And so I sit here…

It’s 3:02AM EST time and I’m sitting here watching tv marathons and movies on iTunes and Netflix.  I just finished off a bowl of homemade nachos and guacamole and I’m about to go warm up some more spicy pulled pork I made earlier.  Has this become my life?  This could be the wine talking, or the wandering mind thinking… but this is definitely not where I thought I would be… a year ago, two, three, five, ten? What has happened?

It’s funny how things work. Weight gain made me sad. But I gained weight cuz I’ve been happy. But the weight gain makes me not want to move… so while I eat less, I move less. I’m still not happy with my body. But that could just be my eating disorder talking.  Always in recovery, never fully recovered.

You guys have been with me through so many ups and downs and yet you remain loyal.  So much gratitude.  Love, lust, heartbreaks. Breakdowns and highs. Parties and mournings.

The past year I have been basically mostly living in Taiwan and I’ve forgotten my love for cooking, almost.  I stopped caring a lot about things I used to be so passionate about and I have no real explanation for it… but it’s recently sparked up again.

I cooked duck the other day. And today I had a pulled pork burrito/taco night with pomegranate guacamole, spicy mango pico de gallo with roasted garlic and corn and an extremely spicy salsa verde… along with some yummy gooey blue corn chip nachos.  I started to feel alive again.  I started a cooking idea journal/notebook again…. mainly b/c I was planning to cook for C on his birthday… and while things got in the way, I still got MAD IDEAS to play on.

SO…. I have ideas of doing supper parties.  [And have talked with a chef friend or two about doing pop ups] – I want to, once I move out, host supper/dinner parties, first once a month, and then possibly once a week.  People can BYOB and tell me their diets…. or just leave it up to me.  Hopefully soon after team, up with chefs and cool wine people.

I have so many ambitions and ideas… I want to write, I want to travel, I want to cook, I want to go back to school…. and I want to film it all. I have a secret thing about wanting to be in front of a camera.

So maybe this is how this blog is evolving.  It went from food diary to healthy eating and recipes to eating out and traveling extravagantly …. and then just personal…. me finding my inner peace…. healing and now this.  My lifestyle. Ever evolving.

This blog is now: Finding the real Miss Tiffie.

Please join me in my journey.

Can you believe it’s February? 2017?

I have so many posts, “almost finished” on here…. I promise to post my New Years Eve dinner post tonight, but life has just been flying past me.


I feel like this website needs a makeover, do-over, something.  It’s become more of a lifestyle blog than a food blog, although food still is my main love :]  But hey, the older you get, the more life gets in your way.  You grow, evolve… changes.

I’m trying this “healthy” approach to my snacking and randomly missing meals with RXBars and ProteinWorld smoothies… but hell, sometimes I just want my bag of chips to munch on.  My body doesn’t do too well with salty food, so I constantly crave it.  Ahhh, the irony.

2017 has been interesting. I was back in the States before Xmas 2016 but so much drama and blah blah blah… oh and BLAH!… Thankfully I’ve had great people to be there with me and for me [as me for them] during the times.  Love is in the air.  I love you my friends/family.

Anyways just wanna put it out there, I shall be blogging more, cooking more [hopefully]  and I hope I haven’t lost a ton of you….  especially since I’ve been back and forth from Asia and America so much – still figuring out where I wanna end up living at for a “time” or just stick with traveling everywhere :] OK… time to finish my plan for tomorrow’s menu and my NYE Dinner blog post that’s long overdue.

xo always,

I’m back bitches!!!!!!!!


PS. Patriots are DA FUGGING CHAMPIONS……AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This year’s superbowl was unforgettable and epic. Tom Brady for life <3 You know what else was on fire? The wings I made for Superbowl Sunday. Scotch bonnet, garlic, shallots, pineapple, etc…. FIRE <3 Fire like Brady was!!!!! Holla!



My Life, now.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything significant and while me and L have been cooking TONS of crazy delicious stuff… (including the kimchi recipe, yes, I still need to post) life has just been one big rollercoaster ride.  So far we’ve been doing Spookyworld, making boozey apple cider, Zombie corn mazes, apple picking, TONS of apple pies and turnovers…. even potato gun fighting.  Pet Parades, Costume contests…. Salem this weekend and Dim Sum for our hangover already planned ahhahaha…

And while I’m slowly still fighting the end of my cold (I keep saying it’s Ebola) my life is finally where I want it.  I am at peace.  I have amazing wonderful friends and family in my life.  Work is good. Volunteering at the Dog Rescue shelter has changed my life.  I’m just so glad that I can say, life is perfect.

Food post tonight! Promise!


