Dim Sum at 新葡苑 – Cantonese Style

Was ridiculously hungry today… I slept in til super late…. so by the time I was up it was tea time….. which is usually between 2-4 in Taiwan… instead of going to one of my go-to places to eat… I decided to finally try out the Cantonese restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for awhile and just never went to… 新葡苑…. while the waitresses all had stinky faces and meh attitudes… the food was freshly made/steamed…. it took awhile for each dish to come out but it was definitely worth it. If you’re into small dishes and trying lots of different things, this is the place to go.  Don’t expect HUGE portions… but expect fresh, hot and yummy!

Delicious “health” tea.. which had goji, jujubes and lots of different asian herbs… naturally sweet and just delicious.

I’m hungry, please feed me…. waiting for the food was SOOOOOO frustrating because it WAS slow… but, like I said, it was worth it.

叉燒酥 which is basically.. .Char Siu Sou…. Flakey Buttery Pastry with Char Siu Pork inside…. this was the only thing I wasn’t really into… I’m not into Char Siu… and I thought the outside was too buttery for a savory dish…

Squid Ink Dumplings… this was amazing… Seafood innards and just the most delicious thin squid ink wrapper… NOM NOM NOM

Boy Choy and Mushroom, Veggie Dumplings. This was actually my favorite of the meal.

Leek Pan Fried er… bun/thing.. uhhh yumminess?!… needed  more leek/onion taste.. but the skin was crispy and delicious… the filling needed a little more ooomph

Fried Shrimp Roll… we actually ordered a steamed one but they got it wrong and gave us this instead… so we kept it, ate it and re-ordered what we wanted. I’m not a huge fried food fan, so good but not a favorite.  But that’s just personal preference.

Pork Ribs.  Sadly, while it was good, there was little meat and mostly bone :[ Sad. I LOOOOOOVE Pork Ribs at dim sum…. they need to give more, and actually give ribs WITH meat.

Chicken Feet. My favorite Dim Sum item.  It wasn’t greasy like a lot of other places.. had a nice black bean taste to it… not spicy  and just yummy. I can eat tons and tons of chicken feet for ages.

Trotters…. aka Pigs Feet… the same thing as with the Pork Ribs… a lot of bone, not a lot of meat… but I did get some good skin.. and some meat.. so it wasn’t too sad… it was a bit too sweet for my taste and it was on a bed of boiled peanuts.  I did love the addition of cilantro… I LOVE CILANTRO… it really enhanced the flavor of the pork feet…. just wish there was more meat/skin to it than just bone.

This is the steamed vegetarian tofu skin roll that they got the order wrong of before…. I had a better pic but I’m too lazy to re-upload.  This always reminds me of my dad cuz it’s his favorite dim sum dish :]

燒賣, Shu Mai… of course… it’s so typical but I love this shizz… 

After a nice walk…. I went to my fav place for boozy coffee drinks… Cafe Kitchen… got a Rum Coffee and a Jameson Whiskey Coffee… 


Me after my lovely massage :]

阿嬌海產店 – Deliciously Fresh Seafood

Headed to Hsinchu to pay respect to my grandparents’ alter in the old house and to visit my uncles…. we were expecting to get there around 2 but since I woke up super early we ended up there around 1130 or so…. and my uncle & aunt know me to well (4th) so they made us my favorite dumplings!!!!!

I visited all of my uncles and then after looking at some amazing condos in the area to possibly purchase, we headed out to dinner… at 阿嬌海產

Sashimi…. Delicious Red Snapper…

Salt & Pepper Shrimp

Pan fried/Deep Fried Fishies, 竹夾魚… which is basically Mackerel… sooo delicious!!!!

Basil & Clams

Chinese Celery and Squid

山蘇 aka Asplenium….. SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD

Yummy Noodles

A modernized 蚵仔煎 … Oyster Pancake… without the gooey corn starch… and some shrimp…. but just fried oysters in batter which you would dip in the traditional red 蚵仔煎 sauce.

