Thursday July 6, 2016: Today was a new day…


I’m on another spiritual cleanse so I’m not eating pork, can’t touch water for 12-24 hours and also not talking for 12-24 hours.  But I always end up choosing the longer cleanses…..

Today I asked my angels who my protector would be and it was Archangel Michael.  I have “Crystal Clear Intentions” And I just “Be clear about what [I] desire, and focus upon it with unwavering faith.”

And when asked about what to do with my current situation iI got Archangel Raziel…. who told me to “Take Back Your Power!” and that I should “Use your Food given power and intention to manifest blessings [in] my life.”

Both are so real. Michael is a real protector of people and he has chosen me from the first time me and my teacher met him…. And taking back my power is like a reflection of me taking back my power of my life and not let other affect it like it did yesterday.  I am truly blessed to have these angels in my life who trust me and help me so much…. they speak through me.

I feel reborn.

What I wrote on my facebook wall today:
“I feel completely blessed to have these people and teachers in my life. I have forgiven my past and only look positively to my future. For those who have hurt me I give you my blessing and wish you no harm or ill will, but kindly so, do not ever enter my life again.”

I am over people in my past giving me a hard time and constantly trying to hurt me.  People can just be cowards and it’s ridiculous.  I am past and beyond that… and today during my cleansing I completely released myself.  Forgive, just give off positive energy and just bless even those who try to hurt me.

If you are interested in me helping you with different card readings or crystal pendulum readings, just let me know!

Alan Walker – Faded


  1. Alittle Elf says:

    Heard that you’re pregnant. Is this true?


    • Hi, you know I can see your IP even when you’re anonymous, right? And your exact location? It’s pretty easy to see who you are my fellow person I know living in Taipei, Taiwan.


      • Fellow Taipei person says:

        No worries! 3 months ago you called my mom at 3am and said you’re pregnant with twins. Afterwards you won’t talk to any of us. Can you confirm if this is true or not?


      • I can confirm I never called your mom – stop stalking me – good night


      • misstiffielies says:

        You and I both know the truth. You did call my mom. And I would never stalk you, gross. I dumped you and you lied about being pregnant.


      • never called your mom. hahaha you dumped me. that’s funny. i locked you out. you should just go on your own way before you embarrass yourself even more. you ARE stalking me and obsessed with this. bless you.


      • you and your family need to go on with your lives…. I was done with you long ago already, just too optimistic. just leave it be. why do you even care to talk to me when you’re so busy sleeping with a different “younger, prettier, more interesting” chick every night in taiwan? you shouldn’t be. even though I know you’re not! hope you find greatness and inner peace in your life – just leave me out of it.


      • Misstiffielies says:

        You’re a pathologic liar and manipulator and clearing up the dreadful chance that I might have to deal with you in the future (eg you’re pregnant) is the ONLY reason I would still think about you


      • good gracious gross I don’t want anything to do with you at all. ever.


      • go get a hobby geezus. God bless


    • Wow! You are such a dumb guy, leave this girl alone. Don’t you have a life? I saw the photo you posted and she didn’t lie, haha, she didn’t call your mother! You are stupid. Didn’t you say you were sleeping with a ton of girls better than her? So then go and do that. She is far too good for you, no wonder she left you and has MOVED ON WITH HER LIFE. Whether or not she’s pregnant I have no clue but she obviously doesn’t want you involved. Get a clue before KARMA ends up hurting you.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Layla says:

      Wow! Way to bombard Tiffie like this on her website and you don’t even have the huevos to use your name to comment. You try to remain anonymous but Tiffie isn’t stupid. You’re stupid. You and your family need to leave her alone, she is such a sweet kind person. I always wondered what she saw in you, guess you faked her out. She is trying to be as nice to you as possible to leave her alone and you won’t, it’s so sad it’s really funny! Have you been reading anything she has been writing? What kind of parents raise this sort of child? Exactly, you are just a child. You will regret this and I hope that she never forgives you for being an awful person.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined” – Henry David Thoreau <3

    Liked by 1 person

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