Ignite Sushi Bar & Lounge

The closest thing to sushi around here? Ignite Sushi Bar & Lounge on the third floor of the MGM here in Detroit.  I’ve been having a craving and never got to try the place out last time I was in Detroit soooo….. why not?!  I finished up work, crazy busy work day, I got dressed up and decided to have a solo dinner date with me, myself and I.

So security in the front of the casino told me to get the Michigan roll, but ya’ll know that I’m not a fan of cream cheese in my sushi – in fact W likes to get it sometimes just to spite me haha – so I ended up with the safest, but a unique, option.

Hawaiian Roll
Inside: tuna, cucumber
Outside: Ebi (cooked shrimp), avocado
Toppings: kiwi, pineapple sauce, spicy sweet sauce

Spicy sauce was basically sriracha and some other stuffs.  I dug the kiwi and pineapple flavors, it was flavor overload, and I actually enjoyed it, minus the drowning in different sauces.  Remember guys, less [sauce] is more!  But then again, I’m not a huge sauce girl.


Always a fav snack of mine, they were overcooked – to the point where a lot of the pods had broken open – but still tasty.  I love flaked salt.

Ignite Salad
organic michigan lettuce, radish, carrot, scallion. w/ ginger dressing and salmon sashimi

Crunchy fresh veggies, a light yummy dressing and fresh sashimi atop.  The dressing was a bit overload, and the bottom half of my salad was SWIMMING in dressing.  Womp.

So the food wasn’t bad.  Aside from the fact that all the rolls had a ton of mayos and sauces all over them…. and the edamame was a bit overcooked.  But the service was horrible.  The people were super nice BUT, I never got napkins, no one ever came over to take my drink order, they don’t even have a drink menu!!!… and I had to ask them about 4 or 5 times before I finally got my first drink order, super late.  AND they said they had 4 different sakes but just brought me over a random cold one. UM…. okay… but after the 3rd tiny bottle, I didn’t care much anymore.. and just shrugged it off. NOM NOM NOM.

But if you’re not into sushi they have some small pites like yakitori, noodle dishes and some cute sliders.

I’ve read some reviews on how there were fruit flies, sauce overload, etc… it wasn’t dirty, and the place was pretty swanky.  I got there towards the end of ballroom dancing and it seemed like a lot of fun.  But the sun doesn’t go down til super late so after dinner I wasn’t really in the dancing mood yet with the sun blasting in the big windows on the dance floor.  I stuck out like a sore thumb, as in I was palest one there and I think the only Asian.. hahaha… I definitely wasn’t in Kansas anymore but the music was banging and smiles were everywhere.  I had a great time.  I’d go for fun and if you’re desperately needing sushi and don’t wanna risk some random place in Detroit.  Don’t expect a mind-blowing meal but just have a few drinks, put on your dancing shoes and have a good time.

“Are you a Vegetarian?”

And yes I actually got asked that, the waitress only saw me eat the last two dishes and not my starter.. so I guess that’s why, but still… always awkward when I get asked since I’m SUCH a huge meat eater. HAHA. OMNOMNIVORE!

Worked late and then headed over to one of W’s restaurants, Bourban Steak,  for some grub.  I was craving some raw meat and W knows me too well so I sipped my water and the first thing I got sent was delicious RAW BEEF!

This was the closet thing to a tartare they have… MMMMM

Kobe Beef “Kibbeh”

Cucumber Yogurt, Pickled Beets, Grilled Pita Bread

Totally satiated my craving for tender raw meat.  Haha always reminds me of the movie P in the part where eating raw meat turns her evil LOL…. I’m an evil mofo ;]

OK, onwards to my vegetarian part I suppose… SOOOO GOOD and carbo loading <3

Fava Beans and Sprouts on a Crostini, SOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD.  DE-VOURED!

And a yummy panzanella… toasted crunchy croutons with tomatoes, onoins and more sprouts. SOOO GOOOOOOD

I am a happppppppy girl :]

W fed me well, once again :]

A full Tiffie is a happy Tiffie :]

Riverdays, Scary Carnival Rides + Diner Food – DETROIT

What better way to start the day than to sleep in and head down to the pool?  I played some word search, splashed in the pool and then….

HOT TUB <3 Oh I’ve missed you so.

