Surprises at work from Boyfriend — Lunchables & Sandwiches


My boyfriend is awesome.  I was working and he got me a breakfast of Lunchacles… TURKEY <3 and Peachy Rings AND Coffee…

And then for lunch he got us three sandwiches :D  My favorite was the Cubano

SOOOO GOOD.. Porky, Cheesy and warm !!! MMMM Pickles

I oh so adore. Cubanos are such great comfort food – I need it more in my life.. as I do my own panini press…





Picture Overload… Thurs, Fri & Sat

Lately there’s been a burst of Vitamix on the foodie scene. I’m positively drooling over pics of fresh hummus, ice creams, sorbets and smoothies (I’m not even a smoothie person) BUT I am a HUUUUGE FRUITIE (I’m so clever with words haha) & ICE CREAM person so the thought of ice creams and sorbets just gets me giddy. EEEEE… I want one I want one I want one!!!! OH the possibilities…..

Daily Vitamins;

White Tea & Fruits

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Playing Catch Up

Before I begin… first today’s :D

I had a pomelo for brunch…. it’s boring so i decided NOT to post it since this post’ll be photo heavy catching up on the highlights of the past few days I’ve missed…


It says: “Ok so its not your birthday… how about happy un birthday???” hahaha too cute!!!

SURPRISE PACKAGE!!!! Thanks you ;]

Dinner was a quick salad and tea @ met Bar

My favorite Shanghai Chop Chop.. EVERYTIME I get it here it comes out looking different than the last. Different bowls, different things in it, hahaha always keeps me guessing.. but the meats get fresher and fresher….. the pork and chicken used to be tiny and dry but a LOT now it’s just a few pieces but big and fresh and juicy!!!

I decided to save dessert for some yummies at home…

Dried Persimmon – SOOO GOOD and chewy… I loved the skin!!! And the soft innards…

Dried Strawberries – these literally tasted like chewy fruit snacks gummies!!!

Dried Kiwis – SOOO much better than Russo’s.. a lot less sweet and more natural tasting :] (and coloring haha)



Sour Watermelon, Blueberry and Peach Rings :] (I def. had a LOT more than shown… haha and I’m eating them right now!!! :P) Silly “Fakie O’s”


RE-CAP of the Past Week.. best of the best…

Top of the Hub

I’ve never been here for lunch before but I’ve always wanted to… that and the brunch :D Still gotta try it… It’s got a gorgeous view of Boston so it’s a must-go if you’re visiting :]

I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures of everyone else’s food. They all got prix fixe’s… Short Ribs… Salmon… and Scallops…

My seafood salad with a saffron vinaigrette. SOOO good!!! They put the dressing on even tho I told them to give it to me on the side (WHICH they did… but… I don’t get why they put it all over my salad already then?!) Thankfully it wasn’t a thick creamy overload.. but I still would’ve preferred it with a lot less…

My friend and her mom (who visited from Cali) and that’s her scallops!! :]

My mommy and her mommy have been friends for a SUPER long time…. (btw that’s her mom’s salmon!!!)

I didn’t get a pic of my mommy’s short ribs :[ Boo! But it was tender and tasty (but didn’t look too appetizing, brown blob haha)

Me (w/ fat head syndrome haha) + my lovely Angela!!! :] We’ve been friends since we were in our mommy’s tummies. We were supposed to be born around the same time, but I was out a month early and she was out like 2 weeks late.

Angela’s Creme Brulee

My mommy’s Gingerbread Tiramisu (she gave it to me) she said my pumpkin gingersnap tiramisu was better haha so she only had a bite.

Berries Oatmeal.. (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries)

Artichoke Hearts Salad

Kale, Egg Whites, Beets, Tofu Ru (Black Pepper + Hot Pepper Flakes)

Figgy Pear Almond Oatmeal w/ Raspberries

I’ve been eating a TON of pomelo lately :]

I made stuffed artichokes Sunday for my parents but I felt really sick so I didn’t make one for myself so I had this the next day for lunch :D

Saturday Night I made Steamed Chilean Sea Bass… I individually packaged each serving with Basil, Arugula, Tomatoes, Shallots and other secret ingredients :] On the side I roasted Acorn Squash, Brussel Sprouts and Orange Cauliflower with cinnamon + maple and a touch of truffle :]



He had his with a nice glass of red wine:


I didn’t make enough roasted veggies so I just steamed the rest of the cauliflower and brussel sprouts :] Also note the TON of hot pepper flakes and extra black pepper on my fish. I’m a fiend!


