I only dated this guy for a few months, but I remember our first fight, which ultimately could have possible led to our demise, led by me of course.

Fairly quickly into the relationship, one day, he picked a fight with me, asking how I was raised and brought up and why I wouldn’t put the cap back onto the toothpaste after using it. When I went back home and was upset about the fight, even my mom scolded me about it.

Nothing much to say about this since this was just the tip of the iceberg that quickly led to our demise of a relationship.

But, every time I brush my teeth, which is more than usual now since I started Invisalign, I think of him.

Not bad thoughts, we still remained friends after I broke it off with him and he has apologized to me a long time ago for not being a good boyfriend. But, it’s funny things you remember from such a small thing in your daily life,

…and no, I never left my toothpaste uncapped after that fight with him.