There was some showers during the day so we were gonna just go to Motor City to wander and eat BUT the weather didn’t seem to bad so we did what we initially planned to do.. Riverdays at the Riverfront with a Carnival, Jazz and a Boyz II Men concert. BOMB DIGGITY!

Looking into Canada


 only wanted to ride the scary rides…

This was my first and ended up being the best one…

I did the peace fob sign and everyone looked at me funny. BTW, out of the WHOLE place, I was the token Asian, you think I’m kidding but I’m SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO serious.

Boyz II Men singing I’ll Make Love to You <3 Classic

After a fun sweaty time and winning a piggie.. we headed to the GM Ren Cen center to wander…

And ultimately ending up at the Lodge Diner in Motor City for dinner!

Seriously the place was practically empty and yet we had a 10 minute wait, a couple RIGHT behind us was told 15 minutes. WTFREAK?! Good food tho… so I guess worth it.

We had awesome game placemats… I got sudoku and W got wordsearch, how fitting, our favorites!!!

We both started with a Chicken Noodle Soup which we doused with Tabasco… sooooo chunky, fresh and delicious

We waited for a table longer than the food took to get to us LOL

W’s Pot Roast, Mashed Taters and Veggies…

Pot Roast was super tender but apparently they give different portions each time.. last time he had this he said the amount of pot roast to mashed potatoes was flipped… :[ Suck

The meat shirt I got him TEEHEE…

….and then he got pot roast on himself where it says “Not Meat. Kidding!” LOL

My Garden Omelette.. I have a thing with breakfast for dinner, esp at diners…

Fresh huge pieces of fruit, the omelette was HUGE and filled with delicious crunchy veggies.. perfectly cooked and the hash browns were crispity and perfect.

Piggie helped me eat.. my wheat toast was toasted perfect and smoothered with butter NOM!

Best napkins EVER!!!!

A day of Beer + Peanuts — Tigers vs. White Sox

Sunday was a big day. W has it off.  WOOHOO!!! Sunday Funday!

We grabbed some brunch downstairs at the Wolfgang Puck Grill – everytime I write it I write puke first haha oops – with the GM of the restaurant.. at freaking 1030am!!!! My inner kid came out and W made me get up at 930.

I basically got up and faceplanted back in the pillow whining

“Who has BRUNCH at 1030 in the morning? That’s still BREAKFAST!!!”

It’s trueeeeeee!!!!

No pictures tho since I was busy being half asleep. And did you know that they don’t serve alcohol before noon there on Sundays? Not-s0-Sunday funday.  No mimosa, bellini or bloody mary for me, just lots of coffee.  The boys both got a House-Made Granola Parfait, Yogurt, Fresh Berries and the Smoked Salmon Plate with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cream Cheese and a Toasted Bagel.  I got the French Style Omelet, Smoked Ham, Cipollini Onions, Gruyere Cheese  The food was so-so.  I had been craving eggs like crazy lately and actually wanted to order the omelet at 2 in the morning the night before… but was on hold for like 20 minutes. LAME.  Finally got my fix and it was okay.   The smoked salmon was definitely SUPER fishy :P Not to my liking.  I guess there’s a reason why this place is now closed… [yep! No longer at the MGM]

ANYWAYS. Onwards to the highlight of the day —

The Tigers will playing in town so I got me and W tickets to see them….

I ended up buying a hat and a jersey at the park!

We sat just a few rows behind the dugout.. like 4 rows?!… AMAZE-BALLS!

And all I consumed that day was beer, beer, beer, italian ice, beer, peanuts and BEER! bloat to the extreme HAHA

It was a gorgeous sunny warm day, which was GREAT.. I was scared we’d be cold… plus we both got a nice.. burn where our seats were hahaha…

When we got back to the hotel after the game, Tigers won! We chilled at the pool, MMMM cooled the burns, and thennnnn… a quick simple dinner W got a burger and I got Tacos and Nachos… extra meat and cheese and jalapenos!!! HAHAHA.. YAYYY!!  We watched a marathon of Baggage Battles.. OMG I’m SO obsessed with that show now.. I want to go to one of those auctions…
Just wanted to share this pic.. hahahahah… I talk to my stuffed animals too…

More than just half a dozen oysters… @ Saltwater

Yayyy.. the Detroit blogs continue. Yes I know you’re excited.. that I’m still alive ;D TEEHEE

ANYWAYS — at this point, I’m pretty sure the MGM Hotel Room Service knows me by now and shudders when I call for food. I also usually just pay for it by card so it probably annoys them to death walking up and down, to and fro, but aside from that, I’ve made friends with the food senders hehe.

