Miami Day 4 & Joe’s Stone Crabs… and 72oz of Margaritas at Primetime

It’s our last day in Miami…. I don’t wanna leave…

Neither does J.

Time to say bye bye to our beloved free amazing gourmet breakfast buffet at Eden Roc

Note: See all of J’s beloved donuts. Yes he’s a donut fanatic. :]

My last free omelette and bacon

Bye Bye Bye :[

Sad Good Bye

Had the most AMAZING time with the most amazing person.

Bye bye Lobby Bar [Bartender Tommy haha J’s new friend]

SO OFF WE WENT… hiked the beach… first stop, nostalgia…. Wet Willie’s…. we got some blue shocker mixed margarita. SO sweet…. but hey I felt 18 again.

We continued our long walk on the beach… a nice long walk from Eden Roc [Miami Beach] to the end of South Beach at Joe’s Stone Crabs

Woot woot finally got to sit INSIDE. Last time I was REJECTED cuz of dress code. UH. Tube Top and skirt was a NO-NO.

AMAZING BREAD. Pretzel bread and the flatbread crips were the SHIT!!!

One again I was in charge of food and J was in charge of wines….

Delish!…. he got a Chard… I got… uhhhhhh…….. something spicier?!… I don’t remember..

Crab Nicoise
shaken with jumbo lump crab, locally grown tomatoes,
olives, green beans, eggs, potatoes, red onion & herb vinaigrette

Chock full of fresh sexy crab…. amazing crisps… and just UGH delish!.. Even the dressing was SOOOOOOOO divine!!!!….. I loved how they served this in a cup and shook it out in front of us. HOOKED.

We got the SELECT Stone Crab Claws… I’ve had the medium and I’ve had the jumbo [bigger isn’t only better] which were ok, so select was definitely the best choice.

Best last lunch in Miami.

And of course their famous Key Lime Pie.

Demolished. LOVE.

But our day wasn’t over yet. We were determined to get a GIANT margarita on Ocean Drive. So where do we end up? Primetime. Of course :] We could’ve gotten smaller ones but it was 2 for the price of one and I wanted the giant one… so we both got 32oz ones…..

J got the
Aperol Spritz
Aperol Liqueur, Astoria Prosecco and splash soda

And  I got the
Champagne Kiss:
Champagne, Chambord raspberry liqueur blended  to perfection

I was taking pics of us so the waitress offered to help…

Much better..

Bigger than my head.

Tipsy tipsy weeeeeeee… time to head to the airport to drink more….

Wed Night is All You Can Eat Crab Legs at Palette and a Midnight Boozie Adult Brownie

All dressed down and somewhere to go… I’ve been to Detroit for awhile now and I know that Wednesday nights here at the MGM Detroit is all you can eat CRAB legs night.  Being the Asian that I am and in my genes, I knew I had to get my tummy in on this deal…. and so I totally did.

There were two sides of this.  AMAZE BALLS and they were ALWAYS full. I never saw the piles go down, seriously….. I so so dig this.

This was one of my many many plates. I took 3 crab halves at a time, with 5 legs each, 1 giant claw.  I think I may have done this at least 6+ times…. including a few plates of salad.. and chinese food and other stuff…

See?!… i stopped taking pictures and just ate and ate.  Although these dumplings were so-so, some where cooked perfect, some were a bit under done and the skin was hard :P lame.

A plate of dessert that I got…. I may have had more ;]

This lady had bomb diggity rainbow neon nails!!!

Instagram’d Crab Leg gorgeousness

Later that night when W got out of work, he got a Turkey Reuben and I got a Brownie Sundae.  I originally wanted the kid’s menu one but they screwed up and gave me the adult version.  Kid version had chocolate AND vanilla, whipped cream and a cherry.. this one had Bourbon Fudge, Beer Caramel, Nut Brownie, Vanilla Gelato and SUPPPPPPER Boozie Cherries.  They made my cheeks red and made me a bit tipsy, DELISH.