And then a delicious fish skin, 紅紺, soup… 

Ended the night at 09 Whiskey Bar with lots of wine…. :] and here is one of the drawings one of my nieces drew for me today :]

Oh, Breakfast?… filling up before heading to Hsinchu 新竹 for the day

For as many years I’ve stayed at this hotel… I NEVER go downstairs for the breakfast. Mama always brings me up a lunchpack hahaha

Hugest breakfast buffet downstairs of Japanese, Taiwanese and American Cuisine….

And eggs cooked to your order whichever way that you want :]

My annual “Xmas Tree” Pic in SOGO.  Definitely not as pretty as previous years :[

Now on the HSR to Hsinchu to visit some of my uncles, aunts and cousins….

After attempting to webcam with people in America and watching some teevee and paying respects to grandparents RIP, most of us were there for dinner time.

It was supposed to just be a simple dumpling dinner but everyone chipped in and brought more and more food…

Roast Goose with Chives. LOVE

Eating and Drinking i s ALL that we do…. and we do it GOOOOOOD

I love my family !!!

Sel de la Terre: Wine Tuesday “South America”

I haven’t been to one in ages.  Or maybe it was with Kelly? I keep wanting to but end up being busy or away.  They still know me tho.. so this Tuesday I had my usual corner table waiting for me.

South America, a favorite of mine for wines… MMMMM Argentinian and Chilean wines!!!

Amuse Bouche
Smoked Salmon Crostini with Chive Creme Fraiche

Delicious bite.  I ate this in a few bites so I wished that the smoked salmon was in smaller pieces so I didn’t have to use my finger to help bite off bits of it.  It could’ve used a bit of caper and onion tho. :]  I’m OG like that.

There were only two other tables and our wine pourer remembered me so we got BIG BIG pours :D

First Course
ASF Vegetables, Jonah Crab, Citrus Vinaigrette
Paired with 2010 Torrentes, Crios de Susana Balbo, Salta, Argentina

This was delightful.  I tend to get dressings on the side so my salad doesn’t wilt or is overly dressed and soggy but this was fantastical.  A nice slightly ocean-y crab taste on top of  a nice variety of fresh greens, tomato and thin radish. YUM

Second Course
Roasted Garlic and Herb Sole, ASF Heirloom Tomatoes, Braised ASF Greens
Paired with 2010 Erraszuriz, “Wild Ferment”, Chardonnay, Chile

Pan Fried and stuffed with… stuffing? Some sort of sop. it was good, a bit salty so I ended up picking some of it out.  The Sole filet was folded over so the stuffing was cooked inside, and then set atop of raw heirloom tomatoes.  Which was nice, refreshing, but also surprising, I expected cooking tomato.  Under the tomato was braised greens, that tasted super asian-y YUM.. I’m guessing sweet potato grees?!… Anyways back t the sole: The outside was crisp and the inner was fluffy and flaked away. YUM.

Main Course
BBQ Braised Pork, Sweet Corn Relish, Apple Gastrique
Paired with 2009 Malbec, Alfredo Roca, Mendoza, Argentina

The pork was super tender and I loved the mixture of corn and apples.  It seemed like the perfect, end to Summer. hello to Autumn dish. BUT it was SO overly sweet… And the fact that I was already full on the dishes before and a ton of wine

Fromage Course
Bayley Hazen
Paired with 2006 Concha y Toro, “Lourdes Vineyard”, Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, Maule Valley, Chile

This was a nice moldy not too stinky blue cheese… I’ve been trying not to eat too much dairy products lately since W suggested that my tummyaches may be a result of eating them.  Seems like he may be right.I still have some cheese, just not in overabundance like I usually do ;D  The plate was also filled with fruit preserves, chopped up dried figs, pecans, almond slices, pistachios, halved grapes, slices apple and some truffle honey. SOOO good.  All the contrasting textures and flavors with the fruits, nuts, cheeses were amazing, you didn’t even need the crostini.  I had my cheese with some honey on apple slices MMMMM….

Another amazing meal.  Thanks SDLT see you next time when I’m back in town!

Proof that PROOF in DC is worth visiting…

See, same outfit, different meal :] Don’t worry its the same day too…..

Off to visit Brenttttttt, he’s the new Exec Sous at Proof!!!

Starting the meal off with some bubbly is always a plus!!! YAY for W knowing the head Somm.

HAAA!!! Caught him on camera before he could cover his cute nose. I officially adore him in pink!