Lunch was a chopped vegetable salad [capers, tomatoes, celery, greens, feta, pinenuts, etc the WORKS] and this:

Spicy Tuna Tartare with avocado, pickled ginger and sesame wonton crisps. Delish!  Definitely helped with my sushi craving as well…  I can never get enough of raw fish!

The crisps were SO freaking good, DEEE-VOURED. I think I was supposed to eat them WITH the tuna but I inhaled all the creamy tuna first, put the avocado on my salad and then crunched on the greasy wontons.

BTW. I had the truffle chips with blue cheese the other day. SO GOOD, but SO BAD. I got SOOOO sick from them :[ Guess they were too rich and greasy for my stomach to handle. WTF is going on with me and being sick lately? It’s like I got a bug that’ll never leave. That or my tapeworm is the one getting sick hahaha. BTW, see how it says “Seasonal Soup of the Day”? Just for kicks I called them to ask what their soup of the day was… EVERY DAY and it’s always asparagus soup. HAHA. Just say no to stinky pee.

Ok onwards. Workity workity but I had oysters on my brain. CONSTANTLY. So I decided to throw on some clothes and visit the boyfriend at work.

It was pretty empty when I first walked in and plopped myself at the bar. After too much booze the last time I was here, sober dinner it was. Well, snack rather… I ordered a half a dozen oysters… and got so so much more :]

And look, W came out just to shuck some oysters for me personally :]

I’m a spoiled little princess!

I ended up with a dozen GORGEOUS, perfectly shucked, delicious oysters.. and a few raw clams as well :] YUM!

I thought that was it, but W texted me from the kitchen saying that there was another dish….

And then out came these:

If you can’t enjoy fresh radishes with butter & salt, I duno if we can be friends anymore.

Crunchy. Beautiful. Fresh. Crisp. OHHHHH JOY.  I was SOOO HAPPY!!!! My neighbors got radish envy so they got some too :] Compliments of Chef W <3 HEHE. BUT THAT WASN’T THE DISH!!!!! There was another surprise in store for me….

Fresh gorgeous raw tuna on cubes of cheese.. tasted like a mild feta and some crushed/crumbled croutons and EVOO – AMMMMAZE BALLS!

Damn. Now I’m craving radishes….

LA LA LA. Joy!

Oh Canada……. just for Poutine

I just read this article that my friend Michelle just sent me on FB.  Haha 10 things they don’t tell you about marrying a chef. Okay, so I’m only dating one but they are so true.  Busy busy people so I cherish every minute we can get together.  I love when he gets off early or surprises me during the day for a few minutes.  So W got out early on Friday and we decided to head into CANADA for dinner!

All dressed up and ready to go….

I LOVE this dress/top.  I’ve been obsessed with buying stuff from Dolls Kill recently.  Spicing up my wardrobe a bit :]

Need to keep warm… still ended up freezing whilst we waited for the bus back into the States.. womp womp fail.  WHY THE HELL IS DETROIT/WINDSOR SO COLD?

Honestly it took longer to get to the tunnel entrance to get on the bus TO Windsor than it took to get there.  It’s only 4$ to get on the bus to cross the bridge to Canada. AND if the machine doesn’t accept your cash 3x we get on for free. Haha so we actually got a free ride there AND back!

Literally took barely a minute to get to Canada.



Our first international trip ;] Hahahaha… and we survived!  It was easier getting into Canada than getting back into the States… LOL so much more security.



We headed over to Caesars since it was pretty empty for a Friday night.  We could see people getting ready for Cinco de Mayo – which was the next day – but still EMPTY?!?!?!.. on a Friday night?!?!?.. so guess all the action is in the casino…

YAYYY we split 20$ to spend on playing random silly slot machines and I lost most it… W won most of it back and then at the end of the night I wont 14$ which gave us 9$ extra WOOHOO which ended up being poutine $$ lol

We were hungry so… obviously we wanted our Poutine!

