre Foods those white splotches you get on Uni means it’s EXTRA good.. it’s also Sea Urchin sperm haha] Layered on top is a large fat thick delicious piece of perfectly melted lardo. MMM pig fat makes EVERYTHING taste better. Even the freaking crostini on the bottom holding two of the most delicious morsels in the world is perfection.  Crisp, chewy, toasted to perfection – just enough bread to hold up to the richness.. but not overly so that all you get is extra bread.

PERFECTION in a bite [well for me three or four haha, I like to savour]

Sidenote: You also may remember the Top Chef All Stars team who went to White’s restaurant to eat and “mimic” the restaurant’s food… yep, those guys ate this[Team Marea: StephenTre, Blais, Spike].. [and remember, Tre doesn’t like uni and Stephen was saying how THIS dish would change his mind? Haha.. Yes I’m a Top Chef Trivia nerd]

I couldn’t help it… I made it so fuggggg but that’s the best part :D OMG am I a nerd that I just tweeted about this pic I drew and can’t stop laughing at myself? I’m such a dork!

Okay while I just totally ruined the whole classiness that I wanted this blog to exude… OOOOOOZEEEEE… EXUUUUUUDE… I’m tired and delirious :] And it’s my blog so in the words of Cartman “I do what I wannnnnnnttt!!!!”

Assagio Di Tre – Tasting of Three Crudo

Japanese Greenling, Pickled Ginger, Charred Celery

The second favorite of the crudos, we tried first… which was perfect. It was SO delicate, sweet and light – the perfect way to start off the appetite.  Like an aperitif. I’ve never had Japanese Greenling before but it’s such a pure clean tasting fish…. the pickle in the ginger could’ve been a little stronger, but since the char and the celery flavors were also very light and just adding that little bit of needed texture, this was the most delicious bite.

Cuttlefish Tagliatelle, Soffrito Crudo, Bottarga Di Muggine

This was the most anticipated but the most disappointing of the three.  It was missing acidity and oomph.  The cuttlefish was REALLY tender and had that milky texture to the slight rubbery chew to it [just think raw squid which I eat all the time as sashimi at Japanese restaurants]  The Soffrito was really refreshing and delicious… the slight salt, barely noticeable was from the Bottarga.. but like I said, totally missing acidity. :[

Pacific Jack Mackerel, Olives, Marcona Almonds, Mushrooms

This was definitely the winner of the crudos.  A perfect balance of the sweet silky fish, the salty olives, the soft mushrooms and the crunch of the Marconas [which was funny because when the server brought it over they said Walnuts, HELLO, HUGEEE difference there!!!]

Braised Snails with Mushrooms, Croutons and Fennel

This was simple and complex at the same time.  When I first saw this on the menu, Z showed me a pic of whole briased snails – kinda freaky looking – but these were cut into small pieces and perfectly braised to a tender chew.  Full of flavor, and the lightly cooked fennel added SO much flavor to the dish.  The croutons were buttery and crunchy while the mushrooms, also braised with the snails were tender and full of flavor. I LOVE MUSHROOMS!

Poached Egg, Spring Garlic, Bone Marrow, Baby Eel, Passatelli, Barley Brodo

This was totally not what I expected.. probably because usually when I get these sortrs of Uovos they look foamy or creamy or thick. And they’ve been like that in multiple restaurants that I’ve been to – not just Michael White’s.  Le Cirque. Per Se. Le Bernardin. Bouley. This was SO beautiful. A perfectly poached egg not hidden in anything but with a nice broth poured around it.  Deliciousness surrounding it but the star was most definitely the creamy warm yellow yolk that spilled out after slicing through it.

BTW, Passateli is a sort of pasta formed out of breadcrumbs. Yep, *the more you know theme song plays*

Of course I had to do an after picture :] It was DELICIOUSNESS and I totally could have made do with another bowl or two of this :] ALL to myself too… haha but then again #sharingiscaring.

Since they had gotten our orders wrong and had actually took the pastas out before we got the snails and uovo, they comped up a few dishes :] And some chamapagne.. but the waiting for the next course was KILLER – it took forever.. and because of the super slow service, we were slowly getting “full” fast….

Red Wine Braised Octopus, Bone Marrow

After seeing this on Bizarre Eats, Z & I KNEW we HAD to get this.  The fusilli were cooked to a perfect al dente, maybe slightly under… the sauce, while not very “original” tasting, was very very homey.. and while the waiter said it was a heavier richer sauce, I thought it was a lot lighter than our second pasta.  The octopus was also cooked to perfect – very very tender and full of flavor. MMMM… CHUNKS of bone marrow were in the sauce – YES, like VISIBLE chunks of soft delicious buttery fatty bone marrow surrounded the pasta and of course the nice crisp sprinkle of bread crumbs on top. Amazing.

Eel, Sage … delicious a little less than al dente pasta… looked like unstuffed tortellini.. totally forgot what they’re called and can’t find it on the websites :[

I hate myself for not remembering then name of this pasta.  It was such a unique shape and while it was undercooked  The sauce was definitely unique tasting so I didn’t know what to think upon first taste.  But the sweet sauce paired perfectly with eel [I mean how often do you eat eel aside from Unagi at Japanese restaurants?]  While a bit on the heavily sauced side, the basil gave that nice pop of herby flavors – maybe a bit TOO much… but in the end it somehow worked and balanced each other out – maybe cause the pasta was so dense.