Building the best oats combo ever..

Almond, Blackberries, Pears, Figs

Tons of my favorite Plain Wildwood Soyogurt

Top with pear, figs and blackberries

Drizzle with melted lavender honey..

My bowls of oatmeal are becoming ridiculously LARGE!!! See how deep it goes…


OK OK!!! I promise to go back to normal again :] I missed you all but I never stopped reading!!! Just been super duper busy!!! XOXO

IVs & Buddha’s Hands…

I had a nice big bowl of barley w/ Logans & 綠豆 

I also added a tbs of flaxseed

I loved how thick and nutty it made it.

My first IV session was at 1pm. And it lasted til about 330pm. @_@ Too crazy.

I have to bruised arms now, but it was good, I ended up reading half of twilight.

My drip and my view.

I came home, STARVED, and scarfed down a guava while watching Ugly Betty episodes.

Dinner was amazing and super iron heavy!!!

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (牛肉麵)!!! I’ve seriously never had any better than what my mom makes… when I lived outside of home I had TUBS and TUBS of this frozen to make whenever I wanted some….

Delicious oxtail, nutritious and filling!!! See, I told you.. iron-heavy… BEEF & SPINACH!!! I don’t remember the last time I had beef…

I had a ton of seamed clams too…

And a bowl of clams in clam soup :]

That night I went to B&N, and made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for Gummy Tummies Penguins & Pumpkin Butter…

I came out with these:

Mango Black Tea, 5 bags of Gummy Tummies, Dried Unsulfured Apricots, Regular Dried Apricots, Dried Mangos, Dried Dragonfruit, Organic Pops & PUMPKIN BUTTER!!!

B&N yielded:

Happiest about: Influence & KUNG FU PANDA!!!

Dried Dragonfruit…. Fresh Dragonfruit…

It was really good… the seeds felt like popping chia or sesame seeds…

And then I had a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE dried fruits binge fest…

(with some good wine of course)

& a few of these:


I woke up super tired and super late so I made a HUUUUUUGE pot of oatmeal to go… I didn’t realize how much it was until my mom was like “whoaaaa, you’re gonna EAT ALL THAT????” For the record, I did. 

1/2c Oats
1 Medium Banana
1 package of Blackberries
1/2c Pumpkin
1/4c Wheatberries
1 tbs Flaxseed
Mexican Vanilla
A good 3-4 BIGGGGG HUUUUGE BLOBS of Soyogurt!!!

Delicious chunks of Banana and Blackberries oozed deliciously with my yogurt.

Buddha’s Hand

I needed one, so I got one :]

Dinner was inspired by this week’s BSI :]

Miss Sweet Potato Head!!!

Veggie Sweet Potato “Lasagna”, 5-Spice Tofu w/ Onions & Hericots Verts & Steamed Brussel Sprouts.

Look at my awesome HUUUUGE bag of spinach

& some beautiful fresh veggies…

Anyways… my mom was surprised I could make a more “chinese dish” pshhh

My 1st piece (I had two) and my wine

Simple, quick and easy.

I ended the night watching Deception eating half a pomelo

Drinking some more good wine…

& some FAT worms!!

(& some unpictured Apple O’s and Gummy Tummies…) 

OK! After tonite I’m back to NO CANDY again!!! Too much *sugar*

Health Update & then some…

Today was THE day. Yes, THE day that I went to the Hematologist. I got tons of vials of blood taken, weight (eep! I had JUST eaten SOOO much food and drank so much @_@ argh! I hate getting my weight taken IN clothes AFTER eating/drinking… blah), blood pressure, temp, the works…

Doctor: So you’re a little bit anemic…
Me: Yes…
Doctor: Do you eat well?… Do you bleed?…

[ the usual talk and she glances at the test results from my blood … she did ask me if I had rectal bleeding and I giggled cuz I’m 3.]