Flatbread Crisps with this Yogurt Chives Sauce that just reminded me of Sour Cream & Onion.  AMAZE BALLS.  Creamy delight.  I couldn’t help myself and kept inhaling… can I get the dipping sauce to go?!

We also got a bottle of red, if I remember correctly from Oregon?!  I trusted the somm and it was delicious.  Forgot to take a pic tho.. you might catch a glimpse in a photo or two of the glass or the bottle.. maybe..

Ahi Tuna Tartare with Crispy Nori Tempura
hass avocado, wasabi soy emulsion

W claimed this was his favorite tuna tartare EVER.  And FUCK YEAH it’s freaking good.  Fresh chunks of avocado surround tuna mounds seperated by crispy fried seaweed, which were not greasy in the least.  Flavors and freshness to the max without weighing you down. DEEEELISH!

Baby Tomato Salad with Torn Basil & House Made Mozzarella
red onion, arugula, extra virgin olive oil

So fresh and freaking amazing.  You know what makes me super happy and reminds me of summer?!…Ceviches, margaritas and fresh heirloom tomatoes&fresh mozzarella w/ basil salads. SO SO happy!!! My dad only eats cheese on pizza and he’ll eat this. So amazing.  I eat tons of tomatoes… and balls of fresh mozz on a weekly basis during the summer – no wonder I can’t lose no damn weight. JOY!  Any additional greens, onions is just a plus.. OH and of course, delicious fruity fresh EVOO is a must… and a sprinkling of fresh cracked black pepper.

Popcorn Veal Sweetbreads
with Spanish Fried Egg & Poached Veal Tongue frisée, arugula, citrus, olive oil

Sadly it wasn’t as good as I thought.  The sweetbreads were delicious and prepared amazingly but they were cut too small for my liking.. so it was more fried than sweetbreads in each bite.. the veal tongue, I actually like seared more than poached.  The tongue was a bit too bland for me, but super tender.  LOVED the egg and the greens though. Super runny.. just wanted bigger creamy portions to balance out the fried crunch of sweetbreads.  I’m telling you – SEAR YOUR TONGUE, you’ll never go back to poaching!

This dish was my fault, I’m an ass. Hahahaha this was my MUST HAVE on the menu aside from the other stuff that W was planning to order from us.  OOPS.  I just can’t help it. I see sweetbreads and giggle.  Just like me with pork belly, foie and….. well I guess way too may things. FAT.

Oh darn, W hiding his cute face again.. per usual. At least we get a nice view of his awesome tatts.


*Surprise* Pork Duo a la Brent

Crispy Porchetta Cured Pork Belly
grilled summer squash, lemon cucumbers, crème fraiche, capers [on the menu] and some Milk Braised Pork with Fennel from the Special Tasting Menu
BOTH were delicious.  Obviously pork belly triumphed because, well DUH, fatty!  But I loooovoed the fennel with the milk braised pork :D I need to try a milk or cream braise at home soon!  Both tender.  Amazing flavors and super fresh, perfectly cooked veggies to accompany.

Honey & Spice Glazed Pekin Duck Breast
roasted yam puree, pomegranate emulsion, grilled scallion

Cooked to perfection and delicious, atop yummmy sweet creamy yams.  I love a good medium rare duck. YUM. SO SO tender…. melted in my mouth and just YUM.  I love a good duck.

Speaking of duck, do you ever get a super gamey gross duck? I think that means the duck goes bad? Cuz I love the taste of duck, duck fat, DUCK SKIN. OMG I’m hungry and I have some leftover duck in the fridge.

SIDENOTE:  I wish I wrote more professional sounding blogs.  I read a ton of other ones that I envy but then I’m such a say what I feel and what goes thru my brain kind of person everything just comes out like brain vomit.  OOPS.  Sorry.  But I’m not sorry. HAHA.

Pan Roasted Wild Striped Bass
sweet corn, zucchini, wild mushrooms, sea peas, sun gold tomato emulsion

This was gonna be my choice if W didn’t help me order. HAHA. He knows me too well and we eat so similarly, except he’s pickier than me.  THIS WAS SO GOOD.  Tender, juicy, flakey beautiful fish atop a plethora of fresh chunks of delicious veggies. MMM CORN POOP. Joy to having Wild  MUSHHHHROOOOMS… The sauce was a bit too saucy/salty but I’m weird like that, I steam or boil most everything at home HAHA – lamz0rs. But that’s probably why I bloat so easily. Whatevz, I stuffed myself silly. YUM.