And after another long wait….

Grilled Creekstone 50 Day Dry Aged Sirloin, Braised Romaine, Bone Marrow Panzanella

Not Black & Blue like Z asked for but the aging and the marbling was beautiful. I could smell the aged meat from across the table and the meat was delicious, so so tasty…  the Bone Marrow Croutons were to DIE for… and there were two pieces of braised [which looked just kind of like grilled cooked down] Romaine.

Roasted Beets, Ricotta Salata

Super super sweet and perfectly roasted beets.  Deliciously red… and a creammmmmmy delicious ricotta salta shaved on top.  Looked like heaven… looked like dessert. MMMM.. so delicious.

Roasted Black Bass, Roasted Eggplant, Fava, Grilled Ramps, Apricot Mostarda

By the time I got this, it was so late.. it was past 11 and I was really full already.  The fish was delicious, cooked brilliantly.. soft, flakey.. and yes, my favorite word, tender…   The skin as crisp and had the most amazing crunch to it.  Then there was the grilled ramps, YUM.. and thin slices of eggplant.. MMMMM, so delicious.  So refreshing… tasted so seasonal.

Panna Cotta
Formage Blanc Panna Cotta, Mandarin Orange, Pink Peppercorn, Thyme

The most creative way I’ve ever been served Panna Cotta.  The Pink Peppercorn crunchy meringue pieces were SOOOO delicious and dotally made the dish.  A bit of everything, all textures, tastes, flavors, sensessss of all sorts – and the pop of thyme – OMG I’m so in love [yes now I have Usher stuck in my head]

Fried Doughnut Holes, Lemon Cream, Prickly Pear Sorbet, Cassis

Fluffy but still dense, but not overpoweringly so.  They reminded me of the fried doughnut holes you get at Chinese buffets.. yep, those really ghetto ones :] No, I totally mean that in the best way, the ghettoier the better.. probably because of the extra “flavoring” in the “AGE-ED” hot penaut oil they fry it in hahahah… come on, us Asians waste not ;D

But no, these doughnuts tasted super fresh, piping hot, melted in my mouth but tasted VERY clean [no dirty oil!]

Petit Fours
Apricot Bonbon, Berry Pate de Fruit, Financiar, Salted Caramel

Started with the bonbon, next came the cookie/cake and then the pate and lastly – save the best for last – salted caramel… DELICIOUS!  Full to the point of popping… we decided to call it a night and watch Hangover back at home to end the birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Z.

Italian Night @ il Brigante

Too lazy to cook or to go anywhere…. so we walked down the block, literally, to il Brigante at the Seaport. We were between this place and Barbarini but ultimately chose this place for three reasons, 1. We would eat there next time we want Italian, 2. Opentable points 3. My main entree [craving]

We were greeted with a basket of bread with the most delicious EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar dipping bowl.

We got a bottle of this, it was really good and paired well with all of our dishes…

Parmigiana di Melanzane

A tower of eggplant, tomato, basil, and mozzarella baked in our brick oven

I was thinking it was gonna come out like the Portamella I had at Cafe Formaggio on Long Island awhile back but this was cooked down and gooey – still delicious but not so pretty looking.

Broccoli di Rape e Salsicce

Spicy broccoli di rape topped with hot Italian sausage

We were trying to choose between this and just the plain broccoli rabe, but ended up choosing this one because… WHY NOT?! Sausage is delicious!!!! This instantly took us back to the Sausage Guy days clubbing in Boston… ahhh memories…

FYI, I have ACTUALLY gone out ONLY to get a sausage afterwards… all of us girls were so excited about the sausage after dancing that we only stayed at the club for maybe 20 minutes before promptly leaving in our cute little outfits, pretty hair and makeup and walking around the area chomping on our sausages :D NOM!

Handmade Fettucine alla Carbonara

Italian smoked pancetta with onions, egg yolks, Parmigiano Reggiano and pecorino cheese

It was actually paired with spaghetti but as soon as we saw “handmade” on the fettucine alla Bolognese, we substituted the spaghetti for some of that. GOOOOOOD PLAN – it was amazing!

Special of the Day

Sablefish, Mussels & Clams in Tomato Broth

I was slightly disappointed in this, I was expecting something like a Cioppino but got this.  The fish was tender.. the only mussel I ate tasted a little off so I didn’t eat anymore. But then again I was super excited for what I came here for:

Branzino al Forno

Whole branzino baked in our wood-burning oven, served with roasted potatoes and zucchini

Yep! Nothing EVERE like a nice whole branzino, grilled or baked to perfection with some fresh lemon. The zucchini was quite tasty too and you could taste the delicious char on it. DELISH!!!!

After dinner we went to BIN No. 220 next door for two bottles of wine, some charcuterie and cheeses.. We were INTITALLY looking for dessert, bt all they had was freaking a Nutella sandwich – WHAT THE FREAK?! – ok nutella is freaking awesome, but too much carbs and heavy food tonight – *sigh* but the wine was good ;D