So far a great holiday season back in bean town!!!! 

So I tried posting earlier but they posted my pics backwards! I’ll have a special post about my 3 months in Taiwan…. but first the holidays – partially in Taipei and the other in Boston!!!! Starting with a non-traditional Thanksgiving :) Btw I’m super excited for New Years Eve :) 

Christmas Night Market at 101 Taipei 

The last dinner

Airplane and Airport food lol

Lounge food (not showing my booze lol)

May look weird but it was tasty chicken in gravy over rice

Guy was so nice he got me expensive wine from business class and chocolates :)

Actually a good plane breakfast! The sausage was weird but the egg white mushroom frittata was good! Just wasn’t fond of the chunks of cream cheese on top (yeah it’s not cheese or butter)… but awesome they had steamed spinach… super healthy!

Breakfast at Buena Vista at the SanFran airport!!!!!!i always get this lol at the same place :) Thie time I added jalapeños and salsa!!!! 

Ugly Sweater Party

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays! It’s late so I’ll update with more descriptions tomorrow!!!!


  1. That Santa though.. LOL.


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