As we walked back to the Poutinery… this is our view of Detroit from Oh Canadia HEE HEE

Frenchy’s Poutinery. W already did his research before we came. WOOHOO.

We split a regular with classic gravy, cheese curds and montreal smoked meat.  We should’ve gotten a large or two regulars. Next time :] It was a tad salty but was expected!, but SOOO amazing….. fresh fries… MMM and those cheese curds really got my mojo going.  Especially the ones on the bottom that started getting melty and gooey :]

And yes, this was under 9$ LOL… before we got waters LOL

W was a sweetheart and let me have a lot of gooey cheese curds.. hehehe… I let him have more of the smoked meat.  SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!… also made him miss his Canadian buddy Spike :] TEEHEE..

We should’ve timed the bus schedules better cuz afterwards we ended up waiting for the bus in the cold for like a half an hour. Haha. Turns out it was the same driver that drove us into Canadia… LOL.. Great times!  Next time 1. Learn Bus Schedule 2. Get more Poutine 3. Get pho!

Dinner at Saltwater a la Chef William Morris @will0724 – Beware a sappy post :D

I’m psyched! I’ve had W’s food but not a whole dinner specifically cooked by him for me, well.. you know aside from the obvious, like breakfast and stuff, but I meant at a restaurant… Yes yes yes if you guys haven’t realized by now, guessed or just not… KNEW cuz it’s on my FB, he’s always on my blog AND I talk about him on my twitter 24/7… the love of my life is cutie Chef William Morris of DC. He was up for Hottest Chef of DC on Eater earlier this year… and it all started with pretzels

I love seeing him all cute in his chef clothes :]

I always squeal when I see him at work. He makes magiccccccc with the food and looks adorable doing it. #sappy I know. DEAL WITH IT. It’s my blog and I’m finally in a relationship with someone I actually really like love.

I started off the day with some hoarding at the concierge lounge. HAHA.  Oatmeal, pastries.. coffee, OJ, yogurts, cereal, fruits.. etc….

And then I did some work.. okay fine, I did a lot of work… but this caught my eye whilst the drama…. riot? protest? oh #detroit

And then I MAY OR MAY NOT have had a few drinks whilst getting FANCY for my special, highly anticipated dinner at Saltwater by my boyfriend, for the night.

Last look of the Isabella Wen necklace I LOOOOOOOOVE cuz I got drunk and broke it :[ WOMP.

Blurry picture of the restaurant.. it was a Tuesday night.. in a Casino.. hottest casino of Detroit.. and sadly bare :[

The host even gave me a magazine to read while I dined solo LOL…

Now before I begin I have to say…. I was highly.. intoxicated.. so much so in fact that I vow never to be this tipsy again… ok I was more than tipsy, when W cooks for me.. EVER.  His food is too good to waste on drunkeness.. altho I remember everything being FREAKING AMAZING so I couldn’t have been that trashed ;] AND I took pictures SO HA!

Cold Calamari Salad

This was freaking amazing.  Delicious, fresh and UGH… perfectly cooked squid! I FUCKING LOVE SQUID. This was so amazing that I kept telling the servers and the GM to put it on the menu!

Sweet Pea Ravioli :]

I haven’t craved pasta like this in SO long. I actually had DREAMS about eating pasta and ravioli after eating these… tender, perfectly cooked.. mmmm and I have a huge things for peas…

Snapper with Mushroom & Sunchoke Consumme

Tender, the fish was perfectly flaked and melted in my mouth. AMAZING flavors!!!!

Roast Pork over Crispy potato and Rainbow Chard…. Apple Butter & Mustard Jus
See that bubbly? Not sure how many glasses I had but they kept filling it up. I love the pig.  Piggy piggy piggy, I could eat it for days, this was like butter in my mouth…. dissolving on my tongue in piggie deliciousness. Amazing greens.. perfectly wilted and then a nice crispy tater… MMMM…. It’s always a miracle when anyone can get me to eat potatoes. I’m SOOO picky about my potatoes… it’s usually only chips, fries and dirty mashed potatoes. HEE HEE… And potato skins..