Homemade Pita Pizzas at Midnight

I was feeling particularly hungry the other night and made myself some delicious pita pizzas.

I first baked the whole wheat pitas in the oven for a bit on each side til crisp… added a bit of mozzarella cheese to melt on top of each.  Put some Scarpetta arrabbiata sauce on top

Sugo all’arrabbiata (arrabbiato means angry inItalian—the name of the sauce is due to the heat of the chili peppers) is a pasta sauce made fromgarlictomatoes, and red chili peppers cooked inolive oilBasil is sometimes used, although many chefs do not. The dish is usually served with pasta(especially penne and may have chopped freshparsley sprinkled on top.[1]

…and topped them with toppings and extra extra cheese. Shredded AND fresh mozzarella.

Not sure if I really enjoyed the sauce, need to try it with pasta.  I love you Scott Conant but not sure if a pasta sauce with a shelf life of a year is really my thing.  I was lazy but I should just stick to making my own sauce like I usually do.

Oomphed up Margherita Pizza… extra basi and TONS of extra cheese…  with some freshly cracked black pepper.

Veggie Pizza – Red Onions, Mushrooms, Golden Cherry Tomatoes and Basil – with extra cheese!!!

All ingredients were bought at Whole Foods that afternoon :] And both were topped with a heavy hand of hot pepper chili flakes. I have a HUUUUGE tub of it that I bought at Costco :D

Why I’m Terrified of Fish Scales…

Let me tell you a story of how I started off all dressed up and pretty.. and then ended with me scrubbing my skin off in the shower…. and I know you want a story… soooo….

Sunday — Late start to the day… ready to spend the day with Mommy :]

Had a great brunch at Bullfinch’s with their fatty juicy big sausages, tomato/mushroom/spinach omelette, toast, bacon and delish pastries!!! No morning booze this time around.. but can you spot my coffee cup? :] I claimed it with my lipstick!

Decided to do my weekly grocery shopping at Russo’s for all the fruit and veg and WF for the meats :]

Ready to get cooking!!! Set my oven and got to cleaning and chopping!

Peekaboo. I don’t smell bad.

White wine, lemon, rosemary, shallots, s&p and some hot peppers for a slight kick :] Just for fun!

In a pre-heated oven set to 420 degrees — Covered for 30 minutes and opened for 5 minutes. Perfection.

After I popped this into the oven I prepped and cooked the side veg.

It was delicious and tender.. I paired it with some lightly roasted cauliflower, sauteed garlicky spinach and some leftover okra I made a few days ago. YUM! The flesh flaked away and melted in our mouths!!!!  Light lemony, rosemary flavor that didn’t overpower the delicate meat. DELISH! Fresh is always best!

When I was little my mom scarred me for life by telling me that fish scales will stick to my skin FOREVER if I get them on me. To this day I HATE scales and they make me wanna puke. So buying a beautiful red snapper at WF yesterday and making it was torture when I realized they didn’t clean the fish well enough.

WTF?! I just googled about it and found this: FOR REALZ?!?!?!

Please tell me this is a joke:

RESULTS: The scales physically adhered and formed a raised fold of skin within minutes after placement. Lesions were submitted for pathologic evaluation on days 2 and 7. A subacute irritant dermatitis was observed that evolved into a chronic dermatitis with hyperkeratosis. Inverted fish scales (the anatomically reversed surface) and fish epidermis did not produce such lesions on the mice. 


Why couldn’t it be glamourous like this?

ps. DON’T, I repeat DO NOT!!!! google image “fish scales human skin” I can’t get the second image out of my head… omg…. I feel sick.

So after dinner I told my mom that she freaked me out with the “Urban Legend” she told me that it was true and I better go shower. OMG I was in a HOT shower for like 20lbs freaking out after… :[

BTW. Writing about fish scales totally sucked balls cuz now I’m itching like crazy…. I know it’s all in my head but *shivers* I didn’t really think of it as a phobia til now HAHA…

Yes, I still cook….

