Not my typical Sunday

I had an amazing day… I woke up at 730am to get ready for my RPI Alumni meets new students brunch all the way in Medford.  Being the lazy person that I am, and a sleep-in-aholic, I almost didn’t go… but I read a few cards and they all said that today was going to be good.  And it was good.  In fact, it was great.  It started a bit rough, I had some personal issues I’m STILL dealing with (ugh!) but after a bit of this and that, I got over it and had a great time at the brunch!

This is all I got to say:

The event was so much fun!  All the alumni got to introduce themselves and have a little speech about what they did and advice for the new frosh coming in.  I was the only non-engineer and was kooky and, I feel, the most truthful about the whole situation.  I just told them to have fun, enjoy themselves…  don’t feel forced to join anything and just attend all the events that you want to, but DO attend events.

Talked to a lot of recent grads, a lot of future frosh and their parents, it was a really great time!  In fact, I was the first person to win from the raffle! WOOT!  I also had a LOT of sugar and coffee….. I’m totally going to be attending a lot more of these alumni events from now on.  Everyone was super nice and fun to talk to.  Tons of swag, food and beverages too.  I felt like I should’ve tossed in a 20$ or something.

Afterwards, after planning on a movie, eating and tattoos…. it ended up just being a nice relaxing day on a couch with mimosas and tequila and marathoning Penny Dreadful, eating real food…. but, my fault for choosing Greek, “OK” gyro plates….[DIY meh gyros, meh.. pitas broke apart, chicken was dry, but the veg was fresh and the tzatziki sauce was on point] and just being happy me, with company of course :]

Penny Dreadful is SUCH an amazing show.  We marathon’d a whole season and then some.  And every character is just so intriguing!  It’s amazing.. it’s like watching a neverending horror movie with a perfectly casted cast. << haha.

Cast-Slider_001Penny Dreadful219014df5468f67d6f6e1a6f7720e48c61efe96690c4b36408216f84c0ebfff6

And so then now what?

Today is the first day of my Birthday month…. there will be dinners, parties, more time with my own Mr. Gray, travel to NC to see my Amanda, traveling…. and just being happy.  And hopefully no more of that outside negativity in my life. How does one stay so obsessive to the point of crazy?  Thankfully it doesn’t affect my life and who I am, I just don’t care [re-watch Demi video above]

And that said, I’m going to bed, goodnight my loves. XOXO.


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