After BBQ there’s still room for Burgers and Adult Milkshakes at Bourbon Steak Detroit

We are not in Kansas anymore.. this is taking Burgers & Milkshakes to a whole new level.  Although it did make me want an oreo milkshake from Johnny Rockets… nostalgia

After a few hours at the Pig & Whiskey 2012 event out in Ferndale… we went to the pool and then after a shower I slept off the beer and whiskey.  Previously we were thinking of heading to Lodge Diner for some chicken noodle soup but we decided just to head downstairs for a burger at Bourbon Steak.  If you haven’t noticed yet, W and I LOOOOOVE our burgers, especially him.  We sat in the lounge area and got the burger menus. WEEEE… fun!!!!

The menu said up to five toppings but me being me I loaded up on my burger.  It ended up being so big I couldn’t fit it in my mouth :[ HAHA.  Before we even ordered though, we were given some delicious red wine and the signature Bourbon Steak duck fat fries trio. YUM

I got a Market Garden Salad to start… delicious crunchy crostini on top… some butternut squash, pom seeds, red onions, goat cheese and delicious greens.  The dressing was a bit on the heavy side but it was still very tasty.

W and I also split an adult milkshake.  We each got our own half-glass :]

Bourbon Malted, Jim Beam, Salty Caramel

It was super strong and oozed of booze.  W and I could feel it after a few sips.

Dinner is served.

W’s Burger

Beef, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Pickles, Fried Egg, Shredded Romaine and “Secret Sauce”

My Burger

Beef, Butter Lettuce, Fried Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Pickles, Vidalia Onions, Shaved Jalapenos, Tomato, Avocado… NOMMMMM

Super thick Onion Rings.  They were piping hot.. the crust/breading was on the thick side, I like a lighter crust but it was definitely super tasty!!!

We got another set of Duck Fat Fries Trio.  W loves the horseradish sauce and asked for “a shit ton” of it.  Apparently this is the “shit ton” bowl size :D

Another delicious burger dinner with my burger boy <3  Also the last time having a burger in Detroit hahahaha…

Leaving Detroit with a Bang… or more like a Burger…

You’ve heard about my delicious conquests in Detroit.  But let’s get down to the real point, I’ve been eating out for 10+ days and it’s taking a toll on me.  I’ve been trying to be healthy and eating most salads for lunch and yogurt/cereal or oatmeal for breakfast but there has been a lot of snacking between – a lot of sodium , and yes, free concierge level = LOTS of free snacking, cheese, desserts, chips, etc….   by the end of the week I had gained about 6lbs… and it’s been almost a week after and I’ve only lost half of that. Haha.  Need to get in shape for Miami next weekend….

I got a nice fruit plate by the pool while W went to the barbershop to get a haircut.  He had a freaking afro – awesome, but I guess only awesome for me haha he hated it.  We relaxed and lounged the whole day…. dinner was BURGER!  Why?

I needed to be apart of this Bourbon Steak burger month!  And while I’m insanely jealous looking at Chef Adam Sobel’s burgers for the one in DC [like this pastrami and double double OMG]….. the one they were offering her in Detroit this week was a SPICY one, which OBVIOUSLY caught my eye.

Cornbread with a Maple Bourbon Butter

W has had their cornbread and butter so much he wouldn’t even touch it haha.. but I had a nice corner piece smooooothered in butter. MMMM butter makes everything better!

Trio of Duck Fat Fries

Rosemary w/ Ketchup, SourCream&Onion and Paprika [?]with BBQ

The last ones were my favorite.  I eat rosemary frites way too much.  They were also cold, the others weren’t.  Weird huh?  And I thought whilst eating these fries, so many places have duck fat fries now… they’re not so fun and I can’t really tell the difference anymore.  Time to start frying fries in bacon grease. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! MY IDEA!

Dinner is SERVED!

W’s steak! :]  He was busy watching the Caps-Rangers Hockey Game

W’s Mashed Potatoes – there was a lot of goodies in it.. MMM

My Fire Alarm Beef Burger
Pepper Jack, Jalapenos, Harrisa Aioli, Grilled Onions


I got it rare, obviously and it was SUPER raw. Haha, it wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t completely balanced in flavor tho… some bites were better than others.  There were a few bites that tasted… gamey? I duno maybe the beef wasn’t that fresh? I love raw beef but some bites were meh and I had huge chunks of cracked peppercorn, one got stuck in my teef.  I wanted more bang for my buck – more spice :[ Kinda disappointed.  No need for a fire alarm…. I did like the fluffy bun tho.  Buns are VERY important in making a good burger but the meat is the most important and it just didn’t cut it for me.  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it so I stuck to fries, my delicious glass of Rioja and politely ate half and took the rest back to the room.

I got really hungry later…… and while usually I’d inhale burgers and leftovers like crazy….

I did that to a bag of buttery popcorn instead :]

I left the next morning….

A nice cold Blue Moon with orange slice..

Breakfast of champions

And then this for the airplane ride :] I finally got my banana for my horrible foot cramps!!!

And as soon as I got home I ordered me some sushiiiiiii and sashimi from Fugakyu Cafe <3 WOOOOO – been craving like WHOA

ohmi, ohmy, O YA

I’m sorry Morimoto, I loved your omakase, but it wasn’t as life changing and unique as o ya.

Let me start from the beginning… I’ve been daydreaming about o ya since it opened but never had the proper company to come with me. It’s not everyday you find people agreeing to get 16/17 course omakases…. well I found the right person and we got the 17 course omakase, added 4 more, 4 bottles of sake [their limit there] and then a dessert…

Words can’t really express….

Yuki no Bosha [Junmai Ginjo Sake]

Delicious, fruit, so smooth.. probably my favorite sake of the night, and it went fast!!!

1. Kumamoto Oyster
Watermelon Pearls, Cucumber Mignonette

All oysters need watermelon pearls.. so light but perfect accompaniment to the fresh, delicious oysters…

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