STUFFED as all hell as we were, we had room for dessert!  Obviously!  I even told our waiter, I have a separate stomach for desserts, NOM.

W got the Warm Peach & Blueberry Cobbler, black raspberry ice cream

And true to his form, he forgot to share til the second and last bite.  But I KNOW he LOOOOVES cobbler so I didn’t mind.. besides, my choice was SOOOO FUCKING, yes FUCKING, amaze balls.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake, vanilla ice cream, almonds, toffee


ike Stick Toffee Pudding Cake BUT BETTER.  A nice crust, a beautiful sweet creamy caramel.  I want to bathe in this.

A beautiful dinner, glad I finally got to eat the magic of Brent :] YUM.

Trout and Green Beans, Two Ways – East Meets West

After church and a nice brunch, I headed to Whole Foods got a few trouts and decided to make it for dinner.  Since we ate so late and so much we decided to eat late that night… so we took Didi for a walk….

I don’t get it….

Chinese Sausage, Red Onion, Garlic and Chestnuts….

Add in steamed green Beans…

Trout asian style: Garlic, Ginger, Cherry Tomatoes, Scallions, Rice Wine, S&P

The other style— “Mediterranean” Style:
Spicy Green Beans… And the trout was made with cherry tomatoes, shallots, garlic, meyer lemon, s&p, rice wine and sprinkled with chives before serving.

I sprinkled some freshly cut scallions on top of the asian style before serving.


I. LOVE. Trout.

Sweet Potato Bistro [Takeout]

So my mother was a judge at a kid’s chinese speech contest in Newton MA [I think it was for GBCCA] saturday and she had “bian dang” aka “餐盒” aka lunchbox — which, in chinese culture is usually protein, veg, soy sauce egg, pickled veg and rice or noodles :] YUM! — btw I LOOOOOVE the Taiwan High Speed Rail [台灣高鐵] Lunchboxes- or any chinese train ride lunchboxes for that matter hehehe………

Sexy example NOT from my photo albums..:

ANYWAYS… so she had her lunchbox from this new Taiwanese cafe from Newton. OBVIOUSLY we’re always looking for good Taiwanese food and while I’ve been to a few around town, in Boston I’m still partial to Taiwan Cafe – teehee biased – but this new place is pretty good. What is it called? Sweet Potato Bistro – cute name.  Mommy immediately decided to buy a few things from them, including 油 條  – you tia – [Taiwanese Fried Dough] which I don’t have a pic of cuz I ate them too fast, but they’re SUPER GOOD….  SO MUCH SO that she went THIS morning to buy some of their dim sum. SO?! Review!

Jelly Fish Salad

The first order I had was SOOOOO salty…. apparently cuz they put in unsoaked jellyfish on accident, but the second time I had it was SOOOO YUM!  Crunchy, fresh, garlicky with lots of fresh cucumber! Crunch crunch crunch and refreshing – but I had MAJOR garlic burps after ;D #sexy

Traditional processing methods, carried out by a Jellyfish Master, involve a 20 to 40 day multi-phase procedure in which after removing the gonads and mucous membranes, the umbrella and oral arms are treated with a mixture of table salt and alum, and compressed.[28] Processing reduces liquefaction, off-odors and the growth of spoilage organisms, and makes the jellyfish drier and more acidic, producing a “crunchy and crispy texture.”[28] Jellyfish prepared this way retain 7-10% of their original weight, and the processed product contains approximately 94% water and 6% protein.[28] Freshly processed jellyfish has a white, creamy color and turns yellow or brown during prolonged storage.

