The amazing Tomato Pie from Anguilla

Early last year for my annual “Faux” Spring Break, I was in Anguilla… one of the best vacations of my life. There I had some of the most delicious food of my lifeand than some….. AND THEN some not so good ones

And then there was the Tomato Pie from Straw Hat
Warm Tomato Pie
Flaky pastry and mozzarella, over mixed field greens and balsamic reduction

R and I were gonna get something else…. but I couldn’t stop thinking abotu this Tomato Pie and changed the order last minute. It’s kinda like a take one a pasty from Neopets. I swear. – I’m so obsessed with Neopets –

Yep.. I wish I lived in Neopets world to eat their food…

ANYWAYS. Tomato Pie had a light flakey amazing crust on the outside.. freaking phyllo dough like… and delicious cheeeeeeeeeeeesy tomato – yes fresh sliced tomatoes – filling…. and a beautiful drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette…  SOOOO amazing and SOOOOOOO mind-blowing and just… melted in mouth.. into my tummy, sunk into my body and butter-ly melted into my soul… TOTALLY tattooed into me and imprinted in my mind. The smell, the taste, the textures.. crisp outer crust, thin and flakey and buttery and a creamy heavenly innard.

I. Want.

Too bad I hate the mosquitoes overload there in Anguila. Someone please tell my T Bear that we should tropical vacay getaway together  AY. ESS. AY. PEE :]

Anguilla // Day Five / Last Day in Paradise

After an early tanning session, we headed out to Cafe Med [we needed a change in breakfast menus] at the Cuisinart Resort – another GREAT option for a place to stay in Anguilla – for some breakfast… this place is poolside, colorful, and minus the flies [ew] it was such a great way to spend breakfast – aside from our private terrace.

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Anguilla // Day Four

Nothing like starting your morning off with chocolate… chocolate chip pancakes that is.

I asked for banana chocolate chip pancakes but they gave me bananas on the side…. whole bananas… haha two whole bananas [with the ends cut off?!?!?!] Eh… good for snacking on the beach later [which we did]

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Anguilla // Day Three

The morning started off just like every other morning there… bacon and breakfast on the terrace :] With STEWART of course… who is Stewart you ask??….

Stewart ♥ eats with us every morning on the terrace until Nemo the black cat chased him away :[

* many videos below the cut*

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Anguilla // Day Two

I started the day [just like every other morning for the rest of the week] with our complimentary breakfast sent to our private terrace…

Coconut Crusted Brioche French Toast / Brown Sugar Glazed Bananas

This came with a side of caramel [which was fun to dip our bacon into] this was really quite tasty… I would’ve loved more bananas and coconut shavings on it :]

Apple Wood Smoked Chicken Hash / Poached Farm Eggs, Creole Potatoes, Chive Glacage

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