*glances at test results*
Doctor: Well you’re SEVERELY anemic. You have pretty much NO iron in your body, you could need a blood transfer if it gets worse… you have a less blood count today than you did two weeks ago… you should eat red meat.
Me: …
Mom: *freaks out*

Ok, that’s not the REAL convo word for word but I’m still woozy from getting my blood taken out.

Jim: poor little tiffie being vampired :(
Me: it’s SO dumb, i need blood but they keep TAKING it

But that pretty much sums it up for ya’ll. There’s also a chance it could be Thalassemia Minor (there’s a good chance cuz I’m Asian!) I’m starting my Iron IV sessions tomorrow (which will be two hours long) and the ones following (up to 4-6, depending) will be about an hour.

GREAT. Me + Hospital are gonna be great buddies.

My doctor kept asking about my eats and if I ate red meat or any meat at all. I told her I was more vegan/vegetarian with maybe some seafood and occasional chicken… It’s strange, while I eat it, I no longer ever crave it so I mainly eat vegan/vegetarian. I’ll still eat meat I just don’t go out of my way to cook it or get any of it unless I’m sharing with other people. I’m a big seafood lover tho. Shrimp, Clams, Fish, Squid, Crabs, Lobster :] But even those I rarely eat anymore… @_@

*sips tea*

Breakfast/Lunch was a giant bowl and a half of barley w/ 綠豆 (green beans) & dried and rehydrated longans (I refer to them as two different names… 龍眼 and Taiwanese people generally refer to them as 桂圓)

& of course my vitamins & gummy vites!!!!!

I came home with a list of things and their iron quantities… chocolate & dried peaches were on the list of things with pretty good amounts of iron *snicker* so I had a chocolate covered orange slice and dried peach!!!

I’m getting ready for dinner right now… I’m planning some Orange Cumin Shrimp w/ Tomatillas… Leeks & Chanterelles and some Spaghetti Squash and Roasted Delicatas!!! Everything I’m making seems so yummie but I’m daydreaming about a nice big bowl of BANANA OATS w/ BLUEBERRIES… I think my mom might yell at me tho since it’s not really overflowing with iron @_@ BUT it’s what I CRAVE :[


edit @ 1143pm


Preparing to cook!!!

Cooking with tomatillos for the first time!!!

They’re like tart tomatoes.

The shrimps before I tossed it all together with the wilting fresh basil, and tomatillo/hot pepper/spinach/grilled scallions mixture

(I had marinated the shrimps for about an hour with fresh orange zest & juice, garlic, pepper, wine, paprika & cumin!!!.. I think a few other spices too but I don’t remember hahaha)

Spaghetti Squash

Spicy Orange Cumin Grilled Shrimp w/ Tomatillos, Scallions, Basil & Spinach + Roasted Delicatas

Leeks w/ Garlicky Brown Butter Chanterelle Mushrooms

I didn’t make this, it’s just sliced beef my mom brought home from her monthly lunch party with her gfs.

I REALLY REALLY craved an amazing SWEET bowl of oats sooooo…

The most amazing bowl of oats I’ve ever had…

Banana, Blueberries, Flaxseed, Wheatberries, Cinnamon & Mexican Vanilla

Plopped with a few GIANT BLOBS of Soyogurt :]

Wildwood Organic Plain Soyogurt

& very Greek Yogurt-ish but with a taste of soy!!!

& two marrocs from my lovely Coco!!!! <3 SOOOO HARD to not eat EVERYTHING!!

A snack while I watch Pan’s Labyrinth for like the billionth time (SUCH a good, but really really sad movie) Two more chocolate covered oranges, and two more chocolate covered dried peaches!!!!

I know I know I said no candy but I really really needed a few gummies tonite. I’m having a *really* bad nite tonite :[

Nite!!! I have a few things to catch up on work since I’ll be having my first Iron IV session tomorrow afternoon!