In China, processed jellyfish are desalted by soaking in water overnight and eaten cooked or raw. The dish is often served shredded with a dressing of oil, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar, or as a salad with vegetables.[28] In Japan, cured jellyfish are rinsed, cut into strips and served with vinegar as an appetizer.[28][29] Desalted, ready-to-eat products are also available.[28]

Pan Fried Turnip Cake

Turnip aka Daikon – which is kinda radish/carrot-y too

Turnip cake is a Chinese dim sum dish made of shredded radish (typically Chinese radish ordaikon) and plain rice flour. The less commonly-used daikon cake is a more accurate name, in that Western-style turnips are not used in the dish; it is sometimes also referred to as radish cake. It is commonly served in Cantonese yum cha and is usually cut into square-shaped slices and sometimes pan-fried before serving. Each pan-fried cake has a thin crunchy layer on the outside from frying, and soft on the inside. The non-fried version is soft overall. It is one of the standard dishes found in the dim sum cuisine of Hong KongChina, and overseasChinatown restaurants. It is also commonly eaten during Chinese New Year, since radish (菜頭, chhài-thâu) is a homophone for “good fortune” (好彩頭, ho-chhài-thâu) in Hokkien.[1]

This was sooooo goood.. just wish there was more texture, cuz I’m all about the texture. it doesn’t taste powdery like some Dim Sum places BUT… grated texture would’ve been amazing!!! YUM… the sauce they give with it looks like poop but it’s good :] I add my favorite chili oil to it and UUUBER YUM

Also tried the Taro Cake [芋頭糕] which I thought which was a bit too dry… LOVE Taro but def needs more fat/moisture in it – yep suggesting fat – fatty pork perhaps?! :D

Chicken Bean Curd Skin Roll

and the vegetarian one 素卷 [Vegetarian Bean Curd Skin Roll] – whcih was filled with mushrooms and yumminesssssss… Liked both.  Though they were nothing spectacular – but nom nom nom good.  Good spices, texture, flavor, etc…. def a must order – PLUS mommy LOOOOVES the chicken one!

Pan Fried Chive Pie

I think of it more as a giant pan-fried dumpling or/aka samosa or literally chinese chive boxes BUT anyways. So the best ones I’ve ever had is my exes’ mother’s – the only good thing that came out of the relationship was that his parents were FABULOUS cooks… his dad was the first person to get me to eat TONS of lamb and enjoy it.. and his mom would make these and I’d eat 20-30 at a time :]

I wish there was more filling.. I like the super thin vermacelli in these… while I did enjoy the super thick rice noodles….. needed more chives and eggs.. and you could even throw in some dried shrimp or pork to PUMP IT UP – but it was a bit flimsy. but the crust was DELICIOUS!  Pan fried to perfection, nice and thin… just needed more loving when you bit in…..

Julienned Pig Ear Salad Cold Cut in Hot Chili Oil

Very delicious.  Thinly sliced, crisp, and spicy… not over seasoned or overly salty – phew – I loveeeee pig ears but sometimes ppl cut them too thick and they lose that…. crunch/chew to it and it gets TOO chewy and TOO MUCH… these were perfection! NOM!

Soup Dumplings aka Xiao Long Bao

Yes the infamous obsession of mine.  I’m always scared of getting these for takeout but I was still curious about the flavor of the filling – I was surprised that there was NO soup at ALL and they were completely dried out…. filling was okay, underseasoned but it was fine with the black vinegar/ginger it came with – BUT kinda disappointed. I LOOOVE  Taiwan Cafe… and I actually get XLB from there a lot – and while the skin goes lacking and it’s a little less juicy, there’s soup and chew… these were BONE DRY AND… no soup leaked out in the container :[

Pan Fried pork Buns

Also tried the steamed ones….  菜肉包 [Steamed Pork Buns]

Filling was great.. love both.. pan fried has some crunch and grease on the outside, steamed has delicious chewy tender 饅頭 [mantou] bun.  JUST the filling is a tiny ball :[  NEED MORE MEAT! I’m a meat girl, need more!

Taiwanese Oyster Omelet

Oyster Omelet made with Eggs, Tapioca Starch and served with sweet and mildly spicy sauce

The dish consists of an omelette with a filling primarily composed of small oysters. Starch (typically potato starch) is mixed into the egg batter, giving the resulting egg wrap a thicker consistency. Pork lard is often used to fry the omelette. Depending on regional variation, a savory sauce may then be poured on top of the omelette for added taste.

