The Perfect Reason for a Perfect Meal.

I’m behind in blogging, way behind… but I’ve definitely been eating – a LOT – there are so many things I want to get to writing about, but I think first and foremost has to be the most recent extravagant meal…. LE BERNARDIN!!!!

Now I’ve been itching to go to Le Bernardin for years… but I always wanted the reason to visit to be just as fantabulous as I knew that the meal would be. All I have to say is, Eric Ripert, you are a freaking genius.

The dress. The shoes. The bag. The hallway. The pose.

Per usual, I started off the night with a glass of champagne. Cheers.

While we sipped our bubbly and waited for the menu, we were served a complimentary amuse bouche.

Watermelon, radish and lobster. AMAZING.

We decided to go for the Chef’s Tasting. We wanted to get the Chef’s Tasting AND Le Bernardin tasting.. but it’s for the whole table so obviously we opted for the Chef’s…. [just means we have to go back again asap]

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Apricot Ginger Pork Tenderloin

This week’s BSI post!!!

4 1/2″ slices of pork loin (make sure they’re all the same)
6 Apricots

1 4″ chunk of ginger root (adjust to how gingery you want it) – half of it sliced, half grated… I used extra
1c Water
2 tbs Maple Syrup
1.5 tbs Brown Sugar
10 Cloves of Garlic (use as much or as little as you want)

1. a.In a pot start boiling one cup of water with the sliced ginger and the maple syrup.
    b. Once fragrant (15-20 min) take out sliced ginger and add in the sliced apricots.
    c. Add in brown sugar, s+p and cook down until the apricots are mush and the sauce has thickened. Simmer and keep warm.

2. Pound down the four pieces of pork tenderloin, s+p each side.

3. Heat up EVOO in a skillet and add in 2 cloves of sliced garlic. Once the garlic starts cooking throw in two pieces of pork loin and brown both sides. Repeat.

4. Foil a sheet pan and throw in 6 cloves of sliced garlic on the bottom.
5. Place browned pork loins in pan over the garlic. I grated extra ginger over them for more of a gingery spicy burst of flavor!!!

 6. Pour all but about 2 ladels of sauce over the pork loins and place in oven on 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

7. Take out the pork and plate (I did with roasted veggies), add the sauce from the drippings in the sheet pan and then add the rest of the apricot sauce on the pork.

The result:


IVs & Buddha’s Hands…

I had a nice big bowl of barley w/ Logans & 綠豆 

I also added a tbs of flaxseed

I loved how thick and nutty it made it.

My first IV session was at 1pm. And it lasted til about 330pm. @_@ Too crazy.

I have to bruised arms now, but it was good, I ended up reading half of twilight.

My drip and my view.

I came home, STARVED, and scarfed down a guava while watching Ugly Betty episodes.

Dinner was amazing and super iron heavy!!!

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (牛肉麵)!!! I’ve seriously never had any better than what my mom makes… when I lived outside of home I had TUBS and TUBS of this frozen to make whenever I wanted some….

Delicious oxtail, nutritious and filling!!! See, I told you.. iron-heavy… BEEF & SPINACH!!! I don’t remember the last time I had beef…

I had a ton of seamed clams too…

And a bowl of clams in clam soup :]

That night I went to B&N, and made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for Gummy Tummies Penguins & Pumpkin Butter…

I came out with these:

Mango Black Tea, 5 bags of Gummy Tummies, Dried Unsulfured Apricots, Regular Dried Apricots, Dried Mangos, Dried Dragonfruit, Organic Pops & PUMPKIN BUTTER!!!

B&N yielded:

Happiest about: Influence & KUNG FU PANDA!!!

Dried Dragonfruit…. Fresh Dragonfruit…

It was really good… the seeds felt like popping chia or sesame seeds…

And then I had a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE dried fruits binge fest…

(with some good wine of course)

& a few of these:


I woke up super tired and super late so I made a HUUUUUUGE pot of oatmeal to go… I didn’t realize how much it was until my mom was like “whoaaaa, you’re gonna EAT ALL THAT????” For the record, I did. 

1/2c Oats
1 Medium Banana
1 package of Blackberries
1/2c Pumpkin
1/4c Wheatberries
1 tbs Flaxseed
Mexican Vanilla
A good 3-4 BIGGGGG HUUUUGE BLOBS of Soyogurt!!!

Delicious chunks of Banana and Blackberries oozed deliciously with my yogurt.

Buddha’s Hand

I needed one, so I got one :]

Dinner was inspired by this week’s BSI :]

Miss Sweet Potato Head!!!

Veggie Sweet Potato “Lasagna”, 5-Spice Tofu w/ Onions & Hericots Verts & Steamed Brussel Sprouts.

Look at my awesome HUUUUGE bag of spinach

& some beautiful fresh veggies…

Anyways… my mom was surprised I could make a more “chinese dish” pshhh

My 1st piece (I had two) and my wine

Simple, quick and easy.

I ended the night watching Deception eating half a pomelo

Drinking some more good wine…

& some FAT worms!!

(& some unpictured Apple O’s and Gummy Tummies…) 

OK! After tonite I’m back to NO CANDY again!!! Too much *sugar*