Meetings & Rain = :[ Carbo Loading = :]

I’m behind in posting and replying to comments… forgive me.. today was a hectic day again… Meetings from 830-2 and then an eye doctor appointment (which I ended up changing it to December since I’m swamped with work now) but since I’ve been w@hing so much I need to get out of the house so I’m at Starbucks right now. I managed to slurp down a bowl of barley, jujubes & adzuki during my 1pm meeting (I added extra water to it before I warmed it up so it would be nice and soupy!!!)

My chubby leg haha… my two laptops and me on a conference call…. >_<;

Venti Americano!!!

I need something in my belly so I’m eating a cup of GoLean (I always pre-bag a few baggies so I can grab them on my way out the door in a hurry!!!) I’m planning on hitting up Whole Foods after I finish up work at Starbucks to get a nice salad… it’s all cuz of Kath and her yummie salad lunch today ;]

Last nite I had a little over a glass of red wine….

15 Blackberries… :] & 1/2 of my Dark Chocolate bar :] I like my other brand better, this one has more sugar in it so it didn’t taste as dark even tho the other one is 71% and this one’s 85%. I’m weird, I like bitter baking dark chocolate that has like NO sugar in it.

A bag of Gummy Tummies Penguins (i couldn’t stop at a few… my daddy loved them too!!!)

& then a handful of these Fruit Jellies!!!

(Sammie, all your fault!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE them, haha so bad yet soo goooood!!!)

And unpictures, I ended up finishing off my Bee’s Knees PB & about a handful of raw Walnuts. I couldn’t sleep again and ended up going to bed ridiculously late. I was exhausted but I got to FINALLY catch up with *someone* on the phone … I was gonna do some work but decided that I needed a break. So cookbooks and phone conversations (and nuts!!!) kept me company thru-out the night. My sweet tooth has been OUT of control lately. I’m not sure why and I’m kinda depressed that I’ve packed a few (I guess they’re “needed”) pounds. But I’ve packed them nonetheless. Seems to be a problem fellow bloggettes have been mentioning lately. I’ve been a lot more lax with my candy intake >_<; and not exercising as much… winter padding?!… stress?!…

I’m really excited for my WF salad tonite, it’s been awhile :] I’m going to one that I don’t usually go to for salads so I hope they have awesome options!!! I also need to pick up some baby spinach, carrots, garbanzo beans (TJ’s didn’t have no-salt ones… boo) & pb&co Mighty Maple!!!

I’ve been reading up on what to eat for my Anemia thanks to FIona… while i know I should be eating meats and stuff like that.. I’ve been eating a lot more… Vegan… with seafood… I didn’t mean to, it just happened… I still eat it all tho. (Fatty Pork Love!!! haha) ANYHOO…

I was surprised that spinach was a iron-absorption inhibitor!!!! So you have to eat it with things that’ll enhance the iron absorption :O Insane huh? OK so I love all the inhibitors… whole grains, soy, those veggies they list… red wine, coffee, tea :[ The best things for me are like… LIVER & clams, mussels, oysters… ehhh…

Barley, VOTE OR I KILL YOU (haha jk) & Health Update…

VOTE or I’ll beat you with my pink lunchbox. Then you’ll have to live with two shames. 1. You didn’t vote and contribute to HISTORY in the making & 2. You got beat up by a girl with a PINK lunchbox :]

Vote Dior!!! HAHA jk! .. maybe ;]

Last Nite:

I baked BEER bread again w/ my cherry blossom beer!!! This time for flavoring I added 1/4c Brown Sugar, 2 Bananas (one mashed, one sliced), dark & milk chocolate chunks, honey, Mexican vanilla… and drizzled the top with chocolate chunks and honey :] YUM!!! The whole house smelled AMAZING last nite!!!


& Dark Chocolate while watching BEOWULF (I LOOOVE this movie!!!)

Sour Patch kids while I watched Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives :] Guy Fieri Love!!!


Barley has currently replaced my oats *gasp* Not replaced as in love but just my current OBSESSION!!! :] SOOO GOOD!!! I’m starting to experiment and in two days I’ll get my Bob’s Red Mill package with things like Rolled Spelt, Rye & Barley to play up my oats with :] My mom says barley is really really good for skin sooo :] MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!!!