I LOOOVE this… in taiwan.. but here it’s so disappoining.. too much, not much egg and while the oysters were HUUUUGE – freshness was questionable and the spinach was fresh…. the sauce wasn’t the red I was used to and just SOOOOOO much starch like ALL starch, no egg and it was just piled on top of spinach and oysters, not cooked into an omelette! :T  I ordered this despite the fact I had been told it was not good :T Sad that I still need to go to Taiwan for the best.. authentic… real….. this was not even close :[

Sticky Rice Ball

Not a huge fan….. this was complimentary and I was disappointed in it :T  I ate the cilantro off of it tho… I love cilantro haha… the rest was just subpar

Five Spiced Beef in Shao Bing

SOOOO GOOD.. while the bun could’ve been flakier and thicker… it was just a nice crunch.. you could chew thru the layers… the beef was good and perfectly seasoned and the scallions were fresh and crunchy. ADORED

And of course an order of the regular 燒 餅 [Sesame Thousand Layer Cake (Shao Bing)]

Soy Bean Custard served with Light Ginger Syrup

In Taiwanese cuisine, douhua is served with sweet toppings like cooked peanutsadzuki beans, cooked oatmealtapiocamung beans, and a syrup flavored with ginger or almond. During the summer, douhua is served with crushed ice; in the winter, it is served warm.

:] Good, fresh, and while I usually don’t eat peanuts in this, it was good :D  This is one of my favorite asian desserts – minus the sweet potato dip in ice water or black seasame balls in red bean soup or shaved iced…. but yeah this is def in the top 5 :]

All in all it was pretty good Taiwan food, I’m glad it opened…. I def need to try it THERE in person and not takeout :] So keep that in mind, takeout food is never AS good as THERE! — of course then there’s leftover pizza & chinese takeout which is SO much better a day or two later HEE HEE – NOM ;D


Heard their 排骨飯 [Pork Chop over Rice], Taiwanese staple, is pretty tasty…  the 夫妻肺片 [Beef/Triple in Hot Chili Oil], Taiwanese staple 彰化肉圓 [Ba-Wan – Large Taiwanese Dumpling made from a gelatinous dough and stuffed with pork, mushrooms and bamboo shoots] which you’ve seen if you’ve read my blog ;D KINDA freaks me out that they have “Thai Dishes” on their menu cuz seriously?! Taiwanese and Thai is SOOOOO different…. BUT… hopefully we can get some off the menu REAL Taiwanese food :]

It snowed Larabars!!!!!

Woohoo!!!!! Guess what I got in the mail yesterday???

I already ate THREE!!!!!


Dinner was a nice big hot steaming overflowing bowl of figgy pear blackberry oats (I’m boring)

Always makes me happy :D

Dior loves oatmeal & soyogurt

For dessert I had some chocolate covered peaches and pears :]

There was some swedish fish action going…. but unpictured so… *cough* it doesn’t count.

I had no appetite yesterday and I MADE myself eat dinner. But I did have a cup of HOMEMADE coffee for lunch.

After I told him my dinner my daddy laughed at me. “You like oatmeal so much”
Yes daddy, I do :]

Turkey Oatmeal w/ Chinese Chives & Tofu Ru

I had another huge bowl of the rest of my chives :]

Turkey Oatmeal made with a cup of turkey broth (I have them made from the Thanksgiving turkey and frozen in 1c baggies), tons of shredded turkey breast, a dash of black pepper and hot pepper flakes :] Wheatberries, flax, wheatgerm (the usual)

Dessert was 28 DELICIOUS candy like cherries!!!!

[more picture coming soon, I’m too lazy to get them off my phone right now]

And then I had tons of work to catch up on… I had a sudden craving for gingerbread cookies… so I had a gingersnap Larabar… and then PB Cookie… and then a Banana Bread *blush* OH but it doesn’t end there. I found a hidden bag of Gummy Tummies (demolished it all) and 2 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from Sel De La Terre (now in belly)

One day I’m gonna wake up 400 lbs :D Until then thank goodness for metabolism!!!

BTW, don’t forget to stop by ZestyCook to enter to win a 100$ gift card!!! :] And happy 100 posts!!!!

Catching up and Biting Heads

SORRY I’VE BEEN MIA.. this week has been hectic!!!! But I need to announce THREE things first.

