Wed Night is All You Can Eat Crab Legs at Palette and a Midnight Boozie Adult Brownie

All dressed down and somewhere to go… I’ve been to Detroit for awhile now and I know that Wednesday nights here at the MGM Detroit is all you can eat CRAB legs night.  Being the Asian that I am and in my genes, I knew I had to get my tummy in on this deal…. and so I totally did.

There were two sides of this.  AMAZE BALLS and they were ALWAYS full. I never saw the piles go down, seriously….. I so so dig this.

This was one of my many many plates. I took 3 crab halves at a time, with 5 legs each, 1 giant claw.  I think I may have done this at least 6+ times…. including a few plates of salad.. and chinese food and other stuff…

See?!… i stopped taking pictures and just ate and ate.  Although these dumplings were so-so, some where cooked perfect, some were a bit under done and the skin was hard :P lame.

A plate of dessert that I got…. I may have had more ;]

This lady had bomb diggity rainbow neon nails!!!

Instagram’d Crab Leg gorgeousness

Later that night when W got out of work, he got a Turkey Reuben and I got a Brownie Sundae.  I originally wanted the kid’s menu one but they screwed up and gave me the adult version.  Kid version had chocolate AND vanilla, whipped cream and a cherry.. this one had Bourbon Fudge, Beer Caramel, Nut Brownie, Vanilla Gelato and SUPPPPPPER Boozie Cherries.  They made my cheeks red and made me a bit tipsy, DELISH.