Breakfast —
Coffee &

Pearled Barley, Jujubes & Red Beans (紅豆 or Adzuki Beans). I added water to it and microwaved it for 3.5 in my work microwave so it was hot bubbly and porridge-ier. Before it was kinda like rice. I like goop :] I take back what I said about thick soups and stuff, I’m starting to really really like “thicker” liquids. Lately I’ve been saying no to thin broths… I’d rather just drink hot water.. haha…

Now onto the health scare, I know some of you guys are worried and I was gonna wait until I had a real diagnosis and more doctor evaluation BUT… I’ve been in and out of doctor offices for awhile (past year or so) I had horrible nose bleeds and earlier this year I was diagnosed with anemia. I got my nose cauterized (for the second time in my life) about 2 months ago and that fixed the nose bleeding but my anemia has gotten worse (despite me taking supplements and eating a lot healthier) IN FACT SO, that Friday nite, after my physical, the blood lab doctor called me at 10pm to tell me that attention needed to be brought to this. My blood count level is dropping and has been dropping since my last visits to the doctor and they’re not quite sure why or where the blood is going. My anemia has also gotten a lot lot worse. FORTUNATELY it’s not so bad that I have to be hospitalized, but I do need to be careful since I’m always passing out, lightheaded and have shortness of breath (which explains a lot since I’m always tired, passing out, dizzy and can’t breath well, especially recently. BUT don’t worry I’m being careful and I already set up an appointment with a hematologist to figure out what’s wrong with me asap.

edit @ 1200pm

OOO exactly NOON! Anyways. SO. I have a meeting at 1215.. and that goes into my next meeting… and then another.. so basically 1215 – 3 SO… despite my lack of hunger from all that yummie barley & adzuki… I forced myself to eat a guava and a bag of grapes…

Haha “forced” makes it sound like it wasn’t enjoyable and while they were tasty, my stomach just ugh. Wasn’t enjoying adding more food to it…

I haven’t been feeling well and I’m having some issues breathing… >_<; Hopefully the guava+grapes will hold me over til after the meeting. I’m feeling a bit nauseous.. but I do have some more fruit and a bag of GoLean for the ride home (I’m leaving @ 3 to go vote!)

I smell french fries but I can’t stomach it right now :[ I was planning on making a vegetarian chili for dinner since I bought so many beans… I was gonna make a pumpkin or tomato based chili with beans, leeks, etc… but now I’m not so sure. Maybe just some pumpkin oats & steamed kale & I’ll make the chili tomorrow. BESIDES, I duno how long I’ll be in line for to vote after work today. Haha… we’ll see. OK, meeting time, see you guys after dinner!!!!

edit @ 219pm

A quickie before my 230 ;] I’m a rebel like that. I always need time to eat and blog!!!!
I was kinda hungry after my string of meetings, I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the day :] Woot!

A few more grapes.

1 kiwi & 2 strawberries…
My tummie feels a bit off :T

My voting gear today!!!!

Me working hard in my meetings …. doodling :] SHHH I really WAS paying attention I just like multitasking :]

EEEE leaving in 40 min to go VOTE!!! & then hopefully have time to stop by Trader Joe’s for a few items

BTW, to add to the FREE Starbucks & the FREE Ben & Jerry’s when you vote today you can ALSO get a FREE Krispy Kreme!!!!

Krispy Kreme

Halloween Weekend

(I wrote this last nite but forgot to publish it HAHA until now…)

What a blur. I’m in the midst of a health scare… :T More details when I get more testings done… So here are the quick highlights!!!