FIRST of all :] Don’t forget to go to GroundedFitness’ giveaway!!!! It’s an awesome mixed goodies package from Nature’s Path!! EEEE *crosses fingers*

SECOND of all…. I got the package from GroundedFitness’ LAST giveaway and got my YOGA COOKIES from Patti Page today :D I seriously couldn’t believe that I won cuz I NEVER win these things.. I was UUUUBER excited and took sooo many pictures hahahah.

It was so hard to pick which one to eat first but I couldn’t just let them go to waste…

You should SOOOOOOOOOOO go buy some, they’re SOOOO GOOD and SUPPPPPPPPPPPPER cute!!!

THIRD, I got an award from my lovable Coco!!!! :D I’m so excited!!! :] I looooooooove the foodie community and this makes me feel like I’m slowly becoming apart of it now :]

The Super Scribbler Award:


Here are the rules that come along with this great award:
1. Post the award on your blog
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I would like to pass this award to these amaaaaaaaaaazing chickies :D OMG it was so hard to choose I’m addicted to so many amazing blogs!!!
– Front Studio Ladies of LUNCH
– Madison of Follow My Weigh
– Erica of Sweet Eats
– Erin & Andrea of Care To Eat
Gliding Calm

Monday, 11/17 —

So after my Soulmate Oatmeal I wanted something refreshing and I waited awhile for dinner so I had a guava!!!

I chugged as much water as possible the whole day… I’ve been feeling UUBER bloated lately :[ & constantly dehydrated…

Dinner was very GREEN!!!

Beef w/ Leeks

Chinese Chives!!! (my FAV!! I ate ALL of this myself!!)

The other two dishes were tofu basil & white asparagus and just sauteed garlic spinach!!!

My lovely chinese chives:

(see I love everything with hot pepper flakes and/or cayenne!!!)

I had a few bowls of carrot & super healthy aka Chinese Yam

I looooooooooooooooooooooove carrots & :D

MY daddy brought back THREE cookies for me from his seminar today :] Lucky little me!!! They were super fresh and deliciously yummie and chewy!!! MMM I love fresh baked goodness. I also watched Kung Fu Panda!!! :] I’m like PO!!! MMM Dumplings!!!

I still felt munchy so I had a super old Rice Krispy Treat, it was a little stale :[ But I’m a fatty and ate it anyways…

And then I finished up my two jars……. yea… scraped them clean @_@ Remember, I’m a fatty ;]

Tuesday, 11/18 —

I was SOO excited about this GREEN POMELO cuz at Russo’s they called it a RUBY POMELO. It was the same inside as my regular ones except it was SMALLER and less sweet.. WTF!! BOOOO!!!

I was sad but the guava made me happy again :]

For dinner I HADDDDDDDDDDDD to make my Fig Oatmeal again….

My Lavender Honey before I melt it…

This SOOOOOOOOOOO is food p0rn ;]

Oooey gooey yumminess…

My mom even stole a few spoonfuls!!

See my big big deep bowl!!!

At night I had…

More diced Pomelo…

And 2 Dates!!!

I also ended up eating fat neon brite crawlers in bed watching Food Network hahahah…

Wednesday, 11/19 —

I had some freshly made barley, chinese green beans & jujubes for breakfast

It was super yummy, as usual, so I had another bowl!!!

I had my SECOND Iron IV session. They took a few tubes of blood first and then told me that I was improving. My blood volume went from 24% to 27%. The doctor also asked me if I ate. I thought that was funny.

My drip bag!!!

Tube in….

My fat arm…

This called for a YUMMIE nutritious and super filling (fiberific) salad from WF!!

It was brimming and super heavy. The WF here is SO much better than the one near me. PLUS I love their salad bar more.
Corn, Hericots Verts, Beets, Cucumbers, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame, Green Peas, Mixed Greens, Spinach!!!

I ate there (I love their little tables) and had some yummie green/black/white tea blened.


I came home to surprise cookies from mommy from Sel De La Terre!!
Chocolate Chip and two Coconut Sables…

And I finished off my gingerlicious Indigo Rabbit cookies…

They were sold to me expired :[ LAME. I didn’t realize this til after… But they were still soft and fluffy!!!