… and HE actually cooks for me too :D

Before the Valentine’s Ball we were going to eat Chicken Sashimi at Tori Shin… but then changed to Lure FishBar after some drinks there with Z’s coworkers… but the matre’d was kind of an ass to us [which sucks cuz I was craving their oysters I saw all over the resto] — first he promised us a table immediately than a half hour later we had to wait another hour for a table….. SO LAME.. but I did get a free deviled egg [CAVIAR deviled egg, super oniony] out of it while waiting for drinks at the bar. I said really loudly that I didn’t like deviled eggs so this guy offered me his… hahahaha and yes, it was TASTY :D But yeah… we craved raw seafood.. but decided to go search for other raw bars elsewhere……

We WERE going to go somewhere else… but then we passed by Dean & Deluca. <3


Bone Marrow

Fresh Foie Gras

Gorgeous HUGE Bone-In Aged Rib-Eye [altho we got the bone cut out.. #cheaper hahahaa]

Champagne <3 Funny cork.. hahahaha…


Seared quickly on both sides.. black&blue baby

Foie Gras…

Basically you cook foie gras like scallops [treat them as so] they just need a quick sear on both sides, they cook REALLY fast.. really easily.. SOOOO GOOOOD]

Whoops, so fatty <3

Dinner fit for two wolf babies :D

Peanut Butter Dean & Deluca brownie.. warmed in the oven and with BarkEater [toffee bark and vanilla] Ice Cream
It sounds better than it tasted… hahahaha but you know me I needed a little sweet in my life…..

SO that is how he won my stomach [I mean heart] over

And this is how I made sure he keeps me around…. ;D

So after some meh brunches… I decided to make it a taco night!!!!… so off to Whole Foods after brunch @ Public….

I made a buddy

Super cute VDAY cupcakes <3

BUT they weren’t as awesome as my VDAY donuts <3

Go Taiwan Beer <3

I’ve been promising him tacos for awhile now and he was sooo excited for them.. so I braised 4bs of pork shoulder, made spicy pom guac, spicy tomato/mango salsa and super garlicky salsa verde… he invited his sister over and we drank good red wine and Estrella Inedit [while watching the Grammys] all night long….

Taco #1 of many…. looks pretty now but got fun and messy… the jicama added a nice brunch in the taco and while we debated between whole wheat and corn tortillas [we ended up getting both kinds] my ww ones tasted SOOO much better with the tacos [I WIN!]

He liked taco night :D Score!!! I got a couple of more tricks [recipes] up my sleeve so hopefully it’ll make him stick around for awhile ;D

Z made me brownies… :D From the box, but FAT WITCH bakery brownies from the box :D… plus we added preserves in it…. He wouldn’t let me touch any of it… hahahah except help him melt the butter.. what a sweetie hahaha too cute – anyways after brownie fail from the other night [the PB blehtasphrobe] I craaaaaaved some GOOOOD GOOEY chocolatey brownies [we almost opted for blondies, but once you go chocolate……. yeah I duno I still like vanilla… and strawberry and banana… what DON’T I like?]

Me and his sis wanted it extra goopy…. so we got it EXTRA undercooked…

We ended up picking and nibbling and licking at the whole thing and adding this delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream with it :D NOMS!

Side EMO Note: To be honest… I really don’t like sharing a kitchen with somebody… I always heard that cooking with a sig other or a friend is fun, but I just get mad anxiety… This is probably one of the first times since college that I felt completely comfortable just us two in and out of the kitchen…. it was the same way when we were drunk and making pasta. I like to take charge and push everyone out but *sappy* Yea yea yea… :D I had lots of fun :] TEEEHEEEEEE*

Ok enough sappy talk :D Onwards to mooooooore writing

[btw if you can’t tell, I’m way behind in posts… but I’m really sick in bed…. so I’m just posting away all day…. Next up is some more NYC stuff and MIAMIIIIIIIII SOBEWFF’11 :D]

The day I had a lot of Polish in me…

Get your mind out of the gutter folks. Pervs ;] That’s my job.

The day started out like any other… “What should we make today?”

Boyfriend suggested Polish food.. little did he know I’d agree. I’ve never had Polish food before… so why not?!?!?!… He asked… “Do you like sausage? Potatoes? Sauerkraut? Apples? Sour Cream? Cheese? Mustard?” Nod nod nod.. what DON’T I like? (other than goat cheese)

So off to the grocery store….

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Miss Tiffie does Chicago….

Okay I lied, I didn’t bring my cords to work so no Father’s Day weekend blog. That’ll be tomorrow or later tonite. BUTTTTTT, I still have to blog about my trip to Chicago so all is gravyyyy & cranberry sauce (it doesn’t have to make sense!!!!)

I’m sitting here at working, working away and twittering away.. oh dear I’m such a tweetaholic… twitterholic?…. drinking my BluePrintCleanse juices… which is silly cuz I’m eating too…. but I love their juices :] Esp the green juice!!! This time when I ordered I said I was allergic to nuts to see what they gave me and instead of my fav spicy lemonade they gave me a fruity pineapple/apple/mint one. Tasty. I really need to stop buying these tho…. and use my vitamix more.

And so the journey begins :] Thanks all to you :]

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