Love of my life made a delicious meal that I loved.  Sorry I got too happy and drunk to remember full details.  BUT I LOVED IT.  I am a really really really blessed girl :]

Best of Detroit – Slow’s BarBQ

W has Mondays off as well so since we failed to go to Slow’s yesterday we decided to go today… of course after some pool and hot tub time :]

Slows BarBQ

The sauces.. they later brought out the “special” Mustard sauce which was the tastiest and my favorite of the five.

I got a nice light beer.. x2 :]  You gotta have some beer with your ‘cue!

Our neighbors were also in the foodie industry and super annoying… well the guy was hahahah He kept saying how they ordered SO much food and that they “were little people”

They got one sandwich and 3 sides for 3 people… LAMMMMEEE-O

We ordered SO MUCH MORE…. !!!!! Look how excited I am :D

This was BEFORE the desserts :D

My combo… Call the You Choose – I got half a slab of Baby Back Ribs, delicious succulent Pulled Pork, and two side dishes… one was Mom’s Green Beans

My ribs were a bit anorexic :[ Reminded me of Chef Spike & Chef Marcus’ skinny ribs from the first epi of the last season of Next Iron Chef

Go to 5:17 They’re called Anorexic and Supermodel ribs LOL…

but yeah – but these ribs weren’t dry and were quick tasty… this was when I tried all the sauces… Mustard won and then NC [vinegar based] and the apple and the sweet were too sweet and the spicy just had a weird taste to me… and wasn’t spicy…. the NC was the spiciest… and Mustard had the best flavor.

The green beans were stirfried with onions and had an amazing mustard flavor.

Special of the Day: Pork Belly Sandwich

The pickled onions were really sweet which was a nice balance with the fatty pork.  They need this on the menu!  Haha I loved how the bartender explained to us what a pork belly cut was.. lol… :] Silly guy, didn’t realize what fatties were are. HAHA. And we know our pig. OINK. YUM. I forgot what it was called.. I think it had something to do with Nature in the title?!

Oh, my other side dish was the Mac-N-Cheese

Delish and made with shells instead of macaroni :] amazing!  The cheese was IN the shells YUM.. I made the mistake of eating most of the other stuff before digging into this so it got a little cold – so eat it while it’s hot!

W’s side dishes were the Waffle Fries w/ Hoffman Cheddar & Coleslaw

I’m not a mayo fan so I don’t usually like coleslaw unless it’s mustard based, but this was light and totally cut thru the heavy meats.  The waffle fries, well what can I say, I LOVE WAFFLE FRIES!!! And nothing like a nice cheesy dip :] Chedddaaa makes everything betta…  hehe you can also see W’s peach sweet tea…


And while we were past the point of explosion, we couldn’t pass up dessert.

Peach & Raspberry Cobbler with ice cream

This was good but not what I was craving and expected.. instead of a crumble it was cornbread on top. I only had half of it because I was distracted by W’s choice….

“The Chuck Norris” aka CHOCOLATE HEAVEN!!!!! AND sprinkled with BACON!
Chocolate and Oreo Brownie, Ray’s Detroit Club Coffee Ice Cream and Sander’s Hot Fudge

The bartender gave me a free glass of this sour beer to help “wash down” the richness of the chocolate – SOOO GOOD.. I was busting out of my pants and yet I couldn’t stop shoving food down my throat. DELISH!

I can’t really remember what happened after but I’m pretty sure we went back and passed out… hahahaha

GO-TO place in Detroit! MOST DEF!

Lazy Sunday… and a MEH Gyro in Greektown

We slept in a bit and then headed to the pool for some swimming and hot tub. GORGEOUS.

We were STARVING so we cleaned up, got dressed and decided to go out for some barbecue and wandering…

Before heading to lunch/brunch/lunner.. hahahaha our driver brought us to see the old Michigan Central Train Station…  Incredible…sooo gorgeous.

Afterwards our driver headed to Slow’s Bar BQ but it was PACKED so we decided to try another place.  The driver suggested Greektown so off we went…. so many choices there. [Dont worry we ended up eating at Slow’s the next day!]

We wandered around a bit and ended up at New Parthenon in Greektown.  There were a lot of cute little shops and dining places.. and a super popular bakery that was packed.. next time I wanna get something from there.

Glory Hole?