Later I had a bowl of cherries :]

Some dried pomelo…

And some dried DICED pomelo…

And then it got messy. I had a pack of dried mango.. two little boxes of chocolate and vanilla animal crackers, some taro chips and then like a WHOLE tub of lightly salted peanuts. @_@ OMG. Binge much?!?! I duno what came over me.

Thursday, 11/20 —

I woke up this morning terrified to get on the scale… but phew, I lost some bloat from the past week, back down to 106… I still feel uuber pudgey tho. I haven’t been under 105/106 in like two months :[

I had a mango for… “brunch” cuz my stomach was upset from all the junk last nite.

And later after work I took some fresh air :] Got a nice big venti Americano from Starbucks (w/ cinnamon and nutmeg)

Got some free fudge – PB/Choc and a Praline at a quick stop @ Costco (and I got some books and WALL-E!!!)

All I wanted for dinner was OATMEAL!!!

1/2c Oats
1 1/4c Water
1 Package of Blueberries
1 Honeycrisp Apple
2 tbs WheatGerm
1 tbs Flax
1/4c Wheatberries
Tahitian Vanilla
TONS of cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg

And the remaining HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE amount of my Soyogurt, it’s okay tho because yesterday when I went to the only WF that carries my fav brand of soy yogurt (Wildwood) to get dinner I bought another tub!!!

Look at those chunks of apple and blueberries, SOO freaking good!!!


My last Sel De La Terre Cookie that my mommy surprised me with yesterday :D

Doesn’t he look SUPER ZEN?!?!

So happy, blissfully awaiting his sacrification :D (yes I just made that word up)

I like to eat my cookies head first :]

Friday & Saturday… Too much Candy… @_@


I finally had a bowl of barley & adzuki beans (no more jujubes!!! *sad face*) around 4…

I knew dinner was around the corner but I was starved….

I didn’t wanna wolf down too much for dinner so I had a delicious honeycrisp!!!

I was thinking of steamers… or maybe a steak or turkey for dinner but instead I decided to stop by Barnes & Nobles, buy some new cookbooks and grab another salad at Whole Foods :D

Spinach, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Corn, Peas, Edamame, Cherry Tomatoes, Celery, Artichoke Hearts

I had it all with a side of my homemade beets & super spicy salsa!!!

Yummmm!!! I *heart* beets!!!

This stuff is soooo freaking spicy, just a tiny bit really played up my salad. I usually DON’T use dressings because I think a great salad doesn’t need it so you can taste all of the different flavorings of each veggie… but I like sprinkling hot pepper flakes sometimes so this salsa was awesome.

New books and Bon Appetit

I finally found my whole grains book that I’ve been wanting for awhile. I LOOOOOOOOOVE it!!!

Grain p0rn Centerfold: 


I ended up eating ALL OF THIS!!!!!!! & then a pack of GUMMY TUMMY PENGUINS too!!!

& of course PEACHY O’s…

 I have a horrible sweet tooth :[ I also had a lot of pb from the jar…


The last of the barley & adzuki. I can’t wait to eat oatmeal again!!!

I went to a wine tasting today :] I got ID-checked.

I ended up buying a deliciously sweet German Riesling :]

Preparing for dinner…

Making truffled sweet potato fries!!!!

EVOO, S&P, Black Truffle Oil :]

This week’s BSI!!! Here’s the recipe for my Tofu Eggplant Black Bean Burgers

Making Butternut Squash puree… I needed to use it up before it went bad… I added a carrot & an apple for sweetness… Boiled it with a bit of water and a cinnamon stick under fork tender, then I pureed it with my stick blender (which is great for my newly found love for pureed soups and stuff)

My side dish mix.. of FRESH wheatberries (I missed them so I made them today!!!), chinese chives, kale & my squash puree… TASTES SO GOOD sprinkled with hot pepper flakes!!!!

The picture perfect dinner plate!!

After dinner I had 2 Cherimoyas.. and tons of Neon NITE Crawlers (from Russo’s…) I also had MORE pb & some chocolate toffee crunch… >_<‘ I’m getting so fattttttt… hahaha OK. I promise if I get any closer to hitting the 110 mark (eep!!!! scary!!!) I am SO cutting out sweets for awhile….. need.. to…run… tomorrow…..