GoLean after my doctor’s appointment and working at Starbucks

Hehehe, setup for Halloween!!! I was SOOoOOOOoOoo tempted to take some candy…. I probably would’ve but they ended up moving it closer to the door…


& Cioppino!!!! Legals is SLACKING!!!! There was SOO little soup and just ONE piece of fish.. thankfully the mussels were good cuz it was all that. Oh and 3 tiny scallops, two which were nasty and overcooked :[

I ended up working SOOO super late :[ & then I got the dreaded Phone call of the Health Scare :[

I made myself feel better with a caramel apple

The Butterfinger was pretty but the candy was stale and it just didn’t taste good together with the white chocolate & caramel so I didn’t eat it…

& then a nice bag of Peachy O’s.. (and I was COVERED in the sugar..)
I watched The Locker, but it was so bad that I only watched, 3minutes of The Locker 2 and switched to Organizm.

Dior fell asleep during the movie :]

I had another bag after I went upstairs…
(can you tell I’ve been in a candy mood?)


Barley!!! Lots and lots of barley!!!

Plain barley… halfway thru i missed my super chewy wheatberries!!!… So I added a tbs :]

I decided to go grocery shopping/hopping… :]

Had one of these from trick or treating…

& one of these… :] Sour Lemonade blow pop!!!

I just realized I had NO chia seeds this wkend :P I actually have no idea where I put my baggie of it… HMMMM

Cherimoya, TWO… from Russo’s :] (Check out my NEW SQUASH BOOK!!! Coco!!! You’d love this one too!!!)

Saturday Nite was HOTPOT nite at home. I was literally STUFFED with ALL of this. ALL OF IT. I ate sooo much I couldn’t move and my chest was sticking out. YEP. THE WHOLE TOP HALF OF ME :[

The set up…

Yum yum yum…. making the tasty soup…

All of my favorite things, look at those mushrooms, I ate them ALL!!!

Ginormous squids and lots and lots of watercress!!! YUMMMM!!!

Dior wanted some shabu too :]


My new slipper socks

And then I had 3 Whole Foods’ Vegan Gingersnaps…

They’re like one of my FAVORITE cookies!!!! They HAVE to be the vegan ones tho…

Getting my read on :]

I am such a fatarse :]

& TWO caramel apples

DIor’s share, and Mommy’s share…

The new kitchenware love of my life!!!

Hehehe, I really like this new commercial :]

OHHH I also had 2 bags of Peachy O’s.. and some sour Cherry Candies :]

I made my parents brunch to use up the bacon.

Pancetta Scrambled Egg Whites with Beans & Wheatberries for Mommy…


Pancetta Fried Egg for Daddy…

Barley w/ Jujubes and Red Beans

(I had TWO bowls!!! hehehe)

I went treadmill shopping & bookstore browsing and had a Guava along the way!!!!

Grape Lollipop

Most of 2 Starbucks Cookies.. the PB Cup & Sugar… & a VENTI Americano

I bought the new Boston magazine and 3 Vegan Cookbooks :] Including La Dolce Vegan & Candle Cafe Cookbook

ANYWAYS, onto the HIGHLIGHT cooking of the weekend was SUNDAY NITE!!!! I’ve been super excited to try Kath’s Butternut Squash-Kale Soup ever since I read about it and saw the video and just added a few smaller twists to it. Now that I made it once I know what I want to add/subtract from it :]

I tossed a little over 2lbs of butternut squash, 2 large carrots chopped, 2 large celery stalks chopped & a shallot roughly chopped into a big pot… I cooked it for awhile until it started getting fragrant. I added a BIG box of creamy carrot soup (Pacific) and simmered it until the veggies were soft. Then I pureed it with my NEW immersion blender!! Then I added cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne, hot pepper flakes, paprika and course ground pepper into the soup.

I chopped up a large honeycrisp apple (unpeeled) into bite sized pieces, tons of kale (also chopped in bite-sized pieces) and lidded it up!!!

In another pan I sauteed two turkey breast tenderloins (bite sized) with rosemary, black pepper and hot pepper flakes til brown.

Bowling it up… I layered turkey, with the soup & garnished with toasted walnuts.

My bowl was soup & wheatberries :]

Dessert of 2 Cherimoya & Neon Brite Crawlers…

& thennnnnn, now, Red Vines & Pecans…


I’ve been dreaming about Chace Crawford like almost every night. HMMM, does that mean anything?

Isn’t he dreamy? *swoon* Hayden’s so freaking adorable too :]

I’ve also bought lots of yummies yet to come up on here…. like PB&Co. Bee’s Knees… lots and lots of beans (I’m gearing up for a nice yummie CHILI!!!), so on and so forth. I’m banned from buying squash til I finish what I have :] Mwahaha.. so I snuck in a couple cans of pumpkin ;]

I MISS OATS!!!! Oatmeal tomorrow :]

Like mother, like daughter

FIRST of all, Happy Birthday Kath!!!!
Everyone NEEDS to go say happy birthday to her and check out the AMAZING cake her awesome hubby made for her :D
  *jealous* No guy has ever baked me a cake… lolol..

HINT HINT: I like it when guys cook!!! Hahaha… the most fanciful & untypical thing a guy has ever made me was paella… but I usually end up doing all the cooking LOL… I only had one boyfriend who enjoyed cooking almost as much as I did tho, so I think we influenced each other a lot in that sense while we were together.

OK, onwards…

Read title, see picture :]

Sidenote: Today’s sunny with high of 68 degrees :D ECSTATIC!!!

I woke up feeling really sick yesterday morning…. so I had some water & vitamins, my chia seeds and was out the door…

Trader Joe’s had human bingo yesterday while I was shopping and I got THREE things!!!! Some chocolate decadance cereal, apple/grape juice & a tub of chocolate covered almonds :D Yay for free!!! It was fun too… you’re supposed to scream BINGO when they call your number and I was the only one who actually screamed it (aside from the 5 year old who also won once) … >_<; I’m a dork!!!

I got some dried pomelo at TJ’s so I had three pieces, they’re bitter and yummy!!!

There was no skin on it tho… dried fruit skin is the best!!! I still prefer the Russo’s kind that’s just dried skin with a tiny piece of meat, these are less sweet tho…!!!

Some other more interesting things I bought…

& then at Whole Foods I was deciding on Arrowhead Mills’ 4 Grain or 7 Grain Hot Cereal to try.. I decided that I’d go for simple first :] Plus the 4 Grain looked thicker and chewier on the box :] Haha… but this one has flax in it, I’m hesitant since the last time I tried flax I seemed allergic but this was too tempting not to buy :D

I made a quick trip to B&N to look for some books and to get my coffee fix and then ended up being STARVED whilst browsing. Feeling faint, I was SO happy I remembered to pack a cup of GoLean in my bag :D

Kashi saves the day (again!!!)

I added a new kind of squash to try this wk :D It says it’s chestnutty, so I’m excited!!! I’ll probably try it tonite!!!

Red Kuri: Originally from Japan and also known as “baby red hubbard,” this squash has an orange-red skin and is round with a slight teardrop shape. The flesh texture is very smooth and creamy, with a savory chestnut-like flavor. [ Source ]

I also picked up two TINY kabochas :D CUTE!!! & Spaghetti Squash

(Unpictured: I also bought lots of butternut, they’re having a sale @ WF!!!)
I *heart* my Squash collection!!!

I decided to try a mixture of flavors I saw in a cooking mag once… I got STARVING suddenly right when I was preparing dinner so I had the last 2 tiny mini Honeycrisps to prevent munching on dinner before I finished!!! :]

DINNER would be… Chicken Thighs w/….

Honey Butter Pears…

Leeks… (I was ecstatic when I found these, usually I prefer buying them fresh and trimming them my own, but I’m sick so screw you :P)

I added some toasted walnuts and mushrooms on top :D

Secret ingredients: I placed a slice of pancetta underneath each chicken thigh AND had red currant jelly in it :D

I figured I needed a veggie sidedish so… simple & quick:
Curried Orange Cauliflower… I bought a tiny orange thing… added curry and some other spices to it and chopped up some dried cherries… spicy and sweet!!!

Since I still felt crummy I whipped up a huge bowl of pumpkin oatmeal w/ wheatberries & a whopping a tbs of lowfat coconut flakes :D Only 35 cal a tbs :D It wasn’t overly pumpkiny.. I guess I need more than 1/2c of pumpkin to 1/2 of oats?!?!..

