度小月 & 點水樓 – Dan Tze Mien 擔仔麵 and more Soup Dumplings 小籠包

Headed over to 度小月 on Zhongxiao Rd….. a street full of restaurants and shops. YUM. But this place is famous for their dan tze mien 擔仔麵,

“Although dantze mian has its origin in Tainan, southern Taiwan, and chiehtze mian is from Taipei, they are essentially the same thing: noodles in pork broth. For a more complex dish, try a bowl of talu mian, which includes stewed pork slices, carrot slices, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and sliced eggs. 

And then there are the noodles themselves. Noodles come in all kinds of widths and shapes, from thin vermicelli to thick, flat noodles. One of the most common varieties is wheat-flour-based noodles. Although variations featuring eggs, spinach, carrots, and even green tea are not unheard of, traditional hand-made noodles made of flour are most people’s favorite because of their chewy texture. “

Taiwan Embassy

one of my mom’s FAVORITE dishes in Taiwan.. or ever.  So me, mom and auntie headed straight inside.

They make the noodles and cook it right in the front of the shop. Awesome.

Some of our foods…

Deep fried Shrimp Rolls [which they recommended as their STAR dish..]

Auntie got the  擔仔麵 with egg noodles

Mama got the 擔仔麵 with mung bean noodles

擔仔麵 with thick chow foon [but thin] like noodles – mineeeee obviously

We shared everything but I loved my thick tender homemade noodles the most!!!!  I always love big flat noodles —- [papardelle is my favorite italian pasta]

The flavors were so good and pure.. honestly I could just eat giant bowls of these and nothing else… everything else we ordered was just noise.

Stewed Pig’s Intestines

Braised Meatballs

Stir-fried white water snowflake with cummingcordia and cloves

milk-fish stomach with ginger/garlic soup

Afterwards we wandered the streets…… including this famous shaved ice spot…


The worst buns ever

My mom bought two of each flavor and they were HORRIBLE….. Altho all I could look at were the giant chicken fried… uh, chicken steaks hahaha…. but they probably sucked too… since everything tasted old and leftover.

And then… a meal at 點水樓

The small eats – Green Beans, Bamboo, Jellyfish and White Bitter Melon <3 YUM

Xiao Long Baos… my favorite, of course.

Pig’s Feet… altho AoBa’s is still the best. These taste like the way my mom makes them, but not as good….

Oh did I tell you that I sprained my ankle?


Dim Sum Buffet at Lotus Flower

It’s a buffet, I’m not a huge fan of chinese buffets in general because I’d rather have quality than quantity. But for only 15$ it was a pretty decent spread of Taiwanese style dimsum and some eats….  Off to Lotus Flower in Framingham it is… sister restaurant to others around such as Lotus Blossom in Sudbury, Water Lily in Wayland and Chang So in Cambridge.

As my mom and I were walking in for our much-needed mother/daughter date, STARVED to death, a father and son came walking out of Five Guys asking if this place was good. hahaha.. I duno, this is my first time.

And YES it’s ACTUALLY next to a Five Guys [and a Boston Market], as soon as we parked and got out of the car, I could smell burgers in the air.. YUMMM.. #craving – almost went in there instead. Buttttt… it was dim sum I wanted..

This ain’t no chinatown or Asia dim sum… we came for the last hour of the “Sunday Brunch” so while they had everything, they weren’t really putting anything new out anymore. So we grabbed EVERYTHING!!… well, that we wanted.

Round 1.

Xiao Long Baos, Shumai 乾蒸燒賣, Taiwanese Panfried Dumplings, Pork Belly Baos, Shrimp Dumplings, Chive Pies, etc…

The Chive pie had good filling but they were not bulging with filling and I think since they were the last batch of the day, the crust was getting a bit soggy in the steamer…  the Shrimp Dumplings were good but the skin was a bit too thick for me and they were pan-fried not just thin-skinned and steamed like I’m used to.  Taiwan dumplings were good, but they were small and more like gyoza than Taiwanese dumplings…

Peanuts, Eggplant, Scallion Pancakes, Sesame Balls, etc..

I liked the Xiao Long Baos [Soup Dumplings] and Shumai the most so I ended up getting a plate PILED with them.. like 10 each HAHAHA… #fattie. INHALED.

Sao Bin 燒餅 and Fried Dough 油條

Obviously dipped in and eaten with soy milk 豆漿… something about Chinese soy milk that is SOOO different from american soy milk. SO SO GOOD.

The soy milk wasn’t too sweetened and tasted fresh…. definitely helped cut through the greasy fried dough – it’s not the best 油條 I’ve had but it’s pretty good.. just wish they were big rods of them, instead of cut up smaller pieces….

大䁑麵綫 Large Pig Intestine with Noodle Threads… SOOO GOOD… great spices and a sprinkling of fresh cilantro. YUM.

You have to ask for this on the side, and it comes with the buffet… as many bowls as you want.  But you have to ASK for it, along with congee, and sometimes tofu pudding and oyster pancakes – which aren’t always available.  While the flavors were great and the noodles were yummy, there wasn’t enough intestines, I had like 6 pieces of so but my mom had NONE. That’s so disappointing :[ Should be more consistant, need bigger pieces and each bowl needs a good amount.

Sweet Rice Soup/Milk 米浆

This was thick and delicious but a bit too sweet for me.  I prefer my mom’s more but she never makes it anymore :[  Here’s a fun recipe I found tho…

Turnip/Daikon Cakes, Pig Ears, Sliced Beef, Szechuan Pickled Cabbage

After this I got another plate of just xiao long baos and shumais :] NOM

Fruits, more Sesame Balls, Cake and some Ribs & Tofu

The ribs were a bit too sweet…. but I love me some balls :D A bit sweet but nice mochi outside, fried and red bean paste in the middle, NOM!

Cake, Melon, Mangoes

Hope is the best stimulant of life.


Hope drives me, inspires me and pushes me in the right direction.

So does my new bag of Easter candy….

battle of the soup dumplings

Ah, one of my favorite foods, 小籠包 (xiao long bao) aka soup dumplings…

Last nite we went to 高記 (Kao Chi) which is right next to our hotel. Had high hopes but it failed to meet our expectations…. not so great dinner :[ (but a lot of it was due to my mom & aunt complaining about how Din Tai Fung’s dumplings were better hahahaha) Highlight was the stir-fried greens and the dessert.

Xiao Long Baos :D

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