And so I sit here…

It’s 3:02AM EST time and I’m sitting here watching tv marathons and movies on iTunes and Netflix.  I just finished off a bowl of homemade nachos and guacamole and I’m about to go warm up some more spicy pulled pork I made earlier.  Has this become my life?  This could be the wine talking, or the wandering mind thinking… but this is definitely not where I thought I would be… a year ago, two, three, five, ten? What has happened?

It’s funny how things work. Weight gain made me sad. But I gained weight cuz I’ve been happy. But the weight gain makes me not want to move… so while I eat less, I move less. I’m still not happy with my body. But that could just be my eating disorder talking.  Always in recovery, never fully recovered.

You guys have been with me through so many ups and downs and yet you remain loyal.  So much gratitude.  Love, lust, heartbreaks. Breakdowns and highs. Parties and mournings.

The past year I have been basically mostly living in Taiwan and I’ve forgotten my love for cooking, almost.  I stopped caring a lot about things I used to be so passionate about and I have no real explanation for it… but it’s recently sparked up again.

I cooked duck the other day. And today I had a pulled pork burrito/taco night with pomegranate guacamole, spicy mango pico de gallo with roasted garlic and corn and an extremely spicy salsa verde… along with some yummy gooey blue corn chip nachos.  I started to feel alive again.  I started a cooking idea journal/notebook again…. mainly b/c I was planning to cook for C on his birthday… and while things got in the way, I still got MAD IDEAS to play on.

SO…. I have ideas of doing supper parties.  [And have talked with a chef friend or two about doing pop ups] – I want to, once I move out, host supper/dinner parties, first once a month, and then possibly once a week.  People can BYOB and tell me their diets…. or just leave it up to me.  Hopefully soon after team, up with chefs and cool wine people.

I have so many ambitions and ideas… I want to write, I want to travel, I want to cook, I want to go back to school…. and I want to film it all. I have a secret thing about wanting to be in front of a camera.

So maybe this is how this blog is evolving.  It went from food diary to healthy eating and recipes to eating out and traveling extravagantly …. and then just personal…. me finding my inner peace…. healing and now this.  My lifestyle. Ever evolving.

This blog is now: Finding the real Miss Tiffie.

Please join me in my journey.

The Keg, and 4th of July Fireworks in June – Only in Detroit, well, and Canada

July 4th in June… it was a beautiful day for fireworks, a bit windy – W & I both took a nap back at the hotel after our huge burger meal [food coma much?] and then woke up to head out to wander the festivities. Can you believe this was taken after 8pm? Always sunny.. in Canada and Detroit HAHA…

It was still sunny and after wandering the carnival which was exactly like the one in Detroit from the day before, we headed to The Keg for dinner.

You can get regular sized wine.. or KEG SIZE!!! Obviously I got the keg :]  What can I say?! It’s how I roll….

After ordering I headed to the restroom.. it was PACKED. a bunch of kids came in from outside – which was also PACKED from all the people waiting for the fireworks, so it took FOREVER.  But by the time I FINALLY got back, some food and drink was there ready for me. YAY

Warm fluffy bread.  Kinda reminded me of my favorite bread from Coach Grill but the crust wasn’t as yummy.  But always thumbs up for warm fluffy bread!  It’s a simple thing but a lot of restaurants don’t always do it :[ Cold bread STINKS! OH so does hard butter, this butter was soft and creamy….

W’s meal came with a salad so he got the wedge :]  It wasn’t like this sexy thang, but it wasn’t bad either.  I like my blue chese more chunky than crumbly tho.  And the wedge part was a bit weak.  In this case, more is more :]

Iceberg Wedge
Crisp lettuce wedge topped with tomatoes, bacon bits w/ Bleu cheese dressing 

My Keg sized wine… doesn’t look that big at the moment?

Well here it is compared to my big fat head! SEE?! HUGE  – Anyways I wanted to try Canadian wine, obviously, this is me we’re talking about here, so I got the Henry of Pelhem, a Gewürztraminer from the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario… It didn’t say what year it was but it was pretty tasty so I had two KEG glasses :D

W’s Prime Rib.. I think it was a bit overcooked… and not fatty enough.  I told him to get the 16oz because I always get a smaller size Prime Rib and then get sad hahaha.. he could barely finish this, I tried helping :]  On the side came garlicky mashed potatoes – he was between this and the twice baked potato, waitress said mashed was better… it also came with sauteed button mushrooms, grilled zucchini.. and a random red pepper slice – which he gave me since W doesn’t like bell peppers haha.

Prime Rib Keg Classic Dinner

Lobster & Shrimp Summer Salad

An entrée salad of mixed greens, cremini mushrooms, corn, avocado, black beans, and tomato in a mango sesame dressing. Topped with lobster meat, shrimp and pine nuts.

This thing was freaking HUGE! NO LIE.  See, another comparison with my huge head.  It was fresh and delicious!!!! AND it came with a whole half avocado – beautiful.  I asked for dressing on the side but they forgot – but the dressing, mixed in, was light and not overpowering or heavy PHEW.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel room to chill for a bit before the fireworks but then realized that it was the PERFECT spot for fireworks.  This is from our window.  Got really got videos too :]

Happy early Fourth of July! Celebrating America.. in Canada.. HAHAHA…

As soon as the fabulous show ended, the streets were SWARMING!!!!

Bye bye Canada, Call me, maybe?!

And remember, Litter is Beneath you…

We headed back earlier than we planned since there isn’t much to do in Windsor… O Canada, why you so boring?! LOL… W did some work in the kitchen and I did some work back in the room and then we headed to the pool to play.. it was FREEZING and I barely ate all day long so I jumped into the hot tub to thaw off…

And then I finally got to eat some real food… W had some work to do still so I headed to the Breeze Food Court for a Bacon Cheeseburger for W and a Chicken Burrito for me :] Yum yum yum, Tex-Mex always does this body good!  Now I just need a margarita!!!

My burrito with extra everything!!! HAHAHA… I like extra everything :D