I took lots of oatmeal p0rn ;]

The coconut lasted me til the very end!!!

Next time I’m gonna toast them first tho…

The dinner spread:

YEP, I’m classy: Oatmeal + Wine

Yum yum yum!!! 

I decided to go old school last nite and watch Halloween (can you believe I’ve watched them all except for this one???? The OG???? I even saw the remake last year but not this one…. oy)

Even Dior’s ready for movie time (and I bet she was daydreaming about ‘Apple Time’ here too..)

I ended up eating 1.5 persimmons (sooo yum)

A HUUUUGE glass of wine (so I didn’t have to get up to pour more)

(I ended up filling it almost to the top haha but it looks prettier & classier partway filled)

& a tub of sour worms from WF… I didn’t mean to but they were so chewy :]

At least they’re a bit “healthier” cuz they’re made from fruit juices?!?!.. hahaha…

Some books/mags I bought today, thought it was funny cuz it was so random:

I guess all that food, worms and wine caught up with me cuz while I’m still feeling crummy I’m also feeling stuffed. I had a weird nite (but better than previous) I think the wine helped me sleep a little better actually. WEIIIIIIIRD dreams tho about me living in a super strict boarding school and such. @_@ The new head that came in was super strict (as opposed the previous lax one who just let us turn it into a party school) … and the new head didn’t like me and locked me in the gym with no electricity and my boyfriend w/ the help of our friends (in my dream) was trying to sneak me out.

I also had another WEIRD dream also about me trying to run away from this psycho guy… strange.

Is my dreams trying to tell me something about me needing to get away?!?!.. hahaha… 

Brain: You need a vacation
Me: OK!!!!

So I was gonna wake up early to make brunch for everyone.. but now… I duno. I wanted to make french toast, eggs, bacon, the works.. but now.. maybe something simple.. Just one thing.. hahahah… or oatmeal for all :D 

1o*18 Daily Munch

Last night ended with me passing out while watching Fat Girl and eating Brite Crawlers (my favorite, in fact I’m eating my last bag while I blog!!!) :D

Lunch was at Panera. Their Orchard Harvest salad is back so I got it without the gorgonzola :D Very tasty but not filling at all :T

So I had a Larabar on my way to Wilson Farms…

MMMM Pecan Pie…

For dinner… I decided to make Chilean Sea Bass, it was so tasty looking @ Whole Foods today so I had to buy a nice big piece!!!!

I was starving so I had a guava while I put away groceries and cooked…

Deflowering and preparing my artichokes…

Some mushrooms I bought today:
Fried Chicken Mushrooms

And these Namekos (which I used today with my artichokes!!)

They’re really tasty altho kind of slimey :]

The stuffed artichokes:

Quinoa, Bacon, Tomato, Butternut Squash, Italian Eggplant, Red Onions in a Garlic/Nameko/Tomato Sauce & a splash of Lemon Juice:]

The Chilean Sea Bass out of the oven…

Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, Shallots, Leeks, some Wine, Black Pepper, White Pepper and a splash of soy sauce… :]

Dinner Time!!!

The Sea Bass on my plate. It was so naturally sweet. No oils or salts in this dish (except for the quick drizzle of soy sauce before baking!!!)

It was on a fresh bed of arugula.. sooooo tasty

it totally enhanced everything else :]

Dessert was a bag of mini cookies from Panera… shortbread, oatmeal raisin & triple chocolate cookies…

_note: Dior trying to steal my cookies_

and a nice glass of cold Vanilla Hemp Milk :D

Dip dip dip. I like the big versions better, these were tasty but crispy. The big ones from Panera are soft and chewy :D

This was the wine from yesterday!!!

Seeeeee, monkey.. I think…

My big fluffy socks that keep my feet warm :D

Wine Time!!!! Nothing fancy/special tonite just drinking a bit for fun :D

Daddy pouring me the Wine

9 Preserved Plums and like 130 pieces of dried Pomelo (thankfully they’re so tiny… but still *guilt*)

2 packs of Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks (a berry one and a tropical one)


& YES I’m eating MORE brite crawlers now *fatso*