Bread and Butter

I tried a glass of a Greek White Wine.. Saint Panteleimon I think it was – the description said semi-sweet but it was definitely more than that…. it was sweet, almost TOO sweet but just enough NOT THAT sweet. Does that make sense?

Honestly, as soon as we sat down and looked at the menu, it was SUCHHHH a large menu that we both lost appetite and decided to just keep it simple and get gyros. Honestly if you go to their website, what they put on there isn’t even the whole menu, it was literally like 4 HUUUUUUUUUGE pages of hundreds of things. OK, maybe not hundreds, but still, it was a LOT. WAYYY too overwhelming.  I hate it when restaurants have HUGE menus.

W got the Gyro platter and I got the Chicken Gyro platter. Both came with meat, sageki, pita bread, choice of fries or rice/veggies and tomatoes and onions.

And guess what? They were build it yourself! Hahaha… so awkward.

They gave me the head and the butt of the tomato :[ Sad. But W gave me some of his tomato slices hehehehe…  The sauce was good but the rest of it was meh.

I tried.  I really tried, I was starving so I ate until I was full and stopped.

We decided to get some desserts. SIGH

Greek honey balls with cinnamon and walnuts

It was too overly sweet for me.  Yes, even for ME!  They tasted like Munchkins soaked in just sugar water and sprinkled with some cinnamon and doused with crushed walnuts LOL

Baklava with Ice Cream

I was too mushy for my liking and wayyy overly sweet than normal baklava.  YES YES I know baklava is super sweet but still.. I like feeling the nuts in my teeth and mouth [HAHA, that’s what SHE SAID] but this was too mushy….

I wanted to like this place, I really do, I rarely find a gyro that I don’t like, or baklava I won’t finish and lick off the plate buttttt…. :[ It just didn’t do it for us. *sad face*

We headed back to the hotel and relaxed at the Concierge lounge for a bit – pretty view.  Detroit is SUCH a quiet city. Srsly.

Needed to redeem ourselves from the bad gyro for lunch with something delicious so we headed down to the Breeze Food Court at MGM for some delicious burgers at the Relish stand.

Spinning burger grill WOOOO!

We both got Bacon Cheeseburgers with the works, fries and onion rings :D  Tummy is finally happy. But OMG they gave us SO much mayo on the side *gag* Apparently Detroit loves their mayo.  We are SO not in…kansas anymore?! HAHA…bad joke.

First Full Day in Detroit

It’s Saturday and W has to work so I slept in… and woke up to these.

What a surprise <3  Absolutely gorgeous and smelled amazing. W is such a sweetie. I’m a lucky little lady :D

Morning view from the room….
See that bridge? It’s the bridge to Canada! No worries, I’ll write about our trip to Canada later on :]

See that gorgeous building? We visited it the next day.. so up close pictures of this old Train station will be in the next post :D

I got a last minute appoitment to the spa for a massage… they sent me up a robe and slippers… I asked for a small robe… hahahahah this thing was falling off of me and bits and bittys were wiggling out.

After a lovely relaxing Calm Massage at the Immerse Spa I headed back to the room, STARVING for some grub and bubbles…. the server was SO nice and gave me free glasses of red wine HAHA…

ANNNND a fress plate of cookies!!!

I did some work and then slipped into a little something since I was grabbing a late dinner at Bourbon Steak and wait for W to get out of work and we were gonna head  to V Club to go dancing!!!

I wasn’t terribly hungry, for once, so W cooked me up a beautiful rare Filet :D

I was sitting at the bar and made friends. One of them goes “WOW you really like your meat…” and I said “MOOOOOOING” hahahaha I also got to try my neighbor’s Kansas City Strip.. I’ve never even heard of it.. apparently it’s just a New York strip without the bone? Or whatever. HAHA.

Delicious Trio of Desserts <3

Afterwards we headed to the club, where I got my dance on for a bit hehehe.  The night ended when I got sick of the creeps hahaha, one guy offered me a drink, sure why not. As he’s getting it, he’s like… “so if I get you this drink, you will dance with me, ONLY ME, for the REST OF THE NIGHT.” I gave him the BIGGEST stinkeye poopface look and went “UGH” hahahaha and ran back to W LOL, we left soon after hahahaha and ate a Turkey club & fries in bed